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Chapter 39

Jean could only lie on the table for a while, panting and begging for mercy…

Of course, Jack did not intend to let her go like this.

Not waiting for her to rest, he peeped with his hand, then broke her “fashioned” body, and faced her.

Then, he picked her up and let her sit on the edge of the table…



Jean hugged his head helplessly, panting, yelling his name…

Jean’s eyes were stained with mist…

“Lost” lied and confused…

But more is, weak…

Such a tempting her will only make Jack even crazier!!!

“Call me by name…”

He commanded while possessing it.

The fingers hooked her thin chin, the weird thin lips, and he rubbed her trembling red lips, bewitching her.

“Hey, Jean, call me…”


Two words…

At that moment, it was easy to capture Jean’s heart!!!

She felt her heart, and she trembled fiercely…

There is a soft place that is sunken…

The eyes are hazier…

Sanity, even, a little trance.

“Call me…”

He coaxed her, the strength on his waist was a little heavier.

She provokes him now, constantly trembling, constantly breathing…

“Allison… Jack…”

She obediently called him.

“You are not allowed to call like this!” He ordered in a deep voice.


He has a lot of things!!!

Jean was a little bit resentful, and her little mouth pouted to express her dissatisfaction.

“Good, dear hot spot…”


Jean yelled again obediently.

“Little villain!!”

Jack opened her lips and took a punishing bite on her red lips, “Call me Jack…”

Jean’s expression shook…

In the next moment, she opened her lips obediently, “Jack…”


The man on her became more and more excited.

“Scream a few more…”


She climbed on his damp shoulders, calling his name again and again…




With a roar of excitement…

Jaen’s fingernails are almost embedded in his arms…

The fingers are white, the small arms are red, trembling constantly…

Whole-body…soft as muddy water…

The wet and sticky feeling between the legs indicates…

The two reached the peak together…

Jean has never felt this kind of feeling…

The first time she tried, but by the way, there was no disgust…

She even felt so beautiful that she was a little greedy.

She kept complaining about herself in her heart, how could she be greedy for the taste of this man?

She cannot sink!!!

Jean told herself again and again in her heart!

As muddy, she was soft in his arms, motionless, and could only breathe non-stop, even speaking with difficulty.

Jack seemed to be particularly satisfied with her like this, and the corners of Jack’s lips made a faint smile.

Fingers raised her chin, making her hazy water eyes meet his deep, burning blue eyes.

“Are you full?”


Where are you full!!!

Now she is completely on the front chest and back!


Hearing a single syllable overflowing from her red and swollen lips, Jack felt that blood began to run up his forehead again.

He stretched out his hand and squeezed her cheek, “I want to eat you in my belly!!”

Don’t this little demon girl know that looking at him pitifully like this is very, very attractive?

“Order a takeaway! Don’t let this dish get hot…”

Jack picked her up and left.

“Don’t…” Jean shook her head stubbornly, “I take a rest, and I can eat it later! The takeaway food is not delicious! Besides, it took me a lot of thought to prepare these, and it would be wasteful not to eat. .”

Her words made Jack squint his charming eyes…

“It took a lot of thought to prepare for me?”

He seemed to have captured the point of the words.

Jean’s face blushed, “I just want to eat it anyway, so I made a few more dishes.”

She completely answered the question she was not asking.

“Okay!” Jack’s blue eyes flickered, picked her up, and walked into the hall, “Go to the hall to rest first, and then come back later.”

“En…” Jean nodded.

The two people rested for a while on the sofa in the hall.

Jack sat holding her in his arms, with his big hands falling on her soft snow peak subconsciously, and asked her, “Why haven’t you eaten so late?”

“I don’t know when you will come, I thought about waiting first, I didn’t expect to fall asleep soon.”

Jack frowned, “You don’t have my contact information?”

Jean shook her head innocently.

“Go! Get your phone!”

Jack squeezed her hips.

Jean squeezed shyly, jumped away from his arms, and obediently went to get the phone.

“Call me directly if you have something to do!”

Jack took her small mobile phone, and quickly danced on the keyboard with his wispy fingers, and entered a series of phone numbers into the phone.

Naming: Master.

Even he didn’t know why he wanted to give this woman his personal contact information.

Usually, the outsiders, including those in the past, are just the assistant’s phone calls, and she alone is his phone number.

Jack thought, probably, it’s really because she is special!

Yes! She is a very, very special existence to him!!!


On the bed, she was indeed a bed and companion that made him very satisfied!!!

At least, she is the first woman to make him so out of control!!!

He has to admit that he enjoys the feeling of this woman carrying love under him!

