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Chapter 67

Jack sat down on the sofa, leaned his head on the back seat of the sofa, and slowly said, “Then when I and Max were under the godfather’s banner, the godfather always loved me very much. He felt I was a little calmer than Max and finally handed over all his properties to me. Max would be young and vigorous, only thinking that godfather preferred me. Later, he had trouble with the elders in the door. Very fierce, and finally left with anger, he went straight to the EU, and his purpose was to defeat me, to get everything I like! But I know that even so, he still regards me as his best brother, but He has very strong self-esteem, but he still can’t let go of the past festivals, and is still trying to prove that he is better than me!”

“Are these things happening after I went abroad?” Ava blinked suspiciously.

“Of course…”

Jack nodded.

“So…” Ava felt sad when she thought about not being able to get married. “Brother Arthur, for me you are, so we cancel our wedding?”

Jack said nothing.

He can only say, forget it!

Why marry Jean? He just wanted to kill two birds with one stone!

It can protect Ava and get Max hooked, which is a good trick!

“But, I’m not afraid of him! Brother Arthur, I don’t want to ruin our wedding like this! I don’t want to…” Ava shook his head stubbornly.


Jack coaxed her patiently, “Trust me, I will make it up for you one day! Also, Jean and I are just a fake marriage!”


“That’s it!”

Although Jack was smiling, the overbearing “exposed” in his plain tone made Ava also incapable of holding his beak.

She always felt that Jack’s purpose in marrying Jean was more than that simple!

Who is Jack? Is it necessary to protect a woman with such a shameful trick? He simply has another purpose.

However, Ava couldn’t understand the man’s mind no matter how she guessed it!

Yes! He always hides everything extremely deep, which is impossible to predict and understand.

Emma has not appeared in the theater for the past two days. She heard that it was because of physical discomfort, so she asked for leave.

Jean probably guessed what was going on. After hearing Jack’s words that day, her heart kept getting restless.

Once she finished her work, she drove to the store in a hurry, picked some fresh fruit, and hurried home.

When Glover George saw his daughter coming home, he greeted her with joy, but Jean found that after only a few days, Jean’s father was quite old.

Even stepmother has experienced some vicissitudes.

The whole family was enveloped by waves of sad emotions, and everyone seemed to be unable to lift their energy.

“Jean, aren’t you busy today? You came here so early!”

Glover George hurriedly walked over and took the fruit in her hand.

“Dad, why are you and Aunt Megan’s faces so bad?” Jean asked her father worriedly.

Hearing Jean’s question, Glover George couldn’t help but sighed, “Actually, Dad has been worried that it will affect your work mood. I don’t want to tell you about this. But you are here today, so Dad doesn’t I’m telling you, you… go and see Emma!”

Glover George’s eyes were red and depressed.

Upon hearing this, Jean’s heart suddenly chuckles…

Her complexion was pale, and the hands that fell beside her couldn’t help but tremble. After a while, her lips opened, and she asked in a low voice, “Dad, sister…what’s wrong with her?”

Glover George shook his head, “I don’t know, we don’t know what happened to your sister. When she came back that day, her whole body was like crazy, and her emotions collapsed. She kept crying and screaming crazy. Then, two days later, she suddenly became sick!”

“Why… how could this be…”

Layers of sweat ooze from the palm of Jean’s hand, “Dad, what did the doctor say after seeing it?”

Glover George shook his head and kept shaking his head, tears already rolling in his eyes, “She saw the doctor and went for a full-body examination. The doctor said…Emma’s body was caused by excessive indulgence, and they suspected Emma is… she has been rounded up, but even so, she shouldn’t afford to be sick. The doctor said that psychological factors may account for more than half, but all the doctors are helpless with her!”

“Indulgence… Excessive indulgence?”

Jean’s face was so pale that there was no trace of blood.

“Jean, are you okay?” Glover George looked at Jean worriedly, “I knew I shouldn’t tell you this…”

“Dad, I’m okay, okay!” Jean shook her head, her expression was a little flustered, “I…I’ll go see Emma first.”

“Go go!” Glover George’s eyes were red.

Jean hurriedly went upstairs, but her legs trembling involuntarily.

Push the door and walk into the room…

Inside, the smell of disinfectant filled her nose, making Jean shiver subconsciously…

Seeing the pale face on the bed without any anger, Jean’s heart twitched, and her eyes turned red unconsciously in the next instant.

Unexpectedly, the person on the bed suddenly opened his eyes.

Jean was taken aback, and screamed with an “Ah…”.

As a result, Emma on the bed had a greater reaction than her.

The screams of the two girls sounded deafening in the room.

Downstairs, Glover George, and Megan rushed upstairs as soon as they heard the scream, “What’s the matter?”

