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Chapter 79

“Yeah, I also feel so beautiful…”

She smiled, kissed on the ring, with the other hand, caressing the ring finger of her right hand pretentiously.

“Some people say that the ring finger is connected to their heart, so the wedding ring has to be put on the ring finger, which means that between husband and wife, the heart is connected to the heart…”

Ava muttered to herself.

Jean sat opposite, but she was a little uneasy.

Her heart, a little tight.

It seemed that she had realized what the girl opposite had to say to her.

“This ring was just bought by Arthur! I like it!”


Jean’s heart still aches…

Although not obvious.

She lifted her lips and smiled, but she didn’t know how to answer.

“This flower was also given by him…”

Ava placed the rose in front of Jean.

Jean smiled as she looked at the red rose.

In some accidents, it turns out that the man has such a romantic side, it is really rare.

“Very beautiful…”

Jean praised, there was not much change in her face, she still just smiled.

However, Jean saw the girl who was showing off on the opposite side, and there was a touch of pain in her eyes.


She hurt the girl opposite.

Jean took a deep breath, “I’m sorry…”

She apologized.

Very guilty.

“I don’t want you sorry!!”

Ava’s emotions seemed to be provoked by Jean’s sorry sentence, “Sister Jean, didn’t you say that you never acted as a third party? Why? Why did you take Brother Arthur from me? “

Her emotions became agitated all at once.

With tears in the eyes…

Jean would cry at any time, but after all, she endured it and did not cry.

Jean looked at her straight…

The eyes are also red…

“If I could, I wish he would always be by your side…”

Jean’s words made Ava slightly startled…

“I am sorry…”

She continued to apologize, “I promised you, but in the end, I didn’t do it… It’s not that I didn’t want to do it, but I really couldn’t do it…”

“Miss Ava, my wedding with Jack is just an accident. I don’t even know why he wants to marry me, but my sister’s life is in his hands. I have nothing else but submission.”

“Brother Arthur married you to save me…”

Ava muttered blankly.

The voice was very soft, but Jean could hear her.

“What… what do you mean?” Jean’s expression turned pale.

“Because of Max! That madman! He always likes to snatch everything that Arthur cares about and likes! He is jealous of Arthur! The last time he robbed you was the same, last time he also robbed me, even He also poisoned me with “drugs”! Brother Arthur worried that the madman would continue to deal with me, so for my safety, he decided to let you be my cover! Sister Jean, leave Brother Arthur! He doesn’t love you!! The person he loves is always me, you are just a passer-by in his life… You leave him! Okay? I don’t need you to be my cover! I have something to do you can carry it by yourself!!”

Ava held Jean’s hand excitedly.

Tears, after all, overflowed from the eyes…

Every word and every sentence of her hit Jean’s heart straight…

It hurts…

It turns out that this is the trap in Mike’s mouth!!!


It turned out that this was the purpose of Jack!!!

He knew that Jack didn’t marry her because he loved her, and he knew what Jack was calculating, but when the truth was revealed…

She found that her heart still hurt…

That kind of pain…

Hard to speak!

The blood, dripping down…

It hurts her, heart-wrenching, pumping!

It turned out that her life was so cheap in his eyes…

She is just a protective layer to protect his beloved!!!


Jack, Jean is heartbroken…

Seriously, like a devil!!!

Seeing Jean with wet eyes and a dull expression, Ava knew that her own words had hurt her.

She apologized in a low voice, “Sorry, I…I said too much, but…I don’t want to lose Brother Arthur…”

Jean came back to her senses and “forced” the tears in her eyes back, “You don’t need to apologize to me, it should be me to say sorry! He…wasn’t mine…”

Jean’s heartfelt a sharp pain…

“If I can, I don’t want to marry him! But I have no choice.”

Jean shook her head, her eyes filled with despair.

“Why? Why do you have no choice?” Ava shook her hand and asked her nervously.

“Sister Jean, if you tell me, maybe I can help you.”

Ava’s words made Jean startled…

The water eyes flickered, and there was a hint of surprise in her heart.

Just as Ava said, maybe she can help her.

“Miss Ava, do you know Doctor Jacob?”

“Of course!” Ava nodded, “I know Jacob very well. Does this matter have anything to do with him?”

“My sister… she was infected with a new type of virus due to an accident. It is said that only Dr. Jacob can cure it with a certain degree of assurance. However, Dr. Jacob is from Allison Sect. Without Jack’s order, he can’t come forward and help my sister’s illness.”

“You married Arthur just to help your sister’s illness?”

Ava was surprised.

“Yes!” Jean nodded.

