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Chapter 475

Amelia lifted the quilt covering her body, got up, and ran to the window.

Unwilling to look at the probe.

Half a moment, pursed lips, there is nothing!

A little frustrated, she turned around and went back to the bed.

Then, she paused and turned back.

Her eyes fell on a man who was curled up hard on the sofa.

The corners of the beautiful lips outline a sweet smile.

Approach him.

Bend down, squatted on the ground, holding her smooth calves with both hands, propping her big eyes, and straightly ‘appreciating’ him in his deep sleep.

So lovely…

This is Amelia’s only slightly better view of him.

As for the bad…

Well, a lot!

Even if he doesn’t like her, he still treats her fiercely, sometimes coldly, the point is, there is a girlfriend!

When Burton Liam opened his eyes, the moment he woke up, he saw Amelia who was sitting on the ground and staring at him for a moment.

At that moment, the heart froze for a second.

When he saw her at first sight, he felt inexplicable, today’s mood seems to be very good.

But, at the second glance, he got a headache!

Frowned, a little helpless.

Who bought her night dress? The size is completely wrong!

Exploring her hand, she pulled the small shoulder strap that was loose on her arm.

“Why stared at me early in the morning?” He stared at her funny.

Sometimes, he had to admit that Amelia’s big, pure eyes were charming.

Occasionally, the clear waves flow around, like the stars shining in the sky, bright and dazzling.

“Burton Liam…” After a while, Amelia suddenly called him.

There was a trace of guilt in his eyes, “Do you hurt here?”

She pointed to his white-skinned neck and asked him worriedly.

She just bit him a little bit harder. Why did he wake up and the scar on his neck was already glowing with a terrifying deep purple?

Burton Liam glanced suspiciously at his neck, then, tilting his head, reflexively lowered his eyes, and looked at himself.

Of course, he can’t see it!

“Very serious?” He frowned and asked her.

It’s embarrassing to go to the company and be mistaken by employees for a kiss-mark.

Amelia nodded honestly, “It’s very serious… it’s all purple…”

“Really?” He got up suspiciously and walked to the mirror.

It’s okay not to look at it, but he was shocked.

This guy is so cruel!

Turning his head, staring at her, “Hey! Little thing, where are you from a dog? Such a big bite and a bite so deep!”

This girl treats him as if they have a deep hatred!

“I… I will help you get the medicine box…” Amelia was so temperamental that she did not refute her reprimand.

She glanced at him worriedly, turned around, and prepared to run out of the door with bare feet.

However, before she could take a half-step, the small body was taken aback by Liam behind her.

“Why are you going?!” Early in the morning, so cold, dare to run around barefoot?!

Gently put her on the bed.

“Take the medicine box!” Amelia looked at him innocently and answered his question.

“No need! Idiot, this thing can’t be eliminated with medicine for a while! Change clothes quickly, ready to go to school!” Burton Liam exhorted, and then went out of Amelia’s bedroom and went back to his room to change clothes.

Before the mirror, he was a little puzzled.

The bite position of this little thing is a bit awkward, she just wants to bite on the neck.

Moreover, the neckline of the shirt couldn’t hide this trace of seeming ambiguity.

Some make him a headache!

Living room

“Sister Mia, let’s find someone to install a curtain for the small window in the little things room today!” Burton Liam sorted out the files in his hand while instructing Sister Mia, who was busy cleaning.

“En…Okay! I will remember!” Sister Mia nodded to him.

“Oh, yes, master! It’s weird these days, there are always red water stains on the window glass of the young lady, and blood-like things remain on it, even under the windows and on the lawn occasionally a little bit! Those things what the hell is it? A young lady should be fine, right?” Sister Mia always felt that the red water was a bit evil.

She heard the gardener talk about it several times a few days ago, but she didn’t notice it.

Later, it was discovered that things seemed a little weird. From the bottom up to the house where the lady lived, she was a little worried.

Liam’s hands, which had been busy organizing documents, froze suddenly.

Heart tugged.

There was a flash of suspicious deep blue eyes…

Redwater, like blood?

Bloody mask…

Are all the little things true? Not a dream, nor her hallucinations, but, is there something hanging outside her window?

If this is the case, then this thing is not that simple!

Even more complicated!!!

“Sister Mia, are there many people who know about this?” If he wants to pull out that mask, he is afraid that the more people know about the job, the harder it will be!

“No, everyone didn’t care too much!”

“En…” Burton Liam nodded knowingly, “Don’t mention this matter to others! Not even the lady!” Burton Liam continued to tell her.

He didn’t want to frighten her because of this.

Liam only feels that the person doing this kind of thing must be someone next to them!

Moreover, only those who are very familiar with this home will be so familiar with the room they are in!

