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Chapter 661

After Dixon Lily finished speaking, she pulled her bag and left arrogantly.

After studying at night, Dixon Lily hurried back to Brook Mark’s house, but he was already waiting at home.

“Clean up and get ready to go out.”

“Where?” Dixon lily blinked in confusion.

“Go to Euro.”

“Bar?” Dixon Lily frowned.

“En! Hurry up, Lewis is already waiting there!” Brook Mark urged.

Lewis? Dixon Lily’s eyebrows were a little deeper, and she shook her head, still lying on the sofa without moving, “I’m not going, you go!”

“Hey! What are you doing? Do you avoid him now?” Brook Mark stabbed her spineless with an elbow.

“That’s it!” Dixon Lily adjusted her sitting posture, and laid her head lazily on the back of the sofa, “I’m not going! He said to me when he drove me away, next time he saw me, he will take my life!”

Thinking about it now, Dixon Lily still has lingering fears about him that day.

A certain part of her heartfelt a little pain.

“Coward!!” Brook Mark teased her, “Let’s go! Your little life is now in the hands of this young master, and you can’t die for the time being! Tonight Lewis needs you to make a special roll call because there is a great show coming soon! Let you know in advance! Brown Emily is here too!”

“Brown Emily?” Sure enough, Dixon Lily, who was lying on the sofa, immediately became interested.

It’s just obvious that their interests are not at one point at all.

“What do you want to do to her?” Dixon Lily looked suspiciously at the man next to her.

Brook Mark answered her very seriously, “What we do to her depends on two things. First, whether the person playing with us is her or not, and second, we have to see how Lewis feels tonight.”


“OK, then if that person is her, and happens to have a bad character and a bad mood, what will happen to her?” How could Dixon Lily plan for the worst?

Brook Mark smiled warmly, revealing his always harmless look, and gently threw her four words, “It’s up to fate.”

“…” Dixon Lily only felt her body tremble, and a chill seeps from the top of her head to her toes.

“Wait for me, I’ll be fine right away!” Dixon Lily took the bag and rushed upstairs to change her clothes.

Although she didn’t know what they were going to do to Brown Emily, she went and took a look. She was always relieved and could help if she was in a hurry.

Even if she looks down on that “woman” from the bottom of her heart, every policeman has to protect citizens.

Brook Mark led Dixon Lily through the haunting hall and into the platinum VIP room where Lewis Justin was.

The box was full of people, most of whom she didn’t know.

In the center of the box, Lewis Justin, with his hands spread out, is as noble as a king. He sits lazily in the middle of the couch, half-squinting his wicked eyes, looking at her who is standing at the door, his eyes focused and clear. Without concealing it, the corners of the sex-sense lips still seemed to have a slight smile.

“Here,” He said faintly, calling out.

Of course, Dixon Lily knew that this was not greeting her.

“En…” Next to her, Brook Mark responded, and then naturally stretched his hand over Dixon Lily and walked over to the empty seat on the other side, “Go ahead and sit down.”

“Oh…” Dixon Lily didn’t dare to stay longer either.

Because the look in the eyes of the sitting man in front of her fell on her as if he wanted to see through her completely, leaving her invisible, this kind of oppression was too strong, she didn’t like it.

When their hands touched together, Lewis Justin’s evil eyes instantly became cold.

As soon as Dixon lily sat down, the box door was pushed open again quickly, only to hear someone shouting excitedly, “Miss Emily is here.”

Probably Brown Emil had never seen such a pompous posture before, and as soon as the box door was opened, she stayed for a few minutes.

All those who are sitting in front of her are a group of wealthy children. Although they only glanced briefly, their money and taste have been revealed in their clothes. Of course, this does not include the only mixed mouse shit … Dixon Lily.

Brown Emily gave her a contemptuous look and finally settled on Lewis Justin in the middle.

At this moment, his noble aura and powerful aura made Brown Emily’s nervous heartbeat more and more rapidly.

