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Chapter 395

Blair Elijah hugged the little ghost and sat on his lap, “Little ghost, here comes! Keep playing.”

“Great! Long live mommy, long live uncle…” The little guy cheered happily, very happy.

Hazel glanced at Blair Elijah who was holding the little guy for fun, warmth filled her heart…

But still carrying it, a bit astringent.

The little guy seems to like this unrecognizable daddy!

Should she tell him the truth? But…

Forget it! Stop thinking about this problem, Hazel shook her head, trying to put aside this tangled question.

Four o’clock in the afternoon…

Hazel at the time, and then at the two people who were playing happily on the bed. In the end, she couldn’t help stepping forward and interrupting the harmonious scene in front of her.

“Well, it’s been a day of playing, it’s time for a break.”

The little guy looked at Hazel in front of him and nodded, “Okay!”

“Ah… Playing with you kid, it exhausted me!” Blair Elijah stood up and held up a lazy waist.

“That’s uncle, you are old!”

“You little bad guy who crosses the river and tearing down the bridge!!” Blair Elijah bent over and unceremoniously squeezed his pink porcelain face, then glanced at the watch on his wrist, and smiled, “I should go back.”


Hazel nodded.

Indeed, he spent almost a whole day in the hospital.

And yes, the little guy’s grandma is coming soon, if she sees Blair Elijah here, she will be furious.

Blair Elijah understood the thoughts of Hazel, so he didn’t plan to stay here more.

“Uncle, are you leaving now?”

The little guy held Blair Elijah’s big hand reluctantly.

“En! It’s so late, I should go back too.”

“Well then!” The little guy was reluctant, “Uncle, don’t forget your agreement with Landon!!!”

“Okay! I remember! Mother-in-law, like a little girl!”

“…” Hazel speechlessly.

“You are like a little lady…” the little guy muttered without admitting defeat.

Blair Elijah just smiled, “Well, I’m leaving!!”


The little guy waved goodbye to him reluctantly.

“I’ll send you out!” Hazel at Blair Elijah.

The two went out of the ward side by side, closed the door of the ward with a smile, and blocked the restless little head on the bed in the room.

“What happened today, thank you very much”

Hazel still couldn’t help but thank Blair Elijah.

Blair Elijah looked at her puzzled, “Why doesn’t Brooks Mateo accompany you to send Landon to class? Is he so busy?”

Hazel didn’t expect that Blair Elijah would ask this suddenly, and she was shocked for a few seconds, and she didn’t know how to answer for a while.

“You… don’t you want to go? It doesn’t matter!”

Hazel only thought that Blair Elijah didn’t want to accompany her to send the little guy to school.

“I don’t want to go.”

Blair Elijah shook his head, very puzzled, “I just think it’s weird, I can see that Brooks Mateo hurts Landon a lot, but…”

“He is too busy!” Hazel interrupted Blair Elijah’s words, “he has no time to take care of Landon.”

It is not that there is no time, but no obligation.

“Being busy is also a reason?” Blair Elijah grinned, somewhat ridiculed, “Then he is not worthy to be Landon’s father! Forget it! No wonder the little guy is so dependent on others…”

Father, two words, heavy as a mountain.

Inexplicably, he thinks of his father…

That’s it!!! Perhaps, this kind of regret in life will only be understood by those who have experienced it in person!

“Mateo is not what you think.”

Hazel still didn’t forget to defend Mateo, “He is a good man and a good father too!”

But, he is just, not Landon’s father!!!

With Hazel, Blair Elijah was stunned for a few seconds.

“Forget it, I don’t want to mention these things anymore.” Hazel shook her head, unwilling to continue the topic.

Seeing that her emotions were not particularly ideal, Blair Elijah didn’t continue to struggle with this topic, but said, “Then I will go first! Keep in touch…”

“OK, bye.”

Blair Elijah went out of the hospital door.

Looking at his lonely back Hazel was a little confused for a while.

There are so many things that happened today…

It turns out that he is that ‘a person’!

The lonely handsome uncle in Landon’s mouth, the uncle who is always alone, whether it is eating, watching TV, or sleeping…

After five years, has his relationship with his family still not eased?

So, is he just living alone?!

Unable to keep watching, she sighed and turned around, and went to the hospital.

Sitting by the little guy’s bed, began to explain and torture him.

“You can’t tell grandma what happened today, you know?”

“I know! Landon must not be able to say it.” The little guy covered his mouth, shaking a little head.

“En! Good.” Hazel stroked her son’s little head, hesitated for a moment, still couldn’t help asking, “When did you…When did you first know?”