Even, he is almost obsessed with her body…

Even if two people are only two times!!!

“Right! Remember to take “medicine” tomorrow morning.”

Just because he was in a hurry, he forgot to bring a condom.

Of course, he didn’t intend to bring things that got in the way.

What he said made Jean slightly startled for half a second, and then nodded, “Well, I know.”

Although she heard that eating contraceptive “pill” is very harmful to the body, she has to take it too!

“I’m going to the kitchen first…”


When Jean got up and went to the kitchen, when she passed the restaurant, she suddenly realized that there was still a mess in the restaurant.

Looking at the love oozing out of excitement on the ground-“liquid”, Jean’s cheek was hot.

She hurriedly pulled the paper towel to wipe the floor clean, and then took the mop over and mopped the floor cleanly several times before stopping.

When she thought of the blasting scene just now, Jean felt like her heart was about to pop out of her chest.

She has been married to Mike for so long and lived in the same roof for so long, but she has never done such an intimate thing.

Unexpectedly, in the end, her first time, she was given to Jack…

Unexpectedly, just as Jack said before, she still obediently sent herself into his arms!

After finishing everything, Jean turned around and went into the kitchen to heat all the cooling dishes.

Everything was done in less than ten minutes.

“Time to eat.”

She stood by the dining table and greeted Jack.

At this moment, she was holding two dishes in her hand.

She was also wrapped in an apron, and her long hair seemed to be used for cooking, so she had tied them up. Only the long hair was still lazily scattered on her forehead…

All the costumes are very casual, but Jack’s eyes are so beautiful and moving…

Jack’s eyes narrowed deeply.

Without the slightest concealment, he looked at the woman in front of him…

At that moment, he was inexplicable, there was a…

Feel like home!!!

It seems that there is a heroine in this house, waiting for him!!!

“What’s the matter?” Jean asked him with her head tilted when she noticed him.

Jack came back to his senses and shook his head, pretending to be casual, “It’s okay.”

Got up and walked towards her.

Looking at the dishes on the table, Jack felt a little hungry.

“Can you eat it?”

She looked at him critically.

Jean put the food on the table and pouted, “Seriously, I don’t know if it suits your appetite.”

He is the eldest master, this kind of home-cooked dish is hard to suit his appetite!

Jack didn’t say much, he sat down, picked up the chopsticks, and put a piece of meat into his mouth.


The delicious sensation flows along the lips and teeth and penetrates the throat…


The taste is even better!

He has to admit it!!!

“Is it yummy?”

Jean held her face and looked at him nervously.

Seeing his sexy thin lips close together, her heart jumped with tension.

She also didn’t know why she was so nervous, remembering that she was not so nervous when she was cooking for Mike for the first time that year!


He stopped his chopsticks and looked at her in a flat tone.

But between the lips, there seemed to be a faint smile.

Jean pursed her mouth, her heart filled with a touch of loss.

She picked up the bowls and chopsticks, put a little bit, and put them in the bowl, “I made it very carefully, but you are used to that master-level craftsmanship. If you eat what I make, it is indeed not delicious. .”

Ok! She admitted that she was quite depressed when she heard his comments like this.

Jack saw the loss in her eyes, and after a while, she heard him groan, “But, it smells like a mother.”

After speaking, he took another piece of meat and put it in his mouth.

However, what he said made Jean a little dazed.

Holding the chopsticks, she paused, turning her head to look at him…

At this moment, he was lowering his eyebrows, seriously eating the rice in the bowl, and his every move was still graceful like a nobleman.


This was the first time Jean heard him mention these two words.

Moreover, his expression… seemed to be a little lonely.

Her heart couldn’t help but rippled a bit…

Like her, will he miss his mother?

“Your mother…”

Jean seemed to want to care about something, but she seemed to be unable to ask.


As if knowing what Jean wanted to ask, Jack said faintly.

“She died when she was seventeen!”

His tone was calm as if he was telling an extremely ordinary thing…

It’s just that those faint eyes can’t hide the loneliness…

Jean’s heart hurts a bit.

She bit her chopsticks, smiled faintly, a little sad, “My mother is gone too…”

Therefore, both of them are children abandoned by their mothers!

Her words seemed to make Jack startled for a second…

In the next moment, Jack, handed her the already empty bowl, “Help me serve the meal.”

Jean came back to her senses and looked at him suspiciously, “Eat so fast…”

“Hello, wordy!!”

Jack expressed his dissatisfaction.

Jean didn’t say anything anymore and hurriedly got up to help him serve the meal. Looking at his empty rice bowl, she felt a little better in her mood unexpectedly.

As soon as she sat down, she could hear Jack ask her, “Do you often cook for Mike?”

