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Chapter 2003

Soon after, several figures appeared.






Heavenly Tribulation and Eighteen Cavaliers

Dragon Cavalry Forbidden!

Ghost Army and more!

These were the invincible teams that followed Levi. In the previous years, they were the invincible army!

k!lled to the point where the major countries were timid and abandoning their armors and weapons!

But after all, the times have changed.

Now the warrior superpower is coming out!

All kinds of science and technology, all kinds of genetic technology transformation experiments succeed!

No matter how good they were before, they were actually just better than ordinary people.

If they were on the battlefield today, they would be cannon fodder!

Therefore, in the era of warriors, Wesley, who was once Levi’s most loyal and most sturdy subordinates, have disappeared one after another.

It’s not that Levi doesn’t use them.

He really doesn’t want them to die!

All of them are his brothers and sisters!

But Levi won’t stop there!

Some time ago, while he healed the great talents of Velador, he also quietly guided these former comrades-in-arms.

During this time, they have made a qualitative leap.

In addition, the fighters of Velador used to practice martial arts collectively. They have already developed a good foundation and are now under the guidance of Levi.

Everyone is advancing by leaps and bounds.

Take it out, you can already be alone.

The gathering of so many people is a terrorist force that cannot be ignored.

Levi’s reason for using them is simple.

That is, no matter who it is in the eyes, people like Wesley are too weak and have been eliminated by this era.

They are only suitable for battle camps, and are of no use in today’s warrior superpower wars.

No one will notice them!

Even people like Richard!

They would not believe that in this very short period of time, what can this group of people do, can they not jump from ordinary people to strong?

That’s why Levi will enable them.

This time, Levi didn’t even dare to use the super team he secretly established and the Western Heavenly Kings.

After all, having used these people before, it is inevitable that there will be clues.

Now if they are enabled, it is inevitable that Richard and the others will not be able to track them down.

If it is exposed at that time, it will be a failure.

So Levi didn’t need any of these people!

He just wants to use the old Wesley people!

“Boss (God of War)!”

“We knew you were alive! It is great! I knew it was you when I got the news!”

When Wesley and the others saw Levi, tears filled their eyes, they immediately rushed up, and hugged Levi tightly.

Their feelings are different from Levi!

Whether it was the later Bryant, or the strongest Gemini, Karen Keller, and the secret team he established.

They can’t compare with Wesley’s relationship with Levi!

They were born to die together!

Witnessed each other’s growth!

They k!ss even more than their brothers!

The kind that can give up their lives for each other!

“Now I recall you, are you ready?”

Levi looked at everyone and asked.

“Always ready!!!”

Wesley and others shouted hysterically!

“Boss, when we know that the gap with you is getting bigger and bigger, even as if the chasm is insurmountable! We are desperate!”

“We vowed to work hard and hard! To narrow the gap with you! Not to mention how strong we are, but we want to follow you all the time! But we have no hope!”

“Until the boss, you personally point us to the right path! We see hope! We work hard to improve ourselves day and night, for the day you recall us!”

Wesley and the others turned red, and their eyes were full of desperate fierceness.

Levi knew that they must have suffered too much.

He even felt a little pain!

“I declare you back home!”

“Wesley is here!!!”

“The unicorn is here!!!”

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