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Chapter 713

Today, as he just said, she will be by his side obediently!!!

Because this is the ultimate goal she sneaked in today!!!

That is, let her capture him and bring him to justice!!!

The people on the other end will come soon.

The two sides met each other for a while.

Soon, cut directly to the topic.

Dixon Lily, who was standing by, had cold sweat on her palms.

The tracker in the clothes is constantly flashing, which indicates that soon, they will start work!!!

In front of her, boxes of white powder spread out one after another…

Dixon Lily almost looked at everything in front of her in disbelief!

If all of these white powders are turned in, this amount is enough to make Lewis Justin squat in prison for a lifetime, or…

The death penalty!!!

Thinking of this, Dixon Lily’s forehead was already sweating.

“Haha! Lewis Justin’s goods are extraordinary!” The trader on the other end seemed to be particularly satisfied with Lewis Justin’s things.

Lewis Justin pursed his lips and smiled, but said nothing.

When the trader just wanted to put away the white powder, he could only hear the muffled gunfire outside the hall, and for a moment, everyone in the hall changed their voices.

And Lewis Justin was surprised.

Of course, there was no panic on his face.

At that moment, he rolled his head, his scorching eyes fixed on Dixon Lily’s face.

In the next instant, only a burst of gunfire was heard in the hall. Outside the hall, a group of special police officers in camouflage outfits, fully armed, swarmed.

“You are already surrounded, raise your hands!!”

The person in the middle of the crowd roared sharply.

However, in the next instant, the answer to him was one after another without hesitation.

These people are all well-trained underground organization killers, and they are almost in a state of disregard for the police.

Seeing, the death is dead, the wound is wounded.

The red blood will almost stain the entire hall red…

Dixon Lily’s eyes were also deeply dyed red.

“All put down your grabs!!!”

Suddenly, in the noisy hall, Dixon Lily only heard a roar.

She held the grab, facing Lewis Justin’s head!

Yes, today, her purpose is to reconcile inside and out, and capture the biggest boss!!!

“Dare to move again, I will kill him with one shot!!!” She cast a cold glance at all the people in the hall but didn’t glance at the man beside her.

As for Lewis Justin, the moment Dixon Lily pressed her cold muzzle against him, he didn’t even have a second of shock.

It seems that all of this is, as expected!!!

There was a sneer at the corner of his lips, but he let her next to him give orders, and he didn’t move.

All the people were shocked at the moment Lewis Justin was captured, but they were also shocked by the cold breath and determination that suddenly appeared on Dixon Lily.

Perhaps they have never thought about this immature “female”. It turns out that she is the undercover potential next to them, the biggest enemy!!!

Dixon Lily is very puzzled by Lewis Justin’s silence, but now she has no time to think so much.

“Throw away all the guns!! Otherwise, I will shoot him!”

As Dixon Lily spoke, the spearhead pressed even harder against Lewis Justin’s head.

Lewis Justin tugged at the corner of his mouth and smiled coldly, but said calmly, “Throw the gun away!”

In an instant, he could only hear the sound of guns falling heavily on the ground, “Tichetka -“.


A silver handcuff was instantly put on Lewis Justin’s hand.

It’s Dixon Lily…

She locked him by herself!!!

“Take away!!”

All the special police officers rushed up and took away everyone in the hall.

Of course, that shipment was also taken away.

Today, everything is going well beyond expectation.

Even Sir Kevin was excited.

Sitting in the police car, he kept talking, “Little Bella, great! This time you are the biggest hero!”

Dixon Lily smiled stiffly without saying a word.

Inexplicably, she always feels that this incident is too strange.

“This time it went so well! Bella, you are amazing! It seems that Lewis Justin fell in love with you, otherwise he wouldn’t have been caught by us so easily just now! If he hadn’t fallen in love with you, maybe you are already in a different place now! Bella, you are so good!!”

Hearing Sir Kevin’s words, Dixon Lily’s heart was extremely cold.

And more often, angina.

‘If it hadn’t been for him to fall in love with you, maybe you would have been in a different place now…’

Ah! It turned out that she was holding a heart that made her die early in the morning…

As for him, he fell in love with her, so he just let her arrest him?

Her heart was stricken with pain, and her eyes turned red unconsciously.

Fearing to be discovered by Sir Kevin, Dixon Lily hurried her head out of the car window, pretending to be in the scenery outside the car.

When Dixon Lily entered the police station, Lewis Justin had already arrived.

His wrists were still shackled by her handcuffs.

But he sat lazily on the chair, his expression indifferent as if he saw all this very plainly.

“Mr. Lewis, please answer my question!”

His non-committal attitude angered the police officer who took the transcript.

But Lewis Justin on the opposite side still turned a deaf ear to him, not even looking at the police officer on the opposite side.

