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Chapter 545

She is still in confusion, and she is very busy!

That expression is so cute!!!

Burton Liam couldn’t help but laughed out loud, and shook his head for a while, “It’s okay… Keep busy!”

Fortunately, she was not injured!

He couldn’t bear to hit her, and then bit the bullet and turned back into the hall.

Finally, after a long time…

In the kitchen, a small figure rushed out with joy.

“It’s dinner, it’s dinner!” The gray-headed little guy inside announced loudly and passionately.

In the living room, the two tired men looked at each other clearly and looked at the quartz clock on the wall. Damn!

A meal took more than two hours, not easy! It’s already two o’clock in the afternoon, and this belly is already on the back and chest!

Finally, all the dishes were on the table, and the two men made all the mental preparations to start eating.

The hands of each pair of dishes appear trembling, and even the tongue does not feel trembling, probably this is the so-called “phobia”.

However, in the eyes of the culprit woman, she just boils down to ‘anorexia’.

“Burton Liam, this is the chicken soup I made especially for you, come, drink more, you have been busy lately!”

After speaking, she enthusiastically scooped a few spoonfuls of thick chicken soup into the small bowl in front of him.

Then, looking expectantly at him.

Burton Liam glanced at her with a guilty conscience. The look of expectation on the little guy’s face was like a kindergarten student picking up a few cents and then handing it over to the teacher eagerly waiting for the teacher’s praise…

At this moment, he really couldn’t bear to let this ‘child’ down, but he…

Brook Mike looked at Burton Liam with a look of silent mourning pity, and then gave him a gesture of ‘generosity’ in sympathy.

Fortunately, this soup is not made for him!!!

Burton Liam closed his eyes, picked up the small bowl, and under the eyes of the public, he ate it all in one bite and died a bit resolutely at once.

Brook Mike looked at him with admiration and disbelief.

The only culprit on the side was a face full of pure expectation, with a simple and impurity smile watching him slowly taking a bite, but she didn’t understand how difficult it was to take one bite.

After a while…

“Also…not bad, there is progress…” Putting down the bowl heavily.

Burton Liam squeezed out a strong smile and continued to compliment her without fear of death.

Brook Mike’s entire face twitched. Today, he looked at Burton Liam with admiration!!!

Good tolerance! Can suffer!!!

“Really? That’s great… I’ll have a bowl too!” Amelia said with a small face flying up, holding the spoon in the soup and preparing to serve the soup for herself.

“And many more…”

Two words, the two men almost spoke in unison.

Burton Liam suddenly probed his hand, holding Amelia’s little hand that was about to scoop.

On the other hand, Brook Mike watched Burton Liam acting so hard, and for a while, he really couldn’t bear to let him be exposed by this little guy!

“What’s the matter?” Amelia stared at the two strange men in shock.

“No… it’s okay! But, didn’t you say that this soup was for me?” Burton Liam hurriedly covered up.

“Oh…” After a long time, Amelia replied dully.

Selfish ghost! So he wanted to swallow alone!

Before she could complain, she saw Liam picked up the bowl of thick soup on the table and started drinking it “grumblingly”.

It seems that the smell is called sorrow!!!

After drinking the whole hot pot, Burton Liam felt dizzy and dizzy.

This little guy’s soup is really as red as a crane top!!!

Brook Mike on the side widened his pupils, his entire face turned blue with horror.

Amelia helplessly sighed, okay! If this is the case, then forget it, don’t fight with him!

“Then I will eat this!” Amelia instantly dropped her gaze to the green vegetables aside.

Said it is green vegetables, this color is already…

However, before Burton Liam digested it in the future, and before Brook Mike, who was swaying by the side, returned to his senses, Amelia picked up a piece of green vegetables and delivered it to her small mouth.

The action is called graceful, and the eyes are full of expectations for herself.

However, the next moment…

In the bathroom…

“Oh…Oh…” Heart-piercing vomiting sounded painful to him, who was squatting aside with a sad face.

“Little guy, you… are you okay?”

“Burton…Burton Liam, you lie to me…” So terrible!!!

Amelia raised her eyes and glanced at him who was squatting on the side, her eyes were moved and full of guilt.

He drank all the thick soup just now…

“Burton Liam, is that bowl of soup difficult to drink? Is there a problem with your stomach?” Amelia asked him apologetically in a low voice, full of worry.

Suddenly, there was a burst of heartless laughter in the living room, mixed with jokes of questioning.

“Sister-in-law in the future, won’t you vomit so badly?” Brook Mike laughed carelessly at them in the bathroom.

Seeing them so sweet he is both envious and jealous!!!

Hey…women are troublesome animals!!!

