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Chapter 1127

“As long as the money, are you willing to get entangled?” Harrison’s lips curled up.

“Yes, what I said is true.” Silla looked very sincere.

Harrison smiled, but the smile seemed very cold with ice, “Oh, did you take the initiative to tell the old lady?”

“no no……”

“I made her idea first.” The old lady hurriedly spoke for Silla, but she did bring it up first. Silla looked young and looked good, so she tentatively probed her. She didn’t expect her to be willing.

Harrison grabbed his suffocation, sat on the sofa, stared at the overturned coffee table with one leg, and looked at Silla with a scrutinizing posture, “Which school you graduated from?”

Silla lowered her eyes, “Have never been to college.”

“What are your specialties?”

“I take care of people.” Silla thought that Harrison would agree, so asked these questions, thinking in her heart,”

“If she could really earn a million by carrying on behalf of others, she wouldn’t do this job, and go open her own business. Clothing store or something.

As for work at Josh’s house, she has never thought about it. She knows that she will not leave or be treated like this.

After all, she entered Josh’s house as a nanny, and the nanny left them the first impression, which means Keep her inferior in this family.

She thinks that Harrison is good-looking and rich, and she doesn’t suffer a loss. She makes a million in ten months, which is very cost-effective.

“Will you serve a man?” Harrison’s expression was light, but what he said was extremely sharp.


“Grandma, I’m asking her, can you stop talking?” Harrison didn’t look to this side, grabbed a kerchief, and wiped his hands. After wiping it a few times, it didn’t seem to be clean, and simply lost the kerchief.

“I can learn.” Silla lowered her eyes.

“Haha, learn? Nothing. you want to get a million by relying on a womb?”

Harrison glanced at her up and down with contempt, “You are uneducated, and you don’t know how to serve people.”

“You don’t have outstanding skin. It’s not clean, it’s not good in the figure, it’s cheap meat, it’s not worth the price, and it’s not worth a million.”

“If you really want to sell it, I can consider it, good pork thirty-five, if you are, I will give you thirty-six for a pound?”

Silla bit her lip, “Don’t talk so badly. Grandma mentioned it first. I wanted to help you because you didn’t have any children.”

“Oh, do I still want to thank you?” Harrison exploded in the next second, kicking the coffee table under his feet, “You can roll now! Also, you will receive a letter of complaint!”

“Me, what did I do wrong?” Silla couldn’t believe that Harrison would drive her away.

“Harrison, you, don’t be impulsive.” The old lady didn’t expect that Harrison would drive Silla away, and wanted to persuade, “You can fulfill my dream and have a baby.”

Harrison picked up the coat on the ground, put it on his arm, and walked over to stare at Silla very coldly, “Aren’t you going out? Want to eat prison food? If you want to, I would be interested in sending you in.”

These days, when Silla came to the Josh family, it was the first time to see Harrison’s gloomy face. She was very scared. She held her face up and said, “I didn’t break the law. You said you can send me in? Lawless.”

Chapter 1128

“I have thousands of methods, I can try.” Harrison’s calm but determined look made Silla feel unsure.

Just when she wanted to say something, she remembered that Harrison is a lawyer and he is familiar with the law.

He really wants to give her a charge of stealing, it is really possible to send her in.

“I can go and give me this month’s salary.” Silla was a little upset. She wanted to make a fortune, but lost her job.

Harrison took out his wallet from his pocket, took out a small stack of 100 tickets, and threw it on the ground.

“You are insulting me.” Silla’s face flushed.

Harrison slowly put up his wallet, “Are you noble?”

“Harrison, Silla is a pretty good kid, what are you doing? You drove her away, what should I do?” The old lady grabbed Harrison’s hand, “Don’t be fooling around…”

Harrison pulled out his hand and pushed the wheelchair, “I will look for a babysitter again. This is definitely not useful.”


“You choose one of the two, do you want me to go home or want her.” Harrison directly gave the old lady a multiple-choice question.

