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Chapter 41

“The interview was scheduled long ago, so I can’t turn it off…”

She quickly explained.

“Go and remove the makeup first.”

Jack squinted lazily.

He didn’t like the look of her makeup, although she was equally beautiful and exquisite, she lacked the sense of reality that belonged to her.

She was supposed to be pure and delicate, not the feeling of heavy makeup.


Jean nodded obediently and walked to the lounge of the racecourse.

After coming out, she returned to the crystal clear.

Sure enough, this woman is not suitable for makeup…

Why does such fair and translucent skin have to be corroded by such chemicals?

“In front of me in the future, no makeup is allowed.”

Jack’s cold fingers hooked her chin and said coldly.


Jean obediently agreed.

She doesn’t like makeup either.

Jack got up and walked into the racecourse…

The tall figure made a sharp leap, and the movements were extremely elegant, but it couldn’t hide the breath of the noble king…

In the next moment, he was already sitting firmly on the horseback.

Looking at her condescendingly, his eyes were biting, angry like a king.

“Come on!”

He gave a faint command.

Jean shook her head, “My high heels are not very convenient.”

“Take off your shoes.”

Jean looked up at him, feeling the anger in his expression, she couldn’t stand up to him anymore, so she obediently took off her high heels and put them aside.

Leaning over to the horse with bare feet.

As soon as Jean approached, she felt like her armpit was tight, and he didn’t wait for her to come back to her senses. She had already been caught by Jack, and she sat firmly on the horseback.

And, still, sitting facing him.

Jean was startled, her face was flushed, and her heartbeat was disordered.

“Scared me…”

She stroked her chest and sighed.

Jack’s faint eyes looked straight at her…

Such blue eyes, like a fire…

A handful, sullen fire!!!

“Jean, you made me wait for two hours, how do you count?”

The demon’s thin lips asked her with a cool light.

The slender legs were clamped on the horse’s belly, and the horse started to run on the huge racecourse.

This sudden movement made Jean startled, and after a while, she calmed down and explained hurriedly, “I really can’t go away.”

“Is it?”

Jack snorted, and her slender jaw was raised with cold fingers, “Then find a way to compensate me!”

Her eyes…

Overflowing with “confusion”, for a moment…
Jean was a little silly.

“How… how to make up…”

Jean was embarrassed, her cheeks hot.

Jack smiled slyly, “Meet, pay!”

As soon as the voice fell, his big hand went directly under her skirt wantonly.


Jean’s face turned pale, “Jack, don’t be foolish! This is outside…”

“I’m used to it!”

He replied indifferently, “As long as I’m happy, I want you where I want you!”


Jean panicked to grab his big hand. However, before she could resist, she only felt a chill in her private-secret area, accompanied by a tearing sound…

Her dark purple “color” transparent silk stockings were rudely torn apart by Jack…

White and delicate skin is looming.

“You have no right to refuse me!!”

Jack’s domineering one hand placed his hands on her back.

The other hand eagerly pulled the cover under her body…

“Don’t do this, we will be seen!”

Jean was so anxious that tears were about to come out.

How could this man be so rude?!

“This is my chassis, no one can get in without my order!!”


Jack’s low voice has not yet finished speaking, but his scorching heat has already penetrated her body without hesitation…

Jean screamed in pain.

Never thought that one day, such a restrained self would have such a shameful love with a man outside…

The horse is still running wildly.

And the people on him, following the rhythm of running, are galloping non-stop.

It feels…

It was too exciting, so conservative Jean couldn’t let go.

“Little fairy, relax…”

Jean bit her lip, almost crying, “Don’t… I don’t like this…”

Jack squinted his “lost” eyes and hugged her tightly in his arms, coaxing her, “Be obedient, learn to enjoy such beautiful things…”


This is not good at all!!!

“Jack, okay? Let’s not do it here…”

She grabbed his arm and begged him softly.

Seeing the pain on her cheek, he finally stopped the movement of his waist, but still did not get himself out of her body.

Only hold her, let her sit on him with her legs apart.

The demon’s eyes sunken in, watching her coolly, “I saw your press conference today.”


Jean’s complexion is reddish, and her fair and tender skin can be broken if it is stained by water mist.

“Misted” Jean’s eyes glistened with water drops, looking at him dumbfounded.

“I saw your wedding photo with Mike!”

His tone was somewhat condensed.


“Very close.” He bit out three words dumbly.

“That’s a wedding photo, of course…”

As a result, there was still time to finish what Jean said, and Jack started asking her frantically again.

His big icy hand supported her soft hips, and let her follow the strength of his arm to carry on his huge heat.


The collision caused by the horse running, coupled with the physical impact of Jack, made the weak Jean unable to bear.

Jean was buried in his arms, trembling constantly, begging for mercy.

