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Chapter 2011

Levi didn’t want to know anything else, just wanted to continue the conversation with Nichole.

He wanted to know what Richard and the Lab of the Gods took away from Velador.

Nichole didn’t have any suspicion after Levi had changed his profile.

He claimed to be his subordinate, and wanted to know what Levi and Nichole talked about at the last moment.

Under the deliberate guidance, he quickly recalled the stage of the conversation between Nichole and Levi before the war.

“At the last moment, he was asking me what Richard and the Lab of the Gods took away from Velador. When I was about to say it, they were attacked!”

Nichole recalled.

“What Richard took away, this is exactly what we were looking for…”

Levi told Nichole about the plan, which was consistent with what he said at the beginning.

Nichole believed it.

“Please also Miss Nichole to tell me everything! This is very important! Whether we avenge the boss or guard Velador has a vital role!”

Levi looked at Nichole sincerely.

“Okay, I’ll tell you all!”

“The thing that the Gods Lab and Richard took away from Velador is an energy substance. I don’t know what it is! I only know that they call it the sun stone!”

“Rumors say that the Sun Stone can provide all the energy needed by the Gods Laboratory! Just a fist-sized piece of the Sun Stone can supply a national power station for one month of energy!

Is their main source of energy! It is also the foundation of the status of the Gods Laboratory!”

“How many years the Gods Laboratory has existed, no one knows! But it is said that all the sunstones that can be mined in the War Eagle Nation and many areas have been mined by them!

Plus the sun stone is super rare! Therefore, the Lab of the Gods is actively searching for the sun stone all over the world! To further enhance their technology and strength!”

“So today the technology of the Gods Laboratory has reached the point where others can only look up. God knows what they produce.”

Hearing this, Levi already understood the reason why the Gods Laboratory had established bases all over the world.

Afraid that half of the reason is to search for the energy source of sunstone, right?

“Later, the Lab of the Gods found this kind of sun stone in Velador, and the quantity was super large!”

“They found the largest area in the world at present! My grandfather accidentally obtained data, saying that the sun stone of Velador’s total amount can support the supply of the Gods Laboratory for at least a hundred years!”


Hearing this, Levi couldn’t help but gasp.

So scary?

A hundred years of supply?

This is the laboratory of the gods!

Their technology, the resources, and energy required must be unimaginable data against the sky!

The total amount of Velador Sunstone can supply them for a hundred years, which is an astronomical number!

Levi also understood why Richard and the others would be eyeing Velador.

In the beginning, the Dominant Alliance was formed to attack Velador, and they wanted to capture Velador!

It all was aimed at the Sun Stone!

After that, he repeatedly targeted Velador for the Sun Stone.

Under the influence of the East Island forces, Richard and the others finally found the opportunity to come to Velador and take away many sun stones.

But they were also afraid of these targets from Tiance Mansion, and they didn’t take much away.

Next, they still want to steal the Sun Stone from Velador.

Thieves, can’t take away my Velador’s things!

The ones you take will also be returned one by one!

No matter what the Gods Lab uses the sun stone for, even if it is used to boil water for cooking, it will not work!

Levi will also stop!

Nichole glanced at Levi and continued: “Next, the Blackwater Company is going to establish a cooperative relationship with a large group in Velador. I think it was for the mining of the Sunstone! The young owner of the Blackwater Company was engaged with me before, which is actually the case he wanted to stand firm in Velador.”

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