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Chapter 37

She was deflated, and finally said, “Why is Jean the heroine?”

“Do you have any opinion?”

“Yes! I have an opinion!!”

“If you have any comments, keep them for me!”

Jack’s overbearing tone cannot be ignored.

His eyes were cold enough to freeze everyone present.

Emma was also taken aback, but she heard Jack lazily say, “Jean is the heroine I chose. If you have any comments, please resign.”

After speaking, he stood up and walked outside the door.

Only the director of Petrochemical and Emma, who was flushed with anger, remained.

As soon as she came out, she ran into Jean standing there, her eyes still filled with deep emotion.

Jack only glanced at her faintly, did not speak, and led a group of bodyguards to leave.


Jean stopped him.

Jack stopped, and Jean ran after him hurriedly.

Jack tilted his head to look at her.

The enchanting eyebrow lightly raised, “I try to avoid people, didn’t you mean it?”

Jean smiled gently, and lowered her eyes, “Um, you…”

She seemed a little ashamed to speak out.

Jack watched her in his spare time, “What are you?”

“Well, you… have an appointment for dinner today?”

Jack’s enchanting eyes narrowed teasingly, “What? Do you want to date me?”

“Huh? That…no, not…”

She just wanted to thank him for being so kind!

To be honest, when everyone hates her and refuses to accept her when there is such a firm force to support her, it really… feels beautiful!!!

Very happy!!!

“Then what do you want to do?” Jack circled his chest and looked at Jean who looked awkward.

He has to say, this woman…

That tangled little face is really… very beautiful!!!

The feeling of Porcelain, he wants to take a bite.

“I mean, if you don’t have a date, you can come to my place for dinner. Anyway, I can cook by myself! Of course, if you don’t have time, it’s fine.

“I’m free!!”

Jack didn’t wait for Jean to finish speaking, so he just grabbed her and said.

A faint smile appeared on the lips of the enchantment, “Wait for me at home obediently.”


Jean shook her head because of his unabashed smile…

But her cheeks were red because of his gentle “wait for me”.

The heart, at that moment, followed, obviously missing a beat…

When she recovered, Jack had already turned and left…

Only left, her face flushed, her heart beating faster, but she was in a very good mood, still standing, dazed.

Assistant Andrea helped her to go to the vegetable market to buy some vegetables.

Kelly looked at Jean suspiciously, “What are you doing? Are you ready to be a housewife again?”


Jean shook her head and smiled faintly, “Just cook a few dishes to nourish her stomach.”

“That’s right, you lost a few calories recently.”

“Okay, I should go up!”

Kelly glanced at the luxurious real estate and nodded, “Okay, you go!”


Looking at the back of Jean leaving, Kelly sighed lowly, not knowing whether her choice was right or wrong.

As soon as Jean entered the house, she went into the kitchen and started preparing food.

To be honest she was nervous.

After all, it was the first time to cook for Jack. Moreover, people like him would know it for granted, it was absolutely difficult to serve him.


Jean took a deep breath, trying to suppress her nervousness.

Until this moment, she felt a little bitter that she shouldn’t invite him to dinner.

“Jean, do you want to be grateful that it is the same for others to eat out! Just ask them to have a good meal? Why do you have to go home and make it yourself?”

Jean mumbled to herself while cooking.

“En! This seems to be more sincere!”

Jean asked and answered herself.

Stir-fried meat with peppers, freshly baked.

Jean took the chopsticks and put a piece into her mouth…

It smells good.

Yep! The taste is really good!

She hopes Jack can be satisfied!

But, inexplicably, when she thinks of Jack’s charming and handsome face, Jean feels that her dull heart these days seems to be happier.

The corners of the beautiful lips rose slightly unconsciously.

One dish after another, freshly baked.

“One two three four five six…”

Jean was wearing a skirt pocket, seriously counting the dishes on the table, “Six dishes, it should be enough to entertain him!”

It’s wasteful for two people to eat so much.

She raised her eyes and glanced at the quartz clock on the wall. The clock had already pointed to seven o’clock and he had not yet come.

Wait then!

Jean lay lazily on the sofa, watching the script while waiting.

She has to admit that “Slaying the Wolf” is a good film.

And this heroine is a woman who was born in the desert and has extremely strong “sexuality”. The personality charm exuded from the character impressed Jean.

Yeah, Jean recalled what the director said today…

Yes! The most important aspect of this drama is the charm of the protagonist. If she can’t perform the essence, then the drama will be ruined in her own hands.

And so…

Jean, you should do better!!!

“Tick Tick…”

Time, slipping away quietly…

The clock has already pointed to nine o’clock in the night…

The food on the table is already cold, and Jean still has an empty belly.

She asked him to come over for dinner. She can’t stutter first, right?

