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Chapter 1964

Levi can’t live!

It was confirmed by Richard, Destroyer, and Pseudo Ghost again and again!

Now that Levi’s body disappeared, the only possibility is that the body was salvaged by others.

“Hey! Just keep the c0rpse!”

Pseudo Ghost left.

This past few hours.

It was as if a major earthquake occurred on Golden Harbor Island.

Almost all the citizens are shocked, even ordinary people are shocked.

Levi, the number one on the big summer list, fell on the Island!

Under the gaze of thousands of people, he was beaten to death and dissolved the body…

The influence of this matter is too great!

Let everyone be overwhelmed!

Not only that, but all parts of Velador quickly learned about this!

Levi has fallen!

This news is like a bolt from the blue!

Exploded in every corner of Velador!

The number one in the big summer list is dead, and the news is like a thunder.


Tiance Mansion is dumbfounded!

The Trex clan was dumbfounded!

Colin was even more dumbfounded!

After the seven evil gods and the major evil god forces know about it, they will all go crazy!

One by one went crazy to Golden Harbor Island!

Not only them, but also many people rushed to Golden Harbor Island like crazy!

They don’t believe it!

How could Levi die?

Even Levi’s secret team and the Western Heavenly King are going crazy!

They didn’t even know what happened suddenly.

In the past, Levi had a situation, it may be a conspiracy, and planned it with them in advance.

But this time, it happened too suddenly.

Does anyone know what the situation is?

Not even the Western Heavenly King who had been collecting information for Levi.

After receiving the news of Levi’s death, he was distraught!

The sky is falling!

The patron saint of Velador, the king has fallen!

Now his identity as the descendant of the Heretic God has been clearly explained.

Everyone knows that he is still the God of War of Velador!

Especially after he became the number one in the summer list!

Countless people are excited!

With him, you can continue to protect Velador!

Together with Tiance Mansion, he convinced him…

He just smashed the enemy’s conspiracy before and helped Velador save her face!

Save Velador in distress!

The people of Velador feel that hope has come again…

But within a few days, Levi actually fell.

He was beaten so that they didn’t even leave any bones…


Very miserable!

But the scene where Levi was k!lled was seen by thousands of people.

Not fake at all!

Levi is really dead!

After Wenia got the news, it was almost thunderous.

She almost fainted.

There is blood overflowing from the corner of the mouth!

“What? He is dead? How is this possible?”

Wenia didn’t believe it.

“Levi is dead? That’s not good! No, who k!lled him? I should k!ll him myself!”

Sarah was excited at first, then showed an angry look.

As soon as Levi was mentioned, her hatred value skyrocketed!

She’s complaining about who k!lled Levi, why didn’t she k!ll him herself!

Wenia resisted crying and told others: “Don’t tell Aubrey, her grandma and Regina!”

The news of Levi’s fall spread all over the world!

It was Richard who took the initiative to stand up and be sure!

Levi was confirmed dead, and the body was dissolved!

There is no possibility of resurrection!

The areas that were hostile to Levi were cheering.

They set off fireworks to celebrate!

They treat it as a holiday!

Levi is like a knife stuck in their hearts, it is difficult to sleep without pulling it out.

Now everything is over!

When Levi died, there was nothing more excited than War Eagle Nation!

Levi once brought them great shame!

Everyone has a grudge!

If Levi dies!

Cheers from the War Eagle nation!

They even want to add this day as a holiday…

Richard and the Destroyer become the superheroes of the Eagle Nation!

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