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Chapter 1181

“No.” Peter, who has never spoken, said for the first time, “I have work on hand.”

“The work can be temporarily handed over to Martin.”

Martin Luke has never spoken. He has been working with Peter, but now Peter is the director of the team and he is still the captain. The gap is not so big.

He would not intercede for Peter at this time.

“If you leave it to me, I will do it right.”

Said Martin.

“Why don’t you want it? I think you might have caused this to happen!” The man standing on Peter’s side stared at Martin fiercely.

“Do you have evidence? If you don’t have it, you are framing it.” Martin has no stage fright, and the tone is lingering.


Peter stopped the person who wanted to speak, looked at the person in the inspection department, and said, “I am under investigation.”

He is not afraid to be investigated for things that he has not done.

“Okay, then Martin…”

Damn it!

The door in the conference room was suddenly knocked open, interrupting the speaker.

Everyone looked towards the door, and Sandy was standing at the door holding the box.

Peter was also surprised that she would appear, got up from the chair, and walked to her, “Why are you here for?”

“I came to you.” Sandy raised her head and opened her eyes, and Carla told her on the way that she only had to tell the facts and told her not to panic before coming in.

So now she is very calm.

Martin glanced at Sandy, “This is Mrs. Shane, right? We are in a meeting now, but you can’t participate in anything, even if you are Peter’s wife. No way, please go out!”

Sandy crossed Peter and walked to the table and put the apple box on the table, “I know, as a family member, naturally, I can’t talk here. Of course, I have something to come for.”

She pointed out, “When I got off work yesterday, I received a box of apples. Although it was not valuable, as a family member of a public official, I felt that a box of apples could not be collected, so I brought this box of apples.”

Martin glanced at the box, “Is there an apple in this box?”

Sandy asked, “Isn’t it possible to have bananas if you don’t have apples in the apple box?”

“It’s just a box of apples, not serious…”

“Although a box of apples is also given by others, it is absolutely impossible to accept. Although I am young, I am also educated. This box of apples also costs more than 100 yuan and can buy a lot of needles and threads.”

Martin rolled his eyes and said, “I haven’t eaten an apple for a long time. Would you like to open it and see if it tastes good?”

Sandy said, “You are free, this is not my thing, naturally I can’t call the shots.”

Martin uncovered the tape and opened the box.

He picked up the box and poured out the contents for everyone to see, “Is this the so-called apple?”

Sandy also had a surprised expression.

Everyone’s eyes focused on her again.

Martin spoke again, “You didn’t know about this and deliberately used this method to repay the stolen money, did you?”

Sandy looked at the talking Martin. On the way there, Carla analyzed with her the possibility of being cited by someone with a heart.

Sure enough, someone really did this.

Carla said at the time that if you give the money, I am afraid someone will say that you know that the incident has happened, and then deliberately hand it in this way.

Finally agreed to pretend not to know.

Sandy calmly said, “I didn’t know that this box contains money. It was forced on me by someone else. If I knew that this box contains money, it would be delivered to me when I received it last night.”

“The reason why I brought it in the morning and let this box of apples stay at my house overnight is to treat it as a box of apples. If I knew it is money, this night will not be passed.”

Chapter 1182

“Ha, you’ll force it to me, why don’t I believe it?”

Sandy said, “You can check it out, and…”

She passed a video from the property to her mobile phone, “Believe it or not, you can watch it.”

The person standing by Peter took the mobile phone and uploaded it to the computer to show it to others.

Martin still didn’t give up, looking at Peter, “Don’t tell me you don’t know, why don’t you turn in by yourself?”

“He really doesn’t know. The time and place shown on the screenshot of the video are available for you to watch…”

“Does this have anything to do with Mr. Shane?” Martin interrupted Sandy and asked rhetorically.

Sandy replied calmly, “You see the time shown on the video is about 6 o’clock in the afternoon yesterday. I received the apple. When Peter came back, I was already asleep. So I didn’t tell him about this thing. When he left the bureau, I think there is always someone here who can testify?”

As soon as her voice fell, someone spoke and said, “Shane was with us last night. The last time there was new progress in the case, he was with us, and he did not left until nearly twelve o’clock. For Mrs. Shane, it is already normal to fall asleep.”

It fits perfectly every time, with strong logic and no flaws at all. This is obviously because Peter didn’t know it. His wife took a box of apples and kept them all night at home.

There is certified physical evidence.

“We did receive a report. Although we have explained it clearly, we still have to follow the procedures. As a supervisory authority, there is naturally zero tolerance, and corruption is never allowed. Black cannot turn white, and white will not be easily hacked.”

The result is that Peter will definitely be investigated. The current situation is beneficial to him, so the previous suspension of duties is unnecessary.

However, there is still a need to investigate him, and all the people in contact with him need to be checked one by one.

Peter still has things to do, let Garner Cowan send Sandy back.

After leaving the meeting, Garner Cowan asked, “How dare you break into the meeting room?”

Sandy couldn’t help it either. Someone stopped at that time, and she forcibly broke in.

She was holding a box in her hand, unable to open the door, and when someone blocked her, she hit the door and entered.

“Nothing will happen, don’t worry, go back.” Garner Cowan led her to the door.

Sandy said, “You don’t need to send me away, I can go back by myself.”

“I’ll send you off, Mr. Shane has ordered me.” Garner Cowan said with a smile.

When he reached the door, Sandy pointed to the black car parked at the door. Carla leaned on the body and was waiting for Sandy.

“Sister-in-law.” Sandy walked over and couldn’t wait to tell her the result, “It’s okay.”

Carla looked over and smiled.

Today, her long black hair is scattered on the back of her shoulders, not tied, although she has never applied powder, but her face is plump, her eyebrows are like ink paintings, her indescribable softness and exquisiteness, and the smile is even more beautiful.

Garner Cowan was taken aback for a moment, and said hurriedly, “Since someone is here, I will go back.”

Sandy waved at him, “Go ahead.”

Carla opened the car door and said, “Get in the car.”

Sandy opened the passenger door and got into the car. She just woke up and said thank you to Carla. If it hadn’t been for her help, this time might not have gone so smoothly. However, the mobile phone in her pocket rang.

She answered the phone, it was the personnel department of the company where she was intern, and informed her that she was fired.

Not long after she went to work, she asked for leave, and she was late.

She lowered her eyebrows and said disappointedly, “I see.”

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