“Let me go, okay? Jack…”

“I hate your wedding photo with Mike!!” His voice was frosty.

Jean didn’t understand him, “Stop making trouble! You are not a kid anymore…”

She even dared to accuse him?!

Jack snapped a lip and bit her little shoulder directly with a strong force, “You bad woman!!”

The sudden pain in her shoulder made Jean realize that she seemed to have angered him, “Jack, don’t do this, I was wrong…The photo, I have burned it!! Really…”

There was nothing wrong, but she could only admit her mistake obediently.

Why? Because she is always no match for this man, right?

Like he wants her on horseback, what can she do? Her strength is incomparable to this man, she doesn’t even have the strength to struggle, he can only let her, if he wants to…

Sure enough, her confession slowed down Jack’s strength while possessing her…

“You are not allowed to take out your stuff with that man again!!!”

He even dared to declare it to the world!!!

Of course, there is one thing that satisfies him, that is…

She doesn’t love Mike anymore!!!

“No, he and I have nothing to take…”


Jack lightly printed a kiss on her lips…

The movement of the waist gradually became rapid…

Not far from the racecourse…

A plain white figure stood there dazedly…

In the beautiful eyes, there is a hazy mist…

Looking stupidly, on the racecourse, the twinkling twins…

Two people love each other, so intense!!!

They didn’t even notice her standing there!!!


The corners of Ava’s gentle lips gave a sad sneer.

Jack, am I not your fiancée? Why, why would you rather touch other women outside than me?

Or, you…

Don’t love me at all?!!!

That woman… Does that make you care?

He was to be with the client, but it turned out to be with her..!

For this woman, even he is reluctant to accompany her…

Jack, are you the one who loves Ava the most when he loves Ava in the past?

In the case of…

Why would he be willing to do such a thing to hurt her?!

The hands that fell on both shoulders couldn’t help but clench…

In the palm of her hand, a piece of ice was cold.

Finally, with tears in her eyes, she turned around…

Out of the racecourse proudly!

Jean, the new heroine of “Slaying the Wolf”…


She sneered, and one day she will let you know…

The man she admires, not every woman is qualified to snatch!!!

Because of Jean’s press conference, there was another uproar on the Internet.

But Jean has no intention of caring so much anymore!

As soon as the court drama she worked with Emma was over, she quickly entered the crew of “Slaying the Wolf”.

At this time, Jean is still putting on makeup.

A pretty little face leaned towards her, “Huh? Is this Miss Jean? Wow, it’s so beautiful…”

It was Ava who was not talking.

“Miss Jean, can you help me sign a name?” She smiled harmlessly and handed her a small book and a pen.

Jean was flattered.

Seeing the cute and beautiful face in front of her, Jean couldn’t help but smile, and hurriedly reached out to take it, “Of course.”

“Thank you…”

Ava obediently thanked her.

On the side, Emma’s face was extremely ugly, but she still didn’t forget to sarcastically, “Oh, there will be fans in less than a day!”

“Come on, here you…” Jean handed the book back to Ava only after she could not hear Emma’s sour words.

“Being someone else’s “women” for Jack Allison is not the same! It takes a few days to directly climb into the position of the heroine! Ha! Jean, she must have worked hard while serving Jack Allison in bed Right!”

Emma’s words caused the two people on this site to change their expressions at the same time.

Jean couldn’t find a word of attack for her accusation.

Emma sneered and became more serious, “Finally admit that she is a stupid body!”

Jean smiled indifferently, “Sister, you should take care of yourself! The mud bodhisattva crosses the river, and it is hard to protect yourself, so why can she still have the mind to “worry” about other people’s things?”

It just so happened that after putting on makeup, Jean got up and was about to go out.

Ava hurriedly saw the opportunity to catch up, “Sister Jean, can we make friends?”

Jean turned her head to meet the harmless smiling face. She nodded, “Okay!”

Although she doesn’t know who she is, she should be a member of the crew if she can come backstage!

“Are you from our crew too?”

Jean couldn’t help but ask her curiously.

“I am not! But my fiancé is!”

Speaking of her fiancé, Ava’s beautiful cheeks “showed” an expression of admiration.

“Ah… That’s right! Sister Jean, was that you just… and Mike’s mistress?”

Ava asked her carefully.

Jean looked at her with a wary face.

Ava waved her hand hurriedly, “No, no! Sister Jean, I am not a reporter! You see, I have a work permit for our crew! I am not a reporter, I am just curious! It was you who announced at the press conference. After taking the photo, Mike was your finance before, so I think about it, and I think she is the mistress of you!”

As Ava spoke, she didn’t forget to shake the work permit on her neck.

Chapter 42

Indeed, she is the staff of their crew.

