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Chapter 71

“Jack, what right do you have to yell at me!! Faced with lunatics like you and Max, what can I do besides yielding?!!! You do not agree, you destroy my family! You do not agree, my sister will die No! You don’t agree, he will ruin my life!! Even if I die, he will let the group of beast-like men force my body!! Jack, it’s you, what would I do? Tell me, How can I be good to you crazy people?! Heh! Of course, I don’t know how to do it. How can the emperor who will always stand on top of others who will step on the feet desperately know the suffering of people like us? And helpless!!! You will never understand!!!”

Jean roared wildly, tears gushing out like rain for an instant…

Tears, soaking on the injured cheek, some sting.

And Jack sat on the ground dazedly, looking at her who was out of control.

Faced with such a loud accusation from her, he could not answer a word…

Even his chest was very uncomfortable.

He, unexpectedly, a little distressed, this woman came…

“I’m tired, go to bed first…”

Jean stood up indifferently, adjusted her emotions quickly, and without even looking at the man beside her, she got up and left.

However, the steps under her feet stepped out, but the wrist was tightly caught by a big cold hand.

Jack still sat with his head down, not looking at her crying cheek.

The sudden force on the wrist made Jean’s cold back stiff…

After the tears were collected, a few drops overflowed instantly…

However, she quickly adjusted her emotions and shook her hand indifferently, “Let go of me…”

Her voice was as cold as it was.

However, Jack was not willing to listen to her, and with a big hand, he pulled her rudely…


Jean screamed, and in the next instant, her whole body fell straight into Jack’s cold arms.

Jack hugged her full of arms and let her sit on his lap, unable to move at all.

But Jack stretched out his hand, grabbed her chin, and leaned over, his cold lips sealed her sweet cherry lips without warning…


Jean struggled subconsciously, trying to escape.

However, the tender body “kneaded” in his arms, but she was shackled tightly.

Jean’s arms pushed against his sturdy chest, but the strength was ultimately beyond his brute force, and in the end, she could only succumb to his deep kiss.

This is a domineering and powerful kiss.

The palm of his hand clasped her little head tightly, preventing her from evading and escaping, and letting her lips follow his kiss without leaving the slightest seam…

The hot tip of the tongue pried open her tightly closed cherry lips, frantically attacking the city, seeming to want to draw more of her breath from her sandal mouth.

But his big hands are not idle at all.

He stretched out his hand and violently pulled her skirt, with a “hiss-“, the tunic was torn apart in his big hand.

In an instant, Jean only felt a chill in her chest, but she hadn’t had time to resist. His scorching big hands had already leaned toward her breast-clothes.

The gasp, in the hall, one after another…


Jean protested and struggled.

Want to escape from his confinement.

Jack leaned forward and pressed her on the Persian carpet.

One hand, shackling her restless hands on top of her head…

He was “lost” his eyes, looking at her condescendingly, at her resisting little face.

Glamorous eyes squinted…

Inside, filled with fire that was about to gush out.


He coaxed her with a muffled voice.

Jean looked at him with tears and shook her head, “Jack, you can’t force me to do this kind of thing! I don’t want to do it now, I have no hope…”

“But I think…”

Jack is very stubborn and domineering.

In the next instant, leaning over, his lips and teeth skillfully bit her “sex”-sense bra…

The white and soft touch, along with the alluring and fragrant fragrance, made Jack feel as if he was being burned by the fire.

“Jean, you will be on fire soon…”

The tip of his tongue made Jean under him, and Jean’s body couldn’t help but shudder.

Yes! She has to admit that Jack is a flirtist!

Moreover, after so many loves with her, he understands more and more about her body’s sensitivity…

Even he knew better than her…

The clothes fade…

Jack stared at her condescendingly, from top to bottom…

Being stared at by him, Jean felt like she had been burned by fire, “You… don’t stare.”

Jack smiled wickedly, “Is there anything I can’t see.”

He has to admit that this woman’s figure and skin are really good enough to make every man crazy and excited about it…


He frowned, “You have lost a lot!”

His hand, stroking her thigh…

“Touched” “touched” provocatively, but she heard him say, “Even the thighs are thinner…”

Jean was embarrassed, “Where do you remember so much!”

“Give you food in the future!” Jack ordered in a deep voice.


