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Chapter 81

The sudden cold in front of her made Jean tremble…

He stared at her for an instant, his eyes were light, but extra firm.

Lock her up, impartial.

“Knowing that you cannot win the battle, you still have to support it…”

He sighed, probed his hand, and untied her unfolding skirt from her…

His movements are exceptionally soft.

But still, Jean shuddered all over.

But, after all, she did not move.

Just let him do it on himself.

” I just wanted to try you just now.”

He didn’t call David at all.

“But your reaction told me everything. After all, you still can’t let go of your family… even if you die, you can’t let go…”

He sat down on the carpet.

Fingers, stroking Jean’s soaked cheeks, and then her plump red lips…

Her lips are as soft as a sponge, and they are also moisturized as if they could pinch water at any time!

His soft fingertips were rubbing on it repeatedly, drifting away, as if reluctant to move away…

He said, “Don’t threaten me with death in the future, you know…it doesn’t work at all!”

His words are so plain, yet so decisive…

Jean’s misty eyes shrank dramatically…

“If you die, there will be no one in your family to protect them! So… your family will live well if you are alive! If you are gone, I can’t guarantee that I will be angry. Let them go down to accompany you…”


Jean’s face was pale because of his words, and there was no trace of blood.

White teeth, biting his lower lip, his foggy eyes were round and he looked at her sullenly.

But he just chuckled meaninglessly, his big hands had already begun to move towards her soft snow peak…

“You know, I have always liked the life of Cao Jian… There are few people in this world, many people, for Jack, there is no difference…”

He is not intimidating her!!!

Jean’s pale lips trembled slightly, she seemed to want to say something, but in the end… said nothing.


She just closed her eyes obediently…

At that moment, she knew clearly that Ava’s plan had fallen through.

Even if she persuaded Jacob, she couldn’t persuade Jack.

In his hand, he is in charge of the life of everyone around him!!!

Even with just one shot, all people can be buried in his hands!

Jack leaned over…

The hot and humid lips and tongue filled her upright pink grapes…

He “licked” to her heart’s content, playing with her lips and tongue…

He has to admit that he likes her body.

He likes the faint scent of her body, and he likes the tremors she responds to him…

He was buried in her chest, absorbing her taste…

Gradually, let him want more!

But Jean has been stiff, without any reaction…

Even, there was no change in his expression.

“Miss Ava found me today…”

She said swiftly.

The man on him did not react at all, squeezing her with his big hands, and kept sucking her little grapes.

There is no intention to let her go.

Jean took a deep breath, irritated by his senseless attitude.

“Jack, didn’t you keep yelling to love her? But if you love her, how can you treat her like this? Have you ever thought about what would happen to her if she saw us like this? She would be very sad, Sad!! Do you know that she was crying hard for me today? She begged me not to dominate you again! She said she didn’t need me to do this for her, she just wanted to marry you!! Jack, Did you hear what I said…”


Jean’s words are over…

In the next instant, Jack threw the whole person onto the carpet.

His sturdy body is pressed tightly on her delicate body…

The eyes were deep and biting, like a cheetah, staring at her under him.

The breath of danger…

In the eyes, flowing…

Jean was shocked by his sharp eyes, but she didn’t mean to give up.

She also clearly discovered…

It turns out that the only thing that can affect this man’s emotions is the girl named Ava!

If he loves her so much, why does he still want to tie her up?!

“Jack, if you love her, don’t hurt her anymore! Love can’t stand your toss and betrayal like this! Even if your soul hasn’t betrayed her, your body…has already betrayed her. There will be lumps in her heart!”

Jean is still trying to persuade him.

“Really?” Jack leaned on her and smiled coolly…

Coquettish lips, like a ghost…

He said, “Since I have betrayed, then… keep betraying!”


Jean was mad at him.

This man is heartless!

“Jack, you don’t deserve to love her at all!” Jean growled.

Jack leaned on her chest and raised his eyebrows lazily, “When did I say I loved her?”


Jean was speechless.


Doesn’t he love that girl?


Jean really couldn’t understand the man in front of her more and more.

She shook her head, puzzled, “You don’t love her, you want to marry her?”

“I don’t love you, and I will marry you too! Is there a problem?”

He asked so disapprovingly.

Jean was so mad at him, “Is there no problem? You don’t love her, you give her roses? You give her a diamond ring? You would rather sacrifice someone else’s life to protect her! Jack, that girl thought you were loving her deeply, you are simply playing with other people’s feelings!”

