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Chapter 69

What a “yet” word!

Poke Jean in the chest!!!

She twitched the corners of her lips, a little astringent, “En!”

“What’s the matter?” Allison Thomas asked subconsciously.

“Deserve to be beaten, it’s okay!”

Jean’s eyes were inexplicably red.

Allison Thomas only stared at her deeply, knowing in his heart that he shouldn’t say something and he shouldn’t ask again.

“Does it hurt?”

“Want to hear the truth?”

Allison Thomas pressed his lips tightly without saying a word.

Jean laughed, “It doesn’t hurt!”

Lie! Although she has become accustomed to being beaten, it hurts. Sometimes even her ears seem to be deaf…

“Go in, I will ask Miss Maria to help you with “medicine”.”

After Allison Thomas spoke domineeringly, he signaled to let the next person push him to enter the door.

“No need! I just go back and order the “medicine” by myself!”

Jean got up hurriedly.

Allison Thomas turned around and looked up at her, “Do you have to make yourself so embarrassed every time?”

A question made Jean almost cry.

She smiled, with tears in her eyes, “I’m lucky, every time I bump into it! Okay, I should go back! Kid, happy birthday…”

As she said, she hurriedly took off her clothes and handed them to the people next to him, “Thank you! I’m leaving, goodbye… Also, don’t worry about me too much! I will be fine!”

Allison Thomas wanted to stop her, but in the end, he just opened his lips without shouting.

“She left…”

Jacob reminded Jack.

Jack squinted his charming eyes.

After a while, Jacob said leisurely, “She seems to be in a bad mood, her back is very lonely…”

Too! Can she be in a good mood when something like this happens?

Jack didn’t say much, just took out his cell phone and dialed out.

Soon, Jean, who was walking towards the gate, reacted.

The phone in her pocket rang, she picked it up and found that it was Jack.

Slightly stunned, the palms of her hands were a bit cold…

But still, answered the phone.

“Come in!”

It’s always the tone of Jack’s command.

Jean took a deep breath, but shook her head, “I won’t go in!”

“Jean, I warned you not to get too close to my brother! Do you remember this sentence!!” His tone was extremely cold.

Jean frowned, “Mr. Allison, I’m really tired. If you have anything to say, You’ll talk about it another time, okay?”

There are still tears in her eyes…

Today she is too tired and tired!

She was so tired that she was completely breathless!

Therefore, she doesn’t want to be “forced” by anyone anymore, even if she knows that only Jack can save her sister, but today…

She just wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, because she knew that from tomorrow…

Starting tomorrow, she will succumb to that man again…

Without waiting for Jack to answer, she hung up the phone.

Going forward in a muddled manner…

There was darkness in front of her eyes, and for a moment, she could barely see the dawn…

The heart, like her eyes, was so black that she was completely breathless!

She doesn’t know since when her life began to look like this… a mess!!!

Jean, she is terrible!!!

Work is not going well, emotions are not going well, marriage is not going well, even the relationship between relatives is so bad…

As a human being, she is probably the most failed!!!


Jean walked all the way, thinking.

However, she felt that her arm was being held by a powerful hand. In the next instant, her whole body was pulled into a solid embrace by a force.

That chest, too familiar…

That breath is too “blurred”…

But just a light touch, she knew who the man in front of her was!

Besides her, Jack, who else is there?!

Her whole body was “rubbed” tightly into his arms…

At that moment, when she felt his strong and warm chest, Jean felt as if she had found a point of support. For a while, tears burst out…

She didn’t know why she didn’t push the man in front of her, or why she wanted to cry when she saw him…

Perhaps after so many days, she became more and more accustomed to relying on him when she was most sad.

And, every time, he appeared so timely!

He put his arms around her, the strength on his arms tightened and tightened a little bit.

Jean didn’t know how long she had been crying until her sanity began to recover, she didn’t want to push away the man in front of her.

“Thank you, I’m fine!”

Her attitude became alienated.

Yes! The only thing she has to do now is to stay away from the man in front of her.

It’s not that the body is far away, but the mind and body must be far away!

He is too dangerous, and his step-by-step sinking is tantamount to a step-by-step “suicide”.

Jean said she was leaving.

Jack held her, “I will send you back.”

“No, I’ll just go back by myself!” Jean refused.

However, Jack was willing to allow her to refuse.

Jack, carried her up and walked directly to the car.

But upstairs, on the third floor, in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, Ava stood there, but already had a panoramic view of everything downstairs.

A faint wry smile appeared between the lips.

Brother Arthur, did you not include any other emotions for this girl?

Or, you have already let go of feelings, but still don’t know it?!