“But, if I remember correctly, your sister… robbed your husband back then!”

“If you can forget the past, you can forget it. Anyway, she is my elder sister after all, and she was infected because of me…”

There was a sense of sadness and guilt in Jean’s eyes.

“Okay! Sister Jean, since you don’t care, then I don’t have the right to say more! If you just want Jacob to treat your sister, I think, if there is no accident, even if there is no Brother Arthur order, I can also move him.”


Ava’s words made Jean “show” her joy and “lust”.

“Yes! Leave this to me!”

“Miss Ava, thank you! It’s just…wouldn’t it trouble you too much?”

“No. To me, it’s just a small matter!”

“That’s good! Thank you…”

Jean thanks her…

In her heart, it seemed to be a long sigh of relief…

She doesn’t know if she can get rid of Jack, but she doesn’t need to be “forced” by Jack to be the junior, and she doesn’t have to step into the trap he has set. Jean feels so much more relaxed…

That man…

He’s too dangerous!

If she could, she wanted to leave him…

Such a person who can never figure out, staying by his side will only become more and more dangerous…

Not life, but heart!!!

Her heart will follow, a little closer, and gradually degenerate…

In the end, even if she wants to pull it out, it is impossible!

So, while it’s still early, let’s end it all!!!

“Miss Ava, I will get rid of you about this matter! If there is news, be the first to notify me…”

“Good! I will solve it as soon as possible.”

“Thank you…”

Late at night…

In the room, it was cold…

The faint moonlight came in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, sifting in from the outside, and enveloped the bed, the petite shadow.

Jean can’t sleep for a long time…

With her eyes closed, the words in her mind are all Ava’s words…

She says…

Marrying Jean is to save her as a guise for Ava!

That’s it…

In his heart, is Ava is that important?

Or because Jean doesn’t matter at all!!!

Yes! How could she matter? If she matters, what would he say to Max at that time?!

Jean turned sideways slightly…

But inadvertently, a drop of tears…

But it still slipped out from the corner of the eye unconsciously.

She cried!!!

Why cry? Is it because of that man’s unfeeling? Or is it because her heart… hurts?!

In the dark…

There was a familiar black “feeling” figure “feeling” on the bed…

The familiar embrace, with warmth, drove her over.

Her body is so nice…

“Why is it so cold?”

He frowned and asked her.

This road is cold, a bit outrageous.

The sudden warmth made Jean’s nose sore, and tears almost overflowed from her eye sockets again.

“When did you come here?”

She thought things were so absorbed that she didn’t even notice his approach.

Jack turned over and pressed her under him.

With the “color of the moon”, he could see her pale and beautiful face…

“Why cry?”

He asked her.

Quite, bow his head…

Gently, little, little, kissed away the tear marks on her cheek…

This extremely gentle movement made Jean under his body suddenly stiff.

The next moment, when she came back to her senses, she reached out and pushed him away, “Don’t be like this…”

She was somewhat resisted.

Jack frowned, dissatisfied with her rejection, the next second, her red lips pour away again.

Jean avoided.

“Jack, don’t be like this!!”

While hiding, she pushed Jack on his body.

Her attitude completely made Jack angry.

Reaching out, holding her restless head, the next moment, leaning over, domineering and strong, grabbed her red lips tightly.

Action, rude, arrogant.

Full of punishment…

His lips and teeth bit her lips fiercely, and they were grinding them together, deliberately trying to hurt her.

It is not too late to punish her first, and then ask her what happened.


Jean kept resisting but didn’t follow.

However, the more she resisted, the ruder he was.

Perhaps, at this time, she still doesn’t know that a woman’s rejection will more and more arouse a man’s desire to conquer.

He held her face, raging crazily on her lips, biting…

Until, Jean, who provokes her, couldn’t help crying…


Jean doesn’t know if her lips hurt too much or her heart hurts too much…

Tears came out of my eyes, and she couldn’t help it…

The tears that came out suddenly like “tidal” water made Jack suddenly startled.

At last…

He moved away from her lips, and his faint blue eyes stared at her under him for a moment…

The deep eyes are shining in the darkness.

“what’s happening?”

He frowned and asked her with concern.

The voice was dumb.

Hands, still holding her crying face.

Staring at her.

Jean cried harder when he asked her so.

Jack was a little surprised by her sudden emotions, “Tell me, what happened? Who bullied you?”

Seeing her crystal clear tears, his heart would follow involuntarily…thinking…

This feeling is terrible!

But he couldn’t control it!!!

Chapter 80

Jean looked at his eyes that were as deep as an ancient well…

Heart pool, trance.