Speaking of Mike, Jean’s face changed slightly.

Chapter 40

Although it was very inconspicuous, the subtle change still couldn’t escape Jack’s eyes.

He snorted coldly, angrily inexplicably, “It seems that you love that man!”

Right! Should be!

Jean didn’t deny it, only shook her head and answered his last question, “I rarely cook for him! He doesn’t look good.”

“No more cooking for any man in the future! Except me!”

Jack is very domineering.

“How is that possible?” Jean chuckled out without paying too much attention, “I’m going to remarry in the future, what should I do?”

Jack’s seductive eyes narrowed halfway, and a dangerous light came out.

It was a long time before she heard him say, “Even if you marry, you have to get my approval first!”


This guy is too domineering!

That night, Jack did not go back to his home but fell asleep on her side.

At night, Jean fell asleep in his arms.

It was awkward to feel a person suddenly beside her, but it was not annoying at all.


Jean buried her in his arms and called him.

“En?” Jack didn’t open his eyes but answered her in a deep voice.

“Our… relationship like this… when can it end?”

Jack opened his eyes abruptly, his blue eyes filled with coldness, “Why? You were so anxious to end it just at the beginning? Is there such a cheap deal in this world? Or do you think your body is so valuable?”

Jack’s words made Jean pale.

“Don’t say that, I never thought about trading with my body, let alone how much my body is worth…”

She never thought that one day, she would make money by selling her body.


If the mother in heaven knows, she will not forgive her, right?

However, now that she has already embarked on this path, she can’t go back again…

Jack’s cold fingers pressed her chin, trying to make her eyes meet his demon-cool pupil.

He sneered…

Fingers crossed her pink cheeks…

Whispered, “The time has come, I naturally let you go…”

It’s just a simple sentence, but it’s inexplicable. When she listened to Jack, she realized it was full of meaning…

The icy cold and ridicule in the eyes of the demon eyes made Jean dazed for half a second…

And his darkened eyes became more vague and mysterious, too mysterious for her to figure out.

“Kiss Me…”

Quill, he ordered her.

The magnetic “sexual” voice is like mellow wine, bewitching her body.

“Jean, take the initiative and kiss me!!”

His eyes gradually…deepened and hot.

Glue on her body, as if to swallow her again…

Jean bit her lip, her cheeks flushed, her eyes flickered when she looked at him, but she didn’t dare to cheat her to kiss him.

He seemed to be aware of her shyness, Jack got up and held her lips directly…

“Rotten wood can’t be carved!”

He did not forget to laugh at her.

Jean protested, “You think everyone is as experienced as you…”

“You don’t want to learn if you don’t have experience!!”

Jack squeezed her small face and greeted her again with a deep kiss…

One night, lingering…

One after another, wheezing and groaning sounded throughout the bedroom…

The clothes were scattered all over the place…

The charming atmosphere deeply enveloped the two closely entangled people.

Press conference…

Jean took the wedding photo of her and Mike and placed it under the lens of every reporter.

She didn’t plan to explain many things.

But the conversation between Tommy and her sister Emma that day remained in her mind like poison.

Yes! How can a bad star who has repeatedly reported scandals and been criticized by the audience be qualified as the heroine of such a blockbuster movie?

If such a star is allowed to act as the heroine of this movie, perhaps it will be as Tommy said, and the whole drama will be destroyed in her hands.

Therefore, Jean deliberated and decided to stand up.

Even if the company does not allow it in every possible way, it wants to protect Emma.

But when she thought of Jack’s trust in her, she had greater determination.

In the face of all the media reporters, she took a leisurely look at all the wedding photos, and the time was written in the photos.

Two years ago.

“A few days ago, facing all the accusations that I was the murderer who killed Emma’s child, here, I have something to say! First, her child did not die by my hands! Second, by whom the child died, I think Emma knows better than me! I don’t want to bear this scapegoat, and I don’t want to be accused of being a murderer! If someone deliberately slanders, I don’t rule out taking legal measures. Come and solve it! I am innocent, and the police are always welcome to investigate!”

Having said that, Jean bowed deeply like all the media reporters sincerely and then continued to make statements.

“Everyone has seen the photos on the table. They are all the wedding photos of Mike and me. It was two years ago. They are printed on them. Of course, many people may doubt the authenticity of these photos, so, It’s okay, I still welcome everyone to test, and I hope you will give me a test result! In these photos, there is no trace of PS. Two years ago, Mike and I were engaged. We took wedding photos to prepare to get married. The final result, why is this, I don’t think I need to be too clear! Finally, I just want to tell everyone, I’m Jean Glover, not a junior! Even more, disdain to be anyone’s junior! And, I don’t know if Mike is also watching the TV, but I have something to tell you, by the way, tell the world…”

Jean smiled at this point…

Tenderly, dignified, and slowly said, “Mike, I don’t love you, Jean!! I have forgotten you…”

This is the conclusion of this conference.