What’s more, the man in front of her, at this moment, is also looking at her with an inquiring look.

Investigate? Does it mean interest?

Thinking about that, Brown Emily’s heart was almost about to pop out of her chest, and her face instantly became hot.

“Come here…” Suddenly, Lewis Justin, who was sitting in the middle, spoke.

The sex-sense thin lips moved lazily, and the corners of the lips raised a wicked smile of extreme charm, beckoning to the shy Brown Emily opposite.

On the other side of the sofa, Dixon Lily’s little hand in front of her trembled slightly.

Brown Emily was stunned for a second, and the corner of her lips raised a confident smile, twisting her body, and the lady walked towards Lewis Justin who was opposite.

Just when Brown Emily was still a step away from Justin, Lewis Justin quickly stretched out his hand and pulled the opposite her into his arms.

“Ah…” Brown Emily was shocked by Lewis Justin’s sudden reaction. The next moment, she exclaimed shyly, her charming face was already red.

There was a roar of men around her.

Dixon Lily, who was sitting in the corner, felt that her breathing was a little unsatisfactory for a moment, but she could only hear a faint command from Lewis Justin in the middle, “Let’s play with each other!”

The meaning of this is that everyone no longer needs to focus on him.

Is he also embarrassed? Dixon Lily thought so.

“Lewis…Lewis Justin, why would you ask me out?” Brown Emily’s sighing voice still couldn’t conceal the excitement, and the body was still nestled in Lewis Justin’s arms, a heart beating fast as if it was about to jump generally.

Lewis Justin raised his eyebrows with a smile, “Don’t you like it?”

“No…No, of course not.” Brown Emily hurriedly shook her hand.

In the next moment, the little hand was held by Lewis Justin’s big cold hand, and then, holding her little hand close to his sex-sense thin lips slowly rubbing together, the teasing taste is very strong, “As long as you like it…”

There is an ambiguous breath madly running through the whole box hall.

And Brown Emily at that moment…

She felt as if a high-voltage electric current passed through her body like crazy. The next moment, the small body couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

The smile on Brown Emily’s lips grew deeper.

Brown Emily’s charming cheeks are like those ripe tomatoes, and she couldn’t help but snorted, “Lewis Justin…”

“Girl, be good…” His extremely magnetic voice softly coaxed her, while speaking, his white teeth gnawed at the tip of her finger teasingly.

Only a superficial action and an intimate name, it completely lost Brown Emily’s strength, and the body could only limp weakly in Lewis Justin’s strong and generous arms, panting non-stop.

But her title…

Without any concealment, she ran straight into Dixon Lily’s ears.

The beautiful eyebrows couldn’t help but frown slightly, and there was a feeling of rejection and disgust in her heart, and there were some uncomfortable emotions.

Going to the beginning, no longer look at the ambiguous people over there.

She shrugged her nose and snorted at Brook Mark, “You let me watch this good show?”

Brook Mark shrugged innocently, “Who knows what medicine Lewis Gourd sells.”

Dixon Lily didn’t say any more, she poured herself a glass of wine, touched the glass in Brook Mark’s hand, and drank it.

As soon as she put down the wine glass, she heard the ambiguity of Lewis Justin’s questioning over there, and she remembered it again. She didn’t want to hear it. There was a lot of noise in the box, but that sound came into her ears. Come, it’s so clear, it’s so clear that it’s hard for her to ignore it.

“Girl, do you have a boyfriend?” The evil charm’s voice was full of bewitching, asking Brown Emily in his arms.

In a word, let Dixon Lily’s fingers holding the wine glass tighten slightly.

But it also made Brown Emily in his arms look excited and surprised, “No…No, absolutely not.”

“That…” When Lewis Justin said this, he deliberately paused slightly, and his evil eyes glanced at Dixon Lily in the corner but happened to meet Dixon Lily’s somewhat dazed eyes, and the corners of his lips smiled deeper, “Would you like to be the “female” of Lewis Justin?”