Why, why did she see those worries from his eyes?

She must have read it wrong…

How could he worry about her for such an unfeeling?

“Tell me…”

He held her face and asked her.

Voice, rare gentleness.

Jean stretched out her hand, wiped her tears, smiled bitterly, “It’s okay.”

She didn’t plan to ask him anymore.

Jack frowned at Jean’s eyebrows and stretched out his hand to turn on the bedside lamp.

For a time…

Under the dizzy yellow light, his eyes met.

There are tears in Jean’s eyes…

And Jack’s faint eyes were glowing with a dark blue glow, staring at her under him for a moment.

Jean was a little flustered, she hurriedly turned away her eyes, and the little hand pushed his chest, “I… go to the bathroom.”

Jack’s faint blue eyes sunken a little, and in the next instant, he turned sideways and rose from her.

Jean hurriedly got up and went into the bathroom.

She didn’t use the toilet, just wanted to hide in and get some air…

She hurriedly wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and washed her face with water. She didn’t even know why her emotions became so emotional.

When Jean squatted on the toilet lid, wondering whether to go out, the bathroom door was pushed open.

Jack’s sturdy figure, leaning lazily at the door, raised his phoenix eyes, and looked at her secretly crying inside.


He called her.

He took a cigarette out of his pocket, lit it, and took a deep breath.

The smoke ring slowly spits out from between the lips, and “bewildered” Jack’s enchanting face…

Also “missed” his eyes.

“I won’t coax people! Don’t cry…”

His voice was a little dumb.

Looking at the “color” of Jean’s eyes, it became a bit dim.

It seems that there is still a kind of worry in it.

Also mixed with some helplessness.

It felt like he wanted to comfort the woman in front of him, but he didn’t know what to do.

He didn’t even know what she was crying.

Jean wiped her tears and smiled, “I didn’t cry!”

She hurriedly got up and walked out of the bathroom. However, when she passed Jack, she was still trapped by him.

He threw the cigarette butt in his hand casually, into the trash can, and then hugged her tightly into his arms.

The coldness of her body made him frown, and then he picked her up involuntarily and walked to the bed.

He took the quilt and wrapped her tightly with his tender body.

“Jean, stop crying!” He seemed to coax her aside, wrapped her tightly in his arms, and muttered, “What’s the matter, I’m still there.”


Jean snorted softly in her heart, a little sad and a little bit painful.

“Why do you want to marry me?” she finally couldn’t help but ask him.

She slept with her back to him.

Because can’t bear to look at his cold face.

“Why are you still struggling with this issue?”

“Is it because you want to protect Miss Ava?” Jean continued.

Jack held Jean’s hand and stiffened slightly for a second.

In the next moment, his tight eyebrows were slightly relieved, “Who told you?”

He didn’t have the slightest anger, and even his emotions still didn’t have many ups and downs.

His attitude made Jean’s heart a dull pain…

He did not deny it!!!


It’s getting colder…

She subconsciously shrank herself into a ball…

Her mind and body were so cold that she couldn’t help but shudder.

“Ava told you?”

Jack asked her.

Jean’s tight heartstrings ached, “Are these still important?”

Jack smiled meaninglessly, that smile made Jean feel that it was so cruel.

She could only hear him say, “Actually, it’s the same if you don’t know…”

Anyway, he wants to marry her!

He stretched out his hand and broke her cold body, his deep eyes gripped her sullen water eyes urgently, “It turns out that you don’t know it might be better! The way you are now, it seems… uncomfortable.”

“Jack, how can you be so selfish!!!”

Seeing this decisive and cruel face on the opposite side, Jean couldn’t help but let out a choked low growl.

She sat up, with red eyes, staring at the man who was opposite but still looking meaningless, “Is it true that other people’s lives are cheap things in your eyes, and only Ava is noble?! Because you like her, I deserve to sacrifice for her, am I?!!!”

Facing her roar, Jack was still calm and calm.

He raised his thin lips slightly, and only asked, “Aren’t you cheaper than her?”

His gloomy eyes “shot” a ridiculous cold light, and for a while, she could only hear him indifferently, “Like a bed slave, you are not qualified to compare your worth with her!”

Jack’s words were like a sharp knife, piercing Jean’s heart…

Her heart shrank sharply because of the pain.

Tears, rolling in the eyes…

She, holding the quilt’s hand, tightened a little bit…

In the next moment, she lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

Opening the closet, she grabbed a few pieces of clothes out of sheer, she didn’t even have time to take care of the man behind her, she stripped off her pajamas without even thinking about it, and then she ran out of her pajamas. Put on the skirt that she took out.