On the bed, Emma was holding her head in panic, and threw the pillow to Jean frantically, “Ahhh!”

She yelled, cried, screamed…

Emma opened the quilt, ran directly out of the bed, Chao Jean ran over.

Even though she was panting with every step she took, but she just persisted and rushed towards Jean, but her godless eyes were full of hatred.

Hand, pulling Jean’s hair frantically, “Jean, you devil!!! Devil!!!”

This may be Emma’s most sober time in so many days!

“Emma, let go, don’t do this!!! She is your sister!!” Glover George wanted to get rid of Emma who was pulling Jean’s hair.

Of course, Jean stood still, motionless, just letting Emma beat and grab her.

Tears kept oozing out of the eyes, whether it was painful or regretful…

However, she still said nothing.

“Jean, you go out first! Your sister’s mood is not right! You go out!!” Glover George motioned to Jean to go first.

However, if Jean couldn’t hear her father’s words, she still stood there stubbornly, motionless, silently following her sister’s fight.

“Jean, you devil!! It was you, you ruined me!! It was you who ruined me, oooooh…”

“I hate you to death! I hate you to death…”

“Why do you treat me this way? I am your sister!! How can you find someone to turn me around! Ah-ah ah -“

Emma was crying, screaming, beating, holding, and pulling.

Jean’s face and body are already covered with scars, and her hair has been scattered into a ball…

But Emma’s words caused Glover George, who was dragging her, to shake suddenly, and Megan froze suddenly.

In the next instant, the two returned to their senses…

Megan looked crazy, Chao Jean rushed over…

“Slap…” She slapped Jean’s face mercilessly.

For a moment, the sound of “buzzing…” rang in Jean’s ears…

It hurts!!!

It feels like the ears are bleeding…

Tears rushed to the eyes…


This is Glover George’s voice.

He came over, pulled Megan away, and threw her aside mercilessly, staring at his opposite daughter with sharp eyes.

“Tell me, is what your sister just said is true?”

Glover George’s red eyes could burst into flames.

His fisted hands were shaking.

“Tell me, is it true!!!”

He yelled at Jean again, his shoulders were trembling constantly, and his voice was trembling.

Anger, hard to hide…

One after another, it shocked Jean’s heart…

With a sound of “Boom…” Jean knelt on the ground heavily…

Tears, like spring water, burst out into the eyes…

“Dad! I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

She shook her head and apologized to Emma who was already crazy, “Sister, I’m sorry!! I’m sorry…I didn’t mean it!! Dad, believe me, I don’t know how things will turn out like this, I don’t Know…oooooh…”

What Jean said shocked Glover George and took a few steps back.

His rickety body leaned back a bit, and for a moment he felt blood rush to the top, and he almost passed out.



Jean and Megan also exclaimed.

Jean hurriedly got up, trying to help her father.

As a result, Glover George greeted a fierce slap…

A strong wind fell mercilessly on Jean’s cheek that had just been beaten…

For a second, Jean felt that her ears were deaf.

Glover George’s hand was still trembling, and a handful of old tears fell into his eyes…

“Get out of here!!”

His voice was hoarse and trembling, with too much pain and anger in it.

“I, Glover George, don’t have a snake-hearted daughter like you!! Get out of me!!! Get out of this house!”

As soon as Glover George finished shouting, he felt congestion in his forehead and pain in his chest. He fainted without raising a breath.


Jean cried bitterly.

“Fuck!!! Fuck!!!” Megan pushed Jean desperately, holding her hair out of the house like crazy, “Jean, you bad woman, I must put you in jail!!! I won’t Let go of you!!!”

“Aunt Megan, let me go first! Call 120 and save my dad! Save my dad…”

Jean grabbed Megan and grabbed her hand, crying and begging, but Megan had been dazzled by hatred, and she didn’t know her current environment.

Jean couldn’t help but be beaten and dragged by Megan, but hurriedly went to the mobile phone in her pocket and quickly dialed the emergency number, “This is No. 239 Furong Road, Lijing Garden, 203 Number… Please help my dad!!”

“Ah… it hurts!!”

After dialing the call, Jean had been pulled out of the house by Megan.


The door slammed shut…

Blocked the devastated Jean outside…

“Auntie Megan, open the door, let me see my dad first…”

Jean cried and kept hammering the entrance door.

Tears rushed to the corner of her eyes…

She’s already in despair, or she’s almost an adult…

She cried and screamed for an unknown amount of time until the ambulance came, she stopped.

Chapter 68

Emma and Glover George were both taken to the hospital together.

Just when Jean wanted to get in the car with him, Megan angrily pushed her off the car, “Jean, are you satisfied with making our house like this? This is your purpose right? Are you trying to avenge your “sexual” mother Eliza?!!! Congratulations, you did it! You did it!!!”

