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Chapter 77

Besides, why does this guy look at her with his eyes open?

Don’t he knows she will be shy too?!

“Um, you…close your eyes first…”

Jean demanded in a low voice.

Jack raised his eyebrows unhappily, and turned his head back, “Don’t kiss me!”


This guy must have teased her on purpose!

Jack leaned his head lazily on the sofa, stunned, looked at the somewhat slumped face above his head, and smiled badly, “I’m in a bad mood, it’s a big deal, right?”

Jean was really angry at his bad appearance, “Jack, I am not going to get married! Why are you like this!”

He was “forcing” her to marry him, but it’s fine now, and he wants her to please him!!!

“Oh… yeah!” Jack replied, and smiled, “It’s not that you want to save people! Right?”


Jean was so angry…

This guy, besides using others’ weaknesses to threaten others, what else is there?

“You mean!”

Jack shrugged indifferently, “I just want results!”

Jean hopes to see this dazzling “confused” face…

But in the end…

Leaning over, she printed a kiss on his forehead without warning.

The speed was so fast that Jack didn’t have time to recover.

“All right?”

Jean asked him, her face blushing.

Jack opened his eyes and glared at her, “That’s it?”

“You said it, let me kiss you, it was already…”


Jack frowned and waved to her, “Take your head over!”

“What are you doing?”

Jean leaned over his head suspiciously, but as soon as she leaned in, her neck was caught by a big cold hand.

In the next instant, her face struck towards the enchanting face he was leaning on the sofa…


Her red lips fell on his lips…

His head leaned back on the back of the sofa…

And her head tilted down.

His lips, without a trace of seams, deeply covered her cherry lips…

She heard him vaguely said, “Teach you what is kissing!!”

After he finished speaking, he arrogantly opened Jean’s lips and teeth and began to frantically grab every inch of her breath.


Too rude, too arrogant, made Jean pant again and again.

This guy was born of a beast!!!

This day…

It was the day when Jean returned home, and Jack also went back with her.

Along the way, Jean fiddled with her hair nervously.

Jack seemed much calmer.

He sat in the back seat calmly, without any expressions on his monster face.

“That one…”

Jean pursed her lips and said, “I told my dad, you…like me very much, so…can you behave a little bit…what about it later?”

“Then what, what do you mean?”

Jack raised his eyebrows and asked her pretending.

Jean smiled embarrassedly, “That’s right, treat me a little…be more courteous, I don’t want to be seen by my father.”

Jack stared at her deeply, raised his eyebrows, and said disapprovingly, “Look at your mood!”

After finishing speaking, he put aside his eyes and looked at the quickly slipping away scenery outside the window…

Sword’s eyebrows frowned…

Looks indifferent.

He seemed to be in a bad mood.

what’s happening?

Jack looked at the dangling scenery outside the window, and his faintly blue eyes turned into a sharp dark light.


He never thought that he would step into the Glover with such an identity!

There was a cold chuckle between thin lips…

Fair enough!


The car drove into the community and parked in the parking lot outside.

With the gift Jack prepared for the family, Jean was about to enter the house, but reached out and was caught by Jack.

“Give me…”

Jack took the gift from her hand and then held her hand tightly.

Feeling the cold temperature in his hands, Jean’s heart shrank, “Your hands are so cold…”


Jack didn’t care.

“What’s the matter? Is it cold?” Jean squeezed his big hand backhand.

Jack was slightly stunned by this subtle move.

Mind, a little trance…

“It won’t be cold after going in later,” Jean said.

Jack glanced at her slightly…

At that moment, Jean seemed to see the fleeting cold bird in her eyes…

Because she didn’t know, it would only get colder if she went in!!!

Jean’s heart fluttered a little more panic, and she held his hand tighter.

She doesn’t know why, this kind of Jack is a little bit at a loss…

Seeing the dark light flashing in his eyes, she felt a little distressed for him inexplicably.

“Why doesn’t the cold come out with more clothes!”

Jean complained distressedly.

Jack lowered his eyes, squinted, staring blankly at the pretty face in front of him…

If he didn’t know what was wrong, is this woman caring about him now?


He doesn’t need the warmth of Glover!

However, he did not break away from her hand.

Just said, “Go in!”


Two people, holding hands, walked in.

“Dad, we are back!!”

Jean shouted with joy, and as expected, Glover George greeted her from inside.

“Come in, come in and sit down.”

Glover George was not particularly enthusiastic but greeted with a faint smile.

“Dad, he… Jack…”

Jean stood at the door and introduced the man beside her to her father.

