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Chapter 1145

Samantha was worried, “I think your face is wrong.”

Carla turned her back to Samantha, “I’m fine, you go entertain the guests first.”

Samantha can only say yes.

After she left, Carla fell to the bed, and it was really hard to put it on her head. She was very upset and sweated all over her head.

She tried her best to calm herself down, perhaps not too badly.

She picked up the phone and dialed Ryan’s number.

Office of the President of AAA Group.

At this moment, Ryan is wearing a black shirt with a loose tie. The collarbone is faintly visible from the torn neckline. Without raising it, he asked, “You haven’t figured it out yet?”

Ramiro sat at the table with his head drooping in silence.

“It’s just a woman, look at your indecision, do you still look like a man?” Ryan closed the file in his hand and put it aside, picking up another one.

“Of course you can talk coldly when you hug a beautiful woman. You weren’t chasing a woman all over the sky…”

Ryan paused when he flipped through the documents, raised his eyelids, and rolled over carelessly, Ramiro second counseled, thinking in his heart, only the state officials would set fires and the people would not be allowed to light the lights!

“Ah, the one I was talking about for fun, haha…”

“Getting back to work tomorrow, it’s time. You have had enough.” Ryan gave the final notice.

Ramiro slouched, “Aren’t you afraid I will mess up?”

“No woman likes a useless man, you have nothing, who will follow you?” Ryan forced the torture of the soul, immediately leaving Ramiro speechless.

Silvia, that difficult woman, will definitely look down on him then.

Ramiro nodded, stood up, and asked, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

Ryan put the pen in his hand and raised his chin to indicate that he can take the two stacks in front of him.

Ramiro, “…”

“Are you squeezing me?”

“I’m giving you a chance to show.” Ryan moved his neck.


The phone he had left on the table rang, he picked it up and pressed the answer button, and a low voice came from there, “You come back early today, I have something to tell you.”

Ryan heard something wrong in Carla’s voice and asked, “What’s the matter with you? Are you uncomfortable?”

“No, just come back early, I’ll wait for you.”

After she hung up the phone, Ryan took the phone away, frowned slightly and glanced at the screen of the phone that had shown that the call was interrupted, and put the phone down.

Ramiro picked up the file on the table, “I definitely owe you.”

Ryan pulled his lips, “I’ll give you a raise.”

The salary is raised again, what else can he say? Go to work.

He walked away with a stack of papers.

At the villa, Carla adjusted her emotions and walked out, and when she saw Walter there, even though she had something in her heart, a smile appeared on her face, “Why are you here together.”

Alecia said, “I ran into them at the door.”

“Where’s the baby? I want to hug.” Walter smiled, his fair skin turned into a wheatish color, from the previous creamy niche. Become a tough guy.

Carla said, “Not at home.”

Walter came back with Giesel this time just to see the little baby. Now that the weather is getting cooler, he Kurtis and Lucia took Little boy out.

“Oh.” Walter was a little lost.

Carla sat down and asked, “You come back to see Gisele, is she out of the army?”

“Gone a long time ago.” Walter scratched his head, “She is pregnant.”

“Really?” Carla said with a smile, “Congratulations, you’re going to be a father.”

Alecia’s eyes fell on Gisele’s lower abdomen, and her black eyes quickly passed a touch of loss.

As a woman, if someone can have children, she can’t.

She lowered her eyes calmly.

Being a father for the first time, Walter was both expecting and nervous, and he was a little embarrassed to carry it at the moment.

“We bought a gift for Little boy.” Gisele handed over what they had bought, and Carla reached out and said, “Thank you, come here, don’t buy anything next time. There is nothing missing at home, he looks good. Quickly, it’s wasted by accident.”

Gisele smiled and said, “Can’t come empty-handed either.”

“Don’t see outsiders.” Carla said.

“Can I come to you in the future? You have experience in having children.” Gisele was more or less afraid that Carla would respond to the past.

In fact, she felt responsive in her heart, but she knew that it was she who was obsessed with the heart and made those wrong things.

After being with Walter, she understood a lot of things.

She cherishes her peaceful life now.

“Of course it’s good.” Carla said with a smile.

“By the way, Walter is now the head of the regiment.” Gisele said.

“Really?” Carla looked at Walter, “Are you the youngest group leader? I am happy for you.”

“This is not my goal, I must revive the Durant family.” Walter said solemnly.

Carla said, “You can.”

Gisele looked at Walter’s eyes with light. Before, she didn’t think that this man in her eyes was worthy of her life. His efforts and his tolerance were particularly charming.

She believes that he can make the Durant family more brilliant!

Gisele’s gaze was unconcealed, Carla raised her lips gently, happy for her and Walter.

After going round and round, the two families have undergone tremendous changes. When the other side is in the most desperate time, they must be sincere and sincere. After all, we see the truth of relations in adversity.

