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Chapter 1173

Peter took her hand over, Sandy pulled it out and said with a smile, “It’s okay.”

it wasn’t a serious injury, she didn’t want Peter to worry about such trivial matters. He was already busy at work and didn’t want to cause him any more trouble.

Peter pursed his lips, his complexion deep, “If you encounter such a thing in the future, please call me.”

Sandy smiled and said, “Okay.”

Although she is not old, she is really sensible. The more sensible she is, the more Peter feels sorry for her.

After all, Eileen would find Sandy’s fault because of him.

“Sandy, I’m sorry.”

Sandy leaned on his shoulder, “We all have babies, so you can say sorry even if you don’t move. In the future, if the baby is born, will he see your jokes?”

Peter’s gaze swept across her abdomen, his eyes flickered, and there was an imperceptible color of joy hidden in his eyebrows.

He wants to—become a father.

Soon the car stopped at the door of the villa. Harrison and Alecia were standing at the door. They had just arrived. They were already in City B, and they came back to pick up the old lady.

Originally, Harrison was planning to invite them out for a gathering, and decided to leave. He always wanted to talk to everyone, but in the end, he received a call from Peter.

“You are here.” Alecia greeted Sandy and Peter when they got off the car.

Sandy and Peter walked side by side, “Well, did you just arrive too?”

Alecia nodded, “Well, let’s go in together.”

“Okay.” Sandy took the initiative to come over and walked with Alecia.

Harrison and Peter walked behind them.

“Didn’t you go to the restaurant? Why did you come to the villa?” Harrison asked.

Peter said, “There was an accident. It’s more comfortable here than in the restaurant.”

“Everything is good, right?” Harrison put his arm on Peter’s shoulder, “Look at your red face.”

Peter curled his lips, with a smile.

“Yeah.” Harrison knew by looking at his expression that there was something good. “No wonder if you want to invite us to dinner, it turns out that there is something good to show off to us?”

Peter glanced at him, “I don’t like to show off.”

“What can you show off?” Harrison smiled. Although there are many unsatisfactory things, the stable life with Alecia now is more precious than anything.

Sandy and Alecia advanced into the house. Carla and Ryan were the first to arrive. Although they moved out of the villa, they would also be called to clean the house, so there was no dust in the house because there was no one. It’s very clean.

Seeing them come in, Carla poured a few glasses of water on the table.

“Peter, I heard that you have been promoted.” Carla put down the kettle and looked up at him.

Peter sat on the sofa, “My sister-in-law is well informed. Before I say it, you already know.”

Carla chuckled. She also heard what Ryan said. As for how Ryan knew, she didn’t know. In short, Ryan had a wide network of contacts and it was natural to be well informed.

“Take advantage of this opportunity, I have something to say,” Harrison said with his arms around Alecia, “Alecia and I have made arrangements. This time I come back to pick up the old lady.”

“Where to pick up the old lady?” Not long after Peter came back from a business trip, he didn’t know that Harrison was going to live in City R.

So he asked.

Harrison said about his going to R again, “Grandma’s condition is serious, but it is a good thing for me, so that I can be with Alecia.”

It’s too difficult to walk this way.

The old lady already has dementia, plus she hit her head last time and her memory is not good. Most of the time she stays in the past.

The recent memories seem to be forgotten. Not remembering those unpleasant things are good for him.

Chapter 1174

“You live there, over here…”

“I’ll take care of everything here.” Harrison knew what Peter wanted to ask.

Peter patted him. At this moment, the doorbell rang and someone was here to deliver the meal.

Carla got up and went to open the door. Three of them came and carried a few food boxes. Carla moved her body to let them in, “all on the table.”

The food delivery person quickly put the food boxes on the table.

After the people left, Carla closed the door and walked to the table to open the food box. Alecia and Sandy walked over to help.

Carla said, “I am alone, and it’s done right away, why are you all coming over?”

“Their male words, we can’t even talk.” Sandy smiled and asked, “Would you like to use a saucer?”

Alecia said, “This is all installed, and then poured into a dish, it will be beautiful, and I will clean it up later.”

“Yes.” Sandy asked Carla, “Sister-in-law, how did you move to the old house? Why don’t you live there?”

Carla lowered her eyes to cover her emotions, saying that Nelson was in poor health and missed the old place, so…

After the food was placed, Alecia shouted to the people in the living room, “You can talk while you eat.”

“Today, Peter’s promotion is worth celebrating, I will get a bottle of wine.” Carla said.

“We all came by car, how can we go back after drinking?” Harrison pulled Alecia to sit down.

Carla stood still and felt that Harrison was talking about it.

“Isn’t it possible to call a driver? It’s rare that we get together. Brother Shane will definitely be busy after his promotion. Harrison and I will also go to City R to live. Right, what do you think?” Alecia said with a smile.

Later, everyone felt that Alecia was talking about just eating, and there was no atmosphere if they didn’t drink, so they brought two bottles over.

Originally Carla stood, and Peter took the bottle and said, “I’ll do it.”

Carla gave him the wine bottle and sat down.

He had fallen down one by one since Ryan, but didn’t give Sandy down. Alecia teased him, “I didn’t see that Big Brother Shane is so good at caring for people before.”

She smiled and looked at Sandy, “You are married. By the way, look, sister Lane and I both fell down, but I didn’t do it for you, which would hurt people a lot.”

Sandy was a little embarrassed, and Alecia made her face blushing inexplicably.

She bowed her head shyly.

After Alecia finished speaking, Peter still didn’t let Sandy down.

He sat down and put the bottle aside, “She can’t drink.”

“Then we can drink it?” Carla smiled.

Everyone was happy together, not against Sandy, but to tease Peter, “Sandy, you drink for her.”

“Okay,” Peter answered without hesitation.

Harrison looked at Peter, “You hurry up and show your affection and return to your own show. You got promoted and we celebrate. How can your wife not drink?”

Harrison took the wine in front of Peter, filled it for Sandy, and said, “Today is a celebration for your husband. We can’t shame our face.”

“Harrison.” Alecia stared at him.

She just wanted to tease Peter, but she didn’t want to really let Sandy drink. She is the youngest here, and it’s really not suitable for college students to drink.

Sandy stood up, poured a glass of water, “I use water instead of wine.”

Harrison wanted to say something, Carla interrupted him, “Okay, Sandy will drink water.”

She seemed to see something, Sandy was not forbidden to drink, she had drunk it last time, and everyone is here today, so she definitely didn’t stop drinking on purpose.

She and Peter have been married for a while, shouldn’t they?

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