What’s more, Amelia said last time that the mask is his sister’s face…


Later, after dinner, he was ready to go out.

And Amelia kept following behind him all the time.

He turned around and looked at her.

Amelia glared at him with her hands behind her back and grinning, with a pleased look on her face.

“Liam, would you like to send me to school?”

She begged him for something, that’s why a childish little face smiled like a flower.

“No!” He teased her on purpose.

She bit him and didn’t apologize, but even dared to trouble him with an inch!

Sure enough, a little fart-child is a troublesome spirit, and a little girl is a super troublesome spirit.

Burton Liam turned around and opened the door.

Pretending to leave.

“Burton Liam, I’m going to be late!” This time, Amelia’s voice softened a bit.

“Let the driver’s uncle send you!” Liam made no compromise.

Get in the car and turn on the engine.

Huh? Very strange! The little guy in front of the car didn’t even rush into the car the first time.

Raised eyebrows, somewhat surprised.

It turned out that her willpower is stronger than his.

After a while, he deliberately honked the horn to remind the little figure who was wronged in front of the car.

“Sneezer!” He didn’t know that Amelia made a mischievous face at him in the car and cursed.

Then, she stepped back and obediently let her out of the lane.

She thought that he meant to honk her horn to move away.

Amelia turned around, raised her head proudly, and walked outside the house.

“Go and go, press any button! If you have a broken car, be proud of it! I hate it!!!”

When Amelia passed by Burton Liam and his noble Lamborghini, she slammed a sideways face and glanced viciously at the stunned man in the car. Then, there was a burst of crazy thoughts and wanton contempt…

Then, as if venting her anger, she raised her leg and kicked his clean and transparent door.

In the future, she had to wait for the Liam in the car to react more, and a small but dazzling shoe print was beautifully printed on his spotless body.

Amelia nodded, smiled with satisfaction, raised her head, glanced provocatively at him in the car, turned around, and left in a good mood again!

Only left, the deflated man in the car for no reason!!!

He grinned for a while and concluded.

This little guy is much more powerful than he thought, and of course, he hates a lot!

Originally wanted to send her off with a kind heart, but now, forgive it!

Later, Amelia went to the bus station with her head straight up and took a taxi to school by herself.

And he drove the car in depression and went directly to the company.

Sure enough, as soon as he entered the company, everyone’s first reaction when they saw him was slightly startled.

Burton Liam only felt that his long-standing presidential demeanor was vanished for a while because of this too obvious “kiss-mark”.

When Blair Evelyn saw him, not only was she stunned, she even became extremely ugly.

She handed him the documents in her hand.

After a long time, she couldn’t help but ask.

“Liam, what happened to your neck?”

Burton Liam, who had been focusing on reading the documents, paused, raised his eyes, and glanced at her opposite, his eyes were somewhat profound.

“Nothing accidentally made it!” He answered casually, lowered his head, and continued to look at the files in his hand.

“Liam…” Blair Evelyn called him with a soft voice.

Half a moment, take a deep breath.

“Did you… have other women?” the dull voice asked him sadly.

The eye sockets are a little red.

That day, he had been reluctant to touch her, and as a result, now… there was such a big mark on his neck.

No matter who it is, she will know what this trace means…

How could it be so crazy if it hasn’t been entangled-tangled-sympathized!!!

Other women?

The fingers holding the file stiffened a bit.

After a while, he raised his eyes and looked at her.

“Evelyn, you think too much!”

“Really?” Blair Evelyn curled her lips and sneered.

Is she thinking too much?

“This woman is Amelia? She left the kiss-mark on the neck too, right?!” Blair Evelyn asked him with a smile, but there was a clear mist in the water pupil.


Liam was taken aback for a moment.

He and Amelia?

This topic is too outrageous!

His face became gloomy a little.

“Evelyn, you know it’s impossible for me to be with her!”

He is just her guardian!

Also, he is her uncle, or, more accurately, her uncle!

“Is it impossible?” Blair Evelyn asked him a bass and seemed to be asking herself.

The voice choked a little unconsciously.

She clearly remembered the content of the text message that Amelia once sent him.

He thought it was impossible, but what about that little woman? Does she thinks so too?!

After a long while…

Suddenly, Blair Evelyn seemed to be clear again and nodded.

She curled her lips and smiled lightly.


Between them, it’s impossible!

Chapter 476

In name, that annoying little guy is his little niece!

In any case, the old lady can’t agree to it, besides, Burton can’t afford to lose the face of incest!


Afterward, Blair Evelyn didn’t get too entangled and left the president’s office.

And Burton Liam, he didn’t ask about the phone call that night.

After all, some things are over!

Asking again will only make them awkward.

Or, the getting along mode, more dilute…

In the evening, after work, he went straight home.

As soon as he got out of the car, he ran into Amelia who was going home from school with a school bag on her back.

