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Chapter 35

She hurriedly opened the quilt and wanted to get out of bed, but in the next moment, she was shocked by her naked-“naked” self.

“What are you going to do?”

Jack’s low-pitched magnetic “sexual” voice was uploaded to the rooftop.

She doesn’t know when he has hung up.

Jean’s eyes were half-squinted, and she stared fiercely at his unconcealed sex, “Want to seduce me?”

Jean hurried to the bed in embarrassment and wrapped herself tightly in the quilt.

“I… Where are my clothes?”

“Throw it away!” Jack replied neither salty nor light, and the steps under his feet calmly stepped towards her.

“Throw it away?” Jean stared at the man in front of him with some resentment, “Why are you throwing away my clothes?”


“You can wash it if it’s dirty!”

This man, is it too wasteful?

“Why do you wrap yourself so tightly?”

Jack lifted his lips and asked her.

Jean’s small face flushed instantly, “That…what am I wearing?”

“Sister Maria will prepare it for you tomorrow.”


“It must be tomorrow?”

“En!” Jack let out a deep “groan”, his eyes staring at her pink shoulder wanton, and the phoenix eyes getting hotter.

Jean was stared at by him, like a thorn on her back.

“Then… can you bring me a nightgown first?”

“But yes!” Jack nodded, then squinted at her, “but I have never had anything of a woman here, and a man’s nightgown…Well, it’s too big, I’m worried that you won’t be able to hold your snowball…”

“You…” Jean’s expression flushed with his “exposed” words, “Then you can’t let me just sleep in a quilt like this?”

“You don’t want to sleep in a quilt, you can do it!”

Jack laughed evilly.

“…” Jean was angry with him.

“Then you… can I borrow one of your shirts and wear them?”
Jean demanded in a low voice.

Jack stared at her eyes, tightening a circle…

In the next moment, he hooked his lips, “Okay!”

He promised her.

Jack randomly picked a shirt and threw it at her.

Jean grabbed the shirt and looked at the man sitting on the sofa opposite.

At this moment, he was lazily holding his glamorous charm with his right hand, and his faint blue eyes were glowing with scorching flame glue on her body so that he could watch her in time.

He didn’t have any intention to look away and avoid suspicion a little bit.


Jean didn’t think she could persuade him to go out.

It seems there is no way!

Jean had to wrap her whole body tightly in a quilt.

Fortunately, this quilt is big enough!

She got into the dark bedding and began to dress.


Before the shirt had time to wrap up, Jean felt his eyes lit up…


Jean screamed in fright, panicking and trying to wrap her shirt.

But the more anxious, the easier it is to “chaos”.

Jack’s enchanting eyes looked at her, “Jean, what are you shy of?!”

He encircled his chest, looked at her condescendingly, and saw her panic and embarrassment.

The bedding has been thrown on the carpet by him.

Jean’s face was flushed with embarrassment. Now she just wants to find a hole in the ground to bury herself.

Unexpectedly, Jack deceived her, with his arms on both sides of her tender body, his eyes hot, and looked at her red body-from top to bottom.

“Allison…Jack, you’re enough, don’t watch…”

Jean tried to dress in a panic and blocked his wanton look with shame.

The heat splashed on her cheeks, causing her heart to beat.

Jack stretched out his hand, picked her up, and sat down on his lap.

“What are you going to do!”

Jean guarded her chest defensively.

Jack looked at her embarrassed look amusedly, “Jean, you are enough! I haven’t seen any part of you, haven’t “touched”…”

“Enough is enough!!!”

Jean knew what else the man wanted to say and hurriedly interrupted his “blatant” words by raising her voice.

However, where does Jack follow her?

“Where is the one I haven’t touched or kissed?!”


“I don’t mind being rogue again for you!!”

While talking, Jack’s hand rushed towards Jean’s chest.

“No!!” Jean was so nervous to protect her chest, but in the end, a man’s hand was one step faster than her.

It’s just that the man is not holding her chest, but the shirt on her chest.

Reached out and took it, he began to dress for her decently.

At that moment, Jean was stunned.

Even for a second, her heart throbbed with the man’s behavior in front of her.

She, a little bit can’t understand this man…

Why is he always good for her, sometimes bad, sometimes cold, and sometimes hot!

Jean stared at his enchanting face in a daze, until she felt her soft snow peak once again being caught by a hot big hand, and she suddenly recovered.

She knows this guy will not let her go so easily!!!

“Jack, stop making trouble…”

Jean struggled shyly in his arms and jumped off his lap.

Jack laughed instead of anger at her breaking free.

He was still sitting on the edge of the bed, squinting his phoenix eyes, and looked at the stunner in front of him evilly.


