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Chapter 73

Jack thinks so.

However, as everyone knows, these are games that only those young lovers can play!

If two people are just bed partners, who are still in the mood to play with these things? Who didn’t pull up his pants and leave?!

The D-word-pants moved up along her white legs…

With the movement between his fingers, Jean’s heart seemed to be about to jump to her throat.

Seeing her nervous look, Jack couldn’t help but smile.

The big hand stroked the thin line around her waist, and he kept rubbing together…

A strong body, oppressing her…

Jean only felt a little hot all over her body, her little hand pressed against his chest, blushing with shame, and groaned, “You said you would let me go…”

“It’s grueling!!”

Jack raised his eyebrows and complained.

Jack, stretched out his hand, grabbed her little hand, and peeked into the hot spot of her lower abdomen…

Jean was startled suddenly.

Because he has already “touched” something that shouldn’t be “touched”, and…

So hard!!!

“It’s all made by you little fairy!”

Jack accused her.

“I do not have!”

She asked for it!

“Hard mouth!” Jack took a bite on her red lips in revenge, and then asked her, “What do you say?”

What else can she do?!

“Why don’t you go take a bath?”

Jean kindly suggested.

“Just finished!”

“Then you get up first, pressing me down.”

“I don’t want to get up…” Jack said, “I want…”



“Stop it, I’m going to be late soon.”

“Being late to prevaricate me again!” Jack was a little dissatisfied.

“I’m serious!”

Jean looked at her watch, “It’s only more than forty minutes, you have to eat, I have to rush over, really run out of time.”

“Forget it, I’m afraid of you! I’ll let you go for now…”

Jack got up from her, a little discouraged, “Then you have to make up for me tonight! Don’t say no!”

What he said made Jean stay, and her heart was in a daze…

She sat up and asked him casually, “Are you… coming here tonight?”

Jack got up, and carefully sorted out his clothes, and only asked lightly, “Is there a problem?”


Jean shook her head.

Hastily picked up the tunic thrown by Jack on the carpet and put it on.

After washing, she hurriedly went downstairs, and her face flushed with shame when she saw the mess in the hall.

Last night, it was a mess!

Jean hurriedly put away the messy clothes on the ground, and threw them into the dirty clothes basket, and then squatted on the carpet to start cleaning.

Jack lazily propped his head with one arm, standing in the corridor on the second floor, condescendingly looking at the petite figure in the hall.

A faint smile appeared between his lips.

Strange to say, there are very few people in this room.

Except for him, it’s the woman downstairs!

There are no servants, no butlers, not even a part-time worker, and a babysitter, but…

Here, there is a sense of warmth that he can’t tell…

It’s warm and comfortable…

There is a feeling of home!!!

It seems that as long as she lives in this room, the whole person will become relaxed and warm!

Even some made him reluctant to leave.

Even, sometimes it will give him the idea of living here!


“I’m hungry!”

He stood upstairs and shouted lazily.

Jean looked up at him, then glanced at all the “chaos” beside her, thinking of the crazy entanglement between the two of them last night, her cheeks flushed, and she hurriedly said, “It’s fast.”


Jack nodded.

Jean quickly cleaned up, and after washing her hands, she turned and went into the kitchen.

Looking at her busy figure, Jack curled his lips and smiled. He seemed to be in a good mood today.

Jean was still busy in the kitchen, and Jack walked in from outside.

Handed her a “medicine”.

It is to avoid-pregnancy-“medicine”.

Jean was shocked, then smiled again, “Almost forgot.”

“Eat first!”

If she remembers correctly, this “medicine” must be taken on an empty stomach.


Jean took the “medicine”, even water, and swallowed it in one bite.

Jack stared at the peak of her frowning eyebrows blankly, feeling a little distressed for some reason, “Why not just drink with water?”

“No need!”

He doesn’t know why, he always feels that there is a little pain in her eyes.

Yes! Jean didn’t drink water on purpose.

“Medicine” is bitter, and it is very bitter.

Every time she swallowed and melted in her throat, she sometimes couldn’t even open her eyes…

But, exactly what she wants is this feeling…

She just wants to remember the suffering, remind herself and warn herself all the time.

Some emotions cannot be befallen, and some people cannot love!

She obviously can’t take the “medicine”.

But by the way, the man on her body just didn’t want to wear a condom, so that he caused her to take “medicine” every time.

She had asked him several times, but whenever he was excited, he would forget about this kind of thing.

“Next time I will pay attention! Outside the body-“shooting” is also fine.”

He said.

Jean was startled and turned her head to look at him, only to find that he had already turned around and went out of the kitchen.

Jacob went to the hospital to see Emma.