The anger piled up on her chest, making her growl that had to vent.

Faced with her excitement, Jack seemed calmer and calmer.

The demon’s eyebrows were slightly raised, and he squinted suspiciously at her under him, “Will you care too much?”

Jean shook her head, really puzzled, “Jack, I don’t understand you more and more!”

“If you don’t understand, don’t read it!”

Jack was talking, but his hand stroked her hair scattered between her forehead.

That action was inexplicably gentle…

“Jack, if you admire Ava, you will regret everything you do now in the future!”

He has to admit that Jean looks forward to that day.


“I let you down!”

Jack smiled and said coldly, “I don’t love her!”

What is love?

He doesn’t understand at all!

Because, in his world, he was always blinded by hate, so he couldn’t see at all, what love is…

He doesn’t admire Ava.

This is a fact!

Growing up together, he has always regarded her as his sister, his sister!

Without relatives, he cherishes her sister very much.

So, for her, he is willing to sacrifice many, many things…

It also includes the life of this woman under his body!!!

She wants to marry him, yes, he is willing to marry her.

Because marrying anyone in this life is marrying, if he wants to marry another woman, he might be more willing to marry her.

Jack’s answer made Jean stunned for a long time, unable to recover.

Until all the clothes on her body were washed away by him.


“Brother Jacob, you help me! I beg you…”

Ava kept begging Jacob, but Jacob kept flipping through the materials in his hand, just turning a deaf ear.

“Brother Jacob!!”

Ava stomped her feet in a hurry.


Finally, Jacob raised his head from the document, “It’s useless if you beg me! You have to beg Jack Allison! You know, what he said counts! He said he wanted to marry Jean, so he was determined he will marry! Don’t you understand what kind of person he is? Even if I promise you, I will still treat Miss Glover’s sister without Allison Jack’s order, but what? Contain Allison Jack? As long as he wants to do something, there is nothing he can’t do! I think you are wasting time here to persuade me, it is better to persuade him!”

Ava pressed her red lips tightly and stood there, staring at Jacob with red eyes.

“Okay! Let me persuade him! I forbid him to marry sister Jean!!”

Ava ran out of Jacob’s office as she spoke.

Jacob couldn’t help sighing low as he looked at Ava’s sad back.

Does she love Allison Jack so much? Even if she knew he already had other women, she still had no intention of giving up…

This silly girl!!!

Will she be happy if she marries a man who is difficult to grasp like Allison Jack?


At night, when Jack came back, Ava was sitting in the hall waiting for him.

At home, everyone is asleep.

Jack was a little surprised when he saw her, “Ava, why haven’t you slept yet?”

“Brother Arthur, I’m waiting for you!”

Jack put his jacket aside and sat down beside her, “What? Something?”

He who was at this meeting had probably already guessed what was going on.

“Arthur, I forbid you to marry sister Jean!”

Her eyes were filled with mist, and her red eyes were like rabbit eyes. She looked at Jack pitifully, “I’m not happy, I don’t like you being with her! Brother Arthur, you don’t want her to do it. My guise, I can do it myself! You send so many people to protect me every day, how could something happen to me? Besides, sister Jean is also a life, why would she be willing to sacrifice herself to be my substitute? Arthur, I don’t need her like this…”

“Ava, be good, it’s so late, it’s time to sleep.”

Jack did not answer Ava’s words but persuaded her to touch her.

“I can’t sleep! This matter doesn’t make sense, I won’t sleep!”

Ava was particularly stubborn.

Jack stared at her with deep eyes for a while, but she heard him say, “I have to marry her next month.”


Ava stared at Jack in disbelief, “Why? Brother Arthur, you give me a reason! You promised to marry me!! I am your fiancée, why did you suddenly say you want to marry her?”

“You know the reason!” Jack’s eyes were light.

“No! This is not your real reason!” Ava shook her head, “Brother Arthur, you are trying to get close to Jean. You are trying to tie her to yourself!”

This is his true purpose!!!

Yes! He is approaching Jean, and not only is approaching Jean alone but also her family!

Chapter 82

“Ava, you should go to bed!”

Jack’s tone increased a bit.

Jack’s eyebrows frowned deeply, a bit bitterly hidden under his eyes, showing a bit of deterrence.

