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Chapter 75

Jean stared at Mike on the opposite side…

Her heart is still aching…

If in the past, this man came to ask her this question, she might tell him without hesitation that she loves him!

But now? Right now…


After so many traumas and pains, and even such a disgusting experience, if she still loves, then she is either stupid or crazy!

“Are you in love with Jack?”

There was a sadness and dimness in Mike’s eyes that Jean couldn’t understand…

They here, but don’t know, not far from the promenade, there is a pair of faint blue eyes fixedly staring at them here.

And their conversation, he had already heard it.

It just so happens that these two questions…

He is also very interested!

Does Jean still love Mike!

Jean, is she tempted by Jack in the end!!!


As soon as Mike asked, Jean’s answer came out immediately, even without even thinking about it.

“I didn’t fall in love with that man!”

She continued to repeat.

This answer is too direct…

Jack couldn’t help but squinted his charming eyes, his faintly blue eyes flashed a few dark lights.

Her answer made Mike couldn’t help but feel relieved…

In the next moment, he took a step forward, squeaky, stretched out his hand, and held Jean’s face…

“I want to kiss you…”


Jean struggled.

“Don’t struggle!” Mike only smiled slightly, “I won’t touch you.”

Jean looked at him suspiciously, but the smile on the corners of his lips made her a little dazed for no reason.


Jean shook her head, somewhat unable to understand him, “You…do you know what you are doing?”

“I know, I know!”

Mike nodded, but said swiftly, “Jean, I seem to…I am so tempted by you!”


Jean whispered, “Mike, don’t be kidding you!”

Mike smiled sadly, but did not explain, “Just treat me as a joke!”

“…” Jean was speechless.

What is wrong with this man today? Why is it suddenly like this? She really couldn’t understand it at all!

Mike looked at her suspicious face but smiled lightly.

Perhaps no one knew that before they got married, Mike had already been tempted by Jean.


What if you are tempted? What about married? How about husband and wife? As a husband, he didn’t even have the right to touch her, so he didn’t even have the right to love her!!!

Not to mention…

Protect her!!!

The moment he saw her entangled with Jack, he was crazy!

The whole person was like a demon, he could hardly control his emotions, and finally had the crazy scene that night, and thus, ruined one of his own eyes…

In the dark place, not far away, a thin smile floated between Jack’s mysterious lips.

The forest is cold and evil, making people shudder.

He took out his cell phone and dialed out.


“Dingling Jingling…”

The cell phone ringing in the corridor was Jean’s phone.

“I will answer the call…”

Jean picked up the phone and saw that it was Jack.

Looking at Mike on the opposite side, Jean panicked inexplicably.

After hesitating, she picked it up.

However, it was the hesitation that made the faint blue eyes in the dark place more and more awkward.

“What are you doing?”

“I…I’m talking about work.” Jean’s voice was a little uncomfortable.

“Really?” Jack replied casually as if asking casually, “Who are you with?”


She didn’t lie.


Jack sneered.

“Come back.”

“I’ll be back as soon as I finish talking!”

“I want you, come back right now!!”

Jack’s tone was as cold as ice.

“But, I haven’t finished talking about it, so I just pulled away and left.”

Jean was a little embarrassed.

“Jean, in half an hour, I want to see you at home!”

“Hey, hello…”

“Toot toot…”

The only answer to Jean was the cold mechanical sound, that man hung up the phone.

In the darkness, Jack turned around and left indifferently.

“He called?” Mike asked her.

“En!” Jean nodded honestly, “I think I’m going back.”

“You listen to him that way?” Mike raised his eyebrows and looked at her unhappily.

“It’s not that I listen to him, but I must listen to him today.”

She has something to ask this man for help later!

“I went in and said to Kelly, I’m sorry!”

After Jean said politely, she turned to leave, but she paused again as if she had thought of something, and turned to look at him.

“Just now you asked me whether I still love you or not, I think…I have the answer in my heart.”

Her words made the opposite Mike slightly shocked.

Pursing his lips, looking at her, quietly waiting for her to follow.

“I think… I don’t love you anymore! But, that man, I don’t love him either!”

After that, Jean stepped on four-inch high heels and left gracefully and calmly…

There is no feeling of love in her heart it is really good!

At least, no one can hurt her already broken heart!

Jean drove back to the International City.

However, it was still ten minutes late.

The light at home was turned off, and Jean even thought that the man didn’t wait for her in the end, and went back to his own home.

Of course, when she turned on the light, she saw him sitting on the sofa indifferently.

His face was so cold that Jean shuddered.

He seems to be in a particularly bad mood!

What’s happening?