Suddenly, head slightly…

His gaze settled on Dixon Lily who had just entered the door, his gaze was hot, but there was a half-hit, and the corners of the evil charm’s lips raised a joke.

He raised his hands and pointed at Dixon Lily with an extremely unnatural expression on the other side, “Police officer, didn’t you want to get something out of my mouth? Ha! Let her interrogate me, maybe I will call you everything up.”

Dixon Lily didn’t expect that Lewis Justin would be like this. For a while, she was a little dazed.

The police officer glanced at Dixon Lily and then at Lewis Justin on the opposite side.

“Bella, you will come later then!”

“Oh… well…” Allen Bella nodded.

Soon, Lewis Justin was taken to the interrogation room.

The entire room was as dark as night, except for an incandescent searchlight on the table.

Projected on his cold and handsome cheeks, he couldn’t feel any tension.

The corner of his lips still smiled wickedly.

“Mr. Lewis, what kind of organization are you? Who is headed?” Allen Bella interrogated him professionally.

“Allen Bella?”

He didn’t seem to hear her question at all, so he asked instead.

Allen Bella was startled, a bit of pain passed through her eyes, but she quickly covered it.

“Mr. Lewis, I am asking you now! Please answer truthfully.”

Lewis Justin chuckled.

“At the age of seven, your parents died from drug use. At the age of eight, you and your sister entered the orphanage together. Later, the sister was taken away by the official couple, and you, Allen Bella, died suddenly from a sudden illness! You… now it seems that it is not death. But was sent directly to the special training team, right?”

Lewis Justin smiled, and suddenly leaned over to the opposite Allen Bella, whose face changed suddenly, “Girl, have you ever thought about whose information will show that you are dead for no reason? Do ordinary people have this ability? Especially like you. A poor girl who can’t even pay the most basic tuition!!!”

“Have you investigated me?” Allen Bella looked at the opposite Lewis Justin in disbelief, her pupils shrinking sharply, “You… knew I was an undercover agent early in the morning?”

Lewis Justin chuckled, his deep eyes locked on the opposite her, and the corners of his lips chuckled confidently, “Girl, are you in love with me!”

His words are not doubts at all, but affirmations!

A confident affirmation!!!

On the opposite side, Allen Bella had a light smile.

The smile was printed on the bottom of Lewis Justin’s eyes, bewildering…

Still with the dawn of victory, raised her eyebrows and chuckled, “Mr. Lewis, do you know that, because you are a big fish, so… to get you, sacrifice for the first time… nothing!”

The three words ‘nothing’, spit out the wind lightly…

Her answer made him chuckle.

Justin’s face approached Allen Bella’s pretty face, and a wicked smile appeared on the corners of his lips, “But, what should I do? I enjoy the days of playing with you…”

Play with you…

The four words, like a heavy hammer, slammed Allen Bella’s chest fiercely, for a moment, it made her feel breathless.

“Mr. Lewis, please take care of yourself! Go back!!”

Allen Bella roared coldly, stretched out her hand, and pushed Lewis Justin, who was opposed to her, back to his seat.

Lewis Justin smiled evilly, raised his eyebrows, and looked at Allen Bella eagerly, “The police can also take hostages? Can they use a gun against my head to threaten me? Ha! Girl, do you know, as long as I take out this fan door, I can sue you-intimidation!!”

Allen Bella was taken aback for a moment, her eyes tightened.

She smiled softly, but was determined, “You can’t get out of this door!”

“Really?” Lewis Justin strategized with a smile, “Then you have to see if you have this ability, girl!”

His words made Allen Bella suddenly vigilant.

Her identity was discovered by this man early in the morning, but he still cooperated with her in this transaction, and even followed her into the police station, could it be…

“Lewis Justin, what are you calculating?”

Lewis Justin shrugged and looked at her opponent with an innocent look, “Sir, can you give me a reason to arrest me?”

Allen Bella frowned. She was very uncomfortable with his name. “A lot of white powder was caught on the spot, huh! Isn’t this enough to arrest you?”

“White powder?” Lewis Justin laughed arrogantly, “Ah Sir, do you mean white powder or flour? Is it possible that someone asks me to buy a few boxes of flour, and you are the policeman? I said sir, will you be a little too leisurely?”


“That box is all flour?” Allen Bella was shocked.

Lewis Justin was but smiled.

For a moment, Allen Bella seemed to understand something, “You deliberately? Do you want to lead us all out? So…”

“So what?” Lewis Justin raised his eyebrows and asked her with a mocking smile.

“So… you lied to me before? Just to make me believe you and step into the trap you set step by step?”

“Otherwise, what do you think?” The cold lips spit out these words slightly…

“Today’s game is just for… to draw the snake out of the hole!!”

