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Chapter 393


The little guy jumped for joy when he saw Blair Elijah’s tall figure appearing in the ward.

“Uncle, come and sit down, I have something to ask you!”

“What’s the matter?” Blair Elijah listened to him and sat down obediently by his little bed, “I said you, kid when you fight, how come you throw yourself like a ghost, do you know you are like this? How ugly!”


So, has the relationship between father and son always been like this?


“Hazel, I’ll go and pay the medical bills for Landon first,” Mateo said, getting up and going out.

“I’ll go!” Hazel hurriedly followed his steps and went out of the ward together.

“Landon seems to like his daddy’s appearance very much.” Mateo looked back at the closed door of the ward and couldn’t help but said.

Hazel nodded and sighed, “Yeah! Didn’t you see it just now? He didn’t even listen to what I said! This is the first time. To be honest, my heart is particularly uncomfortable, and I am particularly scared, I am really scared I will lose Landon! Mateo, if you ask Landon to choose between Mommy and Daddy, how will he choose? Will he choose to be with Daddy and not want me?”

Hazel asking, the eyes are not consciously red.

“Hazel, don’t scare yourself!” Mateo hurriedly calmed her, “The little guy is like this, he loves you, but because he is afraid and afraid of losing his father like this, so he wants Go find him! He didn’t want to attack you! We all see his desire for his father. Why not try to give the little guy a complete home?”

“The complete home…”

Hazel shook her head, “This home is long gone…”

From the death of her baby to the death of her father, her family has long been torn apart!!! How can it be complete?

Mateo glanced at her deeply and said nothing.

When paying the money, Mateo prepared to swipe his card but was stopped by Hazel.

“Mateo, don’t be like this…”

“Hazel, it’s just a friend’s effort.” Mateo looked at her with a smile.

“I know.” Hazel looked at him, “I know that many times you are doing it with a hand, but, Mateo, your effort will always be a great blessing to me! No matter it is in the past or right now…”

“Hazel…” Mateo looked at her suspiciously.

“Listen to me first.”

“Good!” Mateo nodded.

“Mateo, I know you…for more than 20 years, because I have been nesting by your side for more than 20 years, I don’t know how many peach blossoms have caused you to shed. By now, we both have already clearly! We are just good friends. We are now, will be in the future, and always will be! And it is, the best friend!! But even so, I cannot use the name of “best friend” Let’s take over you again, and hurt those girls who like you and are waiting for you! So, Mateo, try to let me take care of myself! And you should try to live a life without me Isn’t it? You know, there is a girl who has been loving you and waiting for you…”

Hazel said a long time, but Mateo just looked at her and smiled softly.

“Done?” He raised an eyebrow and asked her.

“En.” Hazel nodded, staring at him in a daze.

“Now it’s for me!” Mateo sternly said, “First, with our current relationship, I feel that it is not as simple as a ‘best friend’! For more than 20 years, even friends It’s time to become a relative! In my heart, you are my sister! If my sister has an accident and can’t be carried by my brother, how can I be considered a competent brother? Second, you have not occupied me. And what about me? I won’t stupidly block my peach blossoms. Those who were blocked by you in the past, I can only say that I have no relationship with them, and these blocks can’t be blocked. Maybe… is what I want to find.”

As he spoke, there was a shimmering light in the bottom of Mateo’s eyes, and a faint smile stuck in the bottom of his eyes, which couldn’t be removed.

Hazel exclaimed with joy, “Mateo, you… are you in love?!!!”

“No.” Mateo denied, “You are with me every day. Is there anything you don’t know about my private life?”

“Then there is a girl who confessed like you? Little Kaylee??” Hazel showed a gossip look.

Mateo smiled, “Hey! Put away your gossiping eyes! Things are not what you think, Kaylee and I…well, we are just good friends!”

“Just good friends?”

“Of course!”

Mateo nodded affirmatively.

In the eyes, a little erratic flashed inadvertently.

Between them, indeed, until now, they have been just good friends…

“Mr. Miss, are you still paying? If you don’t pay, can you stand a little bit aside and let the people in the line come up to pay.” At this meeting, finally, the nurse sister who received the payment couldn’t stand it.

“Pay for it! I’m sorry!”

Hazel while apologizing, took out the bank card and handed it to the nurse sister. Mateo wanted to stop, but then he stopped.

The feeling of being favored by others is not good.

After paying the money, Mateo stood at the entrance of the hall, “I won’t go in.”

“Are you leaving?”

“En! I stay here again, I must be the one who is the light bulb!” Mateo joked.

“Mateo!” Hazel groaned, “Okay, the company still needs you! Go ahead! Call me if you have something to do!”