Dixon Lily in the corner was slightly stunned, but after a strange feeling arose in her heart, she was extremely puzzled.

What is it now? Is Lewis Justin looking for his next gun handle? And this gun handle is-Brown Emily?

“When… Of course, I do.” Brown Emily responded shyly, but her eyes met Dixon Lily’s suspicious look in the corner, and the corners of her charming lips smiled extremely proudly. The arrogance felt like she was the “bubble” at this moment. The princess was taken away by the prince, and Dixon Lily on the opposite side was the tragic mermaid that turned into a bubble…

Dixon Lily snorted coldly, just wanted to look away, but it was too late…

Lewis Justin’s thin lips had already covered Brown Emily’s smug smile, and he kissed her!!!

An extreme deep kiss, almost to the state of selflessness!!!

At that moment, Dixon Lily clearly felt the stiffness on her face, but quickly returned to her senses and hurriedly closed her eyes.

Inexplicably, feeling that her chest was tight enough to breathe, she picked up the wine glass on the table and drank it again.

“Hey! Why are you drinking so hard?” Brook Mark stared at her with complicated eyes.

“Thirst.” Dixon Lily replied faintly, her cheeks had been stained with strange blushes due to the effect of alcohol.

Brook Mark chuckled lightly and teased her, “Could it be that you are getting thirsty when you see others having fun?”

“You…” When Dixon Lily said, her little face became red and hot, “Rogue!” She couldn’t help spitting at him and took another sip of the foreign wine in the glass.

Being scolded by her, Brook Mark smiled without anger and reached out to grab the wine glass in her hand, “Girl, drunk chaos-haven’t you heard of sex? Would you still drink so much?”

“You dare!!”

Brook Mark smiled warmly, “You know I have nothing to dare to do, especially chaos-sex…”

The last two words Brook Mark almost whispered in Dixon lily’s ear, causing a tingling sensation in Dixon Lily’s sensitive ears.

Dixon Lily smiled and cursed and pushed him away, “Brook Mark, stay away from me, lust!”

There was a slapstick here, but there was a frantic obsession.

“Justin, light…light…”

Brown Emily-the voice of begging for mercy reminded timidly in the box, still with a somewhat chubby appearance.

Chapter 662

At this moment, Lewis Justin is like an angry lion, rubbing with his big hands frantically on her plump snowy peak, ignoring the “female” in front of him, and his white teeth are venting his anger. The ground bit on Brown Emily’s delicate body.

The louder the laughter over there, the heavier the strength here…

As for Brown Emily’s begging for mercy, the man on her body was completely unheard of.

Here, Dixon Lily only felt that her breathing was getting worse and worse. After drinking a few more glasses of wine in the chaos, her head became dizzy.

“Hey! Did you bring me here just to watch this play? Brook Mark, aren’t you so boring? Both of us went home and watched A-V more than this!”

When Dixon Lily finished speaking dissatisfied, she got up to leave.

But she didn’t expect to be together and saw the man in the middle suddenly stood up. The next moment, he hugged the already disheveled “woman” beside him and walked into the small box.

“You guys play first…”

A hostile voice floated coldly, almost freezing Dixon Lily’s body.

Dixon lily looked at the back of Lewis Justin who had not entered the room, and there was a bit of soreness in her eyes.

Oh shit!!!

She couldn’t help but curse fiercely, this bastard!!! She told him early in the morning not to fancy Brown Emily, what is it now?

Tomorrow when she goes to school, she will be teased by Brown Emily so shamelessly.

Dixon Lily’s eyes turned red at the thought of this.

Funny!!! She would want to cry because she was afraid of being canceled by Brown Emily. She, Dixon Lily was crazy!!!

Dixon Lily sat back on the sofa in frustration, unable to draw a trace of strength, even she didn’t know what was wrong with herself, all she knew was that a certain part of her chest hurts, so hurts, and it hurts that she is about to suffocate.

From time to time, there are interesting conversations with the men around her.

“Wow, it’s the first time that Lewis played so excitingly!”

