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Chapter 391

The teacher’s words caused Blair Elijah’s dark eyes to shrink suddenly.

Suddenly he remembered the words that Landon’s mother had said to him, saying that Landon had been very dependent on him because of his lack of paternal love since childhood, and almost regarded him as his daddy.

His heart clenched tightly.

Anger, hidden in the eyebrows, difficult to control, “How can children make fun of this kind of thing? Don’t you know how much damage this will cause the child’s body and mind? How do you teach your children in your daily life as teachers!!!?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

The teacher bowed his head to admit his mistake.

“Where’s Landon’s mother? Didn’t you call her to inform her?” Blair Elijah’s anger was hard to dissipate, and the decibels of his voice kept increasing.

“I’ve hit… I’ve hit it, and she should be here soon.”

As soon as the teacher’s words fell, suddenly the door of the ward was pushed open.

“Landon, Landon… Mommy is here!!”

The familiar call sound penetrated Blair Elijah’s eardrums, and his heart drew slightly for a second, then subconsciously tilted his head to look at it, and for a moment, the tall figure completely froze.

In front of him, it was not someone else who rushed in, but… the woman he knew best, Allison Hazel!!!

And behind her, followed…

Her husband, Brooks Mateo!!!

So, what about the one lying on the bed?? Is it… their son?!!!

Landon… is their son? !!!

Blair Elijah couldn’t believe all of this, or perhaps he didn’t want to believe it at all!!!

And Hazel that rushed in, saw Landon lying on the bed in the first second, and in another second, she saw Blair Elijah standing with the kindergarten teacher!!!

At that moment, time seemed to stand still.

No one spoke first.

Finally, Hazel came back to her senses first, but her expression was still a bit trance.

“You… why are you here?”

Hazel, why Blair Elijah appeared here.

Could it be that he already knows something?

The little hands that fell on her shoulders couldn’t help but tighten, and her heart became tense.

Mateo seemed to see her emotions, and only encouraged pats on her shoulders, then turned to Landon’s bedside, leaving the space here for the two confronting people.

“You… are Landon’s mother?”

Blair Elijah didn’t want to believe this result.

His question made Hazel a little bit, and nodded, “Yes! Landon is my son! What about you? Why are you here?”

Hazel at him who looked stiff on the opposite side, she suddenly said in shock, “Blair Elijah, don’t tell me that my son became like this because of you?!!!”

Hazel seriously, showing panic and an angry look.

Wasn’t it enough to almost kill him five years ago? Five years later, does he still wants to continue to kill him?!

She will never allow it!!!

Looking at the obvious defensive color in Hazel’s eyes, Blair Elijah’s cold heart sank and sank, “Allison Hazel, in your eyes, what kind of person is Blair Elijah?”

Could it be that, in her eyes, in the bottom of her heart, is he a demon who would never let such an innocent child go?

“What kind of person you are, you know best in your heart!”

Hazel refused to give in at all.

If someone wants to hurt her baby, she will never allow it!!! Never forgive!!!

“No, it’s not like this!”

On the side, the kindergarten teacher finally couldn’t see it, and hurriedly explained to Hazel, “I called Mr. Blair to come, I thought… he is the father of the child…”

At the teacher’s words, Hazel and Blair Elijah huddled at the same time.

The child’s father??

How could it be him?! Brooks Mateo is!


Blair Elijah suffocated suddenly, this result was wrong!!!

The child’s father is not Brooks Mateo! He remembered that on MSN, Allison Hazel said in person that she and the child’s father had divorced!!!

So, the father of the child is it…

No, no, that’s impossible! That would have been aborted! Moreover, according to Landon’s birthday time, it is impossible to be his child!

But, who is the father of this child?!!!

“Who is Landon’s father?” Blair Elijah almost lost his breath.

Landon’s mother is her. There is no doubt that he should have been suspicious since he first saw this kid! Because they look so alike, don’t they?!

Blair Elijah’s questioning made the little hands that Hazel on both sides unconsciously tampered with.

She took a deep breath without a trace, her face was not red, and her heart was not beating, “Did you not see? Landon’s father is sitting by Landon’s bed!”

By the bed, Mateo said nothing.

Blair Elijah tilted his head and looked at Mateo.

But he shook his head, “No! Landon is not his son!! Allison Hazel, you said that you have divorced Landon’s dad!”

“Yes, I am divorced!!”

Hazel nodded, without showing a half-panic expression, and continued, “I and Mateo are already divorced…”

And so…

The child’s father is Brooks Mateo!!!

Heart, frustrated…

In fact, for a moment, he wished she could tell him that the child belonged to him!!!