Jean followed, but when she arrived at the door of the ward, she ran into her father Glover George.


Jean hurriedly greeted him, “Are you in any better health?”

“What are you doing?!” Glover George’s face was still a little ugly, and he looked at Jacob again, frowning, puzzled.

“Uncle, hello!”

Jacob said hello politely.

“Dad, this is the international professor Jacob, who was introduced by the hospital! He made a special trip to see my sister!”

Glover George was shocked, and in the next moment, he hurriedly reached out to shake hands with Jacob, “Doctor Jacob, you are here! It’s great, great…”

She doesn’t know when Megan came out of the ward. When she saw Jean, she couldn’t hide the hatred in her heart, and said angrily, “He is Doctor Jacob? Really? Jean, I will believe you. Snake-hearted woman? You have caused our Emma to be like this. Would you be so good as to invite Dr. Jacob for us?! And, who is Dr. Jacob? Can ordinary people please move?! You simply just a liar!!! Get out of here! Husband, let her get out of here! I don’t want to see this woman at all now!!!”

Megan cried and pushed Jean.

“Auntie, hello! My name is Jacob, a private doctor in Allison. This is my International Physician Qualification Certificate and a certificate from the Institute of New Type Case Studies. Allison Jack asked me to come here!”

Jacob introduced himself neither humble nor humble and handed Megan the certificate he had prepared.

“Allison Sect?”

Glover George said suspiciously.

The sharp eyes swept towards Jean, and then, after taking the certificate in Megan’s hand, he glanced at it, and after a while, he said, “Doctor Jacob, our Emma’s disease depends on you.”

“Uncle, I can only do my best, and I am not completely sure. To be honest, I am not even sure about five points!”

Jacob never deceived people in medicine.

His words caused Jean and Megan to question their faces at the same time.

Only Glover George sighed, “Thank you, Doctor Jacob, do your best! Maybe, this is the fate of our Glover…”

He seems to have felt it, his eyes are full of regret…

Jacob glanced at Glover George deeply and nodded, “Then I will go in.”


“Doctor Jacob, trouble you!”

Jean didn’t go in because she knew that Megan couldn’t let her in.


Quill, his father called her.

This made her extremely surprised.

“Come out, Dad has something to talk to you.”

Inexplicably, Jean felt that her father’s eyes were full of vicissitudes.

Jean, tightened slightly, nodded, and walked out following his father’s pace.

It just so happened that she also had something to say to her father.

At the end of the corridor, Glover George stood leaning on a railing.

After smoking a cigarette, he was about to order it, but Jean took it down first. “Dad, smoking too much is not good for your health.”

Glover George glanced at his daughter, sighed leisurely, and put the lighter in his trouser pocket.

“Do you… your face hurts?”

If her father was concerned, Jean’s heartfelt dull…

After catching the promise of regret in his eyes, Jean’s eyes turned red.

He stretched out his hand and stroked her somewhat puffy cheek, but shook his head, “It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt.”

Her voice was already choked.

“Yesterday Dad was a little bit too impulsive. Later, when I thought about it, I always felt that you shouldn’t be that kind of talent…” Glover George said while shaking his head.

“Jean, tell dad what the hell is going on? Why did Emma become like this?”

His hand, grabbing Jean’s hand, was very strong and a bit emotional.

“Dad, don’t get excited!” Jean hurriedly calmed him, “In fact, I don’t know what happened. Moreover, I have been kept in the dark about what happened to my sister, but later it was accidental. I learned…”

“What the hell is going on? Since you don’t know, why is it related to you again?”

Glover George’s voice suddenly rose a bit.

Jean lowered her head, hesitated for a long time, and after a long time, she pursed her lips and told the truth…

“Dad, do you remember that Mike almost forced me down that night and was blinded by me? That night my sister was also…”

“She’s here too?” Glover George shook for a second.

“Yes…” Jean “licked” and “licked” her lips, and continued, “She pulled me and didn’t let me go. She wanted to take pictures of “me” when she was strong during the day. Photos, but then I ran away and broke Mike’s eyes…”

Having said that, Jean took a deep breath…

After a while, he asked his father, “Dad, do you…know about Allison Jack?”

“Of course.”

Jean sighed, “I think it was his order that something like this happened to Emma! But… he was to help me, I know, he wanted to teach Emma for me, but I never asked. I, if he asks me, how could I let him treat Emma like this! Although my relationship with Emma has been bad, in my heart, she is my sister after all! I…I don’t know how things got to this point, sorry, Dad, I’m sorry sister…”

As Jean said, tears of guilt came out of her eyes again…

Glover George’s eyes also turned red. He stretched out his hand and wiped a handful of old tears, “This is all my sin! My daughter is not much better…”

“Dad, don’t do this… how can this be your business!” Jean didn’t understand why her father blamed him for the fault every time.