“En!” Mateo nodded, “Take good care of Landon, and don’t worry about him too much.”

“En! I will.” Hazel nodded.



Mateo turned and left.

Seeing the tall figure he left, she suddenly stopped him, “Mateo.”

“En?” Mateo turned his head in astonishment, puzzled.

Hazel hurriedly followed up with a smile, “I will tell you the last word.”

“What?” Mateo looked at her suspiciously.

Hazel with an ambiguous smile, and then said, “Actually…I hope Kaylee can be my sister-in-law! She is a good girl, if you think she is okay, don’t miss it again! Take it easy…”

Her words made Mateo stunned for a second, and then he laughed.

The big hand rubbed Hazel’s little head, and smiled, “Thank you, my good sister!”

“No thanks!!” Hazel blinked playfully, waved, then turned and went to the hospital.

If the ending is really like this, then, is everyone already happy?!

Hazel didn’t know if she had stolen too much happiness belonging to Mateo over the years, so the old genius punished her again and again, and finally made her fall into such a desperate situation.

However, she always firmly believes that one day, she will be as lucky as everyone hoped!!!

Pushing open the door of the ward, Blair Elijah, who was sitting on the crib and leaning on the bed, was playing boring flying chess.

“Ah…Uncle, you were swallowed by me again!! You are so stupid!!” The little guy ruthlessly hurt his father.

“Hey! Such a stupid game, is it okay to not challenge intelligence at all?” As a result, the certain man sprayed back without showing weakness.

“Such a stupid game, you play so badly!!” The little guy pouted his mouth, his expression full of contempt, “Uncle, you’re so stupid!!”

“Smelly kid!”

“Uncle Stupid!!”


Listening to the conversation between the father and son, Hazel couldn’t believe it.

Is this a father and son? But why, she felt so awkward looking at it??

“Hazel, are you back?”

The little guy came back to Hazel, and his big wry eyes diverted his attention from the flying chess in an instant.

The little devil yelled, and Blair Elijah also subconsciously turned to look at her.

The two people, their eyes collided unexpectedly, but quickly dodged, an embarrassment ran through the air.

“Huh? Where’s Daddy Mateo? Why hasn’t he come back yet?” The little guy realized that there was one missing person in the room.

“En! Daddy Mateo is busy, so he will go back first!”

“Oh, that’s it…” The little guy’s eyes were slightly disappointed, but the next second he laughed, pointing at his father and smiling, “Hazel, do you think the uncle is particularly stupid, he plays so stupidly? Flying chess can be lost to Landon!”


She laughed twice and hurriedly walked to the other side of the bed and asked her precious son, “Landon, are you sleepy? Would you like to go to bed again?”

“Landon is not sleepy…” The little guy didn’t want to sleep.

“Lying! I didn’t know how many yawns you yawned just now! I made you sleep without listening.” Blair Elijah directly punctured his lie.

Perhaps because of the bleeding from the wound, he was particularly prone to getting tired of playing.

“Sleep obediently, don’t worry about Mommy.” Hazel coaxed Landon softly, her eyes were full of pity for the little guy.

“Hazel, Landon doesn’t want to sleep…” The little guy lowered his eyes pitifully, “Landon is afraid, when I wake up, the uncle will be gone…”

The words of the little guy made Hazel and Blair Elijah startled at the same time.

The two looked at each other, and there was a complex feeling that passed through their hearts…

Hazel’s heart was severely hurt.

Blair Elijah smiled, “Little devil, what do you think! It’s not that there will be no chance to meet again in the future!”


The little guy gave his mom a timid look.

In the future, can they meet again?

Just such a baba’s eyes made Hazel almost flushed her eyes.

She smiled and pacified her son, “That is, obedient, sleep well, the uncle will be there.”

“Really?” The little guy showed a delighted look.

“Really! I promise, okay? When you sleep, I will never leave! Just stay here to guard you, okay?” Blair Elijah promised with a smile.

“The hook! Hang on the hook, and it won’t change for a hundred years!!”

“OK!” Blair Elijah seriously hooked his little hand, “Who is lying, who is the puppy.”

The little guy smiled contentedly, “Then I go to bed first, uncle, let’s get up and play again.”

Landon finally fell asleep.

Looking at the sleepy face of the little guy, he smiled and couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

“He depends on you more than I thought.”

Hazel looked at Blair Elijah and sighed softly.

Blair Elijah smiled and said nothing.

Chapter 394

Suddenly, the phone in Hazel’s pocket rang, fearing that it would wake up the little man on the bed, Hazel hurriedly pressed the mute button, and then went out.