Even if he knew it was impossible, he was still hoping…

Is there always such a farce in this world? The child he likes so much is the son of Allison Hazel and Brooks Mateo!!!

Even, he was still so curious about what kind of excellent pair of parents were the parents who gave birth to a ghost-like Landon…

It turned out that it was them!!!

Sure enough, very good, talented men and women! Very suitable!!!

No wonder the kid is so smart and polite!!!

His chest, as if being hit by a heavy hammer, made him breathless for a while.

The big hands falling on both shoulders clenched unconsciously.

“The teacher said that Landon was because his classmates made fun of him as a wild child without a daddy! If you hope Landon is good, give him a little more complete family warmth…”

The deep voice was so deep that Blair Elijah puffed out between his sexy thin lips.

But his words made the opposite Hazel, and Mateo by the bed hug at the same time.

“Also… I am from Landon… Uncle…”

After Blair Elijah finished speaking, he left the ward without waiting for all the people inside to come back to his senses.

The door of the ward was closed, and Blair Elijah leaned on the cold wall and panted slightly.

Everything inside just now almost choked him.

God made a huge joke on him again, going around, but he couldn’t escape this painful prison.

It turns out that she is the kid’s mother!!!

It turns out that she is Landon’s mom on MSN…

That, a woman who has a deep affection for Landon’s daddy!!!

It turns out that she has loved Brooks Mateo for more than 20 years…

Yes! The two of them grew up together, probably, they had fallen in love with that man at a very young age! After marriage, can’t she also forget him?

He still remembered the gibberish when she was drunk for the first time!

It turns out that she has always loved that man!!!

Heart, sad.

He took out a cigarette, lit it, and habitually took a few mouthfuls, letting the familiar smell of tobacco paralyze his cold heart.

Five years, compared with her twenty years, how small and shabby!!!

Can he use these short five years to redeem her heart that has been in love for more than 20 years? He was lost, completely lost, and lost confidence…

Hazel stood there blankly, motionless.

Blair Elijah’s words just kept running in her mind, and, he said, he is the handsome uncle who loves to talk most in Landon’s mouth!

Also, the lonely “one person” on MSN…

Also, he said… He is in love with a woman and has been in love for five years!!!

He said that woman is already married?!!!

He has no chance again!!!

He said, is that person her? Or Sarah??

Hazel lost…

The painful heart has already dared not to have more extravagant hopes…

In many cases, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment!!!

She doesn’t know how long it took, Hazel finally came back to her senses, seeing the opposite teacher still guarding the ward, Hazel hurriedly started a far-fetched smile, “Teacher, you go first! Landon will be taken care of by us.”

The teacher’s face was full of apologetics, “Miss Allison, I’m sorry, because Landon has been yelling ‘Daddy’, I thought… the one in Landon’s phone called ‘Daddy’… is his father. So I took the liberty to call Mr. Blair. I didn’t think it was a misunderstanding. I’m sorry for causing you unnecessary trouble. I’m sorry.”

Hazel was startled, her voice trembling, “Teacher, you just said… the name stored in Landon’s phone is ‘Daddy’?”

“Yes!” The teacher nodded, looked suspiciously, and Hazel, expressing puzzlement.

“I…I see, thank you…”

Hazel’s face is very ugly, “Teacher, there is nothing else, you can go first! Thank you for your hard work today.”

“No! I’m sorry.”

After the teacher apologized, he left sadly.

Hazel panicked to turn over the phone in the Landon. As expected, Blair Elijah’s phone was lying quietly in the phone, but the name was not “Handsome Uncle” but “Handsome Daddy”!!!

Looking at the little guy’s pale cheeks and the little wounds on his forehead, unprecedented guilt hit her heart violently, stirring her chest with a dull pain.

Tears kept rolling in the eyes.

“Mateo, have you seen it? In his phone, there is actually ‘Daddy’…”

“Um… So Landon knows…”

“Hazel, don’t be like this…”

Mateo hurriedly calmed her, “Don’t cry, this is not the result you hoped for.”

She wiped her tears, and sat down by Landon’s bed, “Mateo, do you think I am a mother who is particularly a failure? I can’t give him even the most basic love.

The thought of other children making fun of her baby boy made her heart hurt like a knife.

Mateo caressed Hazel’s back lightly, “Are you still not going to tell him the truth?”

“I dare not say!” Hazel shook her head, tears raining down.

“But I can see that he loves Landon.”

“I know!!” Hazel nodded, tears kept streaming, “Because of this, I dare not say!