“What’s wrong? The heating is not on, isn’t it cold?”

Jean asked deliberately, turning on the heater while holding the remote control, “What’s wrong? Did things go wrong today? You don’t seem to be in a good mood.”

“What did you do?”

Jack asked her with a cold tone.

“Talk about advertising contracts!”

Jean answered truthfully.

“Talking about the advertising contract?” Jack snorted coldly, “I think it’s about love?”

Jack’s words made Jean a little flabbergasted, and she returned to her senses. She was surprised, “You were in Le Chao just now?”

She leaned over, sat down beside him, and asked, “Did you see me when you called me?”

Jack tilted his head, his cold blue eyes watched her dangerously.


He called her, his cold fingers hooked her thin chin, and pinched her with some force.

Jean frowned, “It hurts…”


Jack smiled…

Monsters, cold birds of prey.

Of course, the force between the fingers did not mean to loosen it.

Jean was a little angry, “Jack, you let go, it hurts.”

Jack’s faint eyes locked her tightly, watching her little frowning eyebrows, his eyes flickered intricately, but finally, let go of his hand.

The sword eyebrows twisted into a ball as if suppressing a kind of anger that was difficult to dissolve.

He didn’t even know what he was angry about!

What is he angry with? Is this woman having a private tryst with Mike? Still angry that she lied to him? Still angry, she said she didn’t like him at all?

Jack felt a mess in his heart.

He got up, stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, and took out a cigarette before he was about to ignite it, but Jean walked over and took the cigarette in his hand.

Jean was startled slightly…

He was a little surprised by her subconscious action.

Smoked his cigarette without even thinking about it, just like taking off his father’s cigarette.

Jean felt a little embarrassed when she looked at the man who was also stunned.

She pursed her lips and whispered, “Smokeless, it’s not good for your body…”

Instead, she handed him the cigarette again, “I’m sorry.”

She apologized in a low voice.

She could see that he was in a bad mood today.

“You don’t need to worry about it!”

Hearing her concern, Jack snorted coldly, then lit the cigarette again and took a few mouthfuls.

A faint ring of smoke came out from his lips, “misted” his outline…

Jean stared at him blankly…

It seems that there is a distressing indifference on his body, covering him…

He is so lonely, so lonely.

Inexplicably, Jean couldn’t help but feel a pain in her heart.

What happened to him?

In his mind, what is he thinking about?


She called him.

There is no answer.

Jean felt a little frustrated.

Obviously, they have entered the Cold War now, but she still has something to ask of this man, how can this be done?


Jean called again.

The voice was very soft, even with a bit of obvious flattery.

Jack’s fingers holding the cigarette butt stiffened slightly.

The tight heartstrings seemed to be pulled by something, but the softness that was inexplicably swept past his heart.

However, his face’s “color” did not relax at all.

He snorted coldly, “You so pleased with him?”


Jean and heal her skin

“Why should I please him?”

“Humph! Then you have to ask yourself!”

Jack didn’t have a good temper.

“Why? In a bad mood, because of him?”

Jean bullied him with a probe and asked puzzledly.

“Move your head away, I don’t want to see your ugly face right now.”


This guy!!!

Does he want to talk so venomously?

” I went to negotiate a contract with him today. I didn’t want to take it, but Kelly said that private affairs were not very good, so I had no choice but to agree to see it!”

“So?” Jack glared at her.

“It’s nothing, I met him when I came out of the bathroom, and then I chatted with him casually…”

“A few words of casual chat?”

Jack snorted coldly.

“Will you talk about the topic of love or not if you just talk a few sentences? Do you have to hold hands to talk about a few sentences?

Jack asked her in a cold voice, his expression was ugly.

Jean was completely stunned by his question…

After a while, she said, “Jack, don’t you think… weird if you ask me these words?”

Her expression was still a little dazed.

Jack narrowed his eyebrows and stared at her.

“You…what others don’t know thinks you are… jealous…”


Jack smiled…

That wicked smile was full of hurtful ridicule.

“Jean, don’t put gold on your face! The dignified young master of Allison Sect will eat the jealousy of you and Mike? You are dreaming!”

“You are Jack’s bed partner, so I ask you to be absolutely clean and loyal! The woman touched by Jack can’t be defiled by other men!! So, you’d better keep yourself clean! Otherwise, at your own risk! “

Jack finished speaking coldly, pushed Jean away mercilessly, and turned around to leave.

His emotions are a bit agitated…

This somewhat surprised Jean.

But she didn’t know that at this moment, Jack was more “chaos” in her heart. Because it was too “chaos,” he had to use coldness to hide his emotions at the moment.