“Cough cough cough…” Burton Liam was almost choked.

The two of them were suddenly covered with black lines, and Amelia’s small face was already red.

What did Brook Mike say just now? It seems that she and Burton Liam haven’t done the thing that can get pregnant, right?

Could it be possible to grow a child in her stomach?

“Hey! Brook Mike, don’t talk nonsense to me!” Feeling her shyness beside him, Burton Liam groaned towards Brook Mike in the hall.

“Haha…” Brook Mike raised an eyebrow and jokingly smiled, “Liam, don’t blame me as a brother for not reminding you, you are careful to suffocate yourself!!”

Burton Liam glanced at him with an uncomfortable look and stopped paying attention to him.


There is no one in the cafe.

Only two people were sitting in the corner in front of the French windows.

On the table, there is a folder and a DV disc.

It was Liam’s new plan to be announced the day after tomorrow.

Burton Lucas smiled deeply at the trader on the opposite side.

This is a new company that has just started, and it is the best plan to sell them. Even if the new product is excellent, it does not pose a threat to Burton Group at all!

“Mr. Burton, I have seen your new server plan, and it is indeed a great benefit to our company!” The man on the opposite side of the transaction happily responded to him.

“It’s just… I have some doubts, why should you sell such a good plan to a small company?”

Burton Lucas smiled, “Private questions, I won’t answer! Of course, if you don’t want it, I will never force it!”

For such a small company just starting, for them, this product is undoubtedly a big momentum to make waves!

Therefore, he is not afraid that they dare not want it!!!

“Haha… Mr. Burton, where are you, our CEN Company will never forget Mr. Burton’s favor to us today!”

The man on the opposite side has a calm smile on his face, not at all like that of a new company-born class person!

Burton Liam didn’t speak much, silently finished the transaction, and quickly got up and left.

Such things as transactions could have been done with their most trusted hands, but just in case!

After all, no one can be better than himself!

Late at night

The surroundings have long been silent, a few beautiful colorful street lamps glowing with soft and charming brilliance, the breeze gently blows, lifting a corner of the beige floor-to-ceiling curtain.

A burst of wind, accompanied by a hint of coldness, seeped in from the window. Just stepping into the room to see her, Burton Liam happened to run into this beautiful but cold scene.

His eyebrows are frowning, won’t she be cold if she doesn’t close the window at night?

Go to the window and gently close the slightly open window, for fear of awakening the sleeping person in the bed.

Turned around and walked to the edge of the bed, frowning even more tightly, just not closing the window, even sleeping!

She had already kicked the quilt under the bed, but her petite body shrank into a ball and curled up in the corner of the bed.

Burton Liam sighed helplessly, wondering if she had a cold at the moment.

Pulling up the quilt, and then carefully covering her quilt, gently pressed a corner of the quilt, ready to turn and leave, but unexpectedly the quilt was kicked away again, and her petite body was exposed to the cold air.

Reluctantly, he lifted the quilt and kindly helped her to cover it, and then pressed it down again. This time the strength was heavier than the last time.

However, the person on the bed seemed to deliberately tease him, and soon, the quilt on her body continued to kick away.

Burton Liam stared at the woman on the bed fiercely. When did her sleep look so bad? Didn’t she have the habit of sleeping with her head covered before?

Does she like to sleep with her body naked this time?

“Kick again, I will accompany you to sleep!” He who was busy helping Amelia press the quilt viciously threatened her.

As a result, as he wished, the woman kicked the quilt away again, and turned over openly and rolled into the bed, as if she was deliberately setting aside a treasure for him so that he could sleep.

Isn’t this woman on purpose?

He leaned over and took a look at the bed-she was sleeping on the bed, the coincidence? This little guy seems to be asleep!

Even when he climbed onto her bed, she didn’t even feel it.

It wasn’t until his thin, sexy, warm lips rubbed her cold pink lips that she gradually woke up.

“Um…” The familiar and charming masculine breath poured into the nasal cavity, and Amelia murmured unconsciously.

Feeling the little woman in his arms woke up slightly, he moved his lips reluctantly, and his blurred eyes looked softly at her groggy.

“Burton…Liam, you, when did you come in?” She woke up and found that a man suddenly appeared on her bed.

However, there was no sign of rejection in the bottom of her heart, and the little head didn’t expect to drill into his arms.

Liam slightly tightened her warming body in his arms, raised his hand, and gently tapped the small head buried in his arms.

“Ah -” she snorted in his arms, pursed her lips aggrievedly, and looked at him innocently.

“You don’t sleep honestly at night, you always kick the quilt!” Burton Liam said in a low voice.

Amelia stuck out her tongue with a guilty conscience, and quickly retracted her head deeply into his strong and warm chest, tightly tightening his strong waist with her small hands coquettishly.

