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Chapter 1125

“I understand. I don’t understand this surrogacy.” Everyone understands. Why don’t you understand what this surrogacy means, but just want the old lady to say it clearly?

Since it is spread out, then spread out.

Take this opportunity to make it clear.

The old lady also knew that it was too much, so it took a while to speak, “Alecia’s egg is useless. This must be because Harrison can’t have children, but there are many who are willing to sell eggs.”

“If this is not successful, then Naturally conceived, and the doctor also said that natural conceived is the best, so that the child born is smart.”

Carla took a breath.


“Harrison.” Carla suppressed the coldness in her heart and looked at Harrison too much, “What do you think?”

“I won’t do anything to sorry Alecia.” Harrison’s resolute expression and attitude.

“A55hole, why do you feel sorry for having a baby?” the old lady shouted angrily.

Alecia closed her eyes. After listening to the doctor’s words, she knew that there would be a day, but she didn’t expect it to come so soon.

She raised her eyelids tremblingly and looked at Harrison, “Let’s get a divorce…”

“I won’t get a divorce!” Harrison quickly interrupted her, squatting in front of her, “I won’t do anything she says, and I won’t betray you.”

Alecia just curled the corners of her lips coldly, smiling coldly and sadly.

“Up to now, do you say that this is useful? What can it be solved?” Alecia understood it, “It is my fault from the beginning.”

Her eyelashes fluttered, and the mist in her eyes became thicker and thicker, “Harrison, you are my robbery, and I will be planted in your hands twice.”


Harrison grabbed her hand, “You believe me…”

Alecia shook her head, “This is an unsolvable situation.”

Carla didn’t dare to imagine how Alecia spent this period of time. Such an atmosphere of life is simply uncomfortable. No wonder Harrison and Alecia moved out.

She glanced over Harrison and finally looked at the old lady, “No matter what the outcome is today, I have a few words to say.”

Harrison looked over.

The old lady asked, “You also approve of their divorce, right?”

Carla pursed her lips, “Yes.”

“Sister-in-law, you…”

“Listen to me!” Carla cut off Harrison’s words, and she sighed, “Alecia came back with me. I am her only relative in the country. It makes me sad to see her being wronged like this. regretfully!”

She looked at Harrison, “You know how you got together, don’t you?”

Harrison pressed his lips tightly.

“If I knew it would evolve into the way it is today, I would never promise you to get married!”

Carla continued, suppressing her emotions, “At the time, in Tatevel, grandma was anxious to get you married, so you walked to Alecia.

At the same time, the relationship between you was very thin. Before it got deepen, we returned to City B. Your ex-girlfriend got back.

I don’t need to say anything about the next thing. The three of you are the parties who know what happened later. What is it, who is the most hurt?”

Carla’s gaze slowly fell on the old lady, “Do you know that grandma? Was Alecia born infertile? How did she end up here? Do you know?”

The old lady didn’t dare to look directly at Carla, because she also knew that Alecia was the one who was most wronged in it, but she just wanted the Josh family to have it, but she couldn’t accept Harrison’s extinction.

“The child she was pregnant with was from Harrison, he didn’t know how to cherish it!”

Carla looked at Harrison, “Harrison, don’t you know? How come she has no children.”

Harrison lowered his head and his body trembled.

“How did she become like this? As a woman, she can’t have her own children. She is more painful than any of you! Have you understood her?” Carla said to Harrison, but to the old lady more.

“She lost her child, experienced the explosion, her face was completely ruined, and she became what she is today. Who caused this?”

Carla asked sharply, “The physical and mental injuries she experienced, few people can bear it without being crazy, she is already very strong, and being able to accept Harrison again is also a big decision.”

“No, there are also other problems here. I shouldn’t have brought you and her together.”

“I thought you were still in love and should be together. Now it seems that I was so wrong. Let her experience pain again.”

“Harrison, I thought after experiencing this time, you will love her, care for her, let her have a home, and make up for the previous harm to her, but you have done everything but.”

Carla’s words were sharp, and there was something deliberately told to the old lady by talking about Harrison.

She really didn’t expect the old lady to be so stiff for the child, she didn’t care about old feelings at all.

Even hurt Alecia so much.

She helped Alecia stand up, “Alecia will go back with me today, and give you time to think clearly, and come to the villa after thinking clearly.”

“Eh.” The old lady thought Carla could help her persuade Harrison, but she didn’t expect to give her a ridiculous mess, and said angrily, “You can’t take Alecia away.”

Chapter 1126

The old lady paused, “This is our housework. You are an outsider. It is very impolite to interfere with other people’s housework.”

Carla said calmly, “I have always been Alecia’s family.”

After speaking, she gathered the clothes on Alecia, “Don’t take your things, I will buy new ones for you when we go back.”

Carla glanced at Harrison, “Harrison, you disappointed me too much, Alecia made such a concession, but you have to keep every inch.”

At this moment Alecia also calmed down, without anger or impulse, but after careful consideration, she said to Harrison, “Think clearly, come to me with a divorce agreement.”

She grabbed Carla’s hand, “Let’s go.”

She didn’t want to stay here for a moment, Carla nodded and helped her out.

When Carla got off the elevator, she called the driver and asked him to wait at the door for her to come out soon.

They came out and the driver had stopped at the door. Carla opened the rear door helped Alecia sit first, went in behind her.

“Go back.” Carla said to the driver.

The driver responded, started the car, and drove towards home.

In the house, the old lady did not expect to develop like this.

Harrison originally squatted in front of the sofa, and Alecia walked out in front of him. He never stood up, and now he slipped on the ground.

“Harrison, I don’t interfere with your feelings, as long as you give birth to a child.” The old lady is just as crazy, just not letting go, even if Alecia asked for a divorce, she didn’t even consider Harrison’s feelings.

Harrison’s eyes were bloodshot, condensed in the middle, “Giving birth?”

The old lady said, “Silla is still a big girl, and she is willing to give you a child for one million.”

Silla lowered her head.

Harrison seems to have taken offense to the absurd behavior of the old lady.

He smiled low, his gaze slowly fell on Silla, “Will you?”

Silla lowered her head and said nothing.

“She’s young, don’t scare her.” The old lady was also a little shocked in her heart. The current Harrison was very crippled with a smile.

“That’s why you wanted this young nanny?” Harrison stood up slowly, standing unsteadily, with his hands on the ground. “What if I don’t want it?”

“Why can’t you figure it out? It’s actually nothing. You just need to make Silla pregnant, and you continue to live with Alecia, so that you don’t need to be separated from her and have children too. How good is that?”

The old lady thinks this arrangement is the best, it’s good for everyone.

Harrison moved his lips, “Giving birth? Okay, okay, okay, this plan is really good!”


As his words fell, he overturned the coffee table in front of the sofa, and the glass broke and the water in the kettle was all over the floor, a mess.

The old lady’s face got pale in shock, and Silla behind her took a step back.

This scene is scary.

It’s been a long time since they faced such a temper.

“Harrison.” The old lady panicked with a frightened expression, “you calm down.”

“Why am I angry? How well did you arrange for me? You are looking for a woman for me and worrying about my offspring. I thank you for being too late. Why am I angry?”

Harrison stepped forward and stared at the old lady with his hands on both sides of the wheelchair.

The old lady pretended to be calm.

“My family is poor, I really want to carry it on my behalf, as long as you give me money, I won’t be entangled.” Silla stood back to the original position.

Harrison raised his head.

Silla clenched her hands without flinching and met Harrison’s gaze.

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