Blair Elijah also followed out of the ward, leaving a quiet room for the child inside.

“Mom, Landon is fine, don’t worry too much.”

The call was from Adeline.

Hazel was talking on the phone by the window, while Blair Elijah lazily leaned on the wall, drew his hand in his trouser pocket, only to smoke a cigarette, but suddenly stopped.

Glancing at the woman in front of him, he finally took the cigarette in.

Besides, he has to continue to play with the little devil later, and smoking too much can hurt the child.

“Mom, don’t come here!”

On the phone, Hazel seemed extremely nervous, and couldn’t help but secretly glanced at Blair Elijah who was opposite.

But at a glance, Blair Elijah understood the meaning in her eyes.

He still remembers the scene where Adeline splashed cold water on himself five years ago, yes, how much she hated him!

Back then, if it weren’t to approach Hazel, it wouldn’t hurt her so deeply, maybe their child… is still alive…

Yes, if alive, it should be not much bigger than Landon?!

The child did not leave them, maybe Hazel’s father would not die!

Today, none of this will happen…

Thinking of the past, Blair Elijah’s chest felt a dull pain. He wanted to find a chance to explain everything to her, but such an opportunity is so difficult…

Now she doesn’t want to listen to his explanation at all!!!

Perhaps, for her, the past is not important anymore, right?!

Also, in her heart, he has already become the past tense. Who cares about the past?

“Mom, you don’t need to worry, Landon is really fine, um, he is asleep! Don’t come here now, or come back later? Okay! Okay, you can come back for dinner, then Landon may just wake up…”

When her mother said that she wanted to have a good soup for dinner, she would come back to the hospital, and Hazel’s tight heart instantly relaxed a little.

If her mother sees Blair Elijah, she doesn’t know what kind of farce will be staged in this hospital.

After hanging up the phone, the two fell into silence.

No one spoke first.

“I’ll buy some fresh fruit from the supermarket.” Blair Elijah suddenly said, and then asked, “What kind of fruit do the little guy like to eat?”


Hazel answered him without thinking.

“Tomato?” Blair Elijah chuckled lightly, “What a coincidence!”

This kid, it’s a coincidence with him in many places!

It turns out that he also likes to eat tomatoes!!!

Blair Elijah’s words made Hazel suddenly remember something, and pretended to be calm and said, “Yes, it’s a coincidence.”

A coincidence? Father and son have similar hobbies, but it’s normal, right?!

“I’ll go with you!” Hazel suggested.

“Okay!” Blair Elijah’s chest was filled with comfort, and he glanced at the closed door of the ward, worried, “Will Landon wakes up?”

“It doesn’t matter! He usually wakes up at least 3 hours asleep! Moreover, even if he wakes up, he won’t cry! He is going to be bored, so he will try to entice the nurse sisters to play flying chess with him.”

“That’s good.” Blair Elijah nodded, relieved.

The two walked side by side to the nearest supermarket.

In the fruit area, two people are carefully choosing various fruits, but they can’t help but look at the people next to them.

Blair Elijah put the tomato in his hand into the insurance bag, and exclaimed, “It’s been a long time since I went to the supermarket with you.”

The two people appeared in the supermarket again, feeling a long-lost feeling…

“Yes…” Hazel took a deep breath without a trace of a smile, “Time flies so fast.”

Hazel turned around, ready to go to the fruit stand on the other side to choose fruit.

Suddenly, she heard an urgent shout from behind, “Yes, let the people in front, let go! The brakes of this cart have failed!!”


Seeing that the cart with fruits was less than half a meter away from her, Hazel felt her arm tighten, and the whole person plunged into a firm embrace.

The small body was tightly clasped by a pair of powerful arms.

“Why are you so careless? You don’t even look at the road when you walk.”

The deep voice came over her head, clearly reprimanding, but there was unconcealable worry.

Hazel’s face buried in his arms and close to his chest, she heard the heartbeat of “Boom, dong, dong”, constantly resounding in her ears.

The rhythm is chaotic and urgent, and it’s extraordinarily powerful.

In an instant, it seemed that the rhythm of her heartbeat became more and more disordered.

Cheeks, inexplicably hot…

At that moment, she unexpectedly began…nostalgic for this familiar chest.

“Is it all right?”

Seeing that Hazel was a little strange, Blair Elijah asked her in his arms worriedly.

Hazel suddenly came back to her senses, hurriedly backed away from his arms, “No…Nothing…”

She flicked the hair on her forehead in embarrassment to cover up her embarrassment.

“Just now, thank you…”

“No need.” Blair Elijah gently raised his sexy thin lips, drawing a charming arc.