She knew that her father was not happy.

Too! How can he be happy when he sees his daughter become such a man?

“Uncle, hello!”

Jack concealed his usual arrogance and replaced it with that noble elegance and calmness.

Glover George raised his head and glanced at the tall and handsome boy opposite.


Just as Jean said, he does not look as fierce as the rumors say, and even the noble temperament in his body is rare in the world.

This is indeed the dragon among people!!!

If they abandon his huge background and hurt Jack, he is undoubtedly the best son-in-law to take the dragon.

Glover George’s gaze swept towards Jack’s cheek that was almost indescribable in words…


Inexplicably, he feels…

Between the peaks of his eyebrows, there seemed to be some points, the shadow of the deceased back then…

His heart trembled suddenly, and his face turned pale…

“Dad, what’s the matter with you?”

Jean noticed his father’s strange expression and asked worriedly.


Glover George shook his head, “I just think this young master of Allison Sect is a bit like my deceased friend.”


Jack hummed coldly in his heart.

He doesn’t know how good friends they are that made Glover George get such a heavy hand, and they must destroy their family!

“Mr. Allison, who is your father?”

Glover George felt his palms were sweating continuously.

“My father’s name is Allison Henry!”

Jack replied respectfully.

“Allison Henry…”

Glover George murmured to himself, Allison Henry, he had never heard of it.

“Have you heard of the name Adam?”

Glover George asked again, his tone seemed a little eager.

Jean looked at her agitated father in confusion, “Dad, what’s wrong with you today?”

“Pray for noon beams?” Jack seemed to think seriously for a while, shook his head, and smiled faintly, “Uncle, I’m sorry, I have never heard of this person.”

“Really? You haven’t heard of it, just don’t stop it…”

At that moment, Jean saw the ease between her father’s eyebrows…

This boy does not look particularly like their husband and wife…

It’s just that there is a slight similarity between the eyebrows!

Hearing Jack’s answer like this, he seemed to be relieved a lot.

Little did he know that Jack’s portrait was not his parents, but his grandmother and he also left one-third of his grandmother’s British blood!

“Dad, let’s go in and talk! It’s cold outside!” Jean suggested.

“Yes, yes! Look at me, I’ve neglected you two, come in quickly, come in…”

Glover George hurriedly greeted the two of them to come into the house.

As soon as she entered the door, she unexpectedly ran into Emma walking down the stairs.

The day before yesterday, because her health had improved a little, she insisted on being discharged from the hospital, and Jacob came directly to her home to see her every day.

Jean didn’t expect Emma to be at home, and when she saw her, she was slightly startled for a second.

And Emma’s face was even more so white when she saw a pair of children who were holding each other tightly.

The hand holding the railing tampered instantly.

She hates it!!!

She hates this woman for causing her so much pain. She hates her for taking away her role. In the end, even her supporting role was replaced by someone else because of this illness. She hates her for being such a lowly abandoned woman. “How can she find such an excellent man as a backer!”!

Even, she heard her mother say that they are getting married!!!

She couldn’t believe it!!!

However, she didn’t dare to say anything more, and she dared to say something clearly after this lesson.

“Sister, are you…have your health improved recently?”

Jean asked her concerned.

But Jack beside him just stared at Emma who was opposite, then curled his lips and smiled deeply.

Just smile like that…

But Emma on the opposite side couldn’t help but be in a daze…

She glanced at Jean, “exposed” a little disgust, “Dad, I’m not feeling well, I’m going upstairs first, and you don’t need to call me for dinner!”


Glover George sighed and did not force it.

Seeing the worry in her father’s eyes, Jean felt very uncomfortable.

Glancing at Jack next to her, she also turned her head to look at him.

The expression was complicated, so Jean couldn’t guess what he was thinking about at this moment.

Sometimes Jean thinks…

When he saw such a tragic scene of her sister, was there a moment in his heart with a little repentance and sympathy?

Have it?

Of course not!!!

It was not until later that Jean knew clearly that this man…

Do not! In other words, this demon…

There is no heart at all!!!

How can a heartless demon have repentance and sympathy?

Of course, these are all things to do!

On the table…

Megan kept picking up vegetables for Jack.

Why is she so diligent?

One is because she heard Emma say that Jack is an equally famous figure in the entertainment circle.

Second, Glover George never told her about the entanglement between Jack and his daughter, and only thought that Jack helped them with Emma’s affairs, and regarded him as half a benefactor.

Looking at Jack, who was elegant and polite, Megan sometimes wondered if this man could become her son-in-law!

He is hundreds of times better than Mike!