She has to admit that sometimes women wear clothes even more so than they are not. !

This faintly looming, half-hidden feeling of holding the pipa, is very charming, and for a while, Jack can’t look away…

Jean was standing on the white Persian carpet with bare feet.

She seemed to be a little bit embarrassed. She stood there with a small head hanging down, her long hair scattered on her shoulders, concealing her cheeks that were still glowing red at the moment, and her shiny feet Because of embarrassment, she kept rubbing around.

It’s just that, at this moment, she doesn’t know how attractive she is…

Even if the shirt is big enough to block her sex…

But, after all, there is nothing underneath!

“This… it seems weirder…”

Jean was embarrassed and hurriedly carried her back, opened his wardrobe, and reached for his nightgown.

But don’t know…

This stretched out her hand and fished up the long shirt…

Then, “showing” the white and mellow “hip”, which kept shaking in front of Jack’s eyes.


At some point, Jack came forward, stretched out his hand, and fished her from behind into his arms.


A second before Jean fell into his arms, she grabbed his huge nightgown.

Unexpectedly, her hips were held tightly by the man behind her.

“Allison…Jack, what are you doing!! Don’t be foolish…”

Jean was about to cry.

“Who asked you to lure me first-‘confuse’ me! Hmm?” Jack bit her earlobe like punishment, torturing her badly.

“I do not have…”

Jean answered him aggrievedly.

The little hand grabbed his restless big hand, but couldn’t remove him from her sensitive flower-“Pui”.

“No, Jack…please…”

Jack smiled evilly, “It’s not honest!!”

His lips and teeth kept gnawing on the back of her ears, “Your body is always much more honest than your little mouth!! So moist, you dare not say no?”


Forgive her!!!

Her body is very tired, but on the contrary, this man’s provocative skill is as perfect as a master, and it takes less than a quarter of an hour to turn her head over…

The whole person, even like a puddle of weak muddy water, was buried in his arms, letting him play…

However, Jack let her go after all!

Even though the lower abdomen was already rising as if it was about to erupt at any time, he still didn’t want her.

Because she is enough today…

He wanted to ask her to continue, lest her body could not bear it.

“Are you hungry?”

Jack hugged her and sat on the sofa and asked her.

It’s okay not to mention it, Jean feels a little hungry for a while.

Jack walked over to the telephone and pressed an internal number, “Sister Maria, let the kitchen prepare some food and come to my room.”

After ordering, he hung up the phone.

“Thank you…”

Jean lowered her head and thanked him in a low voice.

Jean, as if something was ringing again, she hurriedly said, “Jack, there is a question… I want to ask you.”


Jack glanced at her.

“You… do you have a girlfriend?”


Jack answered without hesitation.

Ava is not his girlfriend, but his fiancée!!!

The last time he went back to Japan, he was engaged to her, but on the night of the engagement, he suddenly saw her injured in the video, so he hurried back overnight.

For him to fly back overnight, does not mean that this woman has enough weight in his heart, but that this move is too important!

One step can’t be wrong!

“The girl on the phone just now…”

“Is this something you should be asking about?”

Before Jean could finish her words, she was interrupted by Jack abruptly.

Jack’s eyes stared at her, calm and quiet.

Of course, that sharp sense of deterrence still made Jean feel cold for a second.

“I didn’t mean to ask!”

Jean was a little embarrassed by her question, and she said, “I just don’t want to be a shameful third party! So it’s better to ask clearly.”

“Boom boom boom…”

Quill, the bedroom door was knocked.

“Master, it’s me!”

Sister Maria’s voice came in from outside the door.

“Come in!”

Jack gave a light command.

Sister Maria walked in with the prepared dishes.

“Master! Miss Glover!” Maria greeted respectfully.

“Sister Maria.” Jean responded politely, “So fast.”

“Knowing that you didn’t eat, the kitchen is always ready!” Sister Maria replied kindly while arrogant.

“Thank you…”

Jean thanks.

“This is what I should do for Jack’s wife! Okay, Master, Miss, there is nothing else to do, then I won’t disturb your meal.”

“Well, go down!”

Jack opened his lips and faintly responded.

For a time, there were only two of them left in the entire bedroom.

Jean didn’t plan to talk to him anymore, it was the business to fill up her stomach first.

To be honest, she was tired all day!

From being besieged by fans at the beginning, and then Mike to Jack later, really, all the things connected, tortured her miserably, now she almost has her chest against her back.

“Why not just hold a press conference to clarify everything?”

Jack asked her suddenly.

Jean held the chopsticks and froze for a second, and then continued to eat, “Clarify what?”