Jean nodded, but her eyes couldn’t hide the faint gloom.

Recently, there are more worrying things, and sometimes she has no appetite at all!

“Stop watching…”

Seeing that Jack’s gaze had not yet been taken away from her, Jean hurriedly stopped him in embarrassment.

Jack smiled evilly, his scorching eyes glued to her undulating chest, and the lips flew up evilly…

In the next instant, Jack stretched out his hand, smashed her tender body, and laid her whole body on the Persian carpet…

“What are you doing…”

Jean was so embarrassed.

“Want you!”

Jack grabbed her waist and made her kneel on the carpet, supporting her with both hands.

His lips and teeth still didn’t stop…

Along her white back…the kiss moves down…

Jean, she’s tight…

Her legs shrink…

But she only felt that the lower body was invaded by Jack…


Jean whimpered delicately, begging…

She has to admit that this man is much better than the average person!

Hearing her crying, Jack eased his movements a bit…

Jean follows his rhythm in a “lost” manner and caters to him with emotion…

The black hair was scattered on the shoulders, and some of them were scattered on the cheeks at any moment of movement…

In the mess, there is a beauty of charm…

“Sex”-Jack was a little breathless.

For a time, it can only be crazier…

Half an hour passed…

One hour passed…

In the hall, the sound of a crisp-hemp groan-“groan”, and the man’s exuberant low roar, run through the entire house, one after another…

Until an hour and a half passed…

But they seem to have no intention of ending!

Even if he was tired, he just lay on the carpet and rested for a while, and then went on.

Jack didn’t know what was wrong with him, he seemed to be poisoned by this woman, and he would never be enough for her!

At last…

When he reached the top again, he decided to let her go tonight…

It’s not that he is enough, but it seems that it’s not enough…

He was lying on the Persian carpet, and she, like a kitten, was lying softly and obediently lying in his arms and resting.

She seemed to be too tired, she remained motionless for a long time, her eyes were scattered and “bewildered”, she was only buried in his arms, breathing constantly…

Looking at her appearance, Jack felt a little distressed unexpectedly.

With big hands around her long hair that had been soaked with sweat, he asked her with concern, “Is it exhausted?”


There were tears in Jean’s eyes, “If you do this next time, I will be tossed to death by you…”

She is not kidding.

Jack hooked his lips amusedly, reached out his hand, touched her small face, looked at her watery eyes, and sighed, “It seems that you need to strengthen your physical training in the future!”

Jean was embarrassed.

“Who does physical training for this kind of thing!”

She grabbed his big hand in protest, and continued to lie down on his chest as she explained, “I have been too busy these days, I really can’t spare time to work out.”

“Then I will help you get a private gym in this house.”

Jack replied almost without thinking.

“No!” Jean shook her head and refused.


Jack raised his eyebrows, dissatisfied.

Jean raised her small head and looked at him, “Fitness, of course, you have to be more vigorous outside. It’s boring to work out alone! I still like to work out outside, it’s not boring.”

This is also true!

Jack glanced at her and said, “Tomorrow at five o’clock in the afternoon.”

“En? What?”

Jean blinked suspiciously and looked at him.


Jean “Are you serious?”

“What do you think?” Jack raised his eyebrows, “With your current physical physique, do you think you can satisfy me?”

So, he did all this just to let her be able to satisfy his desire?

Jean lay on him, a little depressed, “Actually you can find other girls.”

She kindly suggested to him.

Jack squinted his dizzy eyes, “I don’t need you to teach me about this!!”

He would never tell this woman that since he asked for her body, he has never touched other women again.

Chapter 72

He couldn’t say what it felt like, but it seemed that his body had already developed a certain dependence on this woman so that he was less sensitive to other women.

“But, I don’t know when your Minger’s play will end.”

“I’ll talk after that.”


The two of them rested on the Persian carpet for a while before Jack carried Jean upstairs.

The glamour that left a hall can only get up tomorrow morning to clean up because she is really tired tonight.

As soon as Jean got into the quilt, Jack also fell asleep and lay down beside her. The next moment, he stretched out his hand to fish over her delicate body and “rubbed” her into his arms.

Jean was a little surprised, resting her head on his chest, looking at him puzzled.

“You… won’t go back?”


After tossing for two hours, it is strange not to be tired!