At the press conference, Jean still lied!

She still didn’t reveal the fact that Emma and Mike had ever been married, just because she was blocking her, Emma also did not dare to reveal the history of her marriage to Mike.

Because it wasn’t Jean that would ruin her. Perhaps after the audience knew the real situation, they would sympathize with Jean more and increase her favorability, and Emma would be destroyed. Up!

Therefore, Emma can’t be so stupid!

And here…

Emma looked at Jean’s press conference, her face turned into pig liver “color” with anger.

“Mike, it’s all you! Why did you keep the photo to give her evidence?! It’s better now, and she started accusing me of being a junior!!!”

Emma complained unhappily at Mike who was concentrating on the documents.

Regarding Emma’s accusations and unhappiness, he seemed to have no thoughts at all.

However, after hearing Jean’s sentence…

When I don’t love you’, he suddenly picked up his head from the file.

His eyes were dumbfounded, and he looked straight at the coquettish face in the video…

Mike’s eyes became deeper and deeper…


In the ice-cold, there seemed to be some unidentified loneliness…

“Mike, why did you say Jean was suddenly pointed by Jack Allison as the heroine of “Slaying the Wolf”?”

Emma thought for a second, and the next moment, her face turned pale, “Could it be that… she became Jack’s mistress??”

Emma’s words made Mike stunned for a second, and for the next instant, he only heard him say coldly, “Maybe!”

Emma covered her mouth in shock, and her heart was panicked.

If this is the case, isn’t she going to be played by Jean?

At this moment, Emma panicked completely…

But, soon, she put the panic down. Instead of being in a mess now, she might as well think more about how to deal with that woman!

Private racecourse-

After watching Jean’s press conference, Jack’s face has not been good.

Inexplicably, the pile of wedding photos that the woman held in her mind has been entrenched.

He would be particularly upset with her wedding photo with that man!!!

“Jack, what’s wrong with you? Are you in a bad mood?”

Sitting on horseback, buried in Jack’s arms, Ava raised her head and smiled, and asked Jack.

Jack came back to his senses, pursed his mysterious thin lips, and took a cool look at David on the side, “David, send Ava back first.”

“Jack, won’t you play with me?” Ava pouted in a loss.

“Hey, go back with David! Some customers will come over soon…” Jack said perfunctorily.

“Okay! Then I’m obedient!”

Ava raised her lips with a smile and obediently followed David to the parking lot.

Looking at the back of them leaving, Jack took out his mobile phone and dialed out with a cold face.

Here, Jean is still busy, and Kelly who listened to Jean shouted, “Jean, your phone…”

“Who called?” Jean was busy putting on makeup, and there was an interview to be conducted later.

“Master?!” Kelly stared suspiciously at Jean.

Jean was shocked, her cheeks flushed in the next instant, she got up hurriedly, took the phone from her hand in embarrassment, and walked to the locker room.

“Hey, this is Jean.”

“Come to see me at West Street Racecourse!”

Jack’s voice was very cold.

Jean guessed that this man seems to be in a bad mood today.

“But I’m busy now…”

“This is my order!!”

Jack’s tone is not acceptable.

“I still have an interview that is not over. There is about an hour left. When I’m done, I’ll come to you again!”

“Jean, right now, get me right now!!”


Jean found that she and this man had a complete communication barrier.

“I have something else, hang up first!”

As a result, before Jack came back to his senses, the other end hung up the phone.

“Toot toot…”

Jack seemed to be a little unbelievable for a while when the cold voice came over the phone.


He couldn’t help cursing, “Jean, dare to call me Jack, you are the first one!!”

He doesn’t know who she is, he gave this woman the ambition to be bold!!!

Jack didn’t chase the phone anymore, how could an arrogant man like him pursue a woman.

Soon, a client came to talk to him about the new project for the next season.

After half an hour, he still didn’t see the woman…

Fast, an hour passed…

Then, two hours passed…

The customer has left…

At this time, he saw a woman pulling her handbag and stepping on her delicate little high heels, hurriedly running towards him.

She seemed to be walking in a hurry, and she didn’t even have time to remove the heavy makeup on her face.

Jack sat idly in the rest pavilion of the racecourse, squinting, watching the woman approaching him to step by step.

At that moment, inexplicably, Jean felt a dangerous aura that was permeating the man’s surroundings.

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