“Know what?” The little guy pretended to be dumb.

Hazel took a deep breath, enduring the pain in her heart, “Your daddy’s matter…”

“This…” The little guy lowered his head, “That… OK, OK, I’ll explain it honestly! Hazel Landon didn’t want to hide from you on purpose…”

“First tell mommy how did you know?”

It’s now this time, where Hazel still means to blame this little guy.

She was so ashamed of him in her heart!

“That’s it! I was looking for that little hammer at home that day, and I rummaged in the closet, only to find a picture…”

Seeing his mother’s face became weirder and weirder, the little guy said more and more quietly.

“What then?” Hazel continued to ask him.

That photo was taken when she left five years ago!

Hazel thought, maybe, at that time, she said that her heart was dead, but it was just to paralyze herself, right?! If she gives up, why will the photos stay?

“Then, when Grace and Aiden came, I took out the photos and studied them for both of them. Then, they both agreed to help Landon go to Aunt Maya to make a routine…and then…”


Are these little ghosts a little bit strange? Does she even know this?!!!

“It was Aunt Maya who said that she is not allowed to act for the uncle in front of you, so Landon has never dared to tell you. But… Landon is wrong! Landon will never dare anymore.”

The little guy hammered a small head and admitted his mistake obediently.

“It’s good to know that you are wrong!”

“Hazel, that…I really can’t ask Uncle to be a daddy right now?”

The little guy looked at his mummy expectantly.

Hazel was stunned by the little guy’s question.

For a long time, stretched out her hand, took the little guy into her arms, and sat down.

“Landon, Mommy asks you a few questions, and you answer Mommy honestly, OK?”

The sound of Hazel is a bit sad.

“En!” The little guy nodded obediently.

“Mum and uncle, who do you like better?” Hazel knows that this kind of question is very petty and narrow, but every mother has such a narrow mindset about her baby, let alone, yes. This critical time.

She was really scared that one day her child would be snatched away by Blair.

“I like it all!” The little guy answered very seriously.

“Then if you were to choose between two people, who would you choose?”

“Hazel, can Landon not choose?” The little guy turned around and looked at him with an innocent look, “Landon doesn’t want to choose! Landon likes Mommy and Uncle! Landon wants to be with you two, and Grandma, everyone…”

The little guy said, his eyes blushed inexplicably, “Hazel, don’t you plan to have an uncle?”

“Baby, the uncle is not ours, you know? He has his own life! He can’t be with us!” Hazel talked, unexpectedly choked up.

“No! You don’t want Daddy! You don’t want him!!” The little guy cried, “You don’t want him, Landon wants him, you don’t accompany him, Landon go with him! Dad! The land is always alone, so pitiful…”

“Landon, don’t be like this, don’t cry, okay?” Seeing the little guy’s tears, Hazel finally couldn’t help crying.

“If you go with him, what will Mommy do?”

“Hazel, let’s go to accompany the uncle together, okay? He wants you to accompany him!”

“He wants me to accompany him?” Hazel was stunned for a second as her son said, “You lie!”

“Landon never lied!”

She smiled blankly at her tear-stained baby son, sighed lowly, and reached out to wipe her tears, “Baby, how do you know the uncle wants us to accompany him?”

The little guy was also distressed and wiped away her tears for Hazel, “Hazel, in fact, father…no, no, the uncle misses you very much! He also told me the story of my sister…”

“Sister?” Hazel looked at the little guy.

“En…” The little guy nodded cautiously, “Just…it’s the…sister who left us first…”

It turned out to be like this…

Hazel’s heart, because of Landon’s words, pained for a second!

Yes! If the baby didn’t leave, she would be a pretty little princess, right?

“The uncle always said that he missed my sister and you very much. He didn’t know that I was his baby. He always said that if my sister doesn’t leave, she will be as old as me. He also said that if the sister doesn’t leave, he will betroth her to me. Landon is a young wife…”


He even said this to the little thing!

“Moreover, the uncle still has the big shoes you wore five years ago!”

“En?” Hazel looked at her son in shock.

“That’s the pink, fluffy, very outdated slippers! Now they are all worn by Landon! But the uncle said that he would buy small slippers for me!”

The little guy said milky, but he didn’t forget to complain, “Hazel, you don’t know how stingy the uncle is. Every time I wear your slippers, he will warn me and say I can’t afford to lose those shoes! How stingy!!”

The little guy’s words, let Hazel’s soft heart pool ripples in circles…

Unexpectedly, he kept all of her things.

Hazel doesn’t understand this man’s intentions…

Is he apologetic, or is he other emotions?!