Lead the snake out of the hole…

Haha! He can kill them all!

But he didn’t!!!

Allen Bella smiled lightly, but there was bitterness between her lips, “I’m such a fool!”

Chapter 714

This time…

It is true that their undercover plan for the past two years completely collapsed and fell short!

“Girl, play with me, you are too tender!” He smiled conceited, got up, and walked out of the interrogation room.

Before going out, he didn’t forget to turn his head and glanced at her indifferently, “Girl, I said, once you get out of this door, you are ready to receive a lawyer’s letter!”

After speaking, he left without looking back.

And Allen Bella’s eyes became increasingly sad.

When Allen Bella got out of the interrogation room, sure enough, the inspection results there had come out, and all the white powder was really as Lewis Justin said, it was all flour!!!


“Mr. Lewis, I don’t think you can leave now!” Allen Bella stopped Lewis Justin.

“Oh?” Lewis Justin turned around and looked at Allen Bella suspiciously, “Miss Allen still reluctant to let me go?”

He asked very lightly.

Allen Bella instantly blushed on her cheeks.

“Mr. Lewis, I think your subordinates are holding guns. You should also explain?”

Lewis Justin smiled warmly and harmlessly, “Miss Allen, I think you haven’t figured it out yet. You said that my subordinates were holding guns. It seems that I can sue you one more crime of slander! Miss Allen, let your colleague tells you, see if any of Lewis Justin’s men are holding guns!”

Lewis Justin sneered, and in the next moment, he gave a cold command, “Let’s go!”

When the voice fell, he led all his men out of the police station.

Allen Bella’s face was extremely ugly, “What’s the matter?”

“Bella, when we were hunting them just now, all the gunmen were from the other trader!”

Damn, she thought about it early on by Lewis Justin!!!

“I didn’t expect this guy to be so cunning!! Using a few boxes of flour to collapse all our plans!!” A colleague complained angrily and was depressed.

“Oh shit!!”

Only Kevin Sir yelled, and a pile of papers slammed on the table, and the cup on the table was instantly shattered.

Allen Bella’s heart trembled suddenly.

Looking apologetically at the angry Kevin Sir, she apologized in a low voice, “Sorry, Sir Kevin.”

Officer Kevin’s chest was still undulating because of his anger. He glanced lightly at Allen Bella beside him. After a long time, he calmed down the grievances in his heart and said, “Forget it! I can’t blame you for this, I can only blame the bastard. He’s too cunning!!”

Later, they quickly returned to City A.

There is one thing Allen Bella still can’t figure out.

Lewis Justin spent such a great effort to arrange all this, from approaching her to the last, leading her out of the hole, all these behaviors have never hurt her!

According to legend, isn’t the character he hates most as an undercover agent? Why didn’t he…but not, kill them all?

He has a lot of opportunities to put her to death!

Why bother, just lead her out…

Why bother to just expose their plan?

The more she thought about it, the more painful and irritable Allen Bella’s heart became.

After that, Allen Bella only went to school once and learned that Brown Emily had taken a year of sick leave, and that day, she did not see Brook Mark.

Although it is a pity, perhaps this is a good thing for them!

It’s better not to meet…

So and so, so good!!!


That day, as soon as Allen Bella entered the police station, she received a letter from a lawyer.

At that moment, her heart trembled slightly…

Holding the lawyer’s letter, she couldn’t help but tremble, and an indescribable feeling lay in her heart, trembling, aching.

“Bella, I think you are not in good shape lately, or else, you should rest for a while before coming to work!”

Sir Kevin had already noticed Allen Bella’s work in a trance, and it was inevitable that he was a little worried.

After all, the collapse of this plan was also a great blow to Allen Bella.


Allen Bella nodded and agreed.

Fair enough!

She is really tired, and she has been with Lewis Justin for almost half a year…

Her heart is really tired…

It’s so lacking now, it seems that even breathing is a bit difficult!

“This Bella, he sued you?” Seeing the letter from the lawyer in Allen Bella’s hand, Kevin Sir couldn’t help but glance at her, and then cursed angrily, “This bastard, he is still Face the police?”

Allen Bella smiled and said nothing, “Then Sir Kevin, I won’t come to the police station during this time! If you need my help, please call me anytime.”

“Okay!” Kevin Sir nodded, and suddenly said, “Bella, regarding the Lewis Justin lawsuit, if possible, let’s settle it privately! After all…”

“I know!” Allen Bella didn’t wait for Kevin Sir to finish, then nodded clearly.

Sir Kevin just didn’t want to be read by other district superintendents at his jokes!

No one was arrested, but he was accused of being accused. If this kind of thing reaches Kevin Sir’s opponent, he will be teased and insulted!