Chapter 74

“Jean, Emma is so to you, Dad… Dad doesn’t know what to say! Now she is lying on the hospital bed again, Dad just wants to teach you, and Dad can’t bear it!”

“Dad, don’t say that, as long as sister’s illness can get better, nothing matters!”

“Yes…” Glover George nodded, but as if thinking of something, he turned to ask, “Jean, what is the relationship between you… and that Allison Sect Young Master?”


When asked about this, Jean took a deep breath unconsciously, and squeezed out a shallow smile, “It just so happens that I have something to tell you.”

“En?” Glover George looked at his daughter in confusion.

“Dad, I… will marry him next month!”


Glover George shook, “Jean, do you know what you are talking about? Are you going to marry that man? Do you know who he is? He is the leader of the Asian mafia! Are you married to him?”

“Dad, don’t get excited…”

Jean had expected her father’s emotions to be a little agitated, “Dad he is not as scary as the rumors…”

“Okay! Even if the legends are all fictitious, then your sister is not fictitious, right? I ask you, would a man who can do this kind of animal-beast inferior thing be good? Do you think if he loves you, he will harm your family without your knowledge? Ah???”

Every word of her father hit her heart.

Does he love her? Of course, he does not love!!!

“You have just come out of a failed marriage. Dad will never let you step into another failed marriage!!!”

Glover George’s attitude was very decisive.

“Dad, you have to agree!!”

Tears accumulated in her eyes, and she choked up and said, “Dad, if I don’t marry, my sister will die!!”

Jean’s words made Glover George’s legs trance…

“He… threatening you?”

“No…” Jean shook her head, tears streaming out, “It’s just that Doctor Jacob is from his Allison Clan. Without his order, Doctor Jacob would never come to save my sister! I promised him, as long as Doctor Jacob If I am willing to save my sister, I will marry him…”

“You kid, how can you be so stupid…” Glover George sighed in despair, “How can you let me as a father have the face to face, you two sisters!”

As a father, he can’t even protect his daughter!

“Dad, don’t do this…”

Jean comforted her father and said, “He is not as bad as imagined outside, he…he loves me very much! Really!!!”

No way, in order not to worry her father too much, she could only lie like this.

“Really?” Glover George looked at Jean suspiciously.

“Of course it is true! Think about it, who is Allison Sect Young Master? Isn’t it easy to want a woman and a wife? Why do you want to marry me?”

“That’s…” Glover George seemed to be a little moved by Jean, “But, a woman of a big man can’t be so good.”

“Dad, I will learn it slowly in the future!”

Glover George shook his head, “Even if he loves you again, you won’t be happy… How can I see my daughter pushed into the mafia with my own eyes? What’s more, you don’t love him at all!”

“Dad, don’t be like this…”

Jean wiped away her tears and choked out, “Don’t worry, I will let him come to see you at home, okay?”

“Okay! Take him to show me…”


Jean pursed her lips and nodded.

It was a mystery whether she could tell Jack to come to her home, she had no confidence at all!

But to appease her father, she had no other way, so she had to slow down.

In the evening, at six o’clock-

Jean called Jack, “Didn’t you say you want to accompany me to the gym today?”


Jack gave a deep “groan”, but said, “I still have something to deal with. I will let David pick you up. You should practice first!”

“Oh, then, forget it! Don’t let David come over, I’ll go by myself!”

Jean wanted him to come out and talk about meeting with her father at her house, but now that he has something to do, let’s talk about it tonight!

After a day of filming, and then went to the hospital, Jean was a little tired, so she didn’t want to go to the gym.


As soon as Jean left the company, Kelly caught up.

Jean turned her head suspiciously, “What’s the matter? Anything else?”

“Yes!! There is something, and it’s a good thing!”

Kelly smiled openly.

“Stop selling it off, what’s a good thing?”

“The supermarket of Blair’s enterprise has already begun preparations for the opening of the market. I just received a call from them. I hope you can be the spokesperson of the supermarket for them! The people on that side said if we have If you are free, you can talk to them about endorsement rewards first, and then…”

“Etc., etc…”

Kelly said so vividly, but she was still interrupted by Jean.

“Didn’t Blair’s mall find my sister to endorse it? Now the supermarket is going to find me?” Jean was suspicious.

“Yes!” Kelly nodded, “Maybe people still think you are the most suitable for their Blair’s image.”

“How come…”

Mike doesn’t think so at all!

What is the idea in the mind of that guy, Mike? Why does he let her endorse again? She was puzzled.