Chapter 1146

“When can Little boy come back? I have to leave tomorrow.” Walter asked.

He came mainly to see the baby, and Carla by the way.

Carla said, “Have been out for a while, it shouldn’t be long, you rarely come back, you have to eat here before leaving.”

“Okay.” Walter happily agreed.

When preparing lunch, Carla asked Samantha to prepare more.

Samantha alone, Carla was afraid that she would be too busy, and said to Walter, “If you are bored, go to the study to read.”

“I’m familiar with it here, don’t entertain me anymore.” Walter was casual.

Carla stood up, “That’s OK, I’m going to prepare lunch.”

“Let me help.” Gisele stood up.

Alecia said, “You are pregnant, so don’t go to the kitchen. I just need to help.”

“It’s okay.” Gisele stood up, and Carla pressed her shoulder to let her sit down, “I have enough staff. If you feel bored, watch TV.”

Gisele was a little embarrassed, “You are all busy, I am not doing anything, a bit embarrassed.”

Carla laughed and said, “We are all a family.” After she walked out of the living room, Alecia followed. She took Alecia’s hand and held it in her hand, “Are you okay?”

Alecia shook her head, “It’s okay.”

Carla sighed, and she was the most worried about her.

Although her lost eyes were concealed very well, it was still caught by her.

Seeing the two of them enter the kitchen, Samantha said, “I will do it alone.”

“When can you do it all by yourself, and how fast you are.” Alecia said, she touched Carla, “You didn’t mean it, did you?”

After all, Gisele was the woman who coveted her husband at the beginning, but now she has become a relative, making good luck.

Carla glanced at her, “How do you feel that you are looking at my joke?”

“I am a joke myself, who am I laughing at.” Alecia walked up to Samantha after speaking, “I’m cutting vegetables.”

Samantha said, “Okay, I am responsible for washing.”

Carla said, “I’m frying.”

The three of them were busy quickly, and they were ready before long. Lucia and the others brought the baby back. Walter took Little boy from Kurtis’s arms and found that the now-opening Little boy looked particularly like Carla.

“You rest, I’ll pour you a glass of water.” Kurtis said to Lucia.

Lucia walked over, “How can I let you do that? I’ll do it myself. If you say you are tired, you are tired. You are holding the baby.”

Lucia poured a cup and handed it to him.

Kurtis smiled.

Samantha came out and called them, “Wash your hands and prepare to eat.”

The food was served and everyone was seated.

Lucia asked, is Nelson not there yet?

During this time, he was often away from home, saying that he was out to meet friends.

It was mentioned Nelson and smile on Carla’s face narrowed a little, and the people in front of the guests also held on to the smile.

“When people are old, it’s okay to go out to meet friends, and the two children go to school. They always stay at home and feel bored.” Gisele said.

Carla thought the same way before. Della is gone. He is very lonely. It is good to go out and meet with friends. As a younger generation, it is the care of life. The companionship must be the other half.

Thinking about how careless he was now, she and Ryan didn’t even know he was sick.

She feels a little guilty and feels that she doesn’t care enough about the elderly.

She scooped soup for Kurtis, “Are you okay?”

What happened to Nelson really made her particularly worried about the people around her. No matter what happened, Kurtis was also getting old, and he still managed the factory in City R.

“It’s all good. I’m in good health. I feel like I’m young again when I have something to do. It’s fine if you can get past. I can often see my grandson too.”

When Kurtis finished speaking, he realized that he had said too much, “Ryan definitely can’t let you go.”

Before, she still wanted to go, but now she has stopped thinking about it, Ryan is busy, and she takes care of this family for Ryan.

After eating, Walter hugged Little boy for a while, and had to return to the army before staying long. Before leaving, he said to Carla, “We will come again when we have time.”

Carla said, “Okay, you’re always welcome.”

Alecia lived here a lot, as casual as a family member. After eating to help Samantha clean up the dishes, Carla went to bring Little boy.

After finishing everything, Alecia still didn’t receive confidence from Harrison, and was a little worried.

She took the initiative to send a message to Harrison.

Harrison didn’t reply.

Could something be wrong with the old lady? She guessed in her mind.

Otherwise, why doesn’t Harrison send her a message?

The anxiety in her heart intensified. Carla holding Little boy saw Alecia standing at the window in a daze, and walked over, “What are you thinking?”


Alecia turned around and said, “I didn’t think about anything.”

She quickly said, “The old lady fell and I don’t know what happened.”

She had nothing to hide in the face of Carla.

“When did it happen?” Carla asked.

“This morning.” Alecia replied.

Carla took out her mobile phone, “Let me call and ask.”

Alecia looked at her and gave a hum, just because she just wanted to know how the old lady was, Harrison’s failure to contact her always made her feel uneasy.

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