Seeing that Jack was going to sleep here, she felt a little bit of joy in her heart for some reason.

“You don’t take a bath?”

She lay on him and asked him.

“Wash together later.”



One night, she slept very sweetly…

Woke up, it was eight o’clock in the morning.

Jean only felt a bit of pain between her legs, and she seemed to fall apart.

It must be because it was too crazy last night.

“Woke up?”

When Jean opened her eyes, she heard Jack ask her.

Jean was surprised.

Looking along with the line of sight, the next moment, she lives.

On the sofa, Jack sat lazily with his legs folded…

With one hand, he held his enchanting face and smiled strangely at Jean who was still sleeping on the bed opposite.

However, these are not reasons for Jean’s shock…

He has already taken care of himself very neatly, from top to bottom…

It’s just that today he is different from his usual days!!!

Jean stared at Jack, who was the very unusual opposite…

She sat up, “You… you look a little strange today…”

“Why is it strange?”

Jack frowned in dissatisfaction.

He lowered his eyebrows and scanned himself all over.


He asked again.


Jean stretched out her hand and pointed to the trench coat on his body.

“It’s not black…”

“Khaki’s color!” Jack returned to her.

Jean couldn’t help but chuckle, “I can’t tell what it feels like, maybe it’s the first time you wore it, it seemed a bit strange.”

However, the whole person looks a lot younger, and the affinity is much higher than before!

Jack frowned, “You picked this dress.”

“You picked it yourself!”

She can remember that he must have looked down upon what she picked at the time, and then picked out this dress that didn’t even know what it was.

“Since it’s weird, I’ll change it!”

This is the first time he wore this dress today. After buying it that day, he threw it here. When he changed his clothes this morning, he discovered that the dress had been disinfected and hung in the closet by Jean. The “tide” is put on.

He thought that this woman would be very happy and like it, so he has been sitting here in a good mood and waiting for her to wake up, but unexpectedly, the woman said he was wearing weird clothes.

This adjective severely affected his good mood today, so he had to change it if she didn’t even think about it.


Seeing Jack got up and took off her coat, Jean was a little depressed.

She curled her lips, “It’s weird because I’m not used to watching it. Actually, you look good in this kind of “color” clothes! Anyway, it’s much more eye-catching than your piles of black “color” clothes!”

Jack frowned and looked at her.

There was skepticism in her eyes.

“I’m serious!”

Jean nodded affirmatively.

She opened the quilt and wanted to get out of bed, only to realize that she was not wearing any clothes.

Blushing, she went into the quilt again busy.

Jack hesitated.

Jean hurriedly rolled up the quilt, jumped off the bed, approached him, picked up the trench coat on the sofa, and put it on for him like a good wife with one hand.

“Trust me, this look is really good!”

He is an adult, how come this man is stubborn as a child sometimes?!

“You wear black “color” every day, and you won’t be in a good mood. If you change your color and “color” occasionally, you also change your mood!”

Jean tried to persuade him while tidying up his clothes.

But she didn’t know that the man opposite hadn’t listened to her set of words long ago.

He is already thinking about her…

That jade-white flawless shoulders “exposed” outside the quilt, and those white little arms…

And the looming snow peak under the tightly wrapped quilt…

Jack stretched out his hand and pulled her into his arms…

“Ah…” Jean screamed, shocked by his sudden movement.

Because of the large movement range, the quilt on Jean’s body slipped directly to the ground. In an instant, her whole body was so sexy and snowballs were in the air, exposed in Jack’s hot eyes.

“What are you doing!!”

Jean flushed with shame, “Rogue! Let go of me…”

She pushed him in embarrassment, trying to pick up the quilt on the ground.

Looking at her embarrassed appearance, Jack felt better.

“Hey!” His hoarse voice, very magnetically “sexual”, rang in her ears, “Why are you so shy every time! Come, be good, stand still… don’t avoid me.”

“Jack, you are so unfair! Why do you organize yourself properly? I want to stand in front of you with a little-no-hanging!”

She scalded her face and complained dissatisfiedly.

Jack squinted and smiled, “Do you want to see my body?”

“Who wants to see your body anymore! You are playing a hooligan at all…”

“I’m playing rogue to my own woman. what’s wrong with the rogue?”

With that said, Jack picked her up and walked to the closet…

“Why? You let me down!”