Chapter 546

“Fortunately you are here, otherwise I will catch a cold!” Amelia obediently accepted his accusation.

So she also knew she might catch a cold?

Big palms rubbed her seaweed-like hair, “Little guy, you have to grow up quickly…”

When she grows up, he can just marry her!!!

Perhaps, he could negotiate with his grandma about the custody of this little thing in his arms.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but smile.

Burton Group, he doesn’t want anything, except for the only custody of this little guy in his arms, and her life!

Grow up?

Amelia, who was nestled in his arms, couldn’t help but dye a few beautiful blushes on her face.

Inexplicably, it reminded her of Brook Mike’s words today:

“Liam, don’t blame me being a brother for not reminding you, you are careful to suffocate yourself!!”

Wouldn’t he…

There was a muffled sound on the forehead with a “pop”.

Burton Liam raised his hand and tapped it lightly on the little head.

“Hey! Don’t think crazy!!” Burton Liam warned her.

There was a bit of embarrassment in the words.

In the future, he has to consider whether to let Brook Mike’s kid come to his house as a guest!

However, after eating today’s meal, it is estimated that the kid would not dare to come again!

Amelia stuck out her tongue with a guilty conscience, gave a chuckle, obediently nestled in his arms, and stopped talking.

Very obedient, don’t dabble on him or light the fire.

Because, Adam Mason said, if a man loves you, he will not want you easily!

Just like Burton Liam, even though he was suffocated, he still refused to ask her…

It turned out to not love, but to love too!!!

Liam, reluctant to…

“I’m going to America!”

Adam Mason leaned lazily on the public leaning side, and spit out white smoke leisurely as he rushed to Amelia in a calm and breezy voice.

“What?” Amelia glared at him in disbelief.

Adam Mason glanced at her deeply, bent over, sat down in the position beside her, and said leisurely, “Go to Las Vegas for further study!”

His tone was still very light, but he could hear the depression in the words.

Amelia couldn’t help but feel pantothenic acid in her nose, and her eyes turned red involuntarily.

She would be reluctant to bear Adam Mason!!!

“Further study? You go to practice gambling!!” Amelia’s eyes were red, and she blocked his anger.

Adam Mason just smiled hesitantly, “Why? Can’t bear me?”

Not asking, Amelia couldn’t help crying when he asked.

Adam Mason didn’t expect that the cold-blooded guy would cry, and he was moved in panic.

Probing hands, holding her weak shoulders, shook her.

“Hey! Don’t cry… It’s embarrassing in public!!”

Adam Mason could not help but soften his voice a bit.

Amelia ignored him, still crying.

People cry when they want to cry, even ashamed not to be ashamed!!!

She is reluctant…

“Hey! You are so reluctant, or I’ll just pack and stuff you in my suitcase, let’s transport you there together!” Adam Mason teased her, trying to ease the sadness.

He doesn’t like watching her cry!

If he can, he hopes to pack and ship this guy!

In the future, if she is bullied by that man again, who will listen to her complaint?

How many people can stand a woman with a high posture, a cold posture, and a woman who can’t make friends by nature?

He really couldn’t bear her, but he couldn’t stay with her forever!

She should learn to grow up slowly and slowly enter this world where he and Burton Liam are not the only ones!

“Amelia, do you know why I chased so many girls and played with so many different women, but never did it against you?”

Adam Mason’s questioning voice became a little deep.

Listening to Amelia’s ears, she was dull and depressed, and she was a little painful.

Amelia blinked confused eyes, staring at him, “Didn’t you say, you look down on me?”

Adam Mason on the side gave her an angry look, “The reaction is really slow!”

“Tell you, don’t take your feelings too seriously, you are the only one who gets hurt too seriously. You should learn from me and learn to live a little bit by playing games, understand?”

Adam Mason grinned and knocked Amelia’s little wooden fish on the head hard.

Later, she was injured by that man, and it is estimated that the little guy should be crying again!

“Idiot, I like you!” He smiled, looking at her, and said again without thinking.

There was a bit of bright and dazzling light under his eyes.

He deliberately said that he loved her!

Because his personality is too casual and his feelings are never true, so he never confessed to the woman he loves!

Because he was afraid that he would be too casual, the shelf life of love is too short, and it will be over after three minutes of heat!

Even if they are together in the future, he really can’t guarantee that in his world, there will only be a woman with him in the future!

In case of this, he estimated that even friends will not have to do it!

So, every time he just talked about it, but he didn’t dare to let her be his girlfriend!

Probably, he is still young, but only eighteen years old. There are some things that he and she are not mature enough!

So they don’t understand yet!!!