Besides, she also knows that he is busy on weekdays, so she should wait!

At this moment, she was a little depressed, she had known that she should first ask him for a contact number.

And here…


Ava dragged her luggage and walked out from the exit.

The girl has a gentle and quiet face, her black hair pouring down like a waterfall, scattered on her shoulders, so beautiful.

She wore a white dress and a pair of small floral high heels. She was beautifully dressed. There is no doubt that as soon as she walked out of it, she attracted the attention of many tourists.

It also made Jack recognize her at a glance.

Of course, she could also be in the middle of the crowd, and she could recognize him, Jack, at a glance.

Not because of anything else, but because the arrogance of this man who is as noble as a king is enough to dispel everyone and let people discover his existence at a glance.


The girl dragged her luggage and happily greeted Jack not far away.

David took the lead and took the luggage from her first. “Ava, long time no see!”

“Brother David! Do you miss me?”

Ava coquettishly took David’s hand and walked towards Jack together, “What about you? Jack, do you miss me?”

Everyone, including David, who never smiled, laughed.

It seems that because of the girl’s appearance, everyone’s mood can’t help but get better.

Almost everyone here treats this girl as their sister!

“Jack, I want to kill you all…”

As Ava said, her small body got into Jack’s sturdy chest.

Jack smiled demonly, his eyes were full of pets, “Why did you come here suddenly? Don’t tell me in advance, if it wasn’t for Jasmine to call me and tell me, I don’t know you escaped!”

“Oh! Jasmine is a good woman! She said she should not complain!”

Ava pouted, feeling a little bit resentful, “Isn’t this what I want to give you a surprise!”

“Are you tired?” Jack lightly pecked a kiss on her cheek.

Ava smiled shyly, and hid her eyes, “Not tired…”

Moreover, the mood is particularly good!!!

“Okay! Let’s go home and rest!” Jack “rubbed” her black hair in an indulgent manner, took her hand, and walked to the parking lot.

“Have you eaten?” he asked her.

“No…” She sat opposite him and shook her head obediently.


“I’m almost hungry!” She “rubbed” her belly.

“How about you? Have you eaten yet?”

“It’s not too late…” Jack shook his head.

Jack, as if suddenly remembering something, the blue eyes flickered for a second.

If he remembers correctly, it seems that some woman invited him to dinner tonight!

He raised his hand and glanced at the watch on his wrist…

It’s almost ten o’clock!

Yep! She should have finished dinner long ago!

Therefore, he doesn’t need to care anymore!

“Jack, have you made an appointment?” Ava tilted her head and looked at him suspiciously.

Jack smiled faintly, “It’s already time, forget it, it doesn’t matter!”

Ava laughed, her small arm crossed his hand, and a head fell into his arms.

Embracing Ava, but inexplicably, Jean’s delicate face will always come into his mind inappropriately, disturbing his heart and soul.

At night, eleven o’clock-

Ava has gone to sleep.

Jack is still busy in the study.

His gaze happened to fall on the script of “Slaying the Wolf”, and the hand knocking on the keyboard gave a sudden pause.

In the next moment, come back and continue working.

Of course, after five minutes, it stopped again.

He was terribly upset.

Finally, he got up, picked up a coat at random and held it in his hand, picked up the car key on the table, and was ready to go out.

When passing the hall on the first floor, Jack was called by Thomas Allison.


“Thomas?” Jack frowned and looked at him. “It’s so late, why don’t you sleep?”

“Can’t sleep!”

The little guy shook his head, “Brother, do you want to go out so late?”

“En!” Jack “touched” his brother’s head, “You go to bed obediently, brother will be back soon.”

Thomas Allison blinked his big black eyes, tilted her head, looking at him, “Brother, are you going to find the big cat?”

Jack glanced at him and finally nodded, “Well, what’s the matter?”

He half bent and asked him.

The little guy shook his head seemingly lonely, “It’s okay…”

“Okay, go to bed if you’re okay! Brother is leaving…” Jack said he was about to go out.


Thomas Allison still stopped him.

Jack looked back at him.

“That…Does the big cat know about your engagement with Ava?”

Jack “fascinated” and squinted his eyes, his expression darkened a bit, “Thomas, you are so young, do you know too much?”

Thomas pursed his mouth, “Brother, anyway…I hope you make the big cat too sad…”

Thomas’s words made Jack startled slightly.

Jack’s eyebrows frowned, a little unhappy, “Thomas, do you like her?”

Jack’s tone is very bad.

“Yes! Although I like to bully big cats,…I also like her very much…”

Jack narrowed his eyes dangerously, “Why?”

“Do not know…”

Thomas Allison shook his head. He didn’t know why he liked her.

Obviously, Big Cat is so annoying and likes to tease him so much, but that’s how he likes her.