“Choose clothes for you!”

He took her to the closet and stood.

Wrap her petite body between his arms, and run his slender fingers across her dress…


He pulled out a pair of small bottom-pants and threw them to Jean.

If she remembers correctly, this was “carefully prepared” for her not long ago.

Jean looked at the “sexual”-sense black “color” T-shaped pants in his hand, her small face flushed red, “I don’t wear it.”

She refused and threw the bottom-pants into the cupboard again.

Jack stubbornly took it out, looking sideways, looking at her dangerously, “You have no right to refuse.”

“Jack, stop making trouble, I have to go to work!”

“If you want to go to work, put it on for me! Otherwise, I don’t mind doing it myself!”


Jean has nothing to do with this man.

He said he would do it himself, this guy will come!

To her, he has always been that he will not give up until the goal is reached!

Moreover, maybe he will really spend the whole morning with her!

Jean tilted her head and glanced at the quartz clock on the wall. Oops, she was late for only an hour!

“If I wear it, let me go?”

“Of course!”

Jack nodded.


Jean took a deep breath, took her bodice again, and quickly picked up a skirt, “You let me go, I’ll change clothes first.”

“Just wear it here…”

Jack stared at her evilly.

Wear it here? And still in front of him?!

Jean rolled her eyes to the sky and pushed the man in front of her helplessly, “Stop making trouble…”


Jack coaxed her with a good temper.

“I…” Jean stared at him bitterly, “You…”

She has nothing to do with this man!


Jack took the chest-clothes in his hand and began to wear them for her in a decent way.

Jean was ashamed and embarrassed, and said hurriedly, “I…I will do it myself.”

Jean lowered her head, she didn’t dare to look at the man in front of her, letting his hot hands grab her waist and limbs, and letting his hot eyes glue her beautiful figure. …

He carried his hands behind her back, anxiously buttoning her bodice.

However, the more anxious he is, the more chaotic his movements will be, and he will not find those breasts for a while.

Jack saw her anxious “chaos”.

He smiled wickedly and moved his big hands along her slender waist-limbs along her back all the way…

“I come…”

He muttered in a low voice.

He grabbed the breast button in his hand with both hands, but squeezed, let it go…

In the next moment, the hot big hand leaned into the bra that was still too long to be buttoned, and held the two-ball powder-tender and soft round, playing with it, “kneading”-pinching it up…

He has to admit that this woman’s breasts are really big, and he feels great!!!

Always let him fall in love!!!

He was playing with it…

Leaning over, sticking out the tip of his tongue, teasingly caught her seductive pink-“color” little grapes…

Toss and turn “lick”-lick, gnaw-eat, suck-suck…

Annoying Jean in front of him, couldn’t help but Jean uttered, “Stop it! I’m going to be late…”

Jean blushed and reached out to push away his cheeks buried in front of her chest…

Jack didn’t go deep enough, but obediently stuck his head out of her seductive chest, “Don’t bother you.”

He put his hand into her back and clasped the breasts for her familiarly…

The white-skinned chest-clothes matched it, and it became more rounded and plump, making Jack’s faint eyes tight a few times.

“What a seductive little-fairy!!”

He muttered, opened his lips, and took a shallow bite on Jean’s soft breast.

It doesn’t hurt, but itchy.

Provoked Jean couldn’t help but grumbled.

Quietly, Jack took the T-shaped trousers in her hand, then hugged her horizontally and put her on the couch.

“what are you going to do?”

Jean held her eyes “fascinated” and looked at him puzzled.

“Help you dress…”

Jack answered naturally.

“No need! I don’t want it…”

As Jean said, she went to grab the pants in his hand.

Jack looked at her fixedly with a scorching gaze, and warned, “If you dare to get restless, I promise you won’t be able to go out tonight.”


Jean was aired by him.

The small hand was clenched into a fist, and the complaining hammer was on his shoulder, “You are a tyrant at all!”

He gently grabbed her hand, and licked a bit on the back of her hand, coaxing her in a dumb voice, “Be good…”

Jean was taken aback by his sudden gentle movement.

She hurriedly withdrew her hand, her heart missed a beat, the whole person was a little dazed, and then, there was no movement.

Let it be, the man in front of her, in a good mood, wears small bottom-pants for her…

This behavior is just a small act between men and women!

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