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Chapter 461

Looking at her like this, it is estimated that if she is alone in the bedroom, she may not be the only one who can’t sleep tonight!

Burton Liam turned around, hugged her, and walked into his bedroom.

In the night, fierce lightning and thunder passed gloomily…

Outside the window, a bloody mask appeared instantly and disappeared in the next second.

It’s like… ghosts come and go without a trace!!!

Amelia was buried in his arms, and her frightened heart calmed down for several points.

However, as soon as she closed her eyes, the bloody face just went straight into her confused mind.

He released his hand and gently placed her petite on her big waterbed, ready to get up, but the neckline of the robe was still tightly held by her.

He looked at her, with a hint of surprise in his gentle eyes.

And she, looking at him, her eyes were pleading and horrified.

She was telling him not to leave her alone! She will be scared!!!

Under the dim light, the two watched silently, and no one spoke.

After a long while, he finally surrendered!

The horror and pleading under her eyes, as well as the immature innocence that flashed in Amelia’s pupils, no one could help but refuse!

After all, she is young, but just a child!

Leaving her hand, gently moved her petite body to one side, then buried it in the quilt and lay down.

Amelia’s pretty lips unconsciously raised a sweet smile.

She moved her body obediently and made a large space for him to sleep.

Burton Liam turned over, carrying Amelia on his back, lying down on his side.

During the whole process, he didn’t say a word.

Even, he didn’t look at her excitedly…

Because, her immature smiling face, unexpectedly, unconsciously made him feel a strong sense of crime!!!

On the side, Amelia was carrying the quilt, hiding inside and smiling happily.

Even if he lay down with his back to her, she was still very happy!

The little hand put his sturdy waist, the little body clung to his sturdy back, gently closed her eyes, and truly felt his existence.

A faint scent of birthday belonging to the man on the side, tightly surrounding her, so warm, so sweet…

He frowned, somewhat uncomfortable.

There was an unusual scorching heat on the tightly clinging back, and even sweat, dripping across the back.

The blood in the body… unexpectedly began to move uncontrollably.

“Small thing!” Finally, he couldn’t help but turned to call her. The voice was a little dull.

Annoyed, he flicked past the blue pupil.

At the bottom of his heart, he cursed his beast.

“En?” Amelia blinked innocently and looked at him in astonishment.

“You…” He opened his lips as if he wanted to say something, but only a pair of Amelia’s innocent pupils, his heart sank suddenly.

Laughing, when can he even stop a fifteen-year-old kid?

“Nothing…” He shook his head, turned around, and closed his eyes to sleep peacefully.

Let the indifferent little woman rubbing on him.

Late at night

Finally, he fell asleep deeply.

And she, hugging him, still couldn’t calm down and sleep.

She seems to cherish this night, and she seems to cherish the feeling of having him around…

Therefore, she was reluctant to just fall asleep like this!

A very wonderful feeling!

Excitement, with happiness and sweetness.

As for, the initial panic has long since vanished…

She quietly climbed up to his sturdy body, probed, and pouted.

Yep? He seems to be sleeping very deeply…

It is in stark contrast to the excited her!

Covering her shoulders, the small body turned slightly, and in the next instant, she settled on his other side.

Exhale slightly…

Fortunately, his bed is big enough, otherwise, she has to hit the ground directly after the exciting and bold flip just now!

Turning her head, she glanced at the narrow bed behind him, and hurriedly drilled into the arms of the frontman.

She rubbed his head comfortably, smiled sweetly, and sure enough, it feels better to fall asleep face to face!

She smiled knowingly, quietly looking at the evil man in front of her, a little lost.

The long, slightly curled eyelashes concealed his charming blue pupils, but still, the aristocratic breath of mixed blood and the tall nose bridge is like a sculpture, which is truly charming.

And his lips…

Amelia blinked her dazed eyes, and her little hand subconsciously stroked the thin, sexually, seductively lips of the sleeping man in front of her.

Soft and… Warm…

There is a warm heart!

Fingers, suddenly closed.

The heart beats chaotically, and there is a feeling of electric shock to every inch of the skin fiercely.

Amelia also groggy, but… the heart is still sweet!!!

What a weird feeling…

Amelia was stunned, staring straight at the seductive and soft lips in front of her eyes, and her heart wriggled unconsciously…

She had a strong urge to step forward, take a bite, and taste him!!!

In the next moment, the immature little face quietly approached his evil and lazy sleeping face uncontrollably…

The delicate Sakura lips trembled, and she lightly touched his seductive thin lips, and a hot torrent quickly penetrated through Amelia’s tight body without warning.

Is this what they said…? Kissing!!!

