The Warmest Romance Chapter 1503 -1504

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Chapter 1503

Yu Yimo’s eyes are deep and his pupils are like Black Obsidian. He says word by word, “half of Sensen and Sasha are bleeding from me. Even if you deliberately hide it, you can’t cover up the blood relationship and kinship!”

In a word, Ruan Shi’s heart was shocked by “clattering”. An indescribable complex emotion swirled in her heart. Her nose was sour and her tears gushed out.

These years, in order to keep this secret, she is too hard! She tried hard to conceal him, but he finally found out.

Looking at the woman’s tears, Yu Yimo’s heart softened. She stepped forward, raised her hand and gently brushed away the tears on her cheek. She said in a soft voice, “at this time, even for the safety of sensenshasha, you must go to Lincheng.”

“When I’ve solved the problem here, I’ll get there as soon as possible, and our family will get together.”

The words “family” suddenly hit Ruan Shishi’s soft heart. In the past, she hardly thought about the feeling of a family. At that time, when she was with song yean, she didn’t feel at home. However, during this time, she lived in this small apartment with sensenshasha and Yu Yimo, but she was happier than in previous years.

Sure enough, kinship is really irreplaceable.

An inexplicable impulse lingered in her chest. She took a deep breath, opened her arms and put her arms around Yu Yimo’s waist. Her voice trembled slightly, with heavy worry, “I can’t rest assured, I’m afraid…”

I’m afraid that once they are separated like this, they will not meet again. I’m afraid that before they have time to make up, they will have no chance. I’m afraid that they will not know when they will meet again as they did six years ago.

Yu Yimo’s heart is suddenly soft and in a mess. He reaches out his hand and gently pats her on the back and says in a soft voice, “don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

Ruan Shishi gritted her teeth, looked up at him and said, “let Xiao Meng send sensenshasha to Lincheng manor. I’ll stay with you.”

Sensen and Sasha’s safety should be put first, but she really can’t leave him to Lincheng.

Yu Yimo bowed his head, looked at the woman’s firm eyes, moved his heart, hesitated for a few seconds, then nodded gently, “yes, but you have to promise me, you have to listen to my arrangement, safety is the most important.”

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shishi’s eyes were a little happy. He quickly nodded and agreed, “I know!”

After confirming, they immediately went downstairs and told Xiaomeng and sensenshasha.

When they suddenly learned that Ruan Shishi was going to stay and not go with them, they were naturally disappointed and sad. But after Ruan Shishi’s consolation, and the news that her grandparents would also be waiting for them there, their sad mood immediately eased a lot.

Before leaving, Ruan Shishi was worried and repeatedly told Xiaomeng and a Tao, “Xiaomeng, a Tao, don’t drive so fast on the road, safety first.”

Xiaomeng immediately nodded, “don’t worry, sister, we know!”

Ruan Shishi smiles. Seeing that Sen Sen and Sha Sha are sitting in the back seat of the children’s chair with snacks, books and iPad beside them, her worries are relieved.

The journey from Jiangzhou to Lincheng’s manor is more than four hours. It’s not long or short. On the way, Sensen and Sasha can read books and play games, but it’s easy to pass the time.

Chapter 1504

Finally, after waving goodbye to them, the car started and left slowly.

Ruan Shishi and Yu Yimo stand side by side, watching the car go away, almost out of sight. She still looks at the car with some worry.

All of a sudden, her shoulder sank, and a broad palm covered her shoulder. There was a soothing voice in her ear, “don’t worry, they will be here soon.”

Ruan Shishi nodded, turned around with him and went back to the small apartment.

As soon as the two kids left, the apartment was quiet and quiet, but a little lonely.

It seems that he wants to amuse Ruan Shishi. Yu Yimo suddenly asks, “when this is over, it’s time for you to give me a place.”

His tone was like a sad concubine. Ruan Shishi held back and laughed.

Seeing her smile, Yu Yimo hooked her lips and continued to ask, “what’s the matter? Don’t you want to? “

Ruan Shishi walked to the side. He raised his foot and asked with a smile, “don’t you plan to be responsible?”

Ruan Shishi, angry and smiling, reached out to push him, “Oh, you’re so bored!”

As soon as his hand touched his chest, he grasped it. He pulled her directly to himself and encircled her waist. “At that time, you should make it clear to sensenshasha that I am their father.”

Said, he stretched out his hand, gently raised her chin, “as for they called other men called a few years of dad, I let bygones be bygones, you privately compensate me.”

Ruan Shishi raised her eyes, touched his eyes, and immediately “brushed” her cheek My heart is pounding and I can’t control it.

Sure enough, this is the state of facing the person you like. I can’t help but feel excited and shy.

Even though she thought so, she pretended to be serious and gently pushed him away. She said faintly, “I didn’t promise you anything, any fame or dad’s, let’s talk about it.”

Smell speech, Yu Yimo eyes a little more smile, he is not anxious to step forward, is going to cross examine the meaning of her words, at this time, the mobile phone suddenly rang.

Yu Yimo and Ruan Shishi were both stunned. The pleasant atmosphere disappeared and the air became cold again.

Yu Yimo reaches out his hand, presses the answer button, puts his mobile phone to his ear, “hello?”

Su Yucheng’s voice came from the phone, “Lao Yu, someone said that he saw Yu Gubei, and he took a woman to the hospital.”

Yu Yimo’s brow tightened suddenly. He hesitated for a moment and asked, “woman?”

“Yes, I think nine times out of ten it’s Lu Xiaoman.”

Hearing the words, he said, “I know. Where is he now?”

Su Yucheng said with some chagrin, “our people were lost. They appeared in the hospital, and then disappeared.”

Yu Yimo said in a low voice, “it seems that there are definitely other people around him.”

Although Shao Zhuo has been arrested, after being tortured by the police, he refuses to say anything. Now Yu Gubei is still in Jiangzhou with a woman. He can hide so fast, which shows that there is someone at hand.

This is not good news.

“Well, I see.”

With that, Yu Yimo hangs up, and the haze on his face hasn’t spread for a long time.

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