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Chapter 1191

Nelson nodded gently, as if satisfied.

“I… probably going to see her.”

His voice is particularly weak.

Kurtis took his hand, shaking inexplicably, trying to say something, but kept crying.

Nelson pulled his lips, “What are you crying for?”

Kurtis wiped his face. He himself was too old and couldn’t control his emotions. He said, “I don’t want to, but I can’t control myself.”

Nelson is here, but he wants to understand, “Don’t people have this step?”

No one can change the natural laws of birth, old age, sickness, and death.

He was breathing heavily, his eyes were muddy, but his brain was exceptionally clear. He said, “Call him…”

Kurtis immediately understood what he meant, and hurriedly called Ryan over.

When Ryan walked to the bed, Nelson was confused for a while and asked, “Are you sleepy?”

Said a word without beginning and end.

Ryan didn’t answer the conversation, so he quietly looked at the red blood in his pupils.

The relationship between Della and him was not good since Della entered the door. Later, he left home and rarely went back. A lot of time was missed between father and son.

In his growth trajectory, the most complaint.

This is what makes his heartache the most.

After all, he missed too much, too much…

“I know, you are lonely…” Suddenly Nelson raised his hand, his fingers trembling as if he was about to grasp something, Ryan bent down, caught his outstretched hand, and shook his palms.

Nelson trembled in a low voice, “You didn’t have many happy days when you were a kid. It was all caused by me…I shouldn’t have kept it as a secret from you, let you miss so much, and didn’t enjoy the warmth of family.”

If he confessed that secret to him, what a harmonious picture would a family of three be like?

It was him that made Della regretful, and made Ryan regretful.

He also has regrets.

He sighed slightly, countless vicissitudes of life.

Ryan’s throat tightened.

Nelson blinked and shook his hands, “Call Carla, I have something to tell her.”

Ryan called Carla in.

Seeing Carla showing her smiling face, he liked this daughter-in-law very much and felt relieved, “Carla, Ryan, you have to take care of me.”

Carla stood beside Ryan, looked at him, and nodded, “I will.”

“You are obedient, I can rest assured that… I’m sorry, he didn’t enjoy the warmth of family before marrying you…”

Carla’s tears slipped out of her eyes. She hurriedly raised her hand and wiped it off. She glanced at Ryan and said, “He is my husband and the father of the children. We are a family. I will take care of him and give the support of his family.”

“Good, good…” Nelson seemed to be out of breath, breathing heavily, Carla was worried and afraid, “Dad…”

She felt that she was calm enough but choked up in her throat.

Although Ryan was not as excited as Carla, his body trembled.

After two minutes he breathed out and said, “I’m fine…”

“Where’s Alen, Iris? Why didn’t he come to see me?” To say that he had any regrets, it was these three grandsons.

They are innocent and lively and like to pester him. Ryan didn’t pester him when he was a child, so he was looking for his son when he was a child from his grandson.

Seeing Alan’s and Ryan’s faces when he was a child, he would always think that he was Ryan when he was a child, and now he came to him to make up for the missing family relationship.

Chapter 1192

Carla called the two children to her side. She squatted down in front of the two children and told them, “Grandpa wants to see you two. When Grandpa says anything, you have to agree, understand?”

Alan naturally understood that Iris was also surprisingly mature and sensible in today’s depressing atmosphere, and nodded obediently.

She stood up, took the two children in, walked to the bed, and hugged them to the side of the bed.

Seeing the two children Nelson immediately smiled.


He reached out and touched Alan’s cheek and said, “You look like your father.”

Alan lay on the bedside, “I look like you too.”

Nelson smiled.

Iris was also lying on his stomach, holding her grandpa’s hand and letting him touch her face, “Grandpa, I’m like you too.”

Nelson said, “You are my granddaughter… naturally like me.”

She stretched out her little hand and touched Grandpa’s face. There was no meat on his face, and he was very thin during his illness.

“Study hard and listen to what Mom and Dad say…”

“We will.” The two children replied in unison. There were tears in Nelson’s eyes.

Faced with his son, he didn’t feel sorry for them.

How cute they are, I haven’t had time to watch them grow up.

“Grandpa today is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Grandma and mother Samantha cooked a freshman’s table. The teacher said that for Mid-Autumn Festival will only want mooncakes. It is a holiday for a family reunion. Grandpa, do you want to eat mooncakes?” side.

Nelson asked, “What’s the filling of mooncakes?”

“I see the stuffed with salted egg yolk, the five kernels, the ham…”

Iris talked a lot and finally said, “Grandpa, what do you want to eat?”

Nelson is in a trance, today is the Mid-Autumn Festival.

It’s a good day.

How can you not eat moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival?

He said five.

Carla said to get it, but Iris stopped and wanted to go by herself. She ran out. After a while, she took a piece of mooncake and came in. She lay on the bedside and said, “It’s too big, you can’t get a good bite, I’ll break it apart.”

Iris broke the mooncake into two halves, revealing the fillings, walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, melon seeds…

She broke a small piece and handed it to Grandpa’s mouth, and said, “Grandpa, taste…”

Nelson opened his mouth, and bit the moon cake fed by his granddaughter.

“Is it delicious?” Iris asked with a smile. When she smiled, Nelson nodded and said, “It’s delicious.”

Alan feeds him water for fear that he will be thirsty after eating moon cakes.

Nelson couldn’t drink after two sips.

His face became pale and sallow, his eyes were dull, and there was no trace of turbid expression.

Marty, who was sleeping in the room, woke up and kept crying somehow. Lucia took him in and gave him to Carla. She took him, and he stopped crying immediately. There were still tears in his eyes.

Nelson waved to him, trying to see him, but found that he didn’t have the energy to speak anymore.

Carla realized Nelson’s intentions and turned Marty towards him. Marty opened his big round eyes. He didn’t know he could not see, so he stared at Nelson.

Everyone outside the room came in, gathered around the bed, trying to get one last look.

Nelson looked into Marty’s eyes, with a faint smile on his face, and slowly closed his eyes.

“Grandpa!” Iris grabbed Nelson, “Grandpa, don’t sleep, talk to me again…”

Alan’s tears rolled out at once. He knew better than his younger sister that the grandfather at this moment might have left them, leaving them forever, and could never speak with them again, send him out of school, teach them homework…

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