Allen Bella understands him.

Coming out of the police station, Allen Bella wandered on the street…

It’s only been a few days since they haven’t seen each other, it seems that everything has begun to become unfamiliar…

And she also became lonely!

All about her and his memories, all returned.

Once, they argued in the cafe, made cocktails for her in the restaurant, kissed her wantonly on the street…

Everything, at that moment, all turned into terrible memories!!!

At that time, she was not called Allen Bella, but Dixon Lily!!!

At that time, they were so beautiful that they were almost unrealistic…

The tears blurred the eyeballs and hurt Allen Bella’s heart!

At that moment, she could feel that a certain part of her heart was convulsing fiercely.

In her mind, it is all the figure of that man…

From his bad to his good…

From his indifference to his tenderness…

From his evil to his seriousness!!!

All kinds, all kinds…

In her mind, everything can’t get away!!!

In the end, Allen Bella squatted on the ground, unscrupulously crying.


At that moment, she realized a little…

She is in love!!!

She fell in love with a man named Lewis Justin!!!

Really, in love…

Her enemy, drug lord, Lewis Justin!!!

Even though she doesn’t want to admit it, but she can’t fool herself by fooling others!

Her heart is telling herself that she is in love with him!!!

Fall in love with a man who should not love most!

Fall in love with a man who will never have results!!!

Allen Bella squatted on the ground, not knowing how long she cried, until her eyes were swollen and her voice became dry, then the tears stopped.

She found a public toilet, washed her face, tied up her clothes a bit, but suddenly she felt that her stomach was upset, and the next moment, she started vomiting without warning.


“Oh-vomit -“

Her stomach seemed to be convulsive, so painful and sore, and it was almost like vomiting out all of her internal organs, which was extremely uncomfortable.

After retching, the discomfort in the stomach finally eased somewhat.

Her face was pale and a little bit terrible, and her heart was even more desolate.

Perhaps because of eating the wrong thing in the morning, Allen Bella didn’t think too much, so she went straight out of the bathroom.

Allen Bella did not rush home but instead went to the drug rehabilitation center to see her sister.

Compared with the previous situation, Allen Lucy at this moment seems to be much better.

This is especially gratifying to her.

“Sister, what’s wrong with you? Are you feeling sick? Why is your face so bad?” Allen Lucy looked at her sister uneasy.

Allen Bella shook his head, “I’m fine, but I’m too tired recently…”

“Is it hard work?”

“A little bit…” Allen Bella smiled bitterly.

“Sister…” Allen Lucy flashed her eyes and glanced at the opposite Allen Bella, “Can I know your job, sister…”

“Haha! Are you interested in my work too?”

“That’s not true.” Allen Bella shook her head, “I just thought that Lewis Justin was very interested in your work before, so I was also a little curious.”

Lewis Justin…

The two words hurt her heart deeply.

“I’m a policeman!” She answered Allen Lucy unabashedly, “Before I was hiding under Lewis Justin’s side as an undercover agent! My purpose is to capture him…”

Allen Lucy’s red lips were widened in surprise, and her stunning eyes fixed on the opposite Allen Bella, “Then…Sister, you…Don’t you love Lewis Justin?”

Allen Bella’s eyes were reddish, and she shook her head but did not answer.

“Then… does he know?”

“Well, he got it!” Allen Bella nodded, “Our plan failed…”

However, at that moment, she felt a sense of relief!

“Sister…” Allen Lucy glanced at Allen Bella, who looked a little lonely, “Do you know that Lewis Justin visited me…”

“He saw you?” Allen Bella couldn’t believe it, “When did he see you? Did he do anything to you? Lucy, he didn’t hurt you, right?”

“No! Sister, don’t get excited, he hasn’t moved me at all! He just came to see me, and left without saying a word…”

“This… this way…”

Allen Bella’s expression was a little dazed.

She didn’t understand more and more, what the man wanted.

“Sister, don’t worry, he can’t hurt me. This is the scope of the police. No matter how big his list is, he dare not hurt people here! What’s more, he won’t hurt me at all!”

Allen Lucy said the latter sentence extremely positively.

In the bottom of her eyes, there seem to be shy feelings…

However, Allen Bella, who was in a daze, didn’t pay much attention at all.

When Allen Bella received a call from the lawyer from Lewis Justin, the person was still asleep and confused, only to hear the people over there saying that they would meet at 11 noon and talk again.

Allen Bella got up from the bed and looked at herself in the mirror in a daze.

Since then, how long has she not seen that man…?

Are they going to meet again today? Or he didn’t even bother to see her, he just sent a lawyer to meet her.

If this is the case, it would be great…

If he’s gone, he should be forgotten!!!

This should be their last bondage!!!

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