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Chapter 543

The ape’s arm tightly hugged her small body, pressed against her ears, and responded softly to her.


However, “But I remember you said he was your boyfriend?!”

“That’s a lie to you! Who asked you to kiss Sister Emily!!?” Amelia was a little unhappy again!


Liam was stunned for a second, then returned to his senses.

“I can explain it to you! And I promise, there won’t be another time!” Burton Liam assured.

“However, I think that the kiss between you and your best and best friend may not be as well explained to me!” Burton Liam raised his eyebrows and stared at her.

Amelia put out her tongue mischievously, “He said he did it for you on purpose!”

“Really? What about the one on the bed just now?” Liam asked her sourly.

“Burton Liam, are you jealous?” Amelia smiled badly.

“I’m angry!” Burton Liam let out an angry growl, turned over, and rolled off her.

So as not to crush his little fool!

Amelia turned over and covered his strong and sexy chest, smiling at him, “You are jealous!”

Glancing at her deeply, probing his hand, pulled her somewhat cold little hand, and buried it in the palm of his hand.

The warm fingertips rubbed her soft little hands paternally, and stared at her, “Don’t joke with me in the future, it’s not fun at all!”

He doesn’t like it very much!

The feeling that the heart is always tugging and painful is uncomfortable!

“Okay…I promise, there won’t be another time!” Amelia nodded, her misty eyes couldn’t help but feel sour.

Liam probed his hand and tightened her small body tighter.

With the other hand, tightly holding her little hand, her fingers interlocked.

“Do you know that when we are together, we need to overcome many, many realistic pressures, family problems, age problems, ideological problems… There are many, many, so we will try not to be awkward again in the future, I promise you, I will not treat you, child, I must discuss with you first if I have something, okay? I don’t like the feeling of not having you by my side!”

Amelia buried her in his arms and sucked her nose, a sour feeling in her heart.

But happy…

Her heart is full of sweet taste!

“You can’t marry another woman! I’m not happy…”


“Don’t seduce anymore-I’m even less happy to seduce other women!!”

“I…not…” Wronged!

“Don’t kiss Sister Emily again, although…she is your benefactor, but…”

“Good! I promise!!”

Burton Liam sighed lowly. To be honest, if he meets this little guy in his arms later, he can’t guarantee that he is already with Emily now…

After all, he owes Emily, he really has it, and he can’t even think about it!!!

“I will teach you homework myself in the future, and I can’t let you ignore it…”


He didn’t let her leave her alone! Little bad guys, will slander people!

“Burton Liam, why did you come here?” Amelia nestled in his arms and asked him in a low voice.

“En?” Liam was startled, and gently rubbed her little arm with his fingers, “I’m worried about you…”

A feeling of sourness deepened her heart, her eyes moistened a little, “Liam, you are so stupid!!”

Amelia stared at him with red eyes, sucked in her little nose, and cursed at him accusingly, “Idiot idiot!!!”

“Yes…” Burton Liam just smiled, letting her curse.

As a result, if he didn’t pay attention, the little guy cried.

The voice choked, tears rushed from her eyes.

It hit his hot chest with a patter, soaking his heart with bone pain.

“Fool! Why are you crying…?” He took her, probed his hand, gently wiped away her tears, and soothed her, “Don’t cry, am I okay now?”

“En…” Amelia nodded obediently, and a probing hand tightly embraced him under him in her arms.

With all kinds of attachment and reluctance…

After staying in the city-state for a few days, Burton Liam seemed to get busier after returning home.

Every day, it seems that there are always endless meetings and endless tasks!

Late at night, in the office…

“Special Assistant Daniel, here is the development process of the latest project product that I reported to you when I was in a meeting today!” Burton Liam’s handsome face was full of triumphant smiles.

“Mr. Burton, congratulations! It seems that this time the old lady has appreciated you a little bit more. I think if this shot is played well, you must be the director of the Burton family!!”

Daniel congratulated Liam with a flat face.

Burton Liam just curled his lips, smiled faintly, but he was proud of his expression.

“I believe that as long as our brand-new plan takes the lead, then the company will be another big leap!! Grandma will be very happy!”

Burton Liam said sincerely, and then put the files and DV disk in his hand into his drawer and locked it.

“Okay! It’s late, I can get off work today! This time, I busy you!”

With that, Liam patted him on the shoulder, already thanking him.

“Mr. Burton, where are you, this is what we should and should be!!”

Daniel said flatly, following Liam’s footsteps out of the office door, turning off the lights, closing the door, and leaving.

