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Chapter 1171

Sandy never clashed with her, distanced herself from her, and wanted to avoid her, but Eileen grabbed her arm, “Why have the courage to grab someone else’s man, don’t you have the courage to admit it?”

Sandy said coldly, “I don’t know you well, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Haha.” Eileen smiled happily, “Is this denial?”

Sandy struggling hard, “You let me go.”

Eileen’s boyfriend gave Eileen a hand, “Just forget about the past. This is a public place. Such a pull will attract crowds.”

Everyone who enters and exits the restaurant will look over here, which has already attracted attention.

“This kind of shameless woman should be seen more.” Eileen’s voice became louder.

Sandy frowned, this woman is simply unreasonable!

“Hurry up and let me go, or I will call the police?” Sandy glared.

She feels that she didn’t read the almanac when she went out today, and she met her, and it was so difficult.

“Call the police? You should report me to see.” Eileen relied on the people around her at the moment, and Sandy became more and more unscrupulous by herself, clutching her wrist forcefully, pulling her towards herself,

“Sandy, how can you get along well with Peter? You know in your heart that you dare to say that you didn’t s3duce him by relying on your youth?”

“Only nasty people have nasty thoughts.” Sandy glared at her, “He naturally looks down on women like you.”

Sandy didn’t want to have a conflict with her, but she was reluctant to forgive her.

“Who are you talking about?!” Eileen’s face was a bit hideous.

“What kind of person you are, you know in your heart that if you were a good woman, Peter would not choose me, would he? Yes, you are a thousand times better than me in the round family, why did he choose me like this?”

“A woman with a poor family background and no background would not choose you? Shouldn’t you look for problems from yourself?” Sandy said sharply, “How do you say you are from a family with a good reputation, in public, you can’t help it and quarrel. Are you not afraid of other people’s jokes?”

Eileen never thought that she was so eloquent that she was blocked by her and couldn’t find words to refute.

Her eyes opened wide, “You say it again!”

Sandy ignored her and tried to break her hand.

Eileen seemed to have been stepped on her tail, she was extremely annoyed, and Sandy had to break away from her hand first, and raised her other hand, “Shameless b!tch!”

Saying that a slap was about to fall on Sandy’s face.

However, at this moment, Eileen’s raised hand was caught. She thought it was her boyfriend who scolded in a deep voice, “You are holding me…” What are you doing.

Before she finished speaking, she saw that it was not her boyfriend who was holding her, but Peter, her face turned pale at once, “You, why did you appear?”

Peter pulled away from her hand that was holding Sandy and shook it away. Eileen staggered and almost fell.

“I have been looking at the face of Edward. I haven’t exposed those ugly things you did, but you don’t know how to repent.”

“Okay, then call Edward today and talk about it.” Peter’s complexion was deep, with a hint of anger hidden in his eyes. The imperceptible anger was obviously touched by Eileen’s bottom line.

Eileen leaned on the wall and said stiffly, “You don’t use my dad to scare me.”

“Do you see if I scare you? You are shameless, and I still need to cover it for you?” Peter took out his mobile phone and found out the phone number of Mr. Smith.

Eileen saw that Peter was really going to make a call, and suddenly came over to snatch his phone, “You’re not allowed to make calls.”

Chapter 1172

Eileen has always known that Peter is a loving and righteous person, and respects her dad. He didn’t tell her affairs, just because of her father’s face. Just now, she thought Peter was just scaring her and never thought he really wanted to make a call to her old father.

She forgot that as long as it is a person, there are always some bottom lines that can’t be touched.

“Don’t forget, it was my dad who promoted you. Without his strong recommendation, how could you want to cross the river and break the bridge?”

Eileen stared at Peter, “You are nothing more than that. Under the appearance of a gentleman, it is actually nothing. You are a womanizer, you are looking for someone so young who is greedy for other people’s wealth…”


Before she finished speaking, a slap fell on her face, her pupils were bloodshot, and she couldn’t believe it, “You, you hit me?”

Peter’s eyes were cold, “I’m teaching you for your father. If Edward is here today, I’m afraid he will regret giving birth to a daughter like you!”

Eileen’s chest rose and fell, “You are ungrateful!”

Saying that she rushed over to beat Peter, at this moment she had no sense of reason, let alone face, and she looked like a shrew.

She was jealous of what Peter wanted now. Everything that should belong to her now belonged to Sandy. She was slapped by Peter. She was irritated and unwilling to learn in front of others.

Peter didn’t move, just watching her rushing over in such a ferocious manner, Eileen might be too excited, mixed with something under her feet, and squatted on the ground.

Looks so embarrassed.

Her boyfriend thought she was a pretty lady, after all, she was the daughter of the director, she was good-looking, and the two were about the same age. Although both were divorced, they had no children, which was considered suitable.

She had just been aggressive, and he only regarded Eileen as resenting her ex’s girlfriend because she was robbed. It was normal to say a few ugly words.

But look now, how can there be a little girly look? Simple sensibility failed.

“Eileen, I don’t want to eat today’s meal, I don’t think we are suitable.” After speaking, he turned his head and left.

Eileen’s appearance is ashamed.

She reacted, got up, and chased after him, “You said we were going to get married, so why is it inappropriate.”

The man avoided her like a plague, got in the car and started the car, and left.

Eileen knocked on his car door, “You stop!”

The man left without hesitation.

Sandy took Peter’s hand, “Let’s change the place.”

Peter nodded and said, “Come, get in the car first, and I’ll call again.”

He protected Sandy and got in the car, for fear that Eileen would come again to find fault.

Entering the car, he started the car and drove away, then called to tell Ryan and Harrison not to come.

It’s already a little late to think about a quiet place at this time. Carla said, “Let’s go to the villa, where it is clean, and there is everything, just let the restaurant deliver some food.”

The place is spacious and quiet.

Peter said that’s fine.

So he drove the car towards the villa.

“How did you meet her?” Peter asked.

Sandy replied, “I came over when I received your message. I knew you hadn’t come yet, so I was waiting for you outside. She might have come to eat, so I ran into her. She was like that when she saw me.”

She was also helpless.

Peter looked over and asked concerned, “Are you okay?”

Sandy shook her head, “You came in time.”

This is when Peter saw her wrist with a red mark on it. Eileen was messing with her. When she clutched her wrist, she deliberately grabbed her nails on the skin of her wrist. There was a row of nail prints on her inner wrist, and some blood was faintly bleeding.

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