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Chapter 1193


Hearing the movement in the room, Dr. Wells came in to examine Nelson. After the examination, he looked up at the time and shook his head at Ryan.

This action meant that Nelson had gone.

Ryan nodded to Doctor Wells with his hands on his back, indicating that he knew.

“I look at the time, it’s about 12 o’clock, 15 minutes or so.” It can be regarded as the end of today’s reunion festival.

Doctor Wells sighed, “Sorrow and change.”

Ryan’s hands behind him were clenched tightly together, and his emotions were firmly restrained, “Peter, send Doctor Wells for me.”

Peter came over, and Dr. Wells said, “No, I’ll go by myself. You should need manpower here.”

Someone is needed to handle the funeral.

“Then I will send you out,” Peter said.

Doctor Wells nodded.

Iris, who was lying on the bed, asked if Grandpa couldn’t wake up, and raised her head and asked Carla, “Mommy, why doesn’t Grandpa talk to me? When can he wake up?”

“Grandpa won’t wake up.” Alan choked.

“You lie!” Iris didn’t believe it, but her eyes were red, and tears hovered in her eye sockets. “Brother, you are a big bad guy. Why do you want to say that Grandpa can’t wake up?”

Tears fell after speaking.

Carla gave Marty to Lucia, who wiped her face and hurriedly took over Marty.

She wiped her daughter’s tears.

Iris hugged Carla’s waist and buried her face in her arms, “Mommy, did Grandpa really leave us?”

Carla’s nasal cavity was sour for a long time and could not speak.

After a while, he said to his daughter, “Grandpa has gone to another world…”

Sadness filled the room.

The low sobbing sounds ups and downs, and the moment of parting is always sad.

But manpower is unstoppable.

Carla wiped away her tears and waved to Sandy, “You help me take the two children to the room.”

Everyone is sad and can’t be left alone.

Sandy pursed her lips and walked over and hugged Iris. Iris pulled the quilt unwillingly, “I don’t want to leave Grandpa…”

She was crying sad.

Alan pulled the quilt and whimpered, “I won’t go, I want to accompany my grandfather, I won’t see him anymore, I won’t see him again…”

The tears that Carla had forced back came out all of a sudden.

The crying of the two children made it even more heartbreaking.

Kurtis collapsed beside the bed, Carla hurried to support him, “Uncle.”

Peter sent Dr. Wells back, and saw Carla struggling with Kurtis, and walked over to hold him.

“Help him back to the room to rest.” Carla whispered.

Peter nodded, not seeing Ryan in the room, and asked in a low voice, “Where is Ryan?”

Carla didn’t pay attention, and then found out that he was not in the room.

“You look for him, he must be uncomfortable at this time.” Peter said to her.

Carla understood, nodded, and helped Peter to help Kurtis back to the room, “You help me take care of him.”

Kurtis is also getting older, she is not relieved that this is so sad.

Peter assured her that he would take care of him and asked her to find Ryan first.

Carla walked out of the room, saw the light in the study, and walked over.

Walking to the door, she gently opened the door.

Pushing open the door of the study, she touched a dark shadow in front of the desk at a glance.

A white lamp was on in the room, lifeless and quiet, and a large desk was placed in the center of the wide room.

Place this ink, paper and inkstone on it. Nelson likes to practice calligraphy.

Chapter 1194

But at this moment, the person who used to hold the brush and bend at the desk to write is no longer there.

Carla walked over, the black ink in the inkstone on the table had dried up, and a long scent of ink filled the air. She looked at the man sitting at the table and hesitated several times and didn’t know how to speak to him. Walked over and embraced him.

After a long time, he said hoarsely, “People will come at dawn, you have to adjust your mood as soon as possible.”

Ryan looked at everything in the house, familiar and unfamiliar, and said in a low voice, “Carla, I have no relatives again.”

He has no mother, and now he has no father.

Carla’s nasal cavity was sore again, holding his arms closed, choked and said, “You still have me, and our children, we will accompany you…”

Ryan confined her in his arms, he was very hard, Carla’s body almost rammed in, his face was buried in her heart, and his body trembled lightly.

Carla couldn’t find words to comfort him, so she could only accompany him quietly.

After a long time, the sky outside was a bit bright, and Ryan let her go.

Carla looked at his calm face, knowing that he was hiding his sorrow at this moment, and now is not the time to be sad.

When a person is gone, let him go with peace of mind. You must first take care of the afterlife.


The door of the study was knocked suddenly.

Ryan said, “Come in.”

Samantha opened the door and said, “Someone is here, crying in the house.”

Mother Samantha had seen it before.

“I see.” Ryan stood up. The two children didn’t sleep much that night. He asked Carla to see the children and go to the room by himself.

Before entering the room, he heard a cry. The cry was confined to the surface and the voice was loud, but it made people feel sad.

It’s more like doing superficial work.

When Ryan walked into the room, he saw a man in a tunic suit lying on the bedside crying.

Although Ryan has never seen him a few times, he still recognizes Nelson’s cousin

The cousin he wants to be called.

Because of his own shortcomings, he didn’t interact with people much.

The man is thin, with big back black hair mixed with white silk, white skin, and some age spots. He looks very energetic.

This time, being here so quickly is surprising.

“Ryan, eldest brother was not in good health, so why didn’t you tell me? I didn’t even see him for the last time. How did you become a son?” He started to question.

This person who usually doesn’t communicate with each other, once Nelson passed away, he came to the house to find fault.

What does he want to do?

Ryan squinted his eyes slightly, “Why are you free?”

“I…” Narvon was speechless for a while.

In the past, he didn’t like to come here, although he brought relatives.

“I am also surnamed Blair, not an outsider. Your father has passed away, shouldn’t I come?” He said sternly.

Ryan looked at him silently. Whether he came here today, whether he is sincere or false, he can’t argue in front of Nelson. The dead is the big one, so he must go with peace of mind.

“I know a good funeral company…”

“I have arranged it.” Ryan interrupted him.

Narvon’s expression was slightly awkward, and he felt that Ryan didn’t give him face, and didn’t say a few polite words.

In fact, Ryan didn’t want to face him tit-for-tat. After all, he was close to them, and it was easy to talk, but a person who usually doesn’t interact with you suddenly became enthusiastic, which made people have to think more.

If he came during the day, Ryan wouldn’t think anything, but he knew so quickly and pretended to be sad.

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