“You and Mike and Emma! You are holding the divorce certificate in your hand, is there anything you can’t tell? Or… you just want to put yourself in my bed?”

As Jack spoke, he narrowed his charming eyes deeply.

Jean put down the bowls and chopsticks in her hands, her movements were a bit heavy unconsciously.

She took a deep breath and tried to suppress the accumulated discomfort and pain in her heart. After a while, she turned her eyes to look at him, her eyes were as light as water, without the slightest emotional fluctuation.

Chapter 36

“Even if I clarify now, so what? Can I be popular? Do you think that a hidden marriage, deceiving the public, the audience can accept? Even if I clarify, I only have a half-chance to ruin her, but I have to take half Bet on the future! Is it worth it? Not worth it!”

What she wants is a 100 percent… chance!!!

One hundred percent, make yourself ready!

She only needs a chance, a chance to prove herself to all the audience!!!

Her words made Jack’s faint eyes sunken a little instantly.

He suddenly felt that his previous self-seemed to underestimate the woman in front of him…

The blue “color” deep eyes “shot” a few playful halos, staring at her with a firm face in front of her, “How do you want me to help you?”

Jean pursed her lips and seemed to think about it for a while. After a while, she said, “Now there are many manufacturers that I endorse want to sue me. I think you also know the reason…”

Having said that, Jean lowered her head and broke her fingers, which seemed a little hard to tell, but after all, she still said it.

“I hope you can help me fix them.”

She knew that these were just easy things for Jack.

But, this is a deal… after all, she is a little shameless.

Jack supported Mei Pang and stared at her intently, “Anything else?”

“There is also the matter of Mike, he threatened to sue me if it is just to sue me, I am not afraid of him, I am worried that he will do something inside!”

If a star is brought to court like this, it will be difficult for her to want to get ahead.

“That’s it?”

Jack raised his eyebrows and looked at Jean incredulously.

“En…” Jean nodded, “I’m sorry to trouble you.”

Jack curled his lips, “Jean, you are different from Emma!”

This is his conclusion.

He thought that this woman might ask him to give her the heroines of several dramas, such as the Allison Sect drama “Slaying the Wolf”, but she did not mention a word, which made him somewhat admired.

This woman, even if she sells her body to herself, her dignity is still there!

“Thank you…”

One sentence is different, it is already a compliment to her!

The next day-

Early in the morning, Jean tidied herself up, and Jack pushed the bedroom door open.


“What?” Jean suspiciously took the file in his hand, “The script of “Slaying the Wolf”?”

She was very surprised.

Jack lazily buried himself in the sofa, his arm supporting his enchanting face, “Is there any problem?”

Jean frowned, her red lips pressed tightly as if she was struggling.

After a while, she heard her say, “Actually, this is not what I want…”

She put the script aside.

What’s the point of something not obtained by strength?

With just a glance, Jack could see through her mind.

He raised his eyebrows faintly, and only said, “Don’t you want to prove your strength to the world? Jean, this is your chance to prove your strength! Don’t think that someone else’s role is strength, wrong! That’s not strength. , That is the charm, the charm of the body! Only those who get the role will perform the role vividly and let the audience follow the character’s emotions or joy or sorrow that is called strength! Now I give you, not charity, but opportunity, an opportunity for you to prove to everyone that you are better than Emma!!”

Jack’s words made Jean shocked, and her heart trembled fiercely.

There was a certain belief in his eyes, staring at him in a daze.

Undoubtedly, his words are reasonable, and they strike her heart.

She was shaken by his words.

“Give me such an important role as the heroine, are you relieved?”

“I won’t make fun of the movies I invested myself!”

“Thank you, Jack!!”

Jean picked up the script, got up, bowed halfway, and sincerely thanked him, “Thank you so much!”

Not thank him for giving her this role, but thank him for giving her such a chance, and thank him… for trusting her!!!

“I will work hard!”

Jack curled his lips and smiled casually.

He likes such a tough Jean, at least, more attractive than her vulnerable.

“Come, come here…”

He beckoned to her lazily and motioned for Jean to pass.

Jean hesitated for a moment and walked towards him.

Jack grabbed her in his arms and sat down on his lap.

“For you.”

Jack took a bunch of keys out and put them in her hand.

Jean looked at him puzzledly, “What is this?”

“International’s real estate, the fifth building, you will live there in the future.”

“But I…”

“You don’t have the right to refuse!!” Jack didn’t wait for her to finish, so he interrupted her words aggressively, “Or do you prefer to stay in the house before you?”

“No! I don’t want to live there either.”

At least, for the time being, she doesn’t want to.

There, after all, there are too many Mike figures! And also…

When she thought that Mike and Emma had been together at that home countless times, she didn’t want to take another step.