“Kelly, let me think about it.”

“What are you thinking about? I have already agreed with the person over there! Jean, don’t be awkward with me! This is private, public, and I don’t care what the unpleasantness is between you and him. But this is work after all, and I am your agent. What does it mean if there are advertisements and no work? Do you have this professionalism?”

“I did not mean that…”

When asked by Kelly, Jean was a little bit at a loss.

“After all, I had some involvement with the Blair before, I was just worried that it would cause unnecessary trouble!”

“Let’s talk about it for now! If there is anything wrong, let’s make a decision!”

“OK then!”

“Let’s go! Find a place to eat first…”

“But, isn’t it the person who made an appointment with the Blair?” Jean suspiciously.

“I made an appointment at Le Chao Club to talk in the evening, and I left…”


After eating at the company, the two drove to the club.

As soon as she entered the private room, Jean gave a slight jaw.

Inside, there are a few Blair’s public relations, but in the middle of the hall, they are still sitting, Mike?!

Seeing Jean coming in, he seemed not at all shocked.

He only turned his eyes and looked at her indifferently.

She doesn’t know why, Jean always feels that since his eye accident last time, he has become a lot depressed.

The former vigorous energy has also reduced a lot, but now what is left is some silence and calm.

Her heart is still a little bit painful.

After all, this man was once loved by her!

Jean walked in, pulled out a commercial smile, and shook hands with Blair’s public relations one by one.

And Mike just nodded faintly and smiled slightly. Mike didn’t say much and gestured for them to sit down.

This can only be regarded as an exchange meeting, everyone talked very happily, except for Mike, who has been taciturn.

He doesn’t seem to be in a particularly good mood today.

There was not much communication with them, just sitting there alone, drinking the wine in the glass without a sip.

Jean also drank some wine and felt a little uncomfortable, so she got up and said, “I’ll go to the bathroom first.”

With a hello, she walked out of the private room and went directly to the bathroom.

Jean washed her face with water a little, raised her eyes, and looked at herself in the mirror. She was inexplicable, and she thought of Mike just now…

He seems to be very strange today.

At least, his silent style made her extremely uncomfortable.

It seems that there has been a backlog of something in his heart, making people confused.

Jean shook her head, forget it, don’t want to! Now, where does she have the mind to manage that scumbag?!

After opening the bathroom door, when she went out, she saw Blair Mike standing leaning against the wall, with a cigarette in his hand, smoking without a mouthful.

Seeing Jean coming out, he was stunned for half a second, and in the next moment, he took advantage of the trend and put out the cigarette butt in his ashtray.

Jean glanced at him, hung her head, and was about to leave.

However, he grabbed his wrist.

“Let’s talk.”

He said.

The voice was a little dumb.

Jean struggled a little, “I don’t know what else we can talk about.”

“I heard you are going to marry Jack?”

Mike released her hand.

Jean turned her head and looked at him suspiciously, “How would you know?”

She had never let out this news at all, and even Kelly hadn’t even had time to tell, but the man in front of her already knew it?!

“Why would you know?”

She is too puzzled.

“Jean, what you know, and what you don’t know, I know everything!”

Mike seemed to be a little agitated, and stretched out his hand again, holding her hand, “Don’t marry him! That will not do you any good!”

In his clear eyes, there was some…worry?!

Is that worry? Jean suspected that he was wrong!

“Why?” Jean looked at him puzzled.

She always feels that this man, like Jack, bears a secret that she can’t figure out at all!

What are these men calculating?!

“You tell me why? Why can’t I marry that man?”

Mike took out a cigarette from his pocket again, took a heavy breath, and then said quietly, “This is just a trap!!”

Mike’s words made Jean stunned, “What do you mean? What trap? Mike, please be clear.”

Mike broke off Jean’s shoulders, “Anyway, you listen to me, Jean, anyway, stay away from Jack!! Especially your heart, keep your heart well, that man, you love What a great…”

Mike’s eyes actually “showed” an almost desperate look…

That look made Jean panic.

“Do you know what? Blair Mike, tell me what Jack is planning? You know, right?”

Jean held his hand and asked him excitedly.

Mike shook his head, “I don’t know.”

How many people will know that man’s mind?

Many, he can only think about it based on guesses, based on his knowledge!

“Jean, remember you said, do you love me?”

He squirmed and asked her.

His sudden question made Jean startled.

She hurriedly turned aside her eyes and stopped looking at him, “This is all in the past, why are you still telling me now!”

“You look at me!”

Mike broke off Jean’s delicate body, forcing her to stare at herself, “You look at me and tell me, do you still love me now?”

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