Probably, because no one in this world plays with him, and no one dares to tease him like her, of course…

In this world, no one treats him as a child except her!

So, he likes her! The reason is that simple!!!

“Thomas, you must not like her, you know?”

Jack seemed to care about this very much.

Chapter 38


“There are not so many whys! In short, you two are not allowed to meet again in the future!!”

Jack’s tone towards his younger brother has never been as fierce as this moment!

After speaking, he turned around and left the villa.

The hands that fell on both sides of the shoulders clenched unconsciously.

Jean, is your charm enough? It’s just a short contact that made Thomas fall in love with you…

He would never allow this kind of thing to happen!!!

Thomas Allison can rely on anyone and like anyone, but she is the only one, Jean, who can’t!!!

There are no lights in the house.

The floor-to-ceiling windows did not even close the curtains, and the silver “color” moonlight poured down and “shot” into the room. If the whole hall was covered with a layer of silver “color” tulle, it would be fresh and elegant…

At that moment, Jack was not even willing to turn on the lights to break such a beautiful night scene.

At a glance, he saw Jean who was lying on the sofa, already asleep.

In her hand, she was holding the script of “Slaying the Wolf”.

In the restaurant, on the table, all the dishes were lying there quietly, the two rice bowls were still empty, and they had not moved.

The enchanting eyebrows couldn’t help but frown.

Hasn’t this woman eaten yet?

He paced, towards her on the sofa, and walked over, the steps under his feet were involuntarily lighter.

As if feeling a little strange, Jean woke up from her sleep.

She opened her eyes and “kneaded” her wistful eyes, looking chaotically under the moonlight, this demon almost lost his dazzling face…


She murmured like a dream.

At that moment, she seemed to remember the scene where they met for the first time…

It’s also such a moon “color”, such a night…

He stood there, too, distorted with charm…

Her lips couldn’t help but rose slightly…

Just like that, a “lost” smile made Jack have a moment of “swing” in his heart.

All actions are as if subconsciously…

He fooled past…

Without hesitation, thin lips, and deeply kissed her slightly opened red lips…

A heart-burning kiss, between the two “, fascinated” and “chaotic” people, began to entangle wildly…

Jack never knew that a kiss from a woman was enough to make him so crazy…

He kissed her, pressed her under his body, with hot and humid lips, skillfully opened her sweet sandalwood mouth, and began to frantically attack the city…

Sucking, gnawing, “licking”…

That kind of sometimes gentle and sometimes crazy kissing skills almost took away every inch of Jean’s breath, disturbing her, and her heart trance…

In the end, he could only be contented, nestled in her arms, catering to the deep kiss he suddenly dropped.

“Why did you come here now? Are you busy?”

While taking a break, Jean gasped and asked him.

The eyes were “confused”, the cheeks were flushed, and the lips were “colored” as if they were dyed with a thin layer of lip gloss. Jack couldn’t help but take another bite.

“En! A friend happened to come over and picked her up.”

Jack spoke lightly.

“You haven’t eaten yet?” Looking at the dining table, he asked her.

“How about you?”

Jack shook his head, “I haven’t had time.”

He has already eaten it.

Eat with Ava.

“Then I’m going to heat the food!” Jean said she was about to get up, but she was beaten and hugged before her feet could touch the ground.


She called out shyly.

Jack didn’t answer, and hugged her directly into the restaurant, put her on the table, and sat down.

“I’m hungry…”

He looked at her, his eyes “blurred”…

“I’m going to hot dishes right away!” Jean was shy and hurried to serve food, but Jack held her little hand.


Jean blinked at him sleepily.

But he still didn’t answer, Jack’s blue eyes became deeper and deeper, and the line of sight staring at her was glued to her body like a fire.

Fingers, following her little hand, crawling shallowly all the way…

Passing her wrist, passing her arm…

Every movement, so small, is like a bug, gnawing deeply at Jean’s heart…

Let her heart follow his actions involuntarily…

Trembling lightly!!!


She couldn’t help screaming.

But when the last word fell, his **** thin lips, deeply covered her lips…

The hot and humid tongue seemed to burn her hot.

This kiss, he did not rush to go deep but quickly let go of her…

But a little bit across her thin chin, sensitive back of the ear…

“Lick”, gnaw…

Holding her earlobe, sucking, biting…

Feeling her in his arms, constantly and lightly trembling…

Big hands… can’t help but climb her towering snow peak…

Jack couldn’t help laughing when he touched the already hard-pretty little grape, and the scale of the spray between his lower abdomen became bigger and bigger!

“Little fairy, it seems that your body is really satisfied with me…”

He whispered wickedly, the hot tip of his tongue moistened her sensitive neck, and “licked” her clavicle…

In the end, her cheeks were buried in front of her sweet snow peak, feeling every bit of seductive power that belonged to him…

This woman, really, so crisp… even he can’t stand it anymore!!!