Jack stood behind her, squinting his eyes and staring at her indifferently.

With thin lips pressed tightly, his face expressionless, he could not see what she was thinking at the moment.

At first, Jean’s movements were eager and chaotic…

Gradually, she slowed down more and more and became calm…

She seemed to have figured out a lot of things suddenly…

Carefully organize her dress for herself, one by one, and carefully button up every button of her skirt…

Then, she pulled out her long black hair from the back of the dress…

Everything is done!

She turned and looked at Jack who was opposite.

The corners of the lips, a cool smile.

“Jack, my life, I think I am no more humble than anyone else, so, if you want me to be the guise of Miss Ava, stop dreaming!!!”

The bottom of Jean’s eyes was filled with determinations she had never had before.

She picked up the handbag on the table, took the phone on the bedside table, and turned around to go out.


Jack called her.

“Dare to take a half step out of this room, I promise you will regret it for life!”

His voice is as cold as a thousand years of ice.

It was so cold that Jean only felt her back…a chill.

All over, shuddering.

The footsteps stopped suddenly.

But, in the next instant, she turned around, her eyes flushed, glaring at the man opposite, “Jack, if you “force” me again, I’ll die for you to see!!”

Her eyes are all bloodshot…

The fingers holding the door lock were white.

After she finished speaking, she left without turning her head…

But she heard the voice of Jack talking on the phone…

“Let Jacob stop dispensing “medicine” to Emma from tomorrow! Also, check Glover’s enterprise accounts, and report any problems immediately!”


Jean holds the handbag’s hand, tampering a little bit…

Body shape, trembling constantly…

The steps under her feet are getting slower and slower…

The tears in the eyes are falling and getting more anxious…

In the next instant, she turned around and rushed into the bedroom…

As if she had collapsed, she snarled hysterically at Jack who was opposite, “Jack, are you enough?!!! What do you want to do? Why are you treating me like this? Why are you treating my family like this?! Don’t you feel happy to see me? Look for someone to kill me if you don’t feel happy!!! You killed me, can you?”

Jean cried like a tearful person.

At that moment, all the accumulated emotions in her heart completely collapsed…

She fell to the ground feebly, her face so pale that there was no trace of blood.

Jack only looked at her on the ground indifferently…

Between the expressions, there is no sympathy, or it is, intolerable.

After a while, he knelt…

He stared at her on the ground, in his expression, he still had the aristocratic aura like a king…

High above, but the same, indifferent to make people difficult to approach.

The fascinating thin lips lightly opened, “Jean, don’t challenge my endurance…”

He seemed to be warning her.

The tone was very gentle, but the coldness in it made Jean shudder.

He stretched out his hand to unbutton her chest…

Jean’s whole body trembled like a frightened bird. The next moment, her small hand clasped her chest tightly, staring at him in horror and defensively.

“Jack, how can you let me go?”

Her voice trembled and shattered in the cold air.

Jack remained silent, pursing his lips, looking at her, his deep eyes gleaming with complicated dark lights…

On the face, but still, without any expression.

“How can you let me go…” Jean asked him again unwillingly, clutching her chest.

Jack’s eyebrows moved slightly…

“Take off your clothes…”

His voice is very weak…

Just like, there is not the slightest emotion in it.

The eyes that are as thin as water do not contain the slightest emotion…

Of course…

Such an attitude made Jean tremble all over, tears as big as puffs, she couldn’t help but slip out of her eyes…

The meaning of this man is…

He would never let her go!!!

Jean lowered her eyes in despair, letting her tears wet her cheeks.

The whole person, as if the soul was emptied for an instant, no longer had any anger.

Jack stretched out his hand and took away the little hand that was holding her chest…

Then, one by one, patiently, unbuttoning the skirt for her.

Tears filled Jean’s eyes…

It fell on the back of his hand, it was hot…

But he, at all, didn’t feel any…

However, the deep blue eyes flickered slightly, but the movement in his hand didn’t mean to stop at all.


She held his hand very tightly…

Little hands, trembling.

The palm is icy.

Tears, almost praying, looking at him, begging for him.


He calmly coaxed her.

Hands, cold.

Grabbing her jaw, whispered, “Be good, you will suffer less, you have to understand, I’m going to be unhappy, and you’re not going to have a better life…”

He is full of excitement…

In the next moment, she let go of his hand…

Let him, start, loosen her skirt…

The buttons are scattered one by one…

If he opens the skirt…

“Sex”-the black “color” lace corset is exposed in the air, with nowhere to hide.

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