Megan screamed angrily.

Jean’s heart hurts…

“Aunt Megan, you can beat and scold me, but please don’t insult my mother!!”

“I insulted her? Haha…” Megan sneered, “Your father knows whether she is a woman of “sex” Eliza! And, Jean, you will wait for me!! I will let you go to jail!! I will definitely…”

Megan gritted her teeth viciously and pushed Jean out of the car.

With a “bang-“, Jean fell to the ground, her knees broken, and blood was leaking…

However, no matter how much pain she felt, it couldn’t match her heartache…

Tears, endlessly pouring into the eyes…

In the end, she collapsed and squatted on the ground, crying bitterly!!!

Regret, and heartache, entangled her deeply, cutting her heart fiercely!!!

Yes!!! If it wasn’t for her, how could Emma become like this? Emma is okay, and her father will not be like that…

Their home… even more so!

Jean, what has she…what has she done to her family?!!!

In the end…what kind of people did she provoke to make her family like this?!!!

But even so, can she blame Jack?

She can’t blame him! Because they are still kind to her!

Fortunately, his father was fine. When Jean hurried away, Glover George had already woke up. Only Emma was still fainted in bed and couldn’t wake up.

Jean didn’t dare to appear in front of them, worried that she would stimulate her father’s emotions again, so she had to stand on tiptoe outside and watch.

After the doctor helped Emma see a doctor, she walked out, and Jean hurried after her, “Doctor, what’s the situation with the patient inside?”

The doctor glanced at Jean, and shook her head for a while, “Very bad…”

“Why… how could this be?”

“The patient’s mood is not stable at first, and it seems to have been strongly stimulated just now. This will be a bit more serious! Our hospital gave her a series of detailed examinations before, and now we have confirmed that the patient has A disease called Hepatitis disease, which is a disease that is transmitted through three transmission routes through “sex”-intercourse, blood “fluid” and inheritance. Moreover, this is a new type of case that is temporarily international. No technology can treat this disease. In short, it is… an incurable disease!!”

Incurable disease…

The four words exploded fiercely in her mind like a bomb. For a while, Jean took a cold breath…

She staggered, and for an instant, her face was pale and there was no trace of blood.

“Difficult… Is there no way to treat her in this world? Doctor, how is it possible? Now that medical technology is so advanced, how could this be? She is so young, she can’t die! Doctor, please, Please find a way to save her, okay?”

Jean begged, tears pouring into her eyes…

She didn’t dare to imagine what would happen to her in the future if something happened to her sister? She will never forgive herself! And Dad and Aunt Megan will never let her go!!!

“Doctor, please… please save her…”

“Miss Glover, don’t be like this…” The doctor was busy comforting Jean, “Although there are no successful cases in the world, as far as I know, there is a gold medalist in our country who is the leader of the international new-type case research team. For Miss Glover’s illness, I think he is the most authoritative. If you have the ability, you can ask him! But the tricky thing is that this famous doctor never gives people appointments easily. Now he is already a private doctor it is even more difficult to find an appointment! Moreover, even he may not be able to do it! But if he can’t even do it, then the international community should also be helpless!”

The doctor’s words are like a beacon of hope for Jean.

Jean burst into laughter, “Doctor, please tell me who he is, no matter how hard it is to find, no matter how much money it costs, I will not give up!!!”

The doctor sighed, “It’s not a question of money! This gold medal doctor is named Jacob, and he is now a private doctor in Allison Sect. He never accepts any medical treatment. It is harder for ordinary people to find him than to go to heaven! “


Jean shook, “Jacob from Allison Sect?”

Her face became a bit ugly.

“Yes…” The doctor nodded, “You probably only have to find him now or Miss Glover will have a chance! Miss Glover, if there is nothing to do, I will go ahead.

“Okay, thank you…”

Jean’s emotions became dazed.

Jacob of Allison!!!

How small is this world? And how powerful is the so-called Allison Sect?!

Turning around, she ran into the palm of the man’s hand again!


Is it that she will never escape from that man’s Five Finger Mountain!

Jack stood by the window…

The faint moonlight fell on his long figure and enveloped him deeply.

The cold breath filled the surrounding…

He smoked the cigarette in his hand without a puff, and there was a cold, wicked smile on his lips.

“Allison Jack, do you think she will come to me then?”

Behind him, Jacob asked Jack.

“Of course!” Jack curled his lips and smiled, with a long cigarette between his fingers, and lazily flicked it on the ashtray.

Why does Max control so many men, not because he has developed those new viruses that no one can treat? Without Max to relieve their illness and extend their lives, they probably would have deviated long ago!