Chapter 392

“Mateo, I’m really scared… I’m afraid he will take Landon away from my mother and me at any time! You know everyone in the Blair, they must know that they left a male in the Blair outside. I won’t stop there! If Landon is taken away by them, I can’t imagine what life will be like with my mother in the future…”

“Hazel, don’t get excited, be obedient, don’t cry first… Later when Landon sees it, he will be sad again.”


Hazel quickly wiped away tears.

Outside the door, Blair Elijah wanted to leave, but when he thought of the little guy on the bed with a bandage, he couldn’t bear to leave.

Knowing that he was Brooks Mateo’s son, but he still waited outside like a fool… Sitting on the cold lounge chair, waiting silently, waiting for the little devil inside to wake up quickly.

He woke up, so he left with peace of mind!!!

The world inside does not belong to him!!! He couldn’t bear to watch the warm pictures of a family of three, as long as he stayed quietly outside the door and waited for the kid inside to be safe.

He tilted his head back slightly, leaning on his back chair, staring at the pale ceiling in a daze.

Miss Nurse went in and came out again…

It was already two hours before he knew it.

Suddenly, the ward door slammed loudly, “Doctor, he is awake!! Doctor…”

The person who had been drowsy in bed finally woke up, Hazel rushed out of the ward with excitement and wanted to call a doctor.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she left the ward, she ran into Blair Elijah who was sitting at the door.

Hearing her yelling, Blair Elijah also turned his head to look at her at the right time and was startled for a second. Then, his eyes swept across her delicate body, and through the slightly opened door, he saw the little guy’s smiling cheek.

The little guy woke up!!!

The little head was injured, but he was still smiling stupidly!

Seeing that innocent smile, Blair Elijah couldn’t help but smile at his tight lips.

He took his gaze back from the ward, looked at Hazel, Hazel faintly, got up and left. When passing by the consulting room, she did not forget to remind him, “Doctor, the little patient of 6023 is awake, please go and take a look.”


Blair Elijah put the suit on his back and left without turning his head.

He just sat in the chair for two full hours, and he was really tired. Now he feels much more comfortable walking.

“Blair Elijah!!”

When Blair Elijah was about to step out of the hospital door, he was suddenly stopped by Hazel.

His tall figure froze slightly.

After a while, turned around, turned back, and looked at the woman opposite.

Hazel took a deep breath and hesitated before slowly approaching him.

“What happened just now… I’m sorry…”

Hazel lowered her head, afraid to look into his eyes.

“What?” Blair Elijah raised an eyebrow, expressing puzzlement.

“Misunderstanding about you hurting Landon…” Hazel was very soft.

As soon as she went out, she ran into Blair Elijah who was guarding the door, and her heart throbbed hard for a second.

She thought he had left long ago, but she didn’t expect that he was still here, and he was still here waiting for Landon to wake up.

Is it because he can’t put it down? He is good to Landon! No wonder Landon likes him so much and loves him!

And what about herself? But still misunderstood him, thinking Landon was hurt by him!

Blair Elijah shrugged and said that it was meaningless, “It’s okay, I didn’t care.”

“I didn’t expect you to be the handsome uncle in Landon’s mouth.”

Hazel sighed but felt that the world was too tricky.

Just as Mateo said, people with destiny, even if it is Heaven, will reunite desperately!!!

“I didn’t expect you to be Landon’s mother. It shocked me…”

The smile on Blair Elijah’s lips was bitter or helpless.

After a while, he lowered his eyebrows and smiled, “I was expecting you to invite me to your house, but now it seems… everything seems impossible!”

Hazel silently.

“That’s right!” Blair Elijah seemed to think of something again, and continued, “Your food is getting better and better! At least, better than it was five years ago…”

He smiled as if there was no grudge.

He just smiled, but he heard a twitching pain in his heart.


Suddenly, Blair Elijah called her in a deep voice.

Hazel raised her eyes to meet his dark and deep eyes.

“You and Brooks Mateo, when did you…divorce?”

Hazel was stunned for a second because of his words, and her expression flashed uncomfortably, “After getting married, I soon divorced.”


Blair Elijah’s gaze pressed her tightly, “Don’t you love him very much? Why do you get a divorce? I can see that he has always liked you very much! Why do you want a divorce?”

Even now, it is not difficult to see that their relationship has been very good! But why? They love each other and even have children. Why do they still get divorced?

Blair Elijah was puzzled.

“There are so many why in this world!” For his question, Hazel did not intend to answer.

Because she didn’t know how to answer!

Why did she divorce? Tell him, because they are just married?! Tell him that getting married back then was just Mateo’s kind intention to help Landon?

How can she say this?!