They left but never found a dark shadow hidden on the door panel on the other side…

In the night, angry flames flashed in the eyes of the gloomy bird, and there was a tendency to burn more and more.

Where is the director of the Royal Family??!!!

Humph!!! He, Liam is almost daydreaming!!!

At that location, he must be in Burton Lucas. Do even a wild species want to inherit such a large industry as Burton?

Just rely on him?!

He smoothly opened the door of the office with the key, and then, feeling the darkness, walked directly to the table where the file was just placed.

He raised his head and glanced at the monitor above his head.

The light is too dark to see everything! But, just in case, he still looked for something to carefully cover up the monitor!

He won’t be so stupid, let them catch the handle!!!

He probed his hand and took out a small lamp in his pocket. The light was very soft and weak, only enough to illuminate a small area on the desk.

But that’s enough!

Quietly took out the tools, unscrewed the lock of the desk, and then, the project file and the DV disk were printed into the fundus.

A faint smile appeared on the eyes of the bird.

Sure enough, he, Liam is not suitable for mixing in this kind of trapped shopping mall, even this kind of small means will not guard against it!!!

Hook his lips, smile deeply, Burton Liam, I want to see, what exactly are you going to do about the position of the successor of the Burton Group!!!

Lost the plan, grandma will make him look good!

Soon, Burton Lucas took the documents and left the Burton group Building safely.

Tomorrow, he has an important transaction to complete!!!

Three days later, will be the launch of Burton group’s new product. Therefore, he must hurry up and sell out the new product plan!!!

He must let all the credit of Burton Liam be destroyed!

It was eleven o’clock in the night after Liam returned home.

He was in a good mood today, and finally, the big stone in his heart was suppressed.

After these two days, everything should come to an end!

When he got home, as soon as the light was turned on, a small figure on the sofa bounced.

He pouted helplessly.

Fortunately, after these two days, he can go home on time, and there is no need for some misbehaved little guy to wait here!

“You’re back!!”

When the little guy on the sofa saw him, her dim eyes seemed to brighten up instantly.

Then, she slid down on the sofa.

“I’m going to put hot water for you…” After finishing speaking, before he could speak, the little figure galloped away.

Soon, disappeared in the corridors, like a young woman at home.

Burton Liam couldn’t help but want to laugh. It seems that this little guy is very suitable for being a wife, especially his!


It feels weird!!!

He went upstairs and went into the bedroom.

The little guy is already busy in his room, she is putting on hot water and she is holding clothes!

The movements are jerky, and her small body is busy, and the feeling of seizure makes him funny.

But full of warmth!

The little guy is so cute!!!

Lazily pulled the tie on his chest, took off the jacket, and hung it on the hanger beside him. Then, he leaned back on the sofa lazily, squinted his charming pupil, and smiled at the busy little girl in the room.

He doesn’t stop her, because he likes to watch her busy for him!

There is a feeling like a couple in love!!!

“Liam, the hot water is ready!” Finally, she is done.

Amelia was at the door of the bathroom, calling him happily.

The corners of the charming lips hooked, “Come here…”

Amelia walked up to him with her hands behind her back, her face full of pity, “Are you very tired?”


He probed his hand, hugged her petite body, buried his tired face in her soft arms, and nudged it with attachment.

In Liam’s voice, he was pretending to be tired, but it was full of coquettish taste.

He likes the feeling of being close to her and being loved by her!

Amelia probed her hand and stroked his tired face with affection, “Go take a bath first! You won’t be so tired after washing!”


Burton Liam rubbed her skin in his arms, and then, slightly around his ape’s arm, she rubbed her soft body into his strong chest.

“Let me hug first…”

Amelia smiled sweetly in his arms.

For a long time, the two of them hugged so quietly, without saying anything, just snuggling each other sweetly.

The heart is filled with happiness a little bit.

Finally, the little guy in his arms moved.

“Hey! The water is getting cold…”

She sticks to his arms and gently reminds him.

“It doesn’t matter, you can help me put it when the water is cold…” Burton Liam answered her pitifully, lowered his eyes, and a kiss fell on her soft pink lips with a charming smile.

Amelia lowered her eyes and drilled into his arms, “I won’t let it go for you, go by yourself when it’s cold!”

She coquettishly protested him.

He didn’t speak, just smiled and held her in his arms tighter.


Soon after, the little thing in his arms fell asleep!

Chapter 544

A touch of painful blue eyes jumped past, he lowered his head, half-squinted charm, and gently kissed her forehead.

Fool, waiting for him every day, she should be very tired!

Carefully picked up the softness in his arms and walked to his bed.