Chapter 78

“Thank you!”

Facing Megan’s enthusiasm, Jack only faintly thanked her.

However, he took the food she gave him, only placed it on the side of the bowl, and did not eat it.

He has cleanliness!

Especially in the face of people he hates!

He won’t even touch someone else’s chopsticks!

“Arthur, why don’t you eat it? Don’t you like it?”

Megan hadn’t noticed the reason for this and asked him.

Of course, Jean understood it at a glance and was busy thinking about helping him. “Aunt Megan, he doesn’t like eating these things, don’t mind.”

“He doesn’t like it!” Megan was a little regretful, then glanced at the pile of vegetables in his bowl, wondering whether this young master did not like too many dishes.

Jack smiled faintly, “Aunt Megan, I don’t like eating, but I have some cleanliness.”

He explained truthfully.

In a word, Megan’s face changed slightly.

The expression passed a little embarrassment, “So it is like this! Look at me, I didn’t pay attention to this…”

“Hey! I’m so sorry! Don’t mind!”

“It’s okay…”

Jack still smiled calmly.

As if everything seemed to be taken for granted in his eyes.

Jean glanced at him, somewhat resentful.

Maybe this guy was in a bad mood because of Megan’s troubles, so he said this deliberately, really scared her.

“Aunt Megan, don’t care, he is like this, don’t worry about it…”

Jack smiled faintly and apologized, “I’m sorry.”

Take a look, after being a bad person, he has shown the good side to the fullest.

“Oh, what are you sorry to say! Does Aunt Megan look like that kind of unreasonable person? Eat and eat! Come, come…”

Megan’s temper is too good.

Jean sighed, it seemed that Jack was in line with Megan’s taste.

But her father, Glover George, didn’t say much at the table, only occasionally turning his head to look at Jack next to him.

Those eyes are full of inquiry…

Even when he met Jack’s certain actions and expressions, he would suddenly lose consciousness, be in a daze, and seem to be remembering something.



Seeing her father staring at Jack in a daze, Jean finally couldn’t help calling him.

“En?” After Jean yelled a few times, Glover George suddenly recovered.

“Husband, what are you thinking about, I’m stuck! I can’t hear you!” Megan said, and put some vegetables into Glover George’s bowl.

“Dad, what’s the matter with you?”

Jean was a little worried.

It seems that since Jack entered the door, her father’s mood has not been quite right.

“Uncle probably still thinks that I am too similar to his old friend!”

Jack said dismissively.


Glover George sighed.

“Dad, don’t think about it, let’s eat first!” Jean comforted her father.

Probably, she wants to pray to Uncle again!

Jean knew that her father had a particularly good brother before, but because of an accident, their family suffered a tragic change.

Jean seemed to have seen this uncle in her memory, but she was not too impressed, but she still remembered that Uncle Adam had a very beautiful son.

She only met him once when she was very young. She couldn’t remember exactly what he looked like. She only remembered that he was very beautiful, as beautiful as a doll.

Yep! The male version of the doll! So cute!!!

But, according to her father, in that accident, that beautiful brother seemed to go to heaven with Uncle Adam…

It’s no wonder her father has to worry about such a tragic situation.


Glover George sighed, “Eat first, eat first…”

“Dad, if you still can’t let go of Uncle Adam, I will be free another day, so let’s go with you to pray and burn incense on Uncle’s gravestone!”

Glover George nodded, “Yes! It’s been a long time since I went to see him…”

“People who have been dead for so many years, what else is there to look good! The whole family is dead, you still go to see it, how unlucky!!”

Megan replied harshly while serving the soup for George.

Her words caused Jack to shake the hand of the bamboo chopsticks slightly.

There was a cold light in the faint blue eyes…

Of course, Jack recovered in just a quarter of a second, so that no one noticed anything unusual about him.

“If you don’t speak, no one here will treat you as dumb!!”

George said angrily, and threw the chopsticks in his hand on the table, sulking in his eyes, unable to calm down.

“Dad, don’t get excited, don’t get excited…”

Every time Uncle Adam is mentioned, her father is always very irritable.

“Your dad does this every time, he gets into the fire whenever he mentions that person. It’s… OK, why are you angry! There are still guests today!”

Megan’s face was so “colored” that she couldn’t see where it was.

She reminded that George thought of Jack.

A little apology and embarrassment flashed across his face, “Mr. Allison, I made you laugh! Don’t care too much. When it comes to my late friend, the emotions are a little hard to control.”

“Uncle, you can just call me Arthur! Since the past has passed, let it pass!”

