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Chapter 1947

All powerful horrors!

All are close to the level of Common k!lling God!

The tall and short samurai even possessed the level of the Common K!ller god.

Together with these Lords in the Lab of the Gods, it is enough to form a death-k!lling game!

What’s more, Levi felt that there were still people on the East Island forces staring at him in secret.

The strength of the face is so strong, there are top assassins secretly!


In fact, Levi noticed the two people staring at him secretly, one was the ghost warrior of Yangard.

Who is extremely powerful!

The other one is the Dark Arrow from the Lab of the Gods!

Rumor has it that he can penetrate everything with one arrow.

No matter how strong the existence is, if he is shot with an arrow, he will undoubtedly die.

Both of these are assassination kings!

In other words, this time k!lling Levi, these things on the surface are all pretense.

The real k!ller move is on these two people.

They are the key to k!lling Levi!

Richard has been in a video conference with the leader of the East Island forces.

“Our people are in place! This time we really have the trump cards! We can’t k!ll him this time, we really can’t do anything!”

“Yes, the Ghost Samurai are all sent out!”

The East Island forces helplessly spread their hands.

Richard also sighed and said: “This time I sent out here, but I can also transfer with the highest authority! If I can’t k!ll anymore, I have nothing to do!”

This is their last hope to k!ll Levi!

At this moment, his hands came down to find Richard.

Attached to Richard’s ear and said a few words.

Richard’s face changed from serious to ecstasy.

“Hahaha… that’s great!”

Because Richard’s men completely restored Roderick’s experiment.

The point of direct experimentation can be done immediately.

Because Roderick discovered the super-energy particle alone, they also found it.

There are even alternatives!

In other words, they have more super-energy particles than Roderick, can conduct more experiments, and can transform more pure energy bodies.

Richard heard the news with excitement.

“Hurry up! Choose two people to experiment, I want to see the results! In the fastest time!”

Richard was already impatient.

“Understood! We have selected a hundred candidates for participating in the experiment! Experiments can be carried out at any time!”

Just as his subordinates were about to leave, Richard seemed to think of something and called his subordinates in front of him.

“Go, catch these people… come back and experiment with them!”

Richard whispered names one by one.

After listening, the men couldn’t help but give a thumbs up: “Mr. Richard, you are vicious! This trick is absolutely amazing!”

The leaders of the East Island forces who were in the video, upon seeing this, asked curiously: “Is there anything good about Mr. Richard?”

Richard smiled: “In a word, even if you can’t k!ll Levi this time! I can k!ll him next time!”

Richard was confident that as long as he created a pure energy body similar to Roderick, Levi would undoubtedly die.

Besides, he wants mass production!

Not just one!


Can Levi live?


“Really? That’s great! Say yes, when we are in trouble, we have to support!”

Levi would never think of it.

This k!lling round is not over yet, and the next k!lling round has also been arranged.

This is how terrible Richard is!

Not to mention the laboratory of the gods behind him!

Nichole pulled the corner of Levi’s clothes and looked at the slowly attacking enemies around him in horror.

The horrible breath of these people made her tremble, it was the fear from the depths of her heart.

Levi suddenly smiled thinking of something.

He was wondering if it was a half-fairy half-ghost, the old guy expected to be in danger and avoided in advance.

“How about Levi coming to your top ranking list? We still can k!ll you!”

The enemy is coming fiercely, and Levi is like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

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