Gently placed her on the inside of the waterbed, carefully covered her with a quilt, and then went to the bathroom.

In the early morning, the bright sun shines through the slightly transparent thin curtains into the cozy house.

On the bed, Amelia, who woke up slightly, raised her hand to block the dazzling sunlight outside, rubbed her distressed eyes, and sat up.

Looking at the big man with a cute sleeping face, she involuntarily curled her lips and smiled.

Slowly got up, walked to the window, and opened the beige curtains with a “swish”.

Suddenly, bright sunlight penetrated the room without any obstruction, and the whole room was suddenly bright and unusually warm.

The beautiful sleeping man on the bed turned over uncomfortably, his big palm habitually hugged ‘her’ on the side, eh? Empty?

His thick eyebrows frowned, his sleepy eyes were a bit tingling, and the strange feeling of emptiness beside him made him slightly swayed.

Slowly opening his misty and charming eyes, a magnified lovely and seductive cheek suddenly appeared.

Without hesitation, the ape’s arm stretched out abruptly, and her small, soft body slumped on his strong waist with a seductive low whistle.

The thin, sexual-feeling lips had already been stolen dozens of times on her delicate red lips.

When Amelia recovered, her pink lips had already been rubbed between his confusing lips and teeth.

Amelia broke away from his imprisonment and looked at him with a smirk with her beautiful eyes, her eyes filled with a little shyness.

“You don’t want to go to work today?” Normally, he would rush to the bathroom to start washing, so there is no time to be so leisurely with her in bed!

With a backhand, Burton Liam imprisoned her petite body in his empty arms, his warm lips pressed against her sensitive ears, and he wore an ambiguous and ambiguous relationship, “Today I rest!”

The dumb voice murmured in her ears.

“I will play with you today, okay?”

“En? What are you playing?” Amelia raised her head slightly and asked him with a smile.

Burton Liam hugged her tightly with his hands, chewing his lips and teeth gently on her soft little ears, “Whatever you want! I will accompany you wherever you want to play! Amusement park? Or Happy Valley?”

He hooked his lips and gave a wicked smile, “The kids seem to like it!”


Amelia tilted her head slightly with a harmless smile, “Uncle Burton, do you adults like to hold children and talk like this?”

Liam was startled slightly, then came back to his senses.

She curled her lips, Liam smiled, and his big palm gently moved her soft body around him. The sturdy body pressed her on the bed without any explanation.

The beautiful eyebrows were slightly raised, with a wicked smile on his face, staring at her.

“Have you heard the story of “The Strange Uncle Wandering in Front of the Kindergarten”?”

Amelia blinked with confused eyes and shook her head, with a naive expression on her face, “I haven’t heard of…”

What a weird story!

“Really?” Burton Liam smiled charmingly, half-squinting his eyes, looking at her pretending to be lust-love.

Leaning leisurely, close to her small pink face, sex-sense thin lips against her seductive little pink lips.

“Then I will teach you myself!”

After Liam finished speaking, he lowered his head and kissed Amelia’s pink and lovely lips.

“Uh-uh-what a weird uncle!”


Hurt girls and children!!!


The bed was messy, the clothes were disheveled, the two beautiful faces were red with apples, and the breathing became more disordered and rapid.

Looking at the other person’s eyes, they are full of blurry colors, intoxicating confusion…

Burton Liam was startled and then stood up.

Almost… the gun went wrong!

It’s dangerous to be with this little guy!!!

“That…that, to make you play!”

He changed his clothes while awkwardly ‘explaining’.

Amelia on the bed looked at him who was awkward and didn’t pierce him, just giggling smirky.

As a result, they packed everything up, and when they were about to go out, the doorbell rang.

Burton Liam frowned, a little unhappy.

Who can come so horribly!

As a result, the door was opened, and a man was standing outside the door, Brook Mike!!!

Liam glanced at him standing outside the door.

Lazily leaning on the door frame, “What are you doing?”

The tone was unfriendly, and he didn’t even mean to let him in!

Disturb their daters, die!!!

“Why? Don’t even let in the house, do bad things at home?” Brook Mike teased him and provoked him.

Still not forgetting to poke his head into the house, “Hey! Sister-in-law, your man does not allow guests to enter the house. Isn’t this your way of hospitality?”


Amelia was taken aback, “Call me?”

“Otherwise? This man is not your man?” Brook Mike winked at Amelia.

At the end of the day, Amelia laughed.

“Liam, let him in! How bad is it to block the door?” As she said, she didn’t forget to approach him and pull the nasty body of Liam who was blocking the door.