“Ah, yes, Hazel…”

Chapter 396

The little guy suddenly remembered something, and his expression was excited again, “Uncle also raised two little turtles!! They are so cute!!”

“Little turtle? You mean Hazelic??”

“Yes! The bigger one is called Hazelic!” The little guy nodded.

Hazel out loud, “Hazelic is still there?”

“It’s here!”

Thinking of Hazelic’s small green body, Hazel’s heart seemed to fly to the house they used to be in an instant.

She misses Hazelic!

It has been five years, and she and Hazelic have been goodbye for five years. Many times, she wanted to ask about Hazleic’s footprints, but she never asked!

Unexpectedly, in five years, Hazelic is still there!!!

If she can, she wants to see it.

“Hazel, the uncle also found him a company. But…”

“But what?”

“Uncle called that little tortoise…smile!” After speaking, the little guy snickered.

Sure enough, he saw his mother’s face, red and white.

But Hazel didn’t say anything in the end, only feeling warm in the heart.

Perhaps, she really should find time to see Hazelic.

It’s just that she doesn’t know if she still dares to step into that room…

There, carrying the most precious but painful memories of her life! It is also the most unforgettable memory for her…


Early morning.

It’s eight o’clock.

The gentle morning breeze blows the willow leaves, emitting a faint drunk fragrance, invading everyone’s sense of smell…

Fresh, enveloped in the entire air, the mood became inexplicably cheerful and relaxed.

Today, it is destined to be an extraordinary day.

Hazel led the little guy out of the community, around a corner, and saw the familiar black car parked on the side of the road.

But Blair Elijah’s long figure was lazily leaning on the car body, waiting patiently for their mother and son.


When the little guy saw Blair Elijah’s figure, he greeted him with joy.

When Blair Elijah saw them, a happy smile was drawn between his sexy lips, and he stretched out his hand to pick up the little thing rushing towards him and embrace it, letting him sit obediently on his powerful arm.

The steps under his feet moved towards Hazel who was walking towards them.


He greeted her, stretched out his hand, took the small schoolbag in her hand, “I’ll get it!”

Hazel only smiled but did not refuse, letting him pick up the little schoolbag, while she quietly followed behind them.

“Uncle, you are so handsome today!!”

“Really? But I think I’m handsome every day!!” Stinky!!!

“Yeah! Then you are so handsome today!! And ah, Hazel is also very beautiful today…”

Hazel, but couldn’t hide the joy in her eyes, “liar!”

“Ahhh!! Do not speak based on the facts, exaggerate, praise the beauty of the parents, be scolded!” Blair Elijah gloated.

“Hazel, the uncle said you are not beautiful…” The little guy lay on Blair Elijah’s generous shoulders and complained.


“You little villain, sow discord!!”

“Ah…help, Hazel, uncle beat me…bad uncle!!”

Looking at the two little adults and big and small in front of them, they couldn’t help but bend their mouths with their laughter.

This scene is really warm…

Hazel lazily projected towards them, pacing a golden halo on their squabbling bodies, so warm that Hazel could hardly move her eyes.

If, time can stand still at this moment, how great…

But time flies away after all!!!

This world is not just warm!

Even when they meet this man, they seem to have an affair, they have to carry their mother.

Yes! In this world, there are too many cuts that cannot be passed…

“Hey! Hazel, got in the car, why are you in a daze?”

Suddenly, the voice of the little guy’s milky sounded in front of her.

Hazel suddenly came back to her senses, hurriedly speeded up the pace, and greeted them in the car.

Hazel was about to go to sit in the back seat, but he kept shouting, “Hazel, sit here, sit here!!”

While shouting, the little guy patted the chair under his ass.

There was no way to Hazel, so she just sat with him.

Blair Elijah only looked at them and laughed wantonly.

“Ah…this morning, it’s so beautiful…”

Blair Elijah took a deep breath and sighed.

The slender and white fingers clicked on the radio in the car, and suddenly, beautiful soft music flowed out. As the morning breeze floated in the air, the romantic atmosphere instantly filled the car…

“Huh!! I’m going to piss off that bad guy Mathew later!!”

The little guy is sitting in his mother’s arms, looking like an adult.

“Landon, you are not allowed to have conflicts with your classmates, you know?” Hazel pinched his little red apple face.

“Landon won’t make trouble with him! Later, if he sees Landon’s daddy so handsome, he must be half-dead! Haha…”

The little guy was thinking about it for a moment, but here, Hazel and Blair Elijah were at the same time stunned for a second.


The little guy called him smoothly.

