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Chapter 2001

“The founder of Black Sun? Talking nonsense!”

When Richard heard it, he looked surprised and immediately rejected it.

Black Sun has been uprooted by the Common K!ller god.

So the members are all dead!

Why does it still appear?


“What does he call himself? The founder of Black Sun?”

Richard quickly realized something was wrong.

“Yes! The founder of Black Sun!”

“Okay, let him in right away!”

Soon after, a person wrapped in a black robe arrived.

If Levi were here, he would find that this person was the one who imitated him and had fought against him in Tranquil Mountain.

“You are the founder of Black Sun?”

Richard asked suspiciously.

“It’s not me, it’s my Lord! He also asked me to come to you!”

The man answered.

“Who is your Lord? Why do you say that Black Sun was founded by you?”

Richard asked a sharp question directly.

“My Lord is Cthulrun evil god!”


Hearing this name, everyone present gasped.

Including Richard.

That is the great devil, a generation of evil gods!

“This is the Lord’s token, it can prove his identity!”

The man handed Richard a box.

After Richard and his men opened the box, they studied for a long time.

Nodded one after another.

“It’s really him!”

Regarding Cthulrun’s information, Richard is in control.

Therefore, the identity of the Cthulrun evil god will be determined soon.

But at this time Richard frowned, his face was puzzled: “But I have a question…”

Richard’s question is actually the same as Levi’s.

Why did Cthulrun do this?

Why was Black Sun created?

Why are you looking for him now?

This person smiled: “The Lord had thought about it a long time ago, and he asked me to tell you a word…”


This person stepped forward and spoke a word in Richard’s ear.

After listening, Richard smiled: “So that’s it! I understand! Lord Cthulrun wants to cooperate with me, right?”


“Okay, no problem, I believe in his sincerity! Happy cooperation!”

The real Black Sun cooperated with the Lab of the Gods.

There will be new changes in the future.

“No wonder Lord Cthulrun didn’t appear before, because I didn’t have enough qualifications! Now that I become the core of the Gods Laboratory, he only appeared to cooperate with me! Hahaha…”

Richard laughed self-deprecatingly: “It turns out that I was in his eyes before, and I was at the same level as those little fish and shrimps on the East Island! I can only serve as cannon fodder!”

The other side.

Levi and Common K!ller god respectively.

Now, Common Killer god successfully sucked all his attention away from him.

He can slowly get to Richard and the Lab of the Gods.

But it’s different from the black sun.

The Lab of the Gods is too powerful and mysterious.

So far no one has said that they have a precise understanding of the Lab of the Gods.

Richard alone is so strong.

At that time, he was just the spokesperson outside of the Lab of the Gods.

They all have such a terrifying power and background.

One can imagine how strong the real Lab of the Gods is!

There is also the yearning of the Golden Island gambling clan for the laboratory of the gods.

In their eyes, the Lab of the Gods is the most powerful existence on this planet.

This is not blind worship.

This is based on the attraction of the strongest strength!

A Richard is so strenuous to deal with, it is conceivable that there are many forces involved in the laboratory of the gods behind.

For example, powerful forces such as the Sky Shield Bureau.

Once you move into the Lab of the Gods, it will cause a chain reaction, and you may be blocked without touching the door of the Lab of the Gods.

Another one, what exactly is in the Lab of the Gods?

How many strong are there?

How many advanced weapons are there?

These are unknowns!

The most important thing is that Levi doesn’t know how his combat power is in front of the Gods Lab?

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