CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1407 – 1408

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Chapter 1407

“Hahaha this combination makes me laugh so much…”

“Is it true? This list turned out to be true?”

“When I saw the trending search, I clicked in to scold the marketing account, but when I clicked in, it turned out to be the list posted by the official blog. Why should I scold them!”

“When will it be broadcast? Don’t listen to nonsense, just ask you when it will be broadcast!”

“Oh my God, battle Field! Completely battle Field!”

“It’s exciting, I can already make up for that scene…”

“This list won’t work unless it’s popular…”

Just look at the comments under the post of this official announcement guest list, and you can know that the expected value of observation has exploded.

After the official announcement that day, various platforms were discussing the list of “My Life and Me”, and some even used Tina and Cathy’s film and television works to cut out a torn video.

There were countless reposts and clicks on this video that day.

As expected, the show became popular before it was broadcasted.

Stephanie also saw the trending search. When she brought Tina a coffee, she saw Tina’s comments on Twitter, and said, “This show is quite good, and it’s sold out. I just don’t know this. Who is the last group of guests.”

“Don’t you know when you start shooting?” Tina took the coffee and glanced at Stephanie.

“I think, the last one to appear must be the biggest player, super big!” Stephanie said as if it were true.

Tina also thought for a while, feeling that Stephanie’s words made sense.

“Those veteran movie queens? But logically, they shouldn’t come to this variety show…” Tina also began to become a little curious.


Since this variety show is shooting their own lives, they are recorded separately. After recording their respective lives, the guests will gather together to hold a salon and exchange each other’s life experiences.

Moreover, this show was very bold and chose to shoot one issue and record one issue. The total of this show is ten episodes, that is, they are gathering ten times.

This approach of the program group is nothing more than wanting them to gather for a few more episodes to increase the topic and popularity.

Tina wants to stay on the set to film, so the first episode of “My Life and Me” was recorded in her hotel.

The program team of “My Life and Me” cooperated with Tina’s time very well. There was a rain scene in the movie and she needed to wait for the rainy day. Just one day in the middle, she contacted the “Me and My Life” crew to shoot.

The director is a young girl. She was very happy when she saw Tina. Afterwards, a staff member quietly told Tina that the director was her fan.

As for the shooting requirements, the director only said one sentence: “Just be yourself, you are perfect by yourself.”

Tina felt that the director’s words brought a serious fan filter.

But the director said so, and Tina naturally had no objection.

Since it is a life variety show, just do something in daily life.

She rented a homestay with a kitchen, and continued to learn how to cook. Filming was tiring enough, and she didn’t bother to toss about other things. She basically stayed in the house all day and took a walk in the yard at night.

One day passed quickly.

“Program Group” stayed until the next morning, after shooting Tina got up and went to the studio, the recording of this episode was over.

“How did you feel about the shooting yesterday?” Since it was shooting Tina solo, Stephanie just went to the door and watched it a few times yesterday. She didn’t enter the house and didn’t have a chance to ask Tina.

Chapter 1408

When Stephanie asked this question, Tina was holding the mirror to look at her makeup.

Tina put down the mirror, thought about it carefully, and said, “It feels…”

Stephanie looked at Tina expectantly, and Tina pursed her lips with a smile: “It feels so good. In the future, I will pick up more programs that don’t need to go out and only need to stay at home. The money is also very good.”

Stephanie twitched the corners of her mouth and looked at Tina with disbelief: “Ms. Tina, you have changed, but don’t think that this money is very profitable, maybe you have to hire a gangster…”

“Ms. Weber, ready to start.”

At this time, the voice of the assistant director sounded outside.


After half a month, the program group of “My Life and Me” invited Tina to film the part where everyone gathered for discussion.

The location of the filming was in Rostenvel.

But she did not know the specific location, because the program crew came to meet her directly at the airport.

Tina took a late-night flight, and the itinerary was confidential, but don’t know why the wind was still leaked. There were still fans picking up the plane at the airport.

Tina got off the plane and saw the fans first before she saw anyone from the program group.

“Miss Weber!”



Tina looked at the sound in confusion, and asked Stephanie beside her: “Did he call me that?”

Stephanie glanced at the light sign the fan was holding: “Yes.”

Tina was in a complicated mood: “Where am I acting like a cub?”

Since it was already two o’clock in the morning and the number of fans was not very large, Tina walked over.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, my god…”

“Baby…Miss Weber!”

The fans screamed when Tina passed by, and when she approached, they became honest one by one, looking at Tina with a particularly shy look.

“You don’t call me a cub?” Tina slipped her hands into the pockets of sweat pants, tilting her head to look at them.

Tina has never been that kind of soft and cute, silly, white and sweet, so stubborn and rusty that fans call her “Miss Weber”, which is completely indifferent to the soft and cute name of “little cub”.

The fan grinned and said, “Hey, I won’t call you that anymore.”

Tina glanced at him: “Do you think I believe you?”

Upon hearing this, the fans laughed unanimously.

After laughing, a fan said: “Princess, go back and rest. We will see you soon.”

“Don’t pick up the airport in the future. At night, the girls are so unsafe. There are so many staff around me. I don’t need you to worry about it. If something happens to me because of your pick-up It’s a huge burden. You want me to be well, and I also hope that you can all be well, you know?”

Those who came to pick up at the airport were all young girls in their twenties, who were all younger than Tina. Tina’s unconscious self took over the role of the big sister, and her tone became gentle unconsciously.

From the bottom of her heart, she hopes that these little girls can focus on their own things, not to like her as a big thing, and not to spend too much time and money for her.

It’s easy to feel whether a person’s words are sincere or not. Several young girls suddenly flushed their eyes and nodded obediently and said, “I see.”

They said that they knew, but no one moved, and they looked coldly at her.

Tina walked forward two more steps. Standing among them, the fans immediately took out their phones and took a group photo in a very tacit understanding, all of them were extremely happy.

Tina cooperated with them and took a lot of photos before they left reluctantly.

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