The old lady said hurriedly, “This is not optional…”

“But you can only choose one of the two.” Harrison’s attitude is very tough, “You want to keep her, I will never step into that house again.”

Silla squatted down and picked up the money, knowing that she couldn’t stay in this house anymore, so she went out without saying a word.

“Silla.” The old lady was still a little bit reluctant. It was a pity that a young girl could talk to her and work again.

Silla glanced back at the old lady, and got on the elevator without turning around.

“What do you want to do?” The old lady didn’t know what Harrison meant.

Harrison said, “Go home.”

After speaking, he stopped talking and took the old lady back.

After entering the house, the last time the old lady asked the great god to place the objects in the house, all the things hung on the wall were thrown into the trash can.

“Harrison.” The old lady was very flustered.

“I didn’t keep my child, and I was destined to cut off my child and grandchildren.” Harrison threw the Avalokitesvara which was in the bedroom into the trash can.

The old lady was terrified, “Harrison can’t lose this, it will be unlucky…”

Harrison ignored all the messy things in the house and left them clean.

Then he pushed the old lady to the sofa. He sat down and said to her, “I’m not worthy of having children, and lovers, so my parents are dead, and my children are dead. Now the people I love also want to leave, as you wish, I let go, but don’t expect me to marry again, it is impossible to have children, I Harrison, this life is destined to have no children!”

“Harrison…” The old lady was really shocked.

Harrison was very calm, “I didn’t say any jokes. Alecia was in pain with me. I won’t let you push her again. I let her be free. It’s not that I let go, but I don’t want her to be wronged by me.”

“I can’t protect her. It’s my fault. I can’t make you satisfied. It’s also my fault. I’ll stay with you in the future. This family will have the two of us. You don’t think about children’s affairs. If you want to use it Threaten me with death, I won’t stop you, if you die in front of me and die behind, everyone will be free.”

After speaking, he stood up, “I have said everything that should be said, and I will go out and find a nanny.”

After talking, he went out.

“Harrison, Harrison.” The old lady wanted to stop Harrison, but Harrison walked out without looking back or stopping.

The old lady was a little dazed, and she didn’t know whether to enter the room or sit in the same place for a while.

In the villa, Carla brought Alecia back to the villa, knowing that she was in a bad mood, when he arrived in the house, Carla helped her into the room.

Carla asked her to rest, Alecia grabbed her, “I’ve decided.”

“What to decide?” Carla turned around, quickly understood what she was referring to, and asked, “You decide to divorce Harrison?”

Alecia nodded, “Yeah.”

Carla sat down by the bed and said, “I will support you no matter what you decide.”

Alecia smiled at her, “always doing wrong.”

“It’s not your fault. We underestimated the old lady’s rigidity and paranoia.” Carla comforted her, “Stay here well.”

Alecia hummed softly.

Carla asked her to rest. She is weak now. She walked out of the room and closed the door, and told Samantha and Lucia not to disturb Alecia or ask her other questions.

Lucia and Samantha are both transparent people, and Carla told them and they understand.

After dinner, everyone just warmly entertained them, and didn’t ask anything else.

After dinner, Alecia went back to the room. Carla received a text message from Harrison and asked her to go out. He was at the door.

Carla came out and saw Harrison standing on the side of the road and not going inside, she walked over.

“How is Alecia?” Harrison asked.

“What do you think?” Carla knew that she shouldn’t talk to Harrison like this, but seeing Alecia like this, she felt very uncomfortable, “What are you going to do?”

Harrison lowered his head, “If the old lady is alive for one day, she will be left among us for one day… I can’t do much. If she wants to live a free life, I will fulfill her desire.”

“Decided?” Carla asked.

“I listen to her, I will do what she wants,” Harrison said.

“You told me to come out to tell me this?”

“No.” Harrison said, “I want you to transfer it to Alecia for me.”

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