Jean was dragged into the car by Jack, but she did not struggle anymore.

All the way, speechless.

Fast, the car drove into the International Union City.

As soon as he entered the room, Jack approached Jean and took her into his arms from the back.

Jean suffocated all over her body, completely unexpected that the man behind would behave like this.

“what’s happening?”

Jack stuck it between her ears and asked her in a dumb voice.


Jean frowned and struggled without a trace, seeming to want to escape his confinement.

Jack didn’t force her, he let go and let her go.

Instead, he walked to the cabinet in the hall.

Take the medical “medicine” box out.

However, Jean asked, “Why are you marrying me?”

Jack tilted his head and glanced at her, but did not answer. He took the medical “medicine” box and sat down on the sofa.

He beckoned to her, “Come here…”

Jean looked at him with her misty eyes, then took another look at the medical “medicine” box in his hand, walked over, and sat down beside him.

“Apply the “medicine” first, and talk about other things later.”

Jack’s tone was very weak.

“I will do it myself.”

Jean tried to take the “medicine” ointment in his hand.

“Sit down and don’t move.”

Jean froze for a moment, but in the end, she didn’t move, just letting this man give her “medicine”.

Looking at the scars on her cheeks, Jack’s faint eyes sank a little…

He has to admit that this movie is really heavy.


When the “medicine” water touched Jean’s wound, Jean whispered in pain, her eyebrows were punched, and her eyes flushed.

Seeing her appearance, Jack’s heart was tight for no reason…

“It hurts?”

He asked her in a low voice.

His eyes gleamed on her red and swollen cheeks.

“A little…”

Jean admitted honestly.

Jack’s blue eyes shrank sharply, “I’ll be gentle.”


Sure enough, compared to just now, Jack’s hand movements were much more careful.


While applying the “medicine” ointment, he carefully blows on Jean, trying to relieve the tingling pain on Jean’s cheek by the hot air exhaled from his lips.

The warm breeze hit Jean’s cheek…

The pain seems to be significantly reduced!

The heart followed, softening a bit…

“Does it hurt?”

He asked her.

Jean shook her head, “It doesn’t hurt anymore…”

As she spoke, she subconsciously covered her ears.

This small movement never escaped Jack’s eyes.


He asked her, leaning close to her cheek, checking it carefully.

“A little bit…”

Jack frowned, then took out his cell phone and quickly dialed out.

“Jacob, come over here to the International Union City! Well, take the medicine box with you.”

The call was made to Jacob.

“I will let him show you later!”

Jack looked at her deeply, but he stretched out his hand and pulled her into his arms.

Wrap tightly…

“Did you get beaten because of me?”

He quizzed her.

Jean pursed her lips and said nothing.

Jack put his head on her shoulders but didn’t say much, only hugged her tighter.

“It feels like I haven’t held you like this in a long, long time…”

His voice is full of…

Intriguing low!

That kind of words, word by word, hit Jean’s heart…


Jean called him.

“I like you to call me Arthur!”

Jean sighed, “I’m not used to it.”

“Then let it get used to it.” He seemed paranoid about his name.

Jean didn’t plan to continue to entangle this issue with him, she just sighed and said, “Actually, I want to talk to you.”

“En! Say it, I’m listening.”

He stretched out, shook his hand, and put it in her palm.

“Hands are so cold…”

He sighed and held it tighter.

Jean’s heart was tightly affected by his small gesture.

Her gaze fell on his big hand clasped tightly…

The sight became a little fuzzy…

After a while, he heard her whisper, “Why are we so close, but I just don’t understand you at all?”

What Jean said made Jack stunned for half a second…

In the next moment, he chuckled slightly…

Head, still resting on her shoulders.

He took her hand and nibble between his lips.

After a long time, he asked her, “Why do you want to understand me? Why? What do you want to read about me? My heart?”

He asked her a series of questions.

He tilted his head, his scorching eyes locked on her wandering cheek, “Do you care about me? Like me?”


Jean hurriedly refused, her eyes a little panicked, “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like you!”

Her denial made Jack frown.

“I just don’t understand. Why would you tie me to your side if you don’t like me? You don’t like me, but you still want to marry me! What do you want to do? The one you told Max What does the chess game mean? Jack, what are you planning in your heart? You will make me really…very panic…”

Jean was a little excited as she spoke.

Jack held her hand, but said swiftly, “Why do you say that I don’t like you?”

In a word, it seems that the question is not salty or indifferent, but staring at Jean is very firm.

In a word, Jean’s heart trembled suddenly…

At that moment, she heard the sound of her heart skipping a beat.

She was stunned and stared at him in shock…

Jack smiled strangely.