“Ha! No matter how you drag Lewis, how can he be a man too?”

“It seems that Brown Emily has two brushes!”

“That is! There are no two brushes that can steal the position of the heroine girl? Isn’t it, girl!” Brook Mark put his hands on Dixon Lily’s shoulders, smiling evilly, deliberately harming her.

Dixon Lily gave him a fierce look, for you a beast that has fallen into trouble.

In the box-

Lewis Justin’s tall figure pushed Brown Emily’s petite body against the door, a wicked smile appeared on the corner of his lips, and the falcon-like eyes flashed dangerously.

Brown Emily’s cheeks flushed, and she kept panting, “Lewis… Lewis Justin, will you…”

“Are you afraid?” Lewis Justin asked her with a chuckle.

“I…I’m shy…” Brown Emily pretended to be shy and hid her eyes.

“Don’t be afraid…” Lewis Justin coaxed her gently, “I will try to be softer.” His voice was also extremely gentle, hearing Brown Emily’s ears almost melted her.

“But… But Lily is also…” Brown Emily deliberately pushed him in front of her.

She wanted to prove the status of the “woman” in the man’s mind.

“Lily?” Lewis Justin raised his eyebrows slightly, and thought for a while, “Oh, you mean the “female” sitting in the corner named… Dixon Lily?” He suddenly realized that he was not sure of the appearance yet.

The corner of Brown Emily’s lips smiled deeper, “Lewis Justin, you are so bad, you don’t even remember her name, then you must not even know my name!”

“Haha…” Lewis Justin chuckled, “Emily, Brown Emily…No matter how bad I am, I must remember the name of the “female” I want!”

“Lewis Justin, you are interesting!! Hahaha…” Brown Emily laughed like a silver bell.

“Then it depends on who…” As he said, Lewis Justin teasingly put a sip on Brown Emily’s sensitive earlobe, “You want to be a dumb “female” like Dixon Lily. I’m not interested in touching her! I heard that you squeezed her from the position of the first heroine this time, how about it, do you like it?

“Of course I like it!” Brown Emily smiled happily, and bravely dropped a kiss on his lips. “Don’t you think that the heroine’s position is originally mine? Humph! What is Dixon Lily? The thing, didn’t she get the position of the heroine by accompanying Brook Mark to sleep? How can I be like her, right? People can rely on strength!”

While Brown Emily was excited, she didn’t notice the murderous aura flashing in Lewis Justin’s quiet eyes.

Lewis Justin’s thin lips pressed tighter.

“Justin, how do you know all this? Do you usually follow me secretly?” After Brown Emily was attacked by the sweet words of Lewis Justin just now, she became more convinced that this man was fascinated by her temperament and beauty, and she became bolder.

As she asked, she had a pair of hot hands, and she did not forget to swim away under his shirt.

“More than that, I also know a lot about you…” Lewis Justin smiled evilly, “For example, how did you squeeze Dixon Lily down.”

“You…” Brown Emily’s little hand dropped on Lewis Justin’s chest suddenly, and her little face turned pale instantly.

“What’s the matter?” Lewis Justin still smiled evilly, “Are you scared? Didn’t you just take some erotic photos of her? Why are you so scared, could she swallow you?”

As Lewis Justin spoke, the lips had already left her white neck, “Don’t be afraid, with me, she can’t move you at all! She dare not move you!!!”

After finishing speaking, Lewis Justin opened his lips, sucking on her neck ambiguously, teasing every vigilant nerve of her.

“Ah…” Brown Emily gasped and groaned, holding Lewis Justin’s head with both hands, “Justin, you are so good to others…but, how did you know to take pictures of that “woman” the person is me? I can’t show any flaws.”

Ah!!! Lewis Justin kissed her lips, and a chill flashed.

She has no flaws at all!

He sneered, and in the next instant, his cold body pulled away from Brown Emily’s body that was about to lose control, without any thoughts.

The eyes that were just still tender were instantly stained with a layer of bloodthirsty and cold frost.

