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Chapter 2022

Don’t know if Levi brought too much shadow to him, or he was afraid of being beaten.

Jimson is now the shadow of a cup bow snake.

As long as there is a little bit of wind and grass, Jimson will be terrified.

It seems to be a persecuted delusion.

Now looking at the darkness around him, Jimson felt cold all over, and an uneasy feeling was exposed on his face.

Rex and others saw him strangely.

“What happened to you?”

Everyone asked.

“I feel someone is staring around! Are your safety measures in place?”

Jimson said in a panic.

“Look at it, I said you were scared by Levi. Now you can’t stand the darkness. Don’t worry, the surroundings are safe, and I will send someone to take a look!”

Rex sent someone to check around and found nothing unusual.

“Look, it’s okay!”

“You were scared by Levi! Come, protect him!”

Rex ordered.

The Lords of the Lab of the Gods followed Jimson every step of the way.

Jimson felt relieved.

But his feeling still didn’t disappear.

He always felt that someone was watching him in secret.

Have to say that this kind of sensitive person has a very accurate hunch.

Levi has indeed been in this base.

He just wanted to figure out what the Sunstone was.

Before coming, he observed this area.

Did not feel the strong energy fluctuations, although there are energy materials, it can not be said to be of the level of the Sunstone.

Has a problem!!!

Soon Levi discovered that it was an instrument in the Lab of the Gods that could actually isolate most of the energy fluctuations.

As long as this instrument is on, no one will notice strong energy fluctuations.

That’s why they can mine with confidence.

Levi discovered that this is an instrument that affects the magnetic field.

Not only can it isolate energy fluctuations, it even has an impact on warriors and superpowers.

Entering this area, Levi felt that all aspects were suppressed.

It is impossible to fully display the strength.


Is the technology of the Gods Laboratory to this level?

What’s more, this is only used to isolate energy fluctuations.

If it is used exclusively as a weapon and put into battle, it is even more terrifying.

Only one instrument can suppress the martial artist!

Levi felt the horror of the Lab of the Gods.

This alone is enough to shock people.

It seems that dealing with the Gods Laboratory is still a long-term thing.

Don’t worry, you have to come bit by bit.

The Lab of the Gods showed only a little bit now.

If the Lab of the Gods showed true strength, Levi would be afraid.

At this time, Levi had already sneaked into the mining site.


At this time, he already felt a strong energy fluctuation.

Too strong, too strong!


Levi also saw it.

It is indeed a stone.

It is just a kind of transparent crystal, which contains extremely strong energy.

If ordinary people get close, it is estimated that they will be obliterated invisibly by the energy contained in it.

Can’t bear this terrible energy directly, will be squeezed into meatloaf and die.

Mining personnel are wearing protective clothing to