Reach out, pick her up, sit on his lap, spread her legs, and sit facing him.

Chapter 70

Jean’s eyes were still a little dumbfounded.

Looking at Jack’s enchanting face, she did not return to her senses slowly.

Just…what did he mean?!

She must be thinking too much!!!

Yes, it must be!!!

“Don’t look at me with such innocent eyes…”

Jack smiled and whispered, “You will only make me want to eat you!”

Jack’s words made Jean blush immediately, “Rogue!”

“Just kidding!”

Jack bit her little hand for a while, and then said sternly, “Let me guess what happened tonight?”

“Forget it, I don’t want to mention it anymore…”

Jean wanted to escape from her heart.

“You are all to blame for Emma, isn’t it?”

Jack’s faint eyes fixedly stared at her.

Jean nodded, “Yes!”

Then, she hurriedly said, “Can you help me, okay?”


Jack pretended to be stupid, staring at her puzzledly, “How can I help?”

“My sister… has a very strange disease. The doctor said that this disease is now incurable, but one person is now a professor at the International Institute for this case.”

Jack’s fascinating blue eyes flickered, “Do you want Jacob to help you?”


Jean looked at him imploringly, “I know, he never takes private orders, but if you speak for me, he will help.”


Jack gave a deep “groan”.

After a while, he raised his eyes and looked at her.

“But, why should I help her?”

His tone was unhappy, without any ups and downs.

Jack’s words made Jean’s cherry lips tighten into a line.

She had already guessed it!

This man is a businessman, so why can’t he do anything good?

Jean took a deep breath…

“Didn’t you say you want me to marry you?”

When asked this sentence, she felt that she was about to suffocate.

Jack only smiled faintly, did not answer, looking forward to her next story.

“As long as you promise to save my sister, I will promise your request…”

In any case, the lives of loved ones are the most important, right?

Jack smiled evilly…

The faint eyes seemed to be full of broken stars, shining brightly.

Thin lips rubbed her lips gently, “I like this deal…”

“But I can’t guarantee that Jacob will do it!”

Jack added.

Jean’s lips were pressed tightly.

“Think carefully about it…”

Jack’s fingers casually rubbed Jean’s palm.

The itchy feeling in the palm of her hand, Ruo Ruo burned into her heart…

She pulled her hand back in a panic. After a while, she said, “I know, but you must assure me that he will do his best to save her!”

Jean knew that if she didn’t find Jacob, Emma would die, but if he was found, there might be a chance of survival.

Therefore, this transaction must be carried out, right?

In fact, at first, Jean had thought of going directly to Jacob, but after she became more and more aware of what kind of dangerous person Jack was, she became more and more sure that Jacob would never help her without Jack’s relief…

“I can’t guarantee Jacob’s character, but you can rest assured about medical ethics.”


Jean nodded.

“When did you have such a good relationship with my brother?”

Jack asked Jean.

The tone was flat and expressionless.

It’s just that the big hand holding her waist, exerts a little force.

“It’s always been pretty good…” Jean answered honestly, “He is cute! I like him very much.”

Her answer made Jack frown slightly.

“Stay away from him in the future!!”

He warned her again.

“Why?” Jean frowned, completely puzzled.

“I don’t like you getting too close to him!” Jack was overbearing for no reason.

“Sorry, I can’t promise you…” Jean’s attitude faded a bit.

Jack’s eyes “exposed” a bit of danger, but she heard his cold voice faintly sounded, “Next time I see you close to him, I… will never take you lightly!”

This is not a threat, but a reminder, a warning!!!

Mike’s voice made Jean shudder.

After Jacob came over, he did a comprehensive ear examination for Jean. Fortunately, there was nothing serious, so he hurriedly left after prescribing some “medicine”.

For a time, only Jean and Jack were left in the whole room.

“Don’t you need to go back?”

The time has already pointed to early morning, Jean reminded him.

“I’m hungry,” Jack said.

Jean seemed to think of something, “I’ll make you something to eat. It just so happens that there are too many things to do at night, and I haven’t had time to eat.”

But she didn’t feel any hunger at all, probably because too many things blocked her heart, making her feel no hunger at all.

“Don’t eat again?”

Jack frowned, glared at her, put his fingers around her chin, checked left and right, and concluded, “No wonder I feel getting thinner recently.”

“Where is…”

Jean pulled his hand away and pulled away from his arms, “Well, filming, it’s better to be thinner.”

“Who said it!”

Jack followed her and walked to the kitchen, “I like fat girls.”

Oh, is that so?

But, so what? It has nothing to do with her, does it?

Anyway, she doesn’t need to win this man’s love!