Perhaps, she still has to rely on time to wash away all this pain!

The house is a gift from her mother, so she will keep it forever, but it takes time to clean up…

Jean still took the key in her hand.

She now has nowhere to go, right?

“Thank you…”

She apologized, but she couldn’t raise any interest at all.

“Move in tonight!”


She obediently agreed.

Jack’s lips kept rubbing against her neck, “Good…”

As soon as Jean entered the company, she was hugged by Kelly, “Baby, what kind of magic did you do? God, you got everything done overnight!!!”


When she got up in the morning, she heard that all her spokespersons had withdrawn the lawsuit, and even Emma, who was biting her, said in front of reporters that because of her sister’s relationship, she finally decided not to take Jean to court.

The most important thing is that as soon as Kelly woke up, she received a call from the producer of “Slaying the Wolf” asking for a contract with her artist Jean, and the role turned out to be the heroine.

And what made her most happy was that her dignified first-line star, Emma, was just a female number two who she served as a foil!!!

Isn’t this like a big pie falling from the sky?!

“Jean, what’s the matter with you? How come you feel so stunned after such a good thing?”

Kelly looked at Jean with a worried face.

Jean smiled sadly and shrugged, “I sold myself last night…”

She is right, the clouds are light and the wind is light…

It’s just that those wet eyes betrayed her state of mind at the moment.

Her words also made Kelly stunned for half a second, her lips opened, and she looked at her almost incredulously.

Jean is still smiling, but her eyes are a little wet, “Why you are looking at me like this? Don’t look at me like this…”

Her voice became a little choked.

“You look at me like this will only make me sad…”

Finally, she couldn’t help but burst into tears.

Once, the things she has been insisting on, the things she has always looked down on, until the end…

She still fell…


Kelly stretched out her hand and hugged her crying flower tightly into her arms.

At this moment, she didn’t know what to say.

Feeling sorry for her submission, but thankful for her submission…

Isn’t it? When there are shortcuts in this circle, why do you have to make yourself so hard?!

“Can you tell who that person is?” Kelly asked her.


Jean didn’t hide anything.

But these three words made Kelly’s red lips shocked enough to fit an egg.

“God! Baby, you got the dignified young master of Allison Sect?! What a fate, how charming you are…”

The script that Emma got, the heroine was always empty, no one knew which mysterious actress the heroine was. It was not until the contract was signed that the entire crew knew that the heroine turned out to be Jean.

Jean who had just been exposed to the scandal!!!

When Emma got the cast, she blushed and her neck was thick. She took the script to talk to the director, “Director, why is her the heroine in the end?”

She couldn’t believe it, “Don’t I be more suitable for this role than her? In terms of popularity and word of mouth, how am I not better than her? Why is she playing such an important role?”

When Jean passed the door, she heard the words inside.

“Emma, this is what the producer meant, and we can’t help it! Come on, who wants to carry such an important scene on her? Hey, I’m still worried about smashing my sign!”

“Is it?”

Quill, a cool questioning sounded from outside.

It turned out to be Jack.

Probably it was so focused that Jean didn’t realize when Jack arrived at the door.


Tommy didn’t expect Jack to appear suddenly, and even his tongue began to knot.

Jack was still lazily folding his legs and sat down on the sofa, while Jean still stood outside the door and did not enter.

“Director Tommy, should we let Director Alex come to film this scene?” Jack asked the pale white Tommy on the opposite side.

“No, no!! Jack Allison, don’t get me wrong, what I just said was to appease Miss Emma, don’t care, I didn’t mean that…”

“What about you? What do you mean?”

Jack stopped paying attention to Tommy, and turned his sharp eyes to Emma on the opposite side, and asked her coolly, with a cold tone.

Emma didn’t seem to expect Jack to be so indifferent to her, and she seemed to be unable to reach for a while.

“Jack Allison…”

She groaned in resentment, pinching her “butt” and trying to lean towards him.

“Leave me alone!!”

Jack frowned in disgust.

David stepped forward and blocked Emma, “Miss Emma, please don’t get close to Jack Allison anymore, just stand here and say something.”

David is always the most responsible bodyguard and the one who knows Jack best.


Emma has never slumped like this before, and she glared at David with resentment, but she had no choice but to stand still and talk to the opposite Jack, “Jack Allison, are you complaining about my finance? I and him…”

“Miss Emma!!” Jack interrupted her words unhappily, and the corners of her lips were sneered, “I’m sorry, you are not my type that Allison likes at all! So, don’t waste my time letting me listen to your scandals! What’s the point?”

“…” Emma was blocked by Jack and couldn’t say a word.

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