“Forget it, the reason for your divorce is not important. I just want to remind you that I hope that today’s tragedy will not happen again…”

Blair Elijah sighed, “I have known Landon not long ago, but every time I stay with him, I can feel that he hopes that a daddy can love him! Many times, he feels that I am lonely. I think maybe…Many times, he is lonelier than me…”

Which boy doesn’t want to sit on his father’s shoulders like a mountain! Which boy doesn’t want a strong mountain behind him to support him!

And he must hope so!!!

When Blair Elijah said something like this, he felt that he must be confused.

What is he doing now? Is he trying to persuade this woman to remarry Brooks Mateo? But, this is not the result he wants? Didn’t he always hope that he could divorce Brooks Mateo? Now that she leaves, what is he doing?

At this moment, he was completely confused.

Hazel sighed heavily, and only whispered, “I and Mateo can’t remarry…”

Heart, a little bit of colic.

For some reason…

Maybe it’s because Landon has a daddy but can’t let him recognize it, or maybe it’s because…

He, for the sake of persuading her to remarry!

Hazel’s heart was completely messed up in an instant.

Hearing Hazel’s words, at that moment, Blair Elijah’s heart trembled visibly for a second, and a few gleams of light flashed through his dark eyes.

“Dangling Jingling…”

Suddenly, Blair Elijah’s mobile phone rang in his pocket.

When he picked it up, it turned out to be a kid.

“Landon’s call.” Blair Elijah smiled and reported.

Hazel for a second, and then said, “Go ahead, that little guy knows you have been here.”

Blair Elijah answered the phone, “Hey, kid.”

In his tone, he was relaxed, but no one knew that his heart was as deep as a rock.

“Uncle, are you outside!”

“Uh…Yes.” Blair Elijah nodded.

“Aren’t you going to take a look at Landon?” The little guy seemed aggrieved on the phone.

In a pitiful tone, Blair Elijah could fully imagine the aggrieved but innocent expression of the little guy.

“That…” Blair Elijah glanced at the opposite Hazel subconsciously, and hurriedly changed the subject, “Boy, I heard your teacher say you fought with your classmates, right?”

“En… Landon already knew that he was wrong!” The little guy lowered his head confessing his mistake on the other side of the phone.

“It’s good to know that you are wrong! How a little gentleman can hit someone casually!” “But that’s not good for him too! Who made him… make fun of others?” The little guy said in a weaker and weaker voice, “He said that Landon is a wild child who has no daddy, but Landon has a father….”

Over there, the little guy was already crying.

Blair Elijah became anxious, “Little devil, man, how you can cry!”

When she heard that Landon was crying, Hazel became anxious, and only softly said to Blair Elijah, “I’ll go in and see him…”

Blair Elijah nodded, and simply found a lounge chair and sat down.

“Boy, since you know that you have a daddy, you shouldn’t take the words of your classmates to heart, okay? Look, don’t your daddy and mommy both hurt him?” Blair Elijah comforted him again. Said, “Don’t be sad! You are much happier than me!!”

Yeah, in the future, he really will be alone again…

“En!” Hearing Blair Elijah’s words, the little guy nodded seriously, wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes, and asked, “Uncle, where are you? I’m going to find you!”

Just as Blair Elijah wanted to speak, he heard Hazel’s voice on the phone, “Landon, be obedient, the doctor said, your head is still dizzy, you can’t go anywhere, come, go to bed obediently.”

“Hazel, Landon is going to find Uncle!”

“Baby, listen to what Mommy said, okay? Uncle is gone…”

“No! Uncle is still outside!!” The little guy was very stubborn.

Blair Elijah was at this end, and his heart was twitching.

“Boy, obedient…”

He said, comforting the little guy inside, “Listen to Mommy, I’m gone.”

“No! Uncle, don’t go! You are waiting for me to find you.” Then, the little guy lifted the quilt again and wanted to get up.

“No need!!” Blair Elijah realized that he had no choice but to do anything with him. “Forget it, forget it. Forget it, I’m afraid of you. I will come in right now. You are obedient, and lie down on the bed obediently. Don’t let Mommy take his place. You worry!”

“Well, good!” The little guy nodded obediently, then hung up after a few more conversations.

Hazel’s face is particularly bad on the side.

The little guy pulled her hand like a treasure, “Baby, what’s the matter with you? Unhappy?”

“En! It’s really hard to be happy with such a disobedient son!” Hazel’s face did not improve at all.

“Hazel…” The little guy shook her hand in favor.

Hazel at his enchanting little face, could only sigh lowly, and didn’t say much or ask much in the end.

She still has a lot of things to ask her son, but obviously, now is not the time.

Soon, Blair Elijah walked in from outside.

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