“So give me more food in the future! Get fatter, I like it!”

Jack wrapped her from behind, squeezed her hips like a review with his big hands, and added, “Men like women with sensuality!”

“To please your touch?”

Jean asked him coolly, while looking at the refrigerator, she began to check the ingredients at home.

“Get smarter…”

Jack kept his arms around her from behind, and the other hand, already reluctant to do so, began to grind on her soft snow peak, “kneading”.

“Jack, stop making trouble!!”

Jean slapped his hand away, feeling a bit resentful, “I’ll cook first.”

“Okay…” Jack took his hand in angrily, “Only after he has enough food and drink can he have the strength to do business!”


This guy is not saved at all!

Jean didn’t cook, but fried two poached eggs, and then cooked two bowls of noodles.

Jack didn’t care about it. He ate the noodles upright within a few minutes, and there was not even a drop of soup left.

After eating, Jean sat cross-legged on the Persian carpet, leaning lazily on the sofa, watching Korean dramas.

Jack also sat down beside her, leaning lazily on the sofa, squinting at her.

“Not going back?”

Jean asked casually.

“Watch TV with you before leaving.”

Jack seemed to answer casually.

But, in one sentence, Jean’s heartstrings unconsciously twitched…

She tilted her head and glanced at him…

The eyes flickered.

But when she met his scorching eyes, Jean felt a little embarrassed and hurriedly shifted her eyes to the TV screen.

“Go back! You don’t have to deliberately accompany me, I will go to bed immediately!”

Jean only said lightly.

Jack chuckled and said swiftly, “Look at me…”

“En?” Jean was suspicious but did not move her gaze to look at him.

Jack smiled deeper on the strange lips, “Why don’t you dare to look at me?”

He stretched out his hand, broke her cheek aggressively, raised his eyebrows, and asked her with a smile.

“Where is it?” Jean denied, reaching out to grab his big hand that imprisoned her cheek, “Where is there who dare not watch you, I’m just watching TV!”

“The TV series is better than me?” Jack asked her defiantly.

“Of course!” Jean replied without thinking, and added, “You see how handsome the hero is!”

With Jean’s words, Jack raised his eyebrows and twitched at the corner of her mouth.

“Are you serious?”

Jean deliberately said excitedly.

“What do you think?” Jack asked her through gritted teeth.

Seeing his appearance, Jean felt a little better inexplicably, and continued to tease, “I have no opinion at all! Hey…he is handsome!!”

Jean’s gaze shifted from Jack’s enchanting face to the TV screen again.

Jack smashed her face domineeringly, forcing her to keep his eyes on her cheeks.

“Jean, do you have any eyesight, do you praise that kind of man as handsome? Haven’t you seen anyone more handsome than him?”


Does this man have to become so naive all of a sudden? Discussed this issue with her seriously!

He just wants to praise him for being handsome!

But Jean didn’t as good as his intentions!

“Wow! Of course, there are more handsome than him, such as Riley, Joshua! Well, we have more handsome guys in China, such as Logan, Ethan! Of course, actually…, Max… looks pretty good.”


Jack’s enchanting eyes narrowed dangerously, fingers grabbed her chin, and slightly raised her head, “Jean, do you dare to ask Max in front of me?”


Jean felt like she had mentioned something that shouldn’t be mentioned for a while!

“Seeing that he is handsome, so you want to climb into someone’s bed?”

Jack’s mocking words made Jean frown.

Suddenly rushed in, hiding her eyes. For a while, she was too lazy to explain, and waved her hand irritably, “You can think whatever you like! Anyway, aren’t you planning to send me to play with him??”

When she said this, Jean’s heart stiffened a bit.

Ah! When did she have humbled to such a point that she was described by a man with the word ‘Send’…

“Yes! Once I was “forced” to a dead end, I promised to do your love-“women”! But I am not a cargo, so you can’t help trample on me like this!

Jack’s hand clasped Jean’s jaw tightly.

The pressure between his fingers was so heavy that the pain made her frown.

He asked her, “Jean, if someone “forces” you a few steps, you will promise everything! For example, be my Jack’s **, marry me, Jack! For example, serve Max!!”

Jack’s final voice was a little higher.

The anger was hidden in his eyebrows, and on his forehead, blue veins burst into violence.

Jean’s pupils suddenly dilated due to his questioning…

Because every word and every sentence of him hit her chest straight!!!

Because of her…

Because she didn’t keep her bottom line, because she didn’t take her dignity tightly, so…

After having it once, the second time is more relaxed, the third time, the fourth time…

Will she feel that everything becomes irrelevant in the end?!


The tears were in the eyes, almost crying, but she endured it.

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