The immature lilac tongue wandered on Burton Liam’s warm lips, Amelia was as if possessed by a demon, for a long time, she couldn’t remove her lips.

Burton Liam, who was sleeping deeply, only felt a sweet and alluring smell on his lips, which permeated for a long time, moistening his thin lips.

Soft, tender, warm, sweet…

Time and time again, touching his thin lips jerky lightly, feeling so comfortable, but also so seductive!!!

While he was sleeping, he couldn’t help sticking out the tip of his tongue, boldly teasing-touching the seductive softness on his lips, and gently touching the comfortable and pleasant sweetness.

“Um…” Burton Liam’s sudden offensive suddenly surprised Amelia in his arms.

Amelia’s pupils couldn’t help but widen, staring at the evil man before her in astonishment.

The brain was blank.

Breathing, as if stopping…

The sweet sandalwood mouth was filled with his unique fragrance, faint, but gnawed at the deepest part of her heart.

The hot and humid tongue keeps tossing in her sweet sandalwood mouth-licking, licking, gnawing, absorbing this jerky but so comfortable and seductive fragrance…

Flick-flick, the extremely restless factor in their hearts!!!

Amelia was surprised, he… really kissed?!

There was a smirk against her lips.

It turns out that this is the feeling of kissing!!!

In sweetness, with excitement…

The little hand unconsciously climbed upon his shoulders and greeted him a jerkily in line with his offense, making the kiss of the sneak attack deeper and sweeter…

In his sleep, Burton Liam frowned slightly, only feeling that his body and heart were bitten by a thousand insects.

On the hot and damp lips, the jerky and seductive touch almost made him unable to resist…

Although the kiss method is very clumsy, it seems so pure-sultry, this kind of feeling, but any man with Burton Liam thought is very difficult to control!

Not to mention him!!!

Since that woman left him, he no longer has the habit of letting his body control these things!

Because there is no need, but he has suffered himself!!!

So now he is used to it and just wants more…

The big palm involuntarily covered her slender waist, and suddenly, one turned over and heavily pressed the restless woman in his arms under his body.

The hot and humid lips kept moving on Amelia’s pink cherry lips, with deadly teasing and crazy temptations.

“Well…” Amelia couldn’t help taking a breath in the confusion.

Too…too eager, some surprised her!!!

However, in the future, she had to wait for her to regain consciousness, and the hot big palms slid into her loose pajamas, and involuntarily attacked her sensitive areas.

“Ah?!” Amelia under his body couldn’t keep up with the rhythm.

This this…

The heart beats so fast and fast as if it will break through the heart in the next second.

Ok… so nervous, so hot, and even breathing seems to be about to stop!

However, she did not reject the feeling of being touched by him…

Even with a trace of addiction.

She likes the feeling of him!!!

Amelia lightly closed her pupils, carefully, and truly felt his special existence.

Small body, trembling lightly, the strange feeling still makes her jerky, unable to adapt for a while.

It’s just that, the more delicate she looks under the body, the more madden his mind is…

The palm covering her body becomes hotter and eager…


As the two closely entangled on the bed turned over violently, a heavy muffled noise suddenly sounded.


Immediately afterward, shocked exclamations rang out in unison, belonging to them who accidentally rolled out of bed.

The sleepy Liam suddenly woke up.

He opened his eyes and stared at the disheveled little woman in amazement.

Heart, gave a fierce sigh.

He saw her on his body, her lovely pink pajamas had already been loosened to her pink and white shoulders, her small body was seductively sitting on him, her bloated pink lips muttered, and the misty eyes of Amelia complained at him. Full of grievances.

The most frightening thing is that his big palms are still tightly covered on her exquisite and small body, even, it is very evil, even the clothes are not separated by a layer!!!

OH, My God!

In the next second, he quickly drew back his already rigid palm, like an electric shock…

He felt that his palms felt hot and his scalp numb!!!

Hot sweat, accompanied by drops of cold sweat…

Isn’t he dreaming just now?!!!

Rather, he was entangled with a woman, and she was still a woman thirteen years younger than himself!!!

Or this underage kid who just turned fifteen years old??

Day! What did he do?

Almost hurt an underage child!!!

At the bottom of his heart, there was some anger inexplicably.

Unexpectedly, he turned out to be a bird-beast that even such a small child would not let go of.

Sit up, looking at Amelia, who was full of confusion, a little guilty.

He must have scared her, right?!

Chapter 462

“Amelia… I’m sorry!” He stretched out his big hot palm, pulled her pajamas that were loose to her shoulders, and gently moved her petite away from him.

The guilt in the eyes is obvious!

Now he is in desperate need of cooling, and absolutely must keep a distance from her!