Jean smiled faintly, “Why are you interested in this?”

Having said this, Ava’s eyes gradually dimmed, “Because I also encountered a mistress between my fiancé and me…”

Ava’s words made Jean startled suddenly.

Of course, Ava smiled and said, “Sister Jean, if it were you, would you be someone else’s junior?”

“Will not!”

Jean didn’t even think about it, so she answered, “I won’t be someone else’s junior! That way, I would rather not love.”

“Is it?”

Jean felt as if she could see a somewhat ridiculous expression in Ava’s eyes.

She thought this must be her illusion.

“Sister Jean, although a vixen appeared next to my fiancé, I still believe that my fiancé will come back! He won’t like that vixen! Because that woman is not what he likes at all! Uh… at best, For him, that woman is just a mistress, a bed, a companion!!”


Bed partner…

The two harsh words made Jean’s face stiff.

Isn’t she the “wife” of Jack’s lover, or the bed partner?!

Heart, slightly astringent…

“My fiancé is very kind to me!” Ava was still talking to her.

Jean found out that she liked talking about her fiancé.

“That man doesn’t pet anyone, but he just spoils me with everything, lets me do everything, listens to me everything! Sister Jean, look, are our engagement rings beautiful? He designed and made them. That’s it!”

Jean followed her words and cast a low eyebrow…


Sunlight came in from the transparent window, and cast a “shot” on the bright diamond ring on her finger, showing a variety of colors.

That light, dazzling, made Jean so envious…

At that moment, she remembered Mike again…

Ah! Once upon a time, she wished that the man could carefully prepare a diamond ring for her, but even their wedding ring…the size was wrong!

The size is too big, it can easily slip from her fingers…

Just like her marriage!!!

Perhaps something that is not suitable for her is doomed, and it is always not suitable!

“Very beautiful.”

Jean couldn’t help but be praised.

She tilted her head again, glanced at the girl in front of her, couldn’t help but cared, “Who is your fiancé…?”

She looked around, as if there were no rich people in the entire crew of her age, right?!

Why does she say that her fiancé is rich? Because the diamond ring on her finger is very expensive.

“He!! He will come here later, and I will introduce you to him at that time! Ah… No, you should know him too! He is so powerful… hehe…”

“That’s it!” Jean laughed, “Then I look forward to who he is!”


Ava winked playfully at her.

“Jack Allison…”

Quill, she heard someone say hello respectfully.

Then, Jack’s enchanting black figure appeared in the theater as scheduled, and behind him were still neat rows of black bodyguards.

Jack’s gaze quickly glanced at the audience…

In the next instant, the line of sight fell on Jean’s body.

Then, his expression was stunned, his dizzying face seemed to be stiff for a while, but he quickly returned to nature.

The beautiful sword eyebrows are frowning.

Then, taking a step forward, came over to them without a rush.

Jean adjusted her emotions slightly, seeing him, inexplicably, still felt a little nervous.

“Why did you come here?”

Quill, Jack, who walked towards them, asked.

The tone is still plain, but he can feel the rare gentleness inside.


Jean looked at him puzzled.

Would it be weird for him to come over? Isn’t this the crew of “Slaying the Wolf”?

Jean walked forward with a small step, but he walked over on the opposite side, bypassed her directly, and passed her…

Jean was shocked…

Then, she saw him and stood opposite Ava.

“Why don’t you tell me in advance when you come over?”

He stood condescendingly opposite Ava, lowered his eyebrows, and asked her.

The tone seemed a bit deterrent, but after all, it was not so cold.

And his behavior, as well as the shyness under Ava’s eyes, even…shallowly proud…

Jean froze completely.

Her complexion was pale for a second!!!

The little hands hanging on her shoulders gradually became cold.

“Jack, people are so bored at home, that’s why I came out to play!”

Ava held Jack’s arm affectionately, acting like a baby.

However, Jack didn’t have any disgust or resistance at all, letting her hold him.

Jean’s heart trembled fiercely following the interaction between them…


When everyone called Jack Allison Jack, only this girl intimately called him to be ‘Jack…’

Her heart tightened, but there was still some bitter pain.

And so…

Is this man the girl’s fiancé?


She is between them, Miscellaneous?!!!

Is that what this girl said, vixen?!!!

“Ah… by the way! Jack, I just met my idol! Come, you should know each other?”

Ava took Jack’s hand and walked over to Jean.

“Sister Jean, it’s him, that’s my fiancé I just told you about! We got engaged only two weeks ago…how? Isn’t it amazing?!”

Ava proudly introduced her fiancé to Jean.

Jean’s face was a little stiff.

Looking at the opposite side, Jack’s eyes only found that his faint blue eyes still showed no ups and downs…

It seems that he has never been entangled with her!

It seems that the lingering between them is just a dream!