Amelia blinked her big eyes and looked at him puzzledly, with some mist filling her eyes.

“Adam Mason, you like then why you have to leave…” she asked him with a choked voice.

Adam Mason chuckled, he didn’t leave because he didn’t like her! What breaks the problem?

“Because I’m afraid that if I don’t leave again, I will snatch you from Burton Liam! What if he cries if I snatch you?” Adam Mason teased her.

Amelia just had a sorrowful expression on her face, and the next moment, her small face became straight.

“Then you should go!”

She doesn’t want Burton Liam to cry!

Adam Mason became angry, “Amelia, you guy, you have enough color to look down on friends!!”

Sure enough, he made the right decision to go, so he didn’t have to be pissed off by this guy!!!

In the meeting room, the depression of a room.

The atmosphere was so stuffy that it might explode at any time.

The senior staff in the first room closed their lips tightly, their eyes drooping, and their breath was deeply suppressed.

For fear of a mistake, his golden rice bowl would fall to pieces.

Commercial espionage…

It’s not a trivial matter!!!

However, there is no doubt that it is among them.

The old lady in the position of director, a face of vicissitudes is hard to see the extreme.

For a long time, she was calm and did not say a word.

She did not expect that their product plan would be released by another small company today!

If they publish again tomorrow, they will only be considered plagiarism!

If they want to start a lawsuit, they may not have the upper hand, and Burton, the signature of this popular business leader, can’t afford to lose that face!!!

Sitting in the conference room are all the most elite, backbone, and most experienced senior members of the Burton family.

According to their current development trend, they have no reason to be commercial espionage!

Who would have hoped that he would have smashed this golden rice bowl that is rare in a century, go to the stall of such a small company, and he is entirely possible to eat jot?

Such a person is either a fool or an idiot!

Inside, there are all elites! She believed that no one would have such a blank eye!

But, who on earth would betray them?

Burton Lucas and Burton Liam on the side were just silent, not talking.

Both of them were quietly thinking about something.

After the meeting ended, Burton Liam went directly to the director’s office.

The old lady slammed in front of the French window, quietly looking at the scenery outside.

This time the failure is undoubtedly a big profit defeat for Burton Group!

A one-time loss of nearly 200 million profit! No one can let go.

Commercial espionage…

If this person is caught out, she is afraid he will not be as simple as a loss!!!

“Liam, I have already asked people to intervene in the investigation of this matter. What do you think of this case?” Finally, the old lady spoke.

Turning to his side, she looked at him deeply.

The sadness on his face was a little unexplained.

To be honest, at this moment, Burton Liam discovered that it turned out…that he was really, the blood of Burton’s was flowing!

At least, for a moment, he was like them, cruel!!!

“Grandma…” Burton Liam called her, and the deep voice seemed to be a little bit incomprehensible for the old lady.

The old lady frowned.

In the company, she likes formulating!

“Call me Burton Nora!”

Burton Liam was stunned for a second, and the deep blue pupils dimmed slightly.

“Burton Nora!” The dull voice called out.

He raised his eyes and glanced at her with a touch of complexity.

After a long time, he walked to the office desk of the old lady.

He took out a disc in his pocket and put it into the computer on the desk.

Bring the notebook over and face the old lady in front of the window.

“Burton Nora, I think you should understand this matter after watching this video!” His voice was calm without a trace of ups and downs.

It’s just the bottom of his heart, but it is full of mixed flavors!

Today’s step is not what he wants to take!

But the people of Burton Group are too strong! He had to embark on such a sinister move.

Emily needs happiness! The little guy needs freedom!!!

His request is really simple!!!

In the video…

The darkroom, with a clear face printed on it, belongs to Burton Lucas!!!

Recorded clearly, how would he take the files, lock the door, and leave.

Immediately afterward, it was the elusive transaction in the cafe during the day.

[“Mr. Burton, I have seen your new server plan, and it is indeed of great benefit to our company!”

“It’s just… I have some doubts, why should you sell such a good plan to a small company?”

“Private questions, I will not answer! Of course, if you don’t want it, I will never force it!”

“Haha… Mr. Burton, if you are, our CEN company will never forget Mr. Burton’s favor to us today!”]

The old lady’s face became more and more ashen.

The hand holding the cane couldn’t help trembling, and the anger in her heart kept burning.

She suppressed, suppressed all the time…

Finally, the video is over!

Her heart went from shock to anger, to disappointment, and then there was a trace of panic.

Long time…

She straightened her face and suppressed the anger in her heart.

The sharp eyes fell on Burton Liam, “I despise you…”

A low voice sighed.

Burton Liam only felt that his heart was hit hard by someone as uncomfortable!

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