The corners of evil’s lips gave a cold smile, “Just now, you told me in person! Miss Brown Emily!!!”

“Justin…” Brown Emily’s eyes widened, and she couldn’t believe the sudden change in front of her.

Lewis Justin’s cold eyes lit up with a bit of disgust, “You are not qualified to call Lewis Justin’s name!!”

This is a reminder, and more, a warning!!!

At that moment, Brown Emily only felt a touch of cold, from the head to the toes…

In front of her was a black hole muzzle, aimed straight at the top of her head.

Brown Emily’s face was pale and ugly as if she had been drained of blood, and her petite body was still trembling, “You…what are you going to do? Don’t be foolish, you… you kill me, you will… Will go to jail…”

Her voice was trembling non-stop, tears oozing out of her eyes.

“Go to jail?” Lewis Justin sneered, “Miss Emily is threatening me or threatening me? What should I do? I am most afraid of others using this kind of agitation to arouse me!”

Upon hearing these cold words, Brown Emily only felt that her feet were soft, and her whole body fell on the ground without any spine, “Let’s …… Lewis Justin, don’t… I, I didn’t mean that I didn’t…”

Her eyes became looser and looser.

“Miss Emily, you don’t have to panic so much.” Lewis Justin took the gun in his hand and sat down on the opposite sofa, still elegant and noble.

“Death or truth, choose one by yourself!”

“True… truth!” Brown Emily answered him almost without thinking.

“Okay!” Lewis Justin was very satisfied with her answer. He probed his hand and sorted out his somewhat messy tie and suit on his body. He got up and approached the “female” who was pale without any blood, cold. Lewis Justin’s big hand patted Brown Emily’s small face, “If you want to be a “female” of Lewis Justin, you are not qualified!! Remember, if you dare to touch Lewis Justin’s “female” in the future, I will let you are better off living than death! Remember to hold a press conference in two days! I want you to tell the truth about what you know as the people of the whole country! There must be a word error, and the result… you know… haha!”

After speaking coldly, Lewis Justin moved out of the box door gracefully.


In the bathroom, Dixon Lily was lying on the side of the sink and vomiting constantly, as if she was about to vomit out all the internal organs in her whole body.

Extremely difficult.

But in her mind, she has been replaying the figure of the man holding Brown Emily into the box just now…

It’s been almost ten minutes since they entered, and perhaps they have already rolled together now, doing the so-called desire-immortality-desire-death thing that Brook Mark said.

She doesn’t know why, when she thinks of this, her chest feels sore, and even her eyes are wet.

What is wrong with her? Is Dixon Lily wicked? She must be!!! Evil!!!

Otherwise, why would her heart hurt so much and her chest so uncomfortable! It was so uncomfortable that she was about to die.

Brook Mark was leaning outside the bathroom door, smoking a cigarette without a mouthful.

Perhaps, he understands a little bit why today’s girl drinks so much alcohol.

Or in other words, he understood it a long time ago, but just pretended not to understand.

“Girl, are you okay?”

He wiped out the cigarette butt and knocked on the door, his voice a little dry.

No answer.

“Girl?” He frowned.

Still silent.

“Girl, I will push the door in if you don’t come out again.”

Brook Mark knocked on the door three more times, just about to push the door in, but suddenly, the bathroom door was opened, and a pale face was printed in his eyes.

Brook Mark was taken aback for a moment and hurriedly reached out to hug her.

At this moment, she seemed to have just walked out of the Temple, with a pale face like thin paper, without the slightest blood.

“I want to go home…”

She leaned in his arms, her voice dumb, and she muttered dazedly.

Brook Mark let out a low sigh, a little distress flashed under his eyes, “Okay, let’s go home.”

He hugged her crumbling body, did not go back to the box to say hello, hugged her, and went straight out of the bar.

He knew that Lewis Justin had arranged such a good show, he really wouldn’t bring this girl.

Does this injustice make her come to suffer?

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