It’s terrible!!!

Jack couldn’t help but let out a low growl. In the next moment, she heard only a “hiss-“, and Jean’s home clothes were torn in two in his big hand in an instant.

This man is violent!!!

He likes to tear her clothes every time!

The torn clothes hung down on Jean’s **…

Jack’s blood spurted even more with that weak appearance and her blushing face.

Staring at the two soft eyes on her chest, almost sparks…

The fascination eyes narrowed, and the next moment, the big hot hand was attached to her soft snowball, and he was gripping and rubbing hard and playing.

Jean was shaken by the sudden excitement…


She gasped, resistingly grabbed his restless big hand, “No… Didn’t you say it’s better to eat first?”

Jack smiled, “I will eat you now…!”

His “explicit” words made Jean blush in an instant, but the next moment, she only felt cold in front of her…

The bra that bound to her own had been rudely swept away by him…

Two groups of crystal clear snowballs spurted out, and they bounced in front of Jack very seductively. At that moment, Jean clearly heard an excited gasp from Jack.

He deceived her and attacked her again…

The hot and damp lips and tongue neatly held the two pink powders on her chest-human little grapes…


Jean couldn’t help but uttered a soft “Ying”, her body shivering constantly.

And Jack already stretched out his hand, rudely tore the little girl under her home clothes in half.

The blood “liquid” ran wildly in the blood vessels…

Every cell in the body is clamoring, want her, want her!!!

His lower abdomen was so painful that he was almost overwhelmed.

“Jean, you are a demon at all!! The little demon who caused crime!!”

He never knew that the taste of this woman could be so beautiful…

It was so beautiful that he was a little impatient!!!

Even if he was so anxious that he just wanted to save all the procedures, he would directly occupy her.

The man who suddenly became violent made Jean feel ashamed and panicked, but before she had time to speak, Jack suddenly stretched out her hand and fished her off the table.

Looking back, she was turned over by Jack.

He carried her and stood at the dining table…

His sturdy arms restrained her slender waist so that her pink buttocks were lifted, and she inherited her fiery heat…

Jean, who is completely new to this kind of thing, didn’t expect that he would suddenly make such a move…

“Jack, I…I can’t…”

She cats up, lying on the dining table, blushing, squinting, and looking at Jack beggarly.

At this moment, she doesn’t know how tempting she is to be so lazy like a cat…

“Hey, relax, give yourself to me…”

Jack coaxed her with a dumb voice.

Fingers ran over her sensitive private parts, and the moist touch between the fingers made him lift his lips with satisfaction.

Her body has already prepared him…

“Good girl! You will beg me to ask you more…”

Jack coaxed her.

Jean only felt a huge scorching heat approaching her, and he couldn’t wait for her to recover…


She only felt that her waist sank, and in the next instant, he dashed towards her…


Jean was squeezed away by the sudden hugeness and couldn’t help but scream.

He is really big…

He was so big that she was almost jerky, unable to bear it.

What’s more, this posture…

So Madden!!!

“Jack, I…ah…”

She is shy!!!


Unexpectedly, one day, she will bear herself under him in such a posture…

Therefore, she who is jerky, apart from the pain of being squeezed away, is shyer.

“Little fairy, call it out!!”

Jack hugged her small waist and dashed frantically…

Again and again…

Hot sweat sticks to his body, however, it seems like this, still unable to satisfy the general…

He stretched out his hand and lifted her trembling left leg to his waist. Only then did he begin to occupy her even more crazily…

“Ah…Jack, I…I can’t bear it…”

Jean never knew that this kind of thing could make people…


That feeling, really, indescribable…

People are very shy, but on the contrary, they are so excited that she cannot bear it…

But she can’t bear it, but she seems to want more…

She is really about to cry…

How did that happen? How could she do this?

Jack hugged her hot “butt” and laughed out loud, “I said that you can’t bear it, but your small body seems to need me very much…”

Otherwise, she won’t cater to him excitedly.

Jean’s face is blushing.

Even if she is ashamed to admit…

But… Her body can’t fool anyone…

Seeing her shy and gloomy expression, Jack’s waist movement became more and more excited, and the speed became faster and faster…

Such a crazy collision caused Jean to breathe again and again, and she couldn’t help begging for mercy…


She is going to turn into soft mud under the torment of this man…


Jean screamed excitedly…

Her legs trembled constantly because they couldn’t match the ecstatic excitement.

Layers of attractive “tide” red appeared between the white and tender legs…

Feeling her excitement, Jack almost let himself gush out at that moment, but he endured…

Stopped, hugged her trembling delicate body, closely attached to her…

The two of them were shaking constantly…

Sweat, sweat…

Sticking to the hot skin of two people…

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