But Jack’s people have been studying how to unravel the virus and take all of Max’s gangs into their alliance.

“If I guess correctly, Emma should have contracted this disease too…”

Jack took another cigarette in his hand and muttered to himself, “She has no choice!”

If Emma had anything in the case, her family would not let her go, so she would come and beg herself!

Jacob glanced at Jack deeply.

Sometimes, he admires the man in front of him. For such a complicated chess piece, he can walk so meticulously. Every step seems to be under his control…

Allison Sect Young Master is indeed Allison Sect Young Master!

The things he stares at, even asking for blessings is just a kind of superfluous!

“She is coming…”

Quill, Jack said.

The thin lips outlined a strange chuckle.


Jean walked out of the hospital unconsciously, it was already nine o’clock in the night.

She seemed to remember something, and hurriedly took a taxi and hurried home.

The series of things that happened today made her bewildered and completely forgot her agreement with Allison Thomas!

Today is his tenth birthday, and she promised to celebrate him!

Jean glanced at the time. Fortunately, it was only after nine o’clock, and it was too late!

Even if she is annoyed and depressed today, she can’t discard that little thing…

Without the arms and legs of the child, she hopes that she can give him more care and warmth.

Jean went home, took a bath quickly, and changed her clothes.

The scars on her face were too late to apply for the “medicine”, she cleaned up casually, took the gift that had been prepared for the little thing early in the morning, and hurried out the door.

The car stopped outside Allison’s villa.

Jean did not rush in but instead dialed Allison Thomas.

“Where are you?”

As soon as the phone was connected, Allison Thomas asked her in a frenzy.

He seems to be in a bad mood.

“Are you angry?” Jean suppressed a smile on the phone and blasted the young master’s temper.

“Are you outside?” Allison Thomas seemed to hear the wind coming in from the phone and asked her with his eyebrows.

“En…” Jean admitted, “I’m outside your house, you come out, OK?”

“You come in!”

Allison Thomas motioned with his eyes to push him to the window.

Sure enough, in the courtyard outside, a petite figure was squatting on the side of the road, talking to him on the phone.

The cool autumn breeze blew by, causing her to shudder and wrap her coat tightly.

“You come in!” he repeated, “It’s cold outside, I won’t go out!”

Take a look! It’s a kid’s temper again!

He didn’t want a stupid cat to blow the air outside!

“I won’t go in anymore! But I brought you a gift.”

“Why? You quarreled with my brother?” the little guy asked her caringly.

“No…” Jean shook her head.

She didn’t quarrel with Jack, but now, she didn’t want to see that man at all.


“Your brother’s fiancee is also inside, how embarrassing it would be for me to go in…”

This is true.

“Okay! Then I’ll come out!” Allison Thomas was no longer stubborn.

“Okay, good…” Jean laughed.

The word “good” made Allison Thomas flush with shame.

After hanging up the phone, Allison Thomas ordered someone to push the wheelchair and walked out the door.

And the sixth floor…

The two men had a panoramic view of the scenes downstairs.

Jack’s faintly blue phoenix eyes tightened a few times, and the “color” of the eyes overflowed with a dangerous “color”.

“She doesn’t seem to come to you.”

Jacob raised his eyebrows.

Jack pursed his lips without saying a word.

The monster eyes stared at the beautiful shadow downstairs trembling in the cold wind…

The light was as cold as an ice skate…

“She has such a good relationship with Thomas?”

Jacob was surprised.


Jean put the gift in her hand on Allison Thomas and squatted down in front of him.

“You are not angry when I’m here so late? I’m sorry, something happened at home today, so I delayed the time.”

She apologized with a smile on her lips.

But that smile is so bitter and astringent.

Someone stepped forward and handed a coat to Jean.

Jean was shocked and looked at Allison Thomas in surprise.

“You put it on first!” Allison Thomas said lightly, “These are my brother’s clothes.”

“No need!” Jean was unwilling, “I’m not cold!” She hurriedly wrapped his clothes on Thomas again.

Allison Thomas frowned and ordered to order, “Bring her the clothes.”


“Okay! I’m really afraid of you!” Jean took the clothes over and wrapped them around her…

For a moment, she felt that Jack’s familiar musky scent filled her nose…

Inexplicably, she was in a daze…

Her heart was a little bit painful.

“How did you celebrate your birthday today?”

She tried to shift her thoughts, raised her head, and smiled, and asked the expressionless child opposite.

“Big cat, don’t laugh, it’s ugly!”

Jean, Allison Thomas said.

“You bastard! Do you want to speak so directly and so badly!”

Jean couldn’t laugh or cry.

Allison Thomas looked at Jean closely, her childish eyes tightened for a while, and then asked her aloud, “Have you been beaten again?”

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