Amelia was startled slightly, her confused eyes staring at him inquisitively.

Quite a while

“Why do you want to apologize to me?” She tilted her head, her aggrieved little face slightly unhappy.

Is it because he touched her ‘accidentally’? Or did he accidentally roll her off the bed?

If it is the latter, she can readily accept his apology, if it is the former…

Burton Liam was taken aback for a moment, and the deep blue pupil looked at her in a daze.

Thin lips moved as if he wanted to say something, only to find that he could hardly speak for a fifteen-year-old girl who was ignorant!

Did he tell her that the apology was just because he accidentally touched her all up?

“Sorry, little thing!” He bowed his head in a low voice.

He got up, took Amelia, who was sitting on the carpet, to the bed, and then carefully covered her with the bedding.

Turn around and go directly to the bathroom.

He thought that he must have a fever in his head and a fever in his body, so he would do something extraordinary like this tonight!

In the bathroom, there was a sudden sound of water, and Amelia was buried in the quilt, waiting for him to come out.

Her face was flushed, her complex mood and rapid heartbeat made her at a loss.

After a long while, finally, the sound of the water stopped.

The bathroom door opened.

Amelia only felt her heart and paused for a second.

She poked her head out slightly and looked at him with a dazed vision.

When he just got out of the bath, his blue eyes were covered with a lazy mist, his wet hair half-hidden his handsome face, and a simple beige nightgown was draped over his slender body at random, holding the dry hand of the towel was wiping his wet broken hair casually, however, there was a cold air of annoyance in every gesture.

Slightly raised his eyes, and looked at the bed with his gaze.

The movement in his hand stiffened for a while, and his lips opened slightly, seeming to be pretending to be calm, “Can’t sleep?”

Maybe he scared her just now, right?

Amelia shook her head without answering.

“Go to sleep! There will be class tomorrow!” He approached her and persuaded her who was a little embarrassed.

Looking at her eyes a little apologetic.

“Tomorrow the weekend!” Amelia faintly answered him, and then took a deep look at him, “touching me makes you very unhappy?”

His annoyance and indifference were too obvious, and some of them were difficult for her to ignore.

Heart, inexplicably, has a kind of astringent feeling.

He was stunned for a moment, somewhat stunned.

After a while, shook his head, “It’s too late, go to bed first! Get up tomorrow morning if you have something to say!”

He didn’t say that he was happy or unhappy at all, but there were too many complicated emotions in his heart that made him feel bored.

He thought he was crazy, he first saw-bare her body, then touched her again…

Could a twenty-eight-year-old man have some terrible evil thoughts towards a fifteen-year-old underage girl?

He can’t believe it, and it’s too outrageous!!!

“Aren’t you going to sleep?” Amelia asked him puzzled while blinking her haggard pupil.

“I’ll sleep on the sofa! Did I scare you just now?” He pulled the quilt and his lips, asking her sorry.

Amelia was startled slightly, and a touch of injury went past her eyes.

Burton Liam turned around, about to walk to the sofa, suddenly, his arm was gently pulled.

He turned around, a little surprised.

“Liam, I touched you first, and I kissed you secretly!” He didn’t need to apologize so much! Moreover, he did not scare her at all!!!

Burton Liam was slightly startled, a touch of complex sentiment flashed past the blue pupil.

After a long time, he leaned slightly and approached her.

The deep blue pupil stared at her for a moment, his eyes like a torch.

Inexplicably, Amelia only felt that he was so determined to look at it, and her heart was a little flustered unconsciously, and even the gaze that boldly met him became flustered.

He curled his lips and smiled softly, with some deep meaning.

“Little thing, be good in the future. Don’t touch the man’s body indiscriminately. You will be the one who suffers!” The mellow voice was filled with an evil and enchanting aura, but it was a serious warning to her, and it seemed that there was still some sigh helplessly.

When the voice fell, Burton Liam got up and went to the sofa, leaving only the bed for Amelia who was ignorant.

He lost sleep all night.

It felt terrible, the scene of serious transgression outside the dream kept entrenched in his hazy mind, and it could not dissipate for a long time.

Immature body, with a sweetness completely different from other women…

The faint scent, but it seems to have a seductive, milky fragrance, straight to bewitching him!

An unusual feeling has been lingering around him all night!

It wasn’t until dawn, that he finally fell asleep groggy.

Finally, dawn…

The first dawn of the morning sun shines through the glass windows into the huge bedroom, which is inexplicably cold.

Around the early spring morning, the temperature is always a bit low.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Amelia, standing beside the sofa, her expression a little anxious, and a bit painful.

“What’s the matter?” He stood up and asked her in confusion.

