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Chapter 1945

“Could something happen to him, right?”

What Levi thought for the first time was that Pseudo Ghost might have something wrong.

He didn’t expect it to be himself at all.

The flustered feeling hit him, making him restless.

“Huh? What are you doing here?”

Levi saw Nichole coming.

Can’t help being surprised.


Nichole lowered her head, not knowing what to say.


Levi became more puzzled.

Is this woman sick?

“thank you!”

Nichole raised her head and thanked Levi.

“Thank me for what?”

Levi pointed at himself with a look of surprise.

“If it weren’t for you, I would have married Jimson! Hey, I used to treat this marriage as a deal! I agreed to marry him, just want to enter the laboratory of the gods!”

Nichole tells the truth.

Levi touched his nose: “Laboratory of the Gods? So attractive?”

Although the Western Heavenly King has already found the Gods’ Laboratory, the information is scarce.

Levi wanted to learn more from other people.

“Yes! The Lab of the Gods claims to control the most mysterious things in this world! They are on top of this world! As long as they join, they will definitely be the top existence!”

“They have the most advanced technology, the most complete cultivation system, the most abundant resources, and they even have all kinds of ancient bloodline creatures in the world, and they can clone and replicate them for humans…”

Nichole opened the chatterbox and kept talking when she talked about the Lab of the Gods.

It just so happens that the major companies of Golden Harbor Island and War Eagle Nation are closely related, and they know a little bit about the Lab of the Gods than other places.

Levi was shocked.

The Lab of the Gods is indeed powerful.

It can be seen from a Richard alone.

He is definitely not high in the laboratory of the gods, just a middle-lower rank.

At best, it represents the dirty work outside the laboratories of the gods.

Such a small person is so difficult to deal with.

It’s hard to imagine how powerful the Lab of the Gods is…

When dealing with the Eagle Nation, all the Lords encountered are basically produced by the Lab of the Gods.

The fighters they built with modern technology and genetic technology are even comparable to Eastern fighters.

This in itself is incredible!

Even Levi felt that the covenant of the gods that restricted the supreme powers back then came from the laboratory of the gods.

They are like gods aloft, dominating everything.

But no matter how powerful or mysterious he is, Levi is not afraid.

Even overturn them!

Offending and provoking Velador, he couldn’t let it go.

He and the Lab of the Gods will have to meet each other sooner or later. Before that, just understand more.

Levi asked: “Is there anything specific about the Lab of the Gods?”

“The more specific point is that the Lab of the Gods actually has observation bases in every corner of the world, such as on Golden Harbor Island, and it is said that there are also in Velador!”

Nichole replied.

Levi nodded: “Terrifying, their scope is all over the world!”

This incident chills his back.

He didn’t even figure out who the enemy was.

But the enemy’s knife is already on his neck, and what’s more terrifying is that he still can’t see the knife.

“By the way, my grandpa said that the Lab of the Gods is also searching for various relics and various rare resources and substances all over the world!”

“Some time ago, they found something in various places in Velador. Taking advantage of the trouble, they sent someone to get it!”

“It is said that the things taken away are a qualitative leap for them!”

Hearing this, Levi’s face changed drastically.

Isn’t this what they have been investigating?

The Western Heavenly King checked the news for a long time, but he didn’t expect Nichole to know this directly.

It seems that the family of gambling kings who have been in contact with Blackwater Company for a long time are well informed.

“What did they find and took away from Velador?”

Levi asked curiously.

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