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Chapter 1927

The driver has never seen such a bold man come to gamble on the king’s family.

Moreover, looking at Levi’s temperament, he was clearly an ordinary person, absolutely nothing to do with the Gambling King family.

If you are a really big man, why take a taxi?

The driver is sure that Levi can’t do without here.

He must die!

Looking at the villa in the distance, Levi walked over.

But at this time he has been targeted by many people.

They watched him walk to the door of the villa step by step.

This is the terrible thing about the guards of the King of Gambling!

They must ensure that there can be no danger near Longten Villa!

Not even a poisonous snake can survive!

What’s more, Levi is a big living person!

“Stop! What are you doing here?”

With a scream, more than a dozen guards swarmed up.

“Who is in charge here?”

Levi didn’t answer the question.


Everyone was taken aback for a moment, and then burst into laughter.

“Boy, don’t you even know where this is?”

“Listen well, this is Longten Villa! The gambling king family lives here! The person in charge is the gambling king!

Levi nodded as he heard: “Well, good! Then he will come out to see me!”

The words are not shocking and endless, and everyone present was taken aback as soon as Levi said this.

Everyone looked at each other.

The same sentence flashed in his mind-Is this man’s brainsick?

Why did the king of gambling like Emperor of Golden Harbor Island come to see him?

He is sick if he is not crazy!

“What are you doing in a daze? Hurry up and call someone! What is the gambling king’s name, Rustom? Hurry up and let him come out to see me! If he comes out late, at your own risk!”

Levi shouted.


Who is Rustom?

All the guards were stunned.

Because for so many years, no one dared to call the name of the gambling king.

No matter how big a person is, he must call the gambling king, and he will never call his name directly.

So that after the name was called out, everyone couldn’t remember who it was for a while!

“This… is this the name of the king of gambling?”

“God! You kid are crazy! You dare to call the gambling king directly! You are looking for death!”

Immediately, let everyone relax.

There was extreme anger on everyone’s face.

“Smelly boy, are you here to find the fault? Dare to ask the gambling king to come and see you, I think you are impatient!”

“Do you have ten lives? Dare to come here to be wild? You dare to call the name directly! If you don’t die, you are fortuned!”

The guards are about to attack.

Levi sneered, “I advise you to quickly let the gambling king out! Otherwise, don’t blame me for scoring in! It will be bad for everyone then!”

Upon hearing this, these people became even angrier!

Levi provoked them repeatedly.

They can’t stand it anymore!

On this three-acre land of Golden Harbor Island, for decades, no one has ever dared to be wild in front of the gambling king family!

Still a hairy kid!

Isn’t this looking for death?

How courageous!

“What nonsense with him! k!ll him and throw him into the sea to feed the fish!”

Levi shook his head helplessly, being polite, he could only rely on violence.

let’s hit!

Hurry in, find the gambler, and ask about the whereabouts of the magic Lord.

“Go! k!ll this kid!!!”

Just as the swords were drawn, a nice voice came.


“Don’t do it yet!”

Nichole just came back from outside by car, she just separated from Peeky Fisher.

From a distance, she saw people making trouble at the entrance of the villa.

“what happened?”

Nichole asked.

“Miss, this kid deliberately made trouble and provoked! He even wants the king of gambling to come out to see him in person! He also said that if the king of gambling didn’t come out, he would personally enter!

The guard immediately reported the situation.

“What? There is still such a thing? It is unreasonable to provoke our Gambling family?”

Nichole’s face changed abruptly, as cold as frost.

At this moment, Levi turned around slowly.

The two of them faced each other.

“It’s you???”

Nichole was surprised.

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