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Chapter 2002

Anyway, it is absolutely not enough to crush or face the laboratory of the gods!

Even Richard and his own power are problems.

Not to mention the experiments of the gods.

Therefore, for Richard and the Lab of the Gods, Levi must not swagger directly like he did with the Black Sun.

Deal with them and learn that they know each other!

First, get Richard, then clear the relevant forces, and then deal with the laboratory of the gods.

“Then Mr. Garrison, I will go home first! Where are you going next?”

Common k!ller asked.

“Gather some old friends and brothers first, and then consider the long-term plan when you’re done!”

Levi smiled.

“Well, Mr. Garrison, if you need it, just ask!”

Commoner is back to Velador.

This time, he came back with integrity.

Velador received the news early that thousands of people were welcoming the arrival of the Common K!ller god.

In this era of lack of heroes, he shocked the era!

Common Killer god readily accepted all this.

Accept the worship and admiration of everyone.

Even the Tiance Mansion and Trex clan are here.

Even the seven evil gods came and thanked them all.

Thanks to Common k!ller for helping their Lord avenge!

Sarah, Wenia and Regina are all here.

During this period of time in Tiance Mansion, they received the guidance of the strong.

The control of one’s own abilities has exceeded fifty or sixty percent.

It’s much more than before.

Regina was also accepted as an apprentice by a certain power in the Tiance Mansion because of her excellent talent, and her current strength was also terrifying to death.

Now they are sent outside by Tiance Mansion to experience.

After hearing the return of Common Killer god, they also came to join in the fun.

But Aubrey is still in Tiance Mansion.

She has not yet come out to experience the mountain.

It is estimated that it will take a few years.

Common k!ller looked at the crowd with complicated expressions.

Especially when he saw Sarah and others.

He wanted to tell them that Levi was still alive.

“Senior Commoner! I have a question, probably the whole world has!”

A reporter interviewed Common Killer god.

Common Killer god smiled: “Okay, you can ask!”

“Why you suddenly became so powerful? You were obviously defeated and injured before, and you were also poisoned! Why did you not retreat but increased your strength? You have reached this point? It’s incredible!”

This is indeed everyone’s question.

It was Richard’s question even more.

Everything is unscientific.

Common K!ller god said with a smile: “In fact, all this is the credit of my Lord!”



Everyone gasped.

At the age of Common k!lling God, does he still have a Lord living in the world?

Isn’t that the same as the old god?


No wonder the Common Killer god has such terrifying strength after experiencing serious injuries!

Moreover, the origin of the Common Killer god is mysterious, and it was only when he was pointed out that he became a legend.

As no one knows, the Lord who the commoner is actually talking about is Levi!

Levi guided him and brought him to an unprecedented realm!

Despite the age difference.

But in the eyes of Commoner, Levi can afford the title of the teacher!

The answer of Common k!lling God did not lie at all, and there was awe in his eyes.

The doubts in everyone’s hearts were answered.

But another question arises-who is the Lord of Common Killer god?

Seeing everyone’s doubts, Common Killer god directly answered: “My Lord is an expert outside the world, you can’t see him, don’t ask!”

Just such a sentence, the message sent out is also terrible.

Velador still has such a strong man sitting here!

Who can stop Velador in the future?

This allowed Richard to dispel his doubts, but also surprised him.

It seemed that Velador’s water was deeper than he had imagined.

This time the smoke bomb was thrown by the Common k!ller completely dispelled many people’s doubts.

On the other side, Levi waited on the Velador border.

He was waiting for some old acquaintances to show up.

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