“Allison Hazel…”

He used that kind of extremely magnetic voice, whispering Hazel’s names.

“Do you know that every time you…when you are nervous, you will…” Blair Elijah said with a smile, and while learning her posture, she pretended to tease her forehead with her hands.

“Blair Elijah, you…”

Hazel watching him learn his appearance, funny and angry.

She glared at him and didn’t intend to pay attention to him anymore, and turned her back directly, pretending to choose fruits seriously.

However, she learned his appearance, so funny!!!

Thinking of his empress look just now, Hazel couldn’t help but chuckle.

Blair Elijah didn’t know when he had already stood by her side, learning how she picked fruits while licking her face, and asked her, “Hey, you just… why are you so nervous?”

Hazel was asked by him, a little panic flashed across her heart, and hurriedly denied, “How can I be nervous?”

“No?” Blair Elijah stared at her suspiciously, his secluded eyes as if he wanted to see through.

“Of course not.” Hazel is not red and heartbeats.

“That’s the hell, my heart is beating so fast!!” Blair Elijah mistook her lie.

“That…that…that’s because I was scared by that cart!!”

“Oh, this way…” Blair Elijah nodded his head as he tossed the fruit, but the tone and expression clearly stated that he didn’t believe it.

“You still say me!” Hazel didn’t intend to let him go. “You are not the same. You don’t know how fast your heart beats, so you dare to talk to me!”

“Really?” Blair Elijah moved towards his chest, half-sounding, and a faint smile on his sexy thin lips, which seemed a little sad, “If you don’t jump fast, then it’s a fake.”


Hazel speechless.

“Allison Hazel, my heart has always been honest, so I’m not like you!” Blair Elijah murmured deeply into her ear. In the next instant, he had already turned away and went to another stall selling dragon fruit to choose fruit.

Only Hazel stood there dazedly, thinking of his profound words.

And so…

Is his heart beating for her approach?

What is that? Because…

Really, like her?!!!

She is a little confused…

“Go! Allison Hazel, don’t stand in a daze!!”

Suddenly, Blair Elijah called to her.

“Oh! Here, here.” Hazel suddenly returned to her senses, randomly picked a few apples, and threw them into the preservation bag, hurriedly catching up with Blair Elijah’s pace.

As soon as she returned to the hospital, the little guy was already awake, and, as expected by Hazel, he had already confused a nurse sister who was playing a flying chess game with him.

Hazel a little apologetically, “Nurse, thank you, I’m so sorry, I’m sorry to delay you, so go ahead! I’ll be with him!”

“Well, I like Landon very much! He is so cute.”

“Sister Nurse, Landon likes you too!” The little guy raised his head and smiled innocently. After speaking, he did not forget to peck on the beautiful face of Sister Nurse, “Thank Sister Nurse.”

“Oh! No thanks, no thanks! Landon is so sensible! Then I won’t disturb you, you can call me anytime if you have anything, bye-bye!”


The little guy still looked reluctant, waving his little hand nonstop.

Blair Elijah rubbed Landon’s little head amusedly, “You bad boy, you’ve started to lie to girls when you are a little older!”

“Who said I lied to her? People like her!”

“It doesn’t work if you like her, you are too young!” Blair Elijah sat on his lap holding the little guy, “Come on, I’ll play with you!”

“Okay, okay!!” The little guy cheered cheerfully.

Suddenly, he looked at Hazel and then glanced at the old man beside him, “Um…Uncle, can you agree to… Landon’s request?”

The little guy looked at Blair Elijah with an innocent and pitiful appearance, then looked at his mommy again.

“What?” Both of them looked at him suspiciously.

“Um…when Landon is discharged from the hospital, can you two send Landon to school together? Not much, just one day? Just one day, OK?”

He just wanted to tell others that he is not a wild child without his father!!! His daddy also loves him very much, but he still can’t recognize each other now!

What the little guy said, let Hazel and Blair Elijah live on the spot.

Neither of them spoke for a long time.

The little guy lowered his eyes in disappointment, “I’m sorry, Landon knew I shouldn’t have asked for it like this.” The little guy kept fiddling with his little medical suit, and said, “That, forget it! It doesn’t matter if you don’t go.”

The little guy smiled innocently, but that smile was pretending to be strong.

“It doesn’t matter to me.” Blair Elijah lazily put his hand on the back of his neck, said lazily, then glanced at Hazel on the other side, and said, “It’s her!”

But it’s not, whether she wants to let him go is the big question.

Hazel didn’t expect that Blair Elijah would come down, and while shaking she was a little bit happy, saying, “Thank you.”

“It’s just a small effort!”

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