As soon as he stepped out, Jack was caught from behind.

Chapter 76

Jean didn’t even know how she would behave like this suddenly…

But, she kept him, indeed, kept him.

Jack stiffened…

At that moment, the air seemed to freeze for a moment.

The atmosphere became weird.

Jean’s cheek was hot on Jack’s cold back.

Long time…

Only then could Jack say aloud.


His voice was a little dumb.

Jean stunned, her figure paused…

Heart paused for a second, then let go, letting go of the man in front of her.

And ahead…

When her hand let go of his waist, Jack felt his own heart, and he also lost it.

He turned around and glared at Jean.

“If I ask you to let it go, let it go? You don’t have any own opinions at all!”


This guy yell at her?!!!

She let herself loose, OK? Jean was frustrated and speechless.

She just wanted to speak back but felt that her hands were tightly clasped by a pair of big cold hands. In the next instant, the arm holding her once again wrapped his strong waist.

He raised his eyebrows, staring at her condescendingly, “Say, what are you doing holding me?”


“You…” Jean looked at him, funny and angry, “childish!”

Being teased by her, Jack raised his eyebrows and stared at her unhappily, “This is how you please me?”

“Hey, I’m afraid of you…”

Jean didn’t resist at all but took advantage of the trend to hold him.

In fact, she discovered at this meeting that this man is completely soft and not hard. To deal with him, she must use this soft trick.

A little bit, it seems to be very effective!

This recognition made Jean feel very happy.

“What happened at night, I was not good.”

She offered to apologize.

“But, I just need to work!”

Jean looked up, blinked a pair of innocent eyes, and looked at him with a pitiful appearance.

“That’s it?”

Jack raised his eyebrows and grabbed Jean’s chin with cold fingers, “Next, I will ask you questions, answer me honestly!”


Jean nodded obediently.

The eyes are sincere.

Jack raised his eyebrows, and asked casually, “Do you still love Mike?”

Jean frowned, thought seriously, and shook her head…

She did not answer.

“Answer me, is it love or not?!”

“I should not love him anymore!”

This is Jean’s answer.

“Should?” Jack condensed a smile, and squeezed her arrogant body against the glass window, “Jean, you mean, you might still love him?”

Jean could feel a bit of hostility still hidden between her brows.

She shook her head hurriedly, “No! I still love him. After he treated me like that, how could I still love him, but he was my first love after all, and… I was hurt very deeply…”

At this point, Jean pursed her red lips, her eyes were a little bit sad, “Sometimes in retrospect, there is a feeling of right and wrong! But I know that this is not a heartbeat. It’s not loved, it’s a natural reaction of the human heart… No way, the memory is in the heart, the pain is too deep, and sometimes it is difficult to forget it!

Jean’s words made Jack’s blue eyes sunken a bit.

A few dark lights flashed through the eye pool…

He is quite satisfied with this answer!

“Young Master Allison, what questions do you have to ask?”

Jean wrapped his waist, tilted her head, and smiled at him.

The attitude is rare and gentle and close.

This made Jack a little flattered.

Jean today is different from the past!

But, she seems to be cuter!!!


Jack said lazily.

Squinting, staring at her, “Say it! What do you want me to do today?”


Sure enough, nothing can escape this man’s eyes!

“Hey, you know how to read minds! You can see this!”

Jack wrapped her waist tightly around him, and lifted her chin slightly, “Let’s talk, what’s the matter?”

Jean’s eyes turned slightly, making it difficult to speak…

Asking him to go to her house, it seems, is a very difficult task.

Who is this man? He is the young master of the Allison Sect, and he will accompany her home with honor and honor?

But if she doesn’t say anything, can she? Of course not! She obviously couldn’t explain to her father.

So, give it a try! If he doesn’t agree, she will find another way.

Looking at Jean’s entangled little face, Jack frowned, “Hey, do you want to say, do you want to?”

He has no patience.

“Think about it, think about it!”

Jean was worried that he was leaving and hurriedly buckled the arm holding his waist a little tighter as if he might leave at any time.

Her subtle movements made Jack’s beautiful sword eyebrows rise slightly.

This woman is rarely so proactive!

Jack’s bad mood is a little better…

The corners of the demon’s lips were slightly raised, bending out a shallow arc, and the phoenix eyes half-squinted, condescendingly watching her in front of him, waiting for her to follow.

“Uh, that…”

Jean “licked” her somewhat dry lips with her hot and humid tongue, and a little bit of emotion brewed…

After a while, he heard her continue, “Well, during the day I told my dad about our marriage…”


Jack gave a deep “groan”.

Poker face.

Without the slightest curiosity, he waited for her to follow along.