He was a little surprised and found that her backpack seemed to be much emptier than before.

And Amelia also noticed him just getting out of the car.

Her eyes fell on the car body behind him.

Half-squinted looked at…

It’s clean! Hmm… He has washed the car!

She raised her eyes slightly and met his angry blue pupil.

She curled her lips, smiled faintly, and the triumph in her eyes was obvious!

The two people entered the house without any greeting.

Even Burton Liam was a little surprised. He didn’t expect that at the age of twenty-eight, he would even play anger with a fifteen-year-old kid in pediatrics!

During the meal, Amelia behaved.

Decided not to annoy him anymore!

“Liam, is your neck still hurting?” She asked with concern about Liam who was focusing on eating.

Bailey next to the servants who greeted the meal, all coincided with shocked feelings.

Liam paused slightly, his face changed.

He raised his eyes, glanced at the weird servant around him knowingly, and coughed lightly.

He faintly responded, “It doesn’t hurt anymore!”

With sharp eyes, he glanced at Amelia who was opposite.

“Oh… that’s good!” Amelia smiled with satisfaction and knowingly.

“Then you continue to sleep with me tonight, okay?” Amelia stared at him with innocent eyes, looking at him expectantly.

In this way, she won’t have to sleep under the quilt every day!

As soon as her words fell, Burton Liam could feel the huge change in the eyes of the servants around them.

Shocked, stunned, shocked, even… not ashamed?

“Cough cough cough…” Burton Liam was somewhat choked.

He couldn’t help but coughed a few times.

Frowning, staring at Amelia who was ‘unconcealed’ on the opposite side.

“No time! I have to work overtime tonight!” A faint confession, and then continue to eat.

He did not deliberately explain anything in front of the servants.

“Oh…” Amelia curled her lips, feeling a little dull.

Later, after a casual meal, she went straight upstairs.

Burton Liam felt that she seemed a little angry.

However, he didn’t care too much and still ate for himself.

After the meal, he went directly to the study and did not come out until late at night.

The whole mansion was quiet.

The lights are off…

A dark shadow passed by outside the house.

In the bedroom, Amelia curled up and hid under the quilt tremblingly.

Praying, that bloody mask will not appear again tonight.

It’s just annoying that she asked Burton Liam to help her with a small curtain, so she wouldn’t be afraid even if she did come. However, when she came back today, the small curtain was still not installed.

As long as she turned over, through the moonlight, she could still see everything outside the window.

The bottom of her heart was still cursing fiercely, and the pressed quilt was lifted suddenly.

Before she could scream in exclamation, her open little mouth was already tightly covered with his big palm.

“Shhh…” Then, Burton Liam on the bed made a gesture to signal Amelia not to scream.

Amelia’s horrified big eyes gradually returned to calm.

Her heart immediately settled down.

It turned out to be Liam…

Why is he so mysterious!

Amelia looked at him suspiciously, puzzled.

Burton Liam turned over and quickly lay down beside her, then lifted the quilt and wrapped them tightly.

Suddenly, next to the week, it was pitch black.

Burton Liam just left a small slit faintly so that he could see everything outside the window.


In front of the study window, he vaguely saw a dark figure sneaking out of the house.

If so, that person should look at everything in the house from the window…

Amelia’s small face pressed against his sexual chest, and her face flushed unconsciously when she heard his strong heartbeat.

But she likes this feeling.

There was a hint of sweetness in the nervous heart.

In the bedding, she covered him, with her small head resting on his sturdy chest, looking straight at him under him.

In the darkness, she couldn’t see his face.

However, she could feel that he was also looking at her.

When the little girl on the side climbed onto his body, he who should have been focusing on watching all the movement outside the window, heart, a little bit…

In the night, her pupils were faintly shining like bright stars.

Just lock him straight.

The fragrance of her alone permeated his depressed nose, even, more exaggerated, with a light milky fragrance.

It almost made him breathless!

She, looking at him.

He also looked at her.

The scorching sight, in the darkness, seemed so bewitching.

In the enclosed space, the heat is madly permeating…

Ambiguous, fermenting.

Even the blood in the whole body is boiling.

Every cell in the body is clamoring hard…

The palm, fever.

The limbs that rushed to the body rushed crazy…

Inexplicably, there was a burst of empty pain in the strong body, and the unbearable heat suddenly penetrated the limbs…

Depressed breathing is extremely difficult to bear.

Burton Liam only feels that if this continues, he will lose control!!!

However, due to the movement outside the window, he could not get up.

The scorching palm clasped Amelia’s shoulders.

The fingers are a little stiff.

“Little thing, come down!” In the bedding, a low voice solemnly ordered her.

His breathing became a little disordered.