This man…

How can it be done so calmly!

“We know each other.”

Jack lightly opened his lips and replied lightly, naturally without the slightest fluctuation in his expression.

Jean’s expression is awkward to the extreme…

His lips opened as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he couldn’t say anything.

“Okay, Ava, I will ask David to send you back…”

“Jack, I don’t want to go back! I’m so bored at home alone!” Ava acted like a baby and refused, “I want you to go home with me!”

“Ava, stop making trouble!”

“I want it!” Ava pouted, “I don’t care, I won’t go home if you don’t go home!”

Jack fixedly looked at her for a long time before saying, “Then you follow me and you are not allowed to go anywhere! You know?”

“Of course!!”

Ava turned to laugh, the harmless smile on her face was like a child who picked up candy, innocent.

Seeing Jean’s eyes, they are a little dazzling…

Then, they were right in front of her, arm in arm, and left together…

From the beginning to the end, Jack didn’t say a word to him, and he didn’t even glance at her!

At that moment, in Jean’s frustrated heart, there was a deep sourness and unexplained sadness coming to her heart.

All the feelings, like a sharp knife, with one knife, ruthlessly scratched her heart that was not healed…


Behind her, Emma laughed mockingly.

Jean turned her head and saw her standing there, covering her mouth and laughing.

Emma proudly raised her head, stepped on seven-inch high-heeled shoes, and passed Jean with her chest tall. While twisting her hips, she said openly, “Oh, my fiancé is so beautiful!”

“Hey, what a pity, it turns out that Allison Jack has a fiancé! But some people are suffering. Every day they keep shouting that they don’t rely on selling their position. As a result… Heh! I didn’t sell myself! And, at the reporter In front of us, we declare to people all over the world that they disdain to do the third party, but what is the result? Haha! Some people can hit their own feet! In the end, they are no more than being someone else’s bed partner. It is pitiful and sad….”

After Emma finished speaking, she twisted her hips proudly and left.

Only Jean was standing in the corridor with her pale face, dazed…

Little, three!!!


Bed, companion!!!

Three words and three identities have always been her most disdainful, but, just as Emma said, every identity has been interpreted by her!!!



The mist-filled her eyes…

There was a tingling in the throat.

However, she quickly adjusted her emotions and walked into the theater…

In her heart, she already has a new plan!

Inside the theater•

Everyone is ready to be in place.

Even Jack is already sitting on the screening stand.

And beside him, Ava was still sitting.

The two people seem to be whispering something…

Between the ears and temples, she saw Ava’s smiling face constantly flashing in front of Jean’s eyes.

She repeatedly wanted to keep her eyes off, but instead, the two of them were sitting directly opposite her!

She couldn’t escape from the ambiguous scene between them…

This is a showdown between Jean and Emma.

Until Emma’s whip fell mercilessly on Jean’s body…

She felt a pain in her waist, and she suddenly brought the dazed Jean back!

At that moment, she met Ava on the opposite side… and kissed him deeply… Jack!!!

Jean closed her eyes suddenly…

At that moment, she felt that it was not her waist that hurts, but her heart!!!

“Crack-Jean, what are you making!! You have to avoid this whip!!” The director shouted, and the paragraph ended.

“Sorry Sorry…”

Jean paled and hurriedly apologized.

On the opposite side, Jack’s enchanting eyes are a bit sunken…

The sight fell on Jean’s body, but it was full of meaning…

Jean seemed to feel his gaze on the other end, and couldn’t help but glanced at his head. Jack slammed into his evil eyes. The next moment, she hurriedly avoided and didn’t dare to look anymore. He glanced.

Only one eye contact made Ava’s face sinking.

And here…

“Jean, do you know how to act? If you can’t get into this role, don’t hold on to it!! This will only affect the entire crew!!!

Emma hurt Jean mercilessly.

Jean glanced at her, then turned to look in the opposite direction.

She pursed her lips and apologized politely, “I’m sorry, director, do it again, this time I will concentrate on it.”

She knew that she was wrong this time, so she didn’t want to say anything in the face of Emma’s accusation.

She adjusted her emotions as much as possible and let herself enter the role as soon as possible.

A few came down, and it went smoothly. When the midfielder was applying makeup, Kelly hurriedly opened her clothes to help her check her body, “Does that whip hurt you?”

“It doesn’t hurt.”

She shook her head, unable to lift any energy.

“Kelly, I’m fine! No need to check.”

She hurriedly put down her clothes.

Kelly sighed and looked at her, “Are you particularly concerned about the woman next to Allison Jack?”

Kelly’s words made Jean stunned, and instead, smiled, the smile on her lips was a bit far-fetched, “How could…”

She smiled and looked away, not looking at Kelly, pretending to be serious about dressing herself.

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