“Then, he didn’t seem to agree too much! He said that he hadn’t seen you before, so he worries about handing over his baby girl to you…”

Jack nodded and raised his sword eyebrows, “So?”

“So…” Jean raised her face and smiled in kindness, “So I told him, you are very nice, and that…very…loves me…”

Cough cough cough…

Jean’s face was flushed with her own words.

Her eyes fell away, and she dared not look at him again.

In her heart, a burst of weakness.

“This one?”

Jack’s expression still didn’t seem to fluctuate too much, his eyebrows moved, his eyes flickered slightly, and he asked her.

“No, it’s not…” Jean shook her head hurriedly, swallowing nervously, “There is more to follow.”


Jack is simple and neat.

“Um…my dad said, he has never seen you before, so what he said…want…want to see you! He said he wanted me to take you home!”

The last sentence, Jean said in seconds.

A series of words took less than a second.

After speaking, she lowered her head with a guilty conscience, not daring to look up at the man opposite.

For a long time, Jack did not answer.

Jean raised her head to look at him, her eyes “showing” the begging “color”.

Of course, Jack still had an expressionless appearance, completely silent.

Jean couldn’t guess his thoughts at all and didn’t know whether he was going or not.

She smiled, “You promise me, OK?”

She begged him.

Finally, Jack raised his eyebrows, “Want me to go?”

Asked her, the tone was flat, without any ups and downs.

However, Jean felt that there was some kind of light hidden in his faintly blue eyes.

“Of course.”

Jean nodded like garlic.

Jack loosened his arms around Jean and circled his chest, watching her condescendingly, with an attitude like a king.

“Today you made me unhappy, and now you still want to beg me to agree to your request…”

He shook his head and said mercilessly, “Impossible!”


Jean felt a bit resentful.

“En?” Jack raised his eyebrows, watching her warningly.

Jean curled her lips, feeling aggrieved, “You want to marry me. Now let you go to see my dad, but you won’t! Do you still want me to marry?”

“I don’t care!” Jack replied indifferently, “It depends on whether you want your sister to die!”


Jean stomped her feet with anger.

Jack’s enchanting face leaned close to Jean’s depressing little face, “In fact, this matter is not without a turn.”

Hearing Jack’s words like this, Jean’s eyes lit up, “Then how can I get a better chance?”

“You made me unhappy today, right?”



Jean squashed her mouth, “Forget it!”

“OK! That’s easy, just make me happy!”


Does this guy still consider himself a kid?!

“I’m not good at coaxing people!”

What she said is the truth.

“Then do you coax or not coax?” Jack squinted at her.

“Choo! Of course! Master Allison!!!”

Jack’s strange lips rose slightly without a trace.

Jean has no experience of coaxing people, so now Jack tells her to do what she does.

“Shoulder pain…”

On the sofa, Jack seemed to be muttering to himself, shaking his head, looking tired.

Jean hurriedly drilled over, “I’ll pinch it for you.”

As she said, the little hand rushed over, and gently “kneaded” it on his shoulder.

Jack tilted his head and looked at the little head beside him, “Hey! I didn’t see it, you have a talent for serving people!”


Does this thing pay attention to talent?!

“Master Allison, are you in a better mood now?” Jean asked him not afraid of death.

Jack lazily raised his eyebrows, ringed his chest, and said with an aura, “It’s normal!”

Jean almost sprayed a sip of salt soda on his proud face.


He beckoned and motioned for Jean to put her head over.

Jean obediently put her head behind him, “What’s the matter?”

Jack tilted his head and stared at her, his eyes hot…

Two people, two faces, only a few inches away…

Jean’s fragrant fragrance spilled into his nose, causing the temperature in his body to rise a bit instantly.

And Jean here…

Feeling his scorching breath, her heart skipped a beat…

The cheek was stained with a little blushing “color”, Jean blinked embarrassedly, “That, what’s the matter?”

She asked him again…

Electricity ran through the four eyes of the two confronting each other.

Jean wanted to go to the beginning, but she heard him mute, “Kiss me.”


Jean was embarrassed.

“Don’t understand?” Jack raised his eyebrows coolly.


Jean nodded, her face flushed, her eyes fluttered, her heart beating like a rabbit.

And so…

Jack supported his charming eyes and stared at her opposite for an instant…

His eyes were impartial, neither dodge nor hide, looking straight at her, waiting for her to move further.

Jean glanced at him with her panicked eyes, and then quickly swept over his seductive thin lips…

The cheeks are getting hotter and hotter…

Although, he has had too many skin relatives with this man, he wants her to kiss him…

She is really shy!!!

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