Amelia turned sideways slightly, pointing her little finger to the waterbed, a little innocent.

On the bed, a flush of redness was a little dazzling.

Liam was startled suddenly, blood?!

Could it be that last night, they…

Impossible, absolutely impossible! If there is anything, how could he not feel it?

“I’m here for MC!” Amelia’s low voice was a little innocent and a little embarrassing.

It’s embarrassing to come to the MC, and it soiled his bed…

Liam was startled slightly, and then he understood.

“Go take a shower first!” He ordered her lightly.

“I…I don’t have…hygiene-cotton…” She lowered her eyes, her light little jade feet rubbing against each other, a little embarrassed.

“En?” He was slightly stunned.

Frown, “Put your shoes on, and be careful to get cold!”

He got up, walked to the side of the bed, took her little fur slippers, and put them on for her.

“You go take a shower first, I’ll buy it for you!” As he said, Burton Liam walked to the closet.

“En? Good!” Amelia nodded, hesitated for a moment, and went straight to the bathroom.

He turned around and went to the locker room, changed into casual clothes, and went out.

In the mall, women’s products area.

Standing here, he looked particularly out of place.

Looking at these various types of sanitary cotton, he was a little bit smirk.

This is the first time that Burton Liam has bought such things for girls.

Sure enough, children are really hard to take care of!

But, which one is more suitable for her kind of little girl?

Slightly frowned, a little dazed.

Of course, a big man can’t guard the living quarters and study all the different brands of sanitary napkins.

In the end, Burton Liam decided to take one bag for each brand and take it back first to see which one she likes to use and buy which one later.

Finally got it done, and then went directly to the food area, took a box of chocolates, and walked to the cashier.

When ordering, except for a box of chocolates, there was only a whole big bag of sanitary cotton, so that the cashier lady had to sneak a few more glances at this handsome man with weird eyes.

“Thank you!” Burton Liam thanked her politely after the payment, which seemed a bit embarrassing.

Then, out of the mall, exhaled slightly.

The arduous task is finally done.

Carrying things, he went straight home.

As soon as he entered the house, he heard the uncle gardener muttering something, “It’s weird, why there is red water here…”

Burton Liam didn’t care too much, greeted him casually, and went straight into the house upstairs.

Entering the bedroom, there is no Amelia, only the sound of the water flowing in the bathroom.

Still, bathing?

“Little thing, I’m back!” Putting things down, faintly called her inside.

“Burton…Liam…” After a while, there was a low voice of embarrassment.

“What’s wrong?” He approached the bathroom door and asked her, a little worried.

“I… I don’t have any clothes…” She forgot this is his room.

Burton Liam rubbed his eyebrows, and sure enough, the girl was in trouble!

“You wait…” As soon as the words fell, he turned around and went directly to her room.

Opened the closet, took a few pieces of underwear, and left.

“Little things…” He knocked on the door and called her, his voice a little low.

After a while, the bathroom door was opened, and a small white pink arm came out slightly.

He handed her the clothes and sanitary cotton, inexplicably, he felt a little tight in his throat.

“Thank you!” Amelia took the things and closed the bathroom door.

Burton Liam turned around and went directly to the terrace.

From last night to just now, that feeling, he knew, it was not a good phenomenon!

Smoked a cigarette and lit it, a little annoyed.

He thinks that he is evil, so that’s it!

Perhaps, he should consider whether to spend tonight at Blair Evelyn’s house!

“Liam…” A tender, the soft call sounded behind him.

He turned around and saw Amelia standing there quietly in a lovely pink robe and pajamas. The early morning sun lightly spilled on her left side, a warm halo appeared, reflecting Amelia. She is childish and pretty with exquisite features, and her curly hair soaked like seaweed lazily rests on her small shoulders. In the tender feeling, there is a different charm and sex sense…

The big eyes with a small smile are like charming crescent moons, curved, but the unusually hooked-the soul, even, the stars are shining, as if they are dissolved by all the dazzling stars in the sky.

At that moment, he was a little shocked.

Who is it that embedded all the bright stars in the sky into her eyes?

Stunned for a while, he returned to his senses, saw her approaching, and extinguished the cigarette.

“That bed sheet…” Amelia looked a little embarrassed, “Well, wash…Where is the washing powder?”

Amelia looked a little embarrassed but apologetic, not to mention occupying other people’s beds, and eventually soiling their white sheets.

“Washing powder?” Liam was confused.

His eyes inadvertently swept across the waterbed on the opposite side-the bright red on it, slightly clear.

After a long while, he whispered a little low.

“Forget it, let me come!” He remembered that when girls came to MC, they couldn’t wash things casually.

What? Amelia was slightly startled.

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