His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2123

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Chapter 2123

Hearing that Sakurahara’s father came together, Christian stopped him outside at the time, “What are you doing!”

“Let’s see how the child is missing.” In the eyes of Sakurahara’s father, Luo Youyou’s child is a wild species. If this child is gone, Sakurahara Kurosawa can return to the family, marry the orthodox family eldest daughter and have children, and pass on the family line. There is no need to consider Luo Youyou, a bad girl who is unmarried and pregnant!

The beaten Sakurahara father did not reflect on his mistake at all. He sneered, “This is retribution, retribution!”

Ameli Su’s teeth clenched, if not everyone is concerned about Luo Youyou’s safety. Sakurahara’s father could be surrounded by them and couldn’t even go out of the hospital. At this moment, Kurosawa followed the hospital staff to handle the procedures. Lemuel Chu was waiting at the entrance of the hospital, but it was her father Marven Su. Luo Youyou’s mother picked it up together.

The lady who was still chatting with her best friend and was about to become a grandmother heard this and was taken to the hospital by Marven Su with red eyes. As soon as she looked up, she saw Christian blocking Sakahara’s father from letting him leave, so Luo Youyou His mother called out, “Mr. Sakurahara!” Sakurahara’s father turned his head and saw Mama Luo, and said pretentiously, “You are finally here. My daughter is pregnant before we are married. Why don’t I see you have a bit of a statement?”

Mama Luo is still doing well.

His upbringing, “My wife and I have reached an agreement to raise children together.” Hearing the words of your wife, Sakurahara’s father said fiercely, “Funny! She is just my wife, a woman, on what basis Sakurahara is determined Does the blood of the family go or stay? Mrs. Luo is too rash to reach a consensus with my wife? In fact, she can’t make any decisions!”

He was the one who was kept in the dark about the child, and naturally he also treated Luo Youyou. My mother complained, and this mother-in-law was really not stable at all. How could this kind of thing be decided casually?

“Now that the child is older, if you join in with your daughter’s life, it deserves it!”

Hearing the words of Sakurahara Kurosawa’s father, Luo’s mother could no longer bear this outrageous and gangster middle-aged man. She rushed to slap him severely for her woman!

The bodyguard next to him wanted to do something, and Christian shouted angrily, “Who dares?!”

Sakurahara’s father called for the wind and rain in his territory. After coming here, he didn’t expect that anyone would dare to attack him!

He covered his face, furious, “In-laws, you are too much!”

“I’m too much? My daughter is gone, I’m working hard with you!!!”

Luo Youyou’s mother didn’t have a trace of blood on her face, “The child is an adult’s. Hard work! How can you bear it! You are not a human being. In what kind of country and environment do you live in, there is no fear of life at all !” “The meaning of life is to continue! Keep the bloodline clean!” Sakurahara’s father received such an education since he was a child, so he has not jumped out of this circle until now. Their entire family is dark and oppressive, and they do not allow the child to have any thoughts about themselves, and they do not allow the spouse of women in the family. Challenging the authority of men-Eldon Valles’s mother was the one who only dared to lower her head to make Eldon Valles obedient, but never considered living for herself.

Doesn’t it feel sad to live in such a family?

Mother Luo felt unbelievable, “What is necessary for a family like yours to continue!”

“You must not tarnish the supreme status and glory of the Sakahara family!” As soon as Eldon Valles’s father said this, it suddenly seemed to flash in front of his eyes. A figure.

In the next second, something pierced into his body.

The skin is open and fleshy, cramps and bones are pulled out.

Luo Youyou’s mother let out a scream!

“Ah!!!” The pain caused Sakura Kurosawa’s father to not realize what was happening. He tremblingly lowered his head to look at the woman who was close to his arms, “You…you stupid, why did you come… “

“I knew early in the morning that you were coming to China to block them, and you were sneaking up behind you…” Looking up, it was Mrs. Sakakihara with a pale face. The knife in her hand had already pierced her husband’s body. “For so many years… Treating me as a fertility machine, going to bed numbly, copulating mechanically, painful, torn, crying, soiled kimono, tornled hair-constantly ignoring my feelings It stimulated me to ovulate and became pregnant. After giving birth to Kurosawa, I was pregnant for the second time. I was found to be a girl. The family ordered me to get rid of it, but the operation made me lose all my fertility afterwards! My uterus has a scar, dear My husband, thanks to you! For so many years, suppressing my thoughts, brainwashing my spirit, marrying into your house is one of my regrets, and becoming a vicious lady I don’t know is also my greatest The guilt thing, but now…”

She woke up.

“For Kurosawa, for the real Sakihara family…” The lady pushed the knife in, her eyes were blank, as if nothing was in her eyes, “If you stretch your hand to Kurosawa and Yuyo, even if I destroy myself, I want to drag you to hell, my…husband.”

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