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Chapter 1169

That person, “…”

The man screamed, “Hey, Mr. Shane has a lot, and he can hold a boat in his stomach, don’t be familiar with me.”

Peter is not about public revenge, but with this person’s ability. He knew in his heart, “I will give you ten more days.”

The man stretched out two fingers, “Two months, at least two months.”

Peter raised his eyes to look at him.

That person knew in his heart that Peter didn’t give him this case for a while. He had worked together before, and this was giving him a chance.

“I don’t care if you have to give me two months, this case is complicated, or halfway to take over, many things have to be investigated again, forty days is too short.” The man said solemnly.

Peter said, “Add another five days, and I will see the result in one and a half months.”

“There is not enough time.” The man had a bitter face.

“Think of a way.”

That person, “…”

The man thought in his heart that he should never make jokes with his boss, because he would be miserably abused if he was not careful.

When Peter got off work in the evening, he called Ryan and Harrison and asked them to eat out.

He came back from a work trip, and now is promoted smoothly. He wanted to talk to them.

Sandy went to buy a lot of food, originally wanted to celebrate with Peter, this time it was a surprise, and then received a message from him that he was going to eat out.

She could only put the things she bought back together, and then went to the hotel where Peter had set it up. He hadn’t arrived when she arrived.

She took out her mobile phone and was about to call him, asking him when he turned in a car and parked in the parking space at the entrance of the restaurant. Soon people came down inside, Eileen and a man.

She looks very close. This is Eileen’s new marriage partner. She met after being introduced by others. The man is divorced but has no children. He looks average but works well, and is considered a good match.

Chapter 1170

Eileen promised to communicate only because the man’s job was good. Peter’s appearance and social status were both higher. Now that Peter is in the position of director, he is really young and promising at this position at his age.

There was the credit of Edward. At that time, he retired and recommended Peter. In addition, Peter himself was able to handle a smooth case when he traveled abroad on a trip. At that time, three months were given to Peter, and he completed it ahead of schedule. At work, his ability to work was very positive.

So as soon as he came back, he was promoted to a higher position and presided over the work.

At this moment, Eileen saw Sandy standing at the door, she was jealous, and her hatred didn’t even fade away.

Originally, Peter belonged to her, but she lost him because of Sandy.

“Do you know her?” asked the boyfriend who was dating.

Eileen licked her lips and said, “Of course I know, don’t look at her young age, she has a good way to win over men. It was her who s3duced my boyfriend last time.”

The man looked at Sandy, “Looking at young age…”

“She’s young, and she has a lot of mind and eyes.” Eileen said, holding his arm, “Come, let’s go in.”

Sandy saw them coming, walked aside, and continued to call Peter.

Soon the phone was connected, and Peter’s voice came over there, “Sandy.”

“When are you coming over? I’ve already arrived.” Sandy said.

“I’ll be there in a while.”

“Well, I’ll wait for you.” She hung up the phone.

Eileen stood at the door, glanced at her up and down, and said sarcastically, “The crow can’t change into a phoenix even if it sits on a branch. It’s still a poor look, no matter how it climbs a branch, it still can’t get on the table.”

Although Peter gave Sandy the bank card that she kept in storage, she did not spend it randomly, nor did she buy branded clothes, brand-name bags, etc. just because she had money in her hand. She still has the same clothes as before. It suits her, she does not pursue the brand, nor does she pursue high-end items.

She was all simple, and the most valuable thing on her body was the necklace Carla gave.

But in Eileen’s eyes, she bought it with Peter’s money.

“You will s3duce a man at a young age and coax him to buy you things. It’s a murderer’s daughter. It’s a good trick.” Eileen almost gritted her teeth. If it wasn’t for someone around her, she would like to rush to tear her face.

Young and good-looking will naturally make the same kind, jealous, not to mention that Eileen feels that she has taken Peter away, so she hates her even more.

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