It seems that something is being suppressed hard…

In the darkness, Amelia couldn’t notice his strangeness.

She just feels that his voice is a little dull.

Amelia smiled badly and shook her head.

She likes to stay here!

Put down the little head resting on his chest, tilted her head, and lay down comfortably.

The warm little face, pressed against his accidentally naked skin, listening carefully to his strong heartbeat…

It seems that his heartbeat has become chaotic just because of her.

Liam’s eyebrows touched faintly.

He just feels like a fire in his chest is burning like crazy…

He regrets a bit, but he really shouldn’t have come out wearing this low-cut nightgown today.

So that they will stick so close!

As a result, his body will continue to brave sin-like desires-fire!



She didn’t move, and he didn’t dare to move anymore.

Let her stay close to him and sleep peacefully with her eyes closed…

He also let his chest burn…

Still, let it go, the body is burning!

Finally, he tilted his head, through the thin slits of the bedding, his sight fell out of the window for an instant.

Trying to get away from the extreme temptation of this little woman…

However, just a moment later, a dark figure flashed past the window.

A bloody mask suddenly appeared on the window sill covered by moonlight…

Long hair hanging down, make-up…just like his sister before her death!

He was shocked suddenly, and the blue pupil shrank.

In the next instant, the big palm lifted and the little guy quickly pulled away.

Get up, take a step, and rush to the window with lightning speed.

His agility made the figure outside the window stagnate.

When he recovered, Burton Liam had already stepped in front of him.

At that moment, Burton Liam only felt that his stomach was upset.

Staring at this terrifying face, the anger in his heart soared to the extreme!

Such a bloody and terrifying face, with blood-red in the white, swayed outside this window every night. After a long time, the little thing might be frightened out of something weird!

At the sudden appearance of Burton Liam, the horrible mask outside the window was panicked.

The unstable body began to falter, bowed his head, and rushed downstairs in a hurry.

Burton Liam smiled evilly, only to realize that it was indeed inconvenient to commit a crime on the second floor, and it was a bit hard for him!

Of course, he would never let him run away like this!

When he was about to flee, Burton Liam quickly probed his hand and pulled off the bloody mask with a big palm.

“Ah…” A horrified scream suddenly came, belonging to Amelia who was trembling on the bed.

She stared at the horrified eyes, covered her screaming mouth, and tremblingly, curled up in a corner on the bed.

She didn’t expect that Burton Liam would be so bold to tear off the bloody mask alive!

At the moment the mask was uncovered, Burton Liam couldn’t help but gasp.

“Uncle Ethan?” Burton Liam couldn’t believe it.

He never expected that he would be an old servant in his own family!

The man outside the window was horrified. Perhaps, he didn’t expect to be dressed so quickly!

The panic in his eyes was obvious, and even the hand holding the ladder was trembling.

Suddenly, before Burton Liam came back to his senses, his rickety body quickly climbed down the stairs.

Burton Liam just watched his staggered body disappear into the silvery night…

He thought that Uncle Ethan would never return to this house in the future.

He stared suspiciously at the bloody mask in his hand…

What is going on?

Is it that simple?

But what is Uncle Ethan’s motive? Why use this mask that resembles an older sister to scare this little thing.

Between them, it is impossible to have any powerful relationship!!!

She is just a child!

In the night, he turned his head to look at her.

The look in his eyes is a bit complicated.

Amelia stared at him weakly with frightened pupils.

“Burton…Burton Liam, he…what is he?” Amelia tremblingly glanced at the bloody mask in his hand and asked him tremblingly.

Liam tilted his head and glanced at the mask in his hand.

Then he probed his hand and threw it out of the window.

Go and clean up tomorrow! It’s probably going to scare the little guy on the bed now!

“It’s nothing, but just a prank!” He explained pretendingly and relaxedly.

She is still young, the world is too pure, some complicated things would be better without knowing.

He turned around and went into the bathroom.

Wash the red dye in his hands, and then go out of the bathroom door.

Amelia supported the frightened body and stared at him for a moment.

“Burton Liam…Can you accompany me to sleep for another night…” Amelia pulled a corner of the little quilt and asked the opposite Burton Liam aggrieved in a soft voice.

In the scene just now, she was still a little stunned…

The corners of Burton Liam’s sex-sense lips raised, a little strange.

He just thinks this little guy has a complete problem with her words!

It’s hard not to be misunderstood!

“En!” After a while, he nodded faintly in response to her.

“It won’t appear anymore! Go to sleep!” exhorted, pulling her quilt.

Then, turning around, went to the sofa without hesitation.

He thought that in the future he would need to restructure all the sofas in his home to be bigger!

At least, when he sleeps, he doesn’t need to curl his hands and feet into a ball, which is sore and painful. Even if he wants to turn over, he is worried about falling asleep on the floor!

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