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Chapter 1946


As soon as Nichole’s words came to her lips, a sudden change occurred.


A beam of light came out of thin air.

Levi immediately pulled Nichole away.


Immediately after the shaking of the mountains, a huge deep pit was blown out.

“No, someone!”

Levi quickly took Nichole to the side.

Nichole’s face was pale.

Although she was also a martial artist, she knew at the moment that if there was no Levi, she would definitely die.

“Sorry, you are implicated. I’m afraid these people are coming for me.”

Nichole apologized.

She saw Levi’s ear wings instigate, and said in a deep voice: “No, they came at me! You are not qualified!”

Levi already felt that there were many strong people around him.

Everyone is enough to destroy the Golden Harbor Island and surpass McHale.

How could a powerhouse of this level come to trouble Nichole.

Nichole: “…”.

She looked embarrassed.


There was a low roar in the sky, and a gust of wind formed around.


Levi was taken aback.

This is a big trick!

In all directions, including the sky, there are wind walls formed to isolate this place from the outside world.

The invisible wind shield enveloped them.

Everything that happens here will not be known to the outside world.

And no one will interfere here!

Someone wants to k!ll him!

Levi suddenly understood!


The Lab of the Gods!

These two titles immediately came to him in his mind.

He let go of Jimson and others from the Blackwater Company. They must have told Richard.

He had repeatedly undermined the plans of Richard and the East Island forces.

The other party can’t let him live!


Levi glanced at Nichole, this girl was going to be his burden.

“Levi’s time for your death has arrived!”


Several figures appeared.

The first is a tall white man with a blank expression on his face, like a murderous god from h3ll, giving the whole person a beast-like atmosphere.

He was nicknamed the undead soldier.

Next to him was a foreign woman with a fiery figure wearing a black leather coat. Her eyes were very strange and her body exuded a terrible breath.

She is a witch sent by the Lab of the Gods, similar to Velador’s magic Lord, possessing supernatural powers.

“Kacha, Kacha…”

Following the appearance was a tall man. While he was walking, a technological armor appeared on his body, completely enveloping him!

This is a super armor produced by the Lab of the Gods, two levels higher than that worn by Richard!

This is a mecha fighter, nicknamed the god of war.

“Da da da…”

Along with the sound of footsteps, another figure appeared.

His body was wrapped in a black battle suit, and he was also wearing a terrible devil mask. He couldn’t distinguish between men and women. He carried two long swords on his back, exuding a terrifying breath.

Death Swordsman!

These four are powerful and terrifying, and they threaten Levi when they appear.

This is much stronger than Common Killer god.

And Levi felt that there was another person staring at him in secret!

Ready to give him a fatal blow at any time.

These five people alone are absolutely terrifying!

It seems that this time Richard is really paying for it.

But this is only the beginning!

“Jie Jie Jie…”

There was a strange laughter.

On the bridge not far away, stood a dwarf who was only about 1.3 meters tall.

He has an ugly face and a weird smile.

However, he was carrying a katana behind his back, and there were several katanas of different lengths hanging from his waist.

Levi narrowed his eyes: “Samurai of Yangard?”

“Boom boom boom…”

The earth trembled suddenly.

Not far away, a hill-like figure appeared, carrying a huge sword!

“There is such a tall man in Yangard?”

Levi sneered.

Dozens of Yangard warriors appeared around.

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