Jack comforted Glover George in this way, but he didn’t know that he should also say this to himself.

“Yes Yes Yes…”

Glover George nodded, “Let’s eat! Eat first…”

On the table, being disturbed by this incident, it seemed that the whole atmosphere had changed.

Megan no longer offered dishes to Jack, George still did not speak much, and Jack always talked less, Jean saw that the family didn’t speak much, and finally didn’t say anything.

So, the four of them ate their heads stuffed.

After eating, Jean hurriedly said goodbye to her father on the excuse that she was busy, and left with Jack first.

When she went out, Jean thanked him.

“Thank you…”

“Your father seems to be in a particularly bad mood.”

Jack only said leisurely.

“That is not right?”

Jean shrugged, a little depressed, “Every time he thinks about his late friend, he doesn’t feel very good! Hey, I don’t know what happened that year that made him remember so much.”

Jack chuckled disapprovingly and then disappeared.

“Ah…My dad said you look like Uncle Adam, is it alike?”

Jean began to look at the man in front of her seriously.

The footsteps circled in front of him, and the little hand was supporting his cheek and said, “Also, Uncle Adam has a very beautiful son!”


Jack raised his eyebrows and looked at her like amused. “Do you think I look like him?”

“It’s not like!”

Jean didn’t remember anything.

She even forgot that the beautiful little boy had blue faint eyes.

Because the little boy at that time only has such a light and blue circle outside his pupils, which is not particularly obvious, but as time goes by, this blue “color” becomes deeper and deeper…

Until now, Jack is like this…

The azure blue is like the sea, and the shadow is like an ancient well.

“He is much cuter than you!”

“Really?” Jack smiled coolly, glanced at her, and asked deliberately, “Do you like him?”

“Yeah!” Jean did not shy away. “When I was a child, I liked him a lot! That would quarrel with my father every day and let him take me to see that little doll! But I met him once, and then I heard that he was sent to his grandmother’s home abroad, and I never saw him again…”

Now recalling those long-standing things when she was a child, Jean couldn’t help but “show” a little regret…

Things are impermanent, such a beautiful little boy, actually died!

Looking at Jean’s slightly sullen face, Jack’s faintly blue “color” eyes flicked through the darkness…

His heart, inexplicably, was in a daze…

In his memory, the same…

There has always been a shy little girl!

Big eyes, pink skin, long wavy hair…

At that time, she kept her voice low, “milk” and “milk” telling herself angrily, “My name is Jean, you can call me Jan…”

Her shy appearance has been in his memory for a long, long time without being erased…

Until that day…

That night…

Also, the darkness is bottomless, day!!!


In his memory, three extremely beautiful and incomparably simple words, in an instant, became the incarnation of the devil!!!

Become a substitute for hatred!

It also became, he…the first choice for revenge!!!


You can call me Arthur…

In that way, what would it be like if a girl likes a little angel fell into the darkness like him?

Will she panic and helpless like him?

Will she become the devil-like him?

Like him, in the dark, cry for help, but never find a light that can save him?

To the end…

He can only make himself fall a little bit, then fall again…

When he looks back, there is no way out!!!

The injuries and pains in the past, as well as the darkness, were all given to him by the Glover!!!

and so…

He should return them all!!!


Quill, he called her.

The voice is low and dumb.

Jean was shocked suddenly.

He curled his lips, smiled faintly, and stroked her long black hair with his hands…

The look in his eyes was so complicated that Jean couldn’t figure it out…

Of course, his cold hands made her shudder.

She reached out and grabbed his big hand, “Why are you so cold?”

Jack did not struggle, letting her hold his hand, “Get in the car first!”


Jean didn’t expect that when she came out of the crew, she ran into Ava.

In her hand, she also held a bunch of red roses.

The rose, with her white face printed on it, was particularly eye-catching and dazzling and beautiful.

“Miss Jean, let’s talk?”

Jean stunned, looked at Ava who was opposite, lowered her eyes, and nodded, “Okay.”

She was somewhat apologetic.

The two people found a coffee shop and sat down in a corner position.

Ava held the rose in her palm, put her right hand on the table, and shook it seemingly…

The golden “color” sunlight came in through the glass window, shining “shooting” on the back of Ava’s white hand, and then falling on her dazzling ring finger…

There was a brilliant diamond embedded in it.

Under the sun’s “shooting”, shining brightly, dazzling and dazzling.

“Sister Jean, is this ring beautiful?”

Ava raised her lips with a smile and asked Jean innocently.

Jean nodded and chuckled, “Beautiful…”

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