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Chapter 1911

Levi was waiting for this moment!

Since there is no stopping, then he tries to make up for it!

As soon as the news of today’s rulers’ conference came out, Levi and everyone understood what the purpose of abolishing the talent was.

All the people who believed in this before, who believed that the seven evil gods had abolished the pride of Great Velador, began to loosen up!

They seem to have no reason to do all this!

Hundreds of talents were abolished, and the top three missing in the rankings were unclear. The Ostenberg rulers Conference began immediately.

This is obviously a conspiracy!

Following this line of thought, thinking of Levi before, he might have been wronged!

Someone is behind it all!

In this case, Levi became the number one in the heavenly ranking list, but he did not do anything to harm Velador, and even allowed the seven evil gods to change their evil and return to the right…

A series of things can be explained clearly.

Levi was framed at all.

He will not do anything to endanger Velador, he even controls the power of the Heretic God for Velador’s use!

Smart people quickly figured out the stakes.

He was almost certain that Levi was wronged!

But at this moment, everyone can’t think of anything else!

Everyone is anxious to follow the ants on the hot pot!

How to do it?

what to do?

The ruler’s Conference is held in Velador, but Velador is a situation that no one can do!

The major regions of the Eastern Continent will inevitably send the strongest rulers to compete. What does Velador use to fight against others?

Take a group of disabled young men in wheelchairs to participate in the competition?


This situation can’t be solved at all, there is no one to send from Velador!

At that time, only other ordinary geniuses can be sent to the conference and be brutally abused and humiliated by geniuses from other countries!

Put Velador’s reputation and the dignity of the warriors on the ground!

Let it can’t hold her head up for at least 30 years!

Let it become a shame to the whole world!

Let it become a laughing stock!

Once it fails, the situation may be worse than imagined!

Velador people are not afraid of bloodshed and sacrifice, but dignity and reputation are the most important!

We can stand and die, but we must not kneel and linger and be humiliated!

This is absolutely impossible!

Everyone in Velador can’t accept it!

He knows the serious consequences, but there is nothing he can do!

Because they really can’t send anyone!

Hundreds of the strongest rulers have been abolished. Where can they find someone?

But can Velador sit still?


The Tiance Mansion and other organizations immediately introduced plans to find Velador’s talented seedlings as much as possible!

Then, in the shortest time, every method was used to improve their strength.

Whether it is magical medicine or a variety of modern technologies, you must use it at all costs.

This is about Velador’s reputation!

Everyone is crazy!

Seeing the rulers Conference approaching, the effect was minimal.

The talents of these young people gathered are too ordinary!

It’s useless at all!


“If it doesn’t work, just borrow someone! Any evil spirits will do! As long as it is related to Velador!”

“How can this be done? How can we ask those evil demons outside?”

“It really doesn’t work. Use the young talent from the Tiance Mansion and Trex clan to pretend to be?”

“No, according to the regulations, we are the Velador’s inspiring Organization and absolutely cannot participate! If i let the discovery reveal it, it will make a joke! Don’t even think about it!”

Opinions in Tiance Mansion are not uniform!

In the next few days, there was a mess.

These days, rulers from other countries in the Eastern Continent came to Velador one by one.

Especially in the East Island, the young generation with the strongest history has been dispatched from all parts of the star country, which is said to be comparable to the rankings before Velador.

A few days later, in the anticipation of all the people, the Ostenberg rulers Conference is about to begin…

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