“Sister-in-law, you are still considerate!!” Brook Mike triumphed at Amelia.

“Brook Mike, I warn you, don’t wink at her!!” Brook Mike’s ecstasy eyes, he looked deeply in his eyes and remembered it bitterly.

Astride walked over, fending off the two of them.

He was so angry that he screamed at Brook Mike, “Are you not afraid that Emily will ruin you?!”

Brook Mike shrugged, and said with a thin mouth, “It’s a waste!”

Burton Liam was taken aback for a moment, and then cast a teasing glance at Brook Mike, whose face changed slightly.


It turned out that the young couple was awkward!

However, there is no need to drill into his house, right?

If he is noisy, he has to get the two of them together, which is vicious!

However, in Brook Mike’s words, if he didn’t help him, Brook Mike would not fall into the hands of the woman Blair Evelyn!

Fortunately, Amelia seemed to be in a good mood this morning.

The two of them were on the other side talking about so-called major events between adults, and she happily nestled on the other side of the sofa watching her favorite cartoon.

Brook Mike stared at Amelia on the other end and teased, “Hey! How does it feel to have such a wife?”

He couldn’t imagine how a twenty-seven-year-old man might have some impulses in front of a woman who watches animation all day long!!!

However, such a pair, matched together, is really fun!

“Brook Mike, I won’t answer this kind of idiotic question!!”

“What’s the problem?” Suddenly, a clear and sweet voice was inserted into their conversation promptly.

Amelia tilted her head and looked at Brook Mike with a thief smile.

Burton Liam’s evil and enchanting face slightly changed color, and then he pulled Amelia, who was in confusion, into his arms.

“What’s the matter? Is the cartoon finished?” He just returned an ugly face and instantly softened.

Brook Mike opened his eyes wide, staring at Burton Liam’s rapidly changing face in disbelief.

“En…” Amelia nodded, “Liam, I will cook at noon today, okay?”

In an instant, Liam’s face changed again.

“Isn’t there Sister Mia in the kitchen?” Burton Liam smiled so warmly that she couldn’t see how bitter his heart was.

“But I want to practice more!” Only then she can make more delicious food!

Doesn’t it mean that if she wants to tie a man’s heart, she must tie a man’s stomach first?

Seeing her eyes full of expectation, Burton Liam’s enchanting pupils instantly darkened.

Very helpless…

He couldn’t help but refuse her.

Taking a deep breath, finally, it was extremely difficult to respond.

“Do you want me to help?” He asked the delighted Amelia with a wry smile.

“No, I did it by myself last time!!! This time I will be more successful!!” Amelia said triumphantly, and couldn’t wait to slip off Burton Liam and ran into the kitchen.

Liam’s lips twitched slightly.

She even dared to mention it last time…

Ugh!!! If he knew it, he shouldn’t have been afraid that he hit her self-confidence last time and lied that she did a great job!

He even forced a person to eat them up, just to not poison her little tender intestines. As a result, he had a stomachache all night…

It is simply terrible!!! Terrible!!!

Immediately after…

“Sister Mia, I already put two spoons of salt, why don’t I think it’s not salty enough!”

“Oh, the fire is down, yeah! No, don’t bother you to come over, I will do it myself!”

“En…thank you! Sister Mia, it seems to taste good, hehe!”


The little woman’s worried and sometimes flying voice penetrated the kitchen.

Accompanied by Amelia’s clear and sweet voice, there were bursts of ‘crackling’ collisions, which made them shudder in the living room.

“Um… Burton Liam, you let her play in it alone, are you sure your kitchen will be fine?” Brook Mike was a little frightened.

Hearing the crisp sounds, his scalp numb.

“It seems…it’s really easy to get an accident!” Liam also responded in a panic.

But now, if he rushed to the kitchen to stop her, she would be very sad, right?

At this moment, there was another harsh noise in the kitchen, damn! Another dish was sacrificed heroically.

“In this way, does anyone dare to go in?” Brook Mike raised his eyebrows, afraid that someone would go in vertically and come out sideways!

Burton Liam immersed his head and cursed. He really shouldn’t be complimented by his heart that her food is noisy, and she shot her in the foot!

Even the kitchen is about to be smashed by her!

“I think it’s too bad today!” Brook Mike looked sad and shook his head severely as if he was about to lose sight of the sun tomorrow.

“Well, do you want me to help…?” Burton Liam finally couldn’t sit down, got up, and ran straight into the kitchen.

As a result, he saw a little guy with a gray head and gray face standing by the stove, her eyes staring at him suspiciously, “Is there something?”

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