Hazel glanced at Blair Elijah in embarrassment, her face was embarrassed, but a heart was already beating quickly.

“You… don’t mind, kids are ignorant, it’s like this…”

Hazel explained in a flustered manner.

Blair Elijah just raised his eyebrows indifferently, “I didn’t mind! It’s you…”

He glanced at her playfully, “Don’t be too nervous.”


This guy is teasing her again!

Hazel at him warningly, then blushed and stopped talking.

But Blair Elijah’s smile on the corner of his lips gradually deepened.

“Ah… today’s sun is truly beautiful!!”

He sighed from his heart again.

When he arrived at the kindergarten, Landon was held between the big hands by Hazel and Blair Elijah, and he walked forward with air like a little uncle.

Humph! Who dares to say that he is a wild child who is not loved by Daddy, he will let him look good, take a good look!!!

“Wow…that’s Landon’s daddy!”

“Yes, yes!”

“So hot!!”

“Yeah! Mathew is so stupid, he said that Landon doesn’t have a daddy…”

“That’s right! I also took Landon downstairs, good or bad!!”

As soon as he entered the kindergarten, he smiled and heard a group of little guys discussing passionately around them.

Hazel and Blair Elijah couldn’t help but look at each other and Hazel helplessly. It seems that this kindergarten is not as simple as they thought.

After the two people left Landon, they walked out of the kindergarten.

Hazel stood in front of his car and said, “That…I have to go to work first!”

“Get in the car, I’ll take you there.” Blair Elijah’s tone couldn’t hold her back.

“It’s not needed.”

Blair Elijah stood in front of the car door, raising his eyebrows and looking at her, “Allison Hazel, what are you still tackling with me? Anyway, we were a husband and wife back then, but now we are sending you to work. Isn’t it an exaggeration?”


How do you say this guy is so sharp!

Always talking is a couple…

He mentioned it quite smoothly, but she sounded awkward.

“Okay! Thank you in advance!” Hazel finally got into his car.

Along the way, Blair Elijah seemed to be in a particularly good mood, as the fingers holding the steering wheel tapped rhythmically to the light music in the car.

“Blair Elijah…”

Hazel called him as if entangled with something in her heart, a little hard to tell.


Blair Elijah glanced at her lazily through the rearview mirror.

“That…” Hazel hesitated for a while, but finally said, “Well, can I find time to see Hazelic…”

Blair Elijah turned his head to look at her.

“Of course…”

After a while, he nodded, seeming to be quite surprised by her request.

Hazel openly, “Thank you.”

“But…” Blair Elijah’s voice turned again, “It’s okay to see him, but I also have a request.”

“En?” Hazel looked at him with puzzled.

“How about it!”

By the red light, Blair Elijah stopped the car and turned over to look at Hazel, “You… help me cook a meal tonight, I will show you Hazelic, how about it?”

In response to his proposal, Hazel frowned, “But Hazelic was originally my pet.”

“Really?” Blair Elijah raised an eyebrow, “So after you abandoned it for five years, can you still say it belongs to you?”


For a while, Hazel was blocked by him and couldn’t say a word.

She admitted that she was not good.

At that time, she couldn’t take Hazelic with her when she was traveling. Later, she simply went to live abroad, so she had to leave Hazelic with him, but she didn’t think that this stay would also be five years…

“How about? Is this transaction okay?” Blair Elijah ignored her and just continued to ask.

Hazel bit her lip and looked at him, before she made up her mind, “Okay!! But only this time!”


Blair Elijah smiled and said, “Then I will pick you up after work, and then I will pick up the kid together.”


This is not so good!!!

“Ah… by the way, we have to go to the hypermarket together at that time, well! There is nothing to eat at home.”

Hazel frowned and looked at him, “Are you not preparing for it on weekdays?”

Blair Elijah only shook his head, “rarely.” A meaningless smile, “you don’t know my life.”

“En! Know, it’s right to be irregular!”


The car stopped at ‘Metroplex’.

After Hazel thanking him, she quickly joined the company.

At this time, Blair Elijah dialed Evan’s phone.

“Why? Say something quickly, let go of a fart, and get an operation!”

Evan was busy collating information while answering the phone.

If it were in the past, Blair Elijah would scold him, but today, he has no time to tell him this.

He has more important things to ask him.

“Hey! You said… Will I have a son who is just 4 years old now?”

“Then I have to do it for you!!” Evan listened to Blair Elijah’s words and calculated it there. Soon, “The answer is out, no! I thought about it initially. During that period, even though you were living in Meat Forest every day. But it seems that I haven’t slept with any woman yet!”

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