Ava shook her head, disappointed and unbelievable written in her misty eyes, “Brother Arthur, you have changed…”

He had never treated her with this attitude before!

Jack doesn’t plan to continue with her, “Ava, I’m tired, I’m going up first, you rest early.”

After Jack finished speaking, he went upstairs.

“Brother Arthur!”

In the lobby on the first floor, Ava still stopped him.

He could hear her shouting behind him, “Arthur, you just fell in love with her, right?”

Jack’s steps suddenly stopped.

The hand holding the railing became slightly stiff.

The faint eyes flashed with a few biting cold lights…

He tilted his head and said indifferently, “Ava, don’t say something if you know it shouldn’t be said!!”

His voice is as cold as extreme ice for a thousand years.

Ava, who was downstairs, shuddered…

She seems to have touched Jack’s bottom line…

Or in other words, she simply said that she was in that man’s mind!!!

Tears, silently…

Heart throbbed.

She clutched her chest, the next moment, crying and ran out of the villa…

Because it was too late, everyone should have fallen asleep, so that no one knew that Ava had left this home.

Probably, this was the first time she went out alone, and it was after two o’clock in the morning.

Ava got herself drunk in the private room of the bar.

Because she has always had fewer anti-alcoholic enzymes in her body than ordinary people, and she poured herself a glass of white wine so hard that she became a little groggy in less than ten minutes.

She fell on the sofa, tears streaming down her face, and she looked particularly pitiful.

Because the door of the private room was only slightly closed, people outside could see everything inside through the crack of the door.

And after a few cups of wine, the beautiful and lovely Ava became even more pink and alluring. She didn’t know that at this moment, she was already stared to death by many gangsters.

The door was pushed open…

Several men with tattoos on their bodies walked in from the outside in a scornful manner.

“Little sister, why are you drinking boring wine here alone! Do you want some brothers to accompany you?”

The leader was a young man with yellow hair. He walked over with style, smiled at Ava’s evil spirit, and threw a “pill” in her drink.

Ava had already been unconscious by herself, how could she notice the little movements of these men.

She raised her eyelids vaguely and gave them a cold look.


One word, simple and neat, but also murderous.

“Oh! The little girl is so fierce…”

The man just smiled, “It must be delicious…”

He spoke filthily, cast a glance at her hand, and glanced at the glass of wine that had just been given the “medicine”.

The subordinates understood the meaning of their boss in an instant. In the next instant, they took the drink and grabbed Ava’s thin jaw, and started pouring the drink.


Ava, who had drunk, didn’t expect to be like this suddenly. After being drunk a few sips, her mind became more and more unconscious.


The pain in the jaw also made her lose consciousness gradually returned to the cage.

“Let go… let me go… uh uh uh-“

She struggled with all her strength, but the man’s strength was so great that she couldn’t resist.

“It’s all right! Just do it after drinking! Let her go, don’t fuck her, I’ll come! Go and keep the door for me, don’t let anyone in!”

The man with yellow hair ordered.


The subordinate let go of Ava who was struggling and then went out.

At the moment the door opened and closed, Max happened to pass by…

But, just like that, with a faint glance, he saw Ava inside the door and a disgusting man with yellow hair.

The dazzling “confused” eyes tightened and glanced at the group of men guarding outside the door…

“Max, are you okay?”

The subordinate asked Max, who looked a little dazed.


Max only replied indifferently, and then moved to leave.

Although he knew what might be going on inside, he didn’t mean to help.


Quill, there was a man’s scream inside.

It was the man with the yellow hair just now.

It was Ava. As the man was pulling her clothes, she ruthlessly smashed the goblet in her hand on the man’s head.


A group of men guarding the door hurriedly pushed in.

Max couldn’t help but stopped.

Because he suddenly became interested in everything that happened inside.

“Ah… let me go! Let go of me…”

This is Ava’s scream.

Helpless and sad.


Her cry was like a bunny, sobbing, pitiful.

“You will come one by one later!! This stinky lady dared to hit me!!”


“Let go of me!! Otherwise, I will kill you!”


Sure enough, it was Allison Jack’s woman, who spoke to fight and kill.

Max smiled playfully.

He stepped, kicked the door panel, and made a heavy muffled noise.

All the men in the private room looked at Max at once, “You are looking for death!! Get out!!”

It was Dylan’s subordinate who was calling.

Max squinted at Ava, who was pressed down by a man on the sofa…

Her pair of beautiful apricot eyes are now somewhat loose the woman swallowed the “medicine”.

If there is no accident, it should be a “pill”!

He doesn’t know how Jack would react if he knew something like this! He would be happy to see it.

The tattooed men greeted Max angrily.

Cheryl, a cold gun pressed against their heads.

It was Max’s men.

But Max sat down on the sofa leisurely.

The yellow “Mao” boy was clasped tightly by Max’s capable subordinate with the same cold gun on his head.

On the sofa, Ava lay there, unable to move…

The eyes were scattered there was not much consciousness.

However, her tears are still streaming…

He doesn’t know what makes her so sad.

“You…who are you?”

The yellow “Mao” boy’s face was already blue, and his questioning voice was still trembling.

It’s normal for them not to know Max. He rarely “shows” his face on the road, and he has been active abroad, it is normal that he has never seen his handsome face.

“Brother Rory, this person… seems to be that star on TV!”

“Stars will grab, you have a little brain!!”

The yellow “mao” boy named Brother Rory yelled.

Then he turned, “You let me go! Do you know who I am? I am…”


A muffled sound rang in the private room.

Immediately, the scream of “Ah…” was deafening.

Blood, splattered…

It fell on Ava’s white and pink cheeks…

Then, she saw the yellow “hair” clutching his crotch and howling with a grim face.

The other subordinates were so frightened that their faces were pale, and no one dared to say another word for a while.

It was none other than Max who shot.


He breathed into the pistol gently, and said leisurely, “Even the woman of Jack, the young master of the Allison Sect, dare to touch, tusk…”

He shook his head and smiled evilly.

Of course, a word made all the people’s faces changed.

What did this man just say? Said Allison Sect Young Master Allison… Jack?

“Boom boom boom…”

All the men knelt together, including the yellow “hairy” kid who was killed by his little brother.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, boss, we don’t know, we don’t know that it is Allison Jack’s who offended, please, please let us go, let us go!”

All of them knelt and begged for mercy, trembling all over, their faces pale.

“It’s hard to imagine that Jack Allison wants to know what will happen tonight. I don’t know if you will be washed out of your blood in his anger! Ah, yes, who you just said you are here? What kind of school?”

This man, nicknamed other people indiscriminately, he called it quite neatly.

The person Max called ‘little yellow’ trembled all over, and his face was so white that he had no blood. “Uncle, I beg you, beg you. Fate! Please…”

At this time, how dare he report his gang! Just as Max said, He doesn’t even know if the door is destroyed!

“So hot…”

“It’s so hot…”

On the sofa, Ava was “lost” and “lost”, tearing her skirt indiscriminately.

It’s strange, she’s so hot!

The whole body seemed to be burned by the fire!

Her reaction suddenly shocked everyone in the private room.

And the gang of “Mao” boys is even paler.

“You gave her spring-‘medicine’?” Max asked knowingly.

“Sorry, we deserve to die, we deserve to die…”

“Damn it!”

Max’s voice is as cold as ice.

However, Ava’s clothes had been torn apart by him for a long time. He hurriedly reached out and grabbed his chest. Mike ordered, “Take them out and pick them up!”

He should do something good for Allison Jack!


“No, no… please let us go!!”

“Take them out!”


All of them walked out of the box room one after another.

Suddenly, only Max and Ava were left inside.

Ava was still lying on the sofa, groggy as if she didn’t feel much about what had just happened.

Her face was stained with blood.

And in her hand, she was still holding a bottle of Lafite 1982, and she was pouring it with one bite.

With the other hand, she kept tugging at her neckline, “It’s so hot…It’s so uncomfortable!! Brother Arthur, Ava is so uncomfortable!”

Max squinted at her. In the next moment, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the bottle of Lafite in her hand. “Who would drink Lafite as a wine for sorrow? No taste!”

“Don’t grab my wine!!”

Ava was unhappy with his behavior and stretched out to grab it.

“Can’t drink and drink!”

What’s more, there is still a “medicine” in it!

Max took off his coat and wrapped it around her, and in the next moment, he picked her up, and then walked out of the box room and walked outside the entertainment city.

“Hey! Good guys do it to the end, first, send you home!”

But this girl has to endure it first, and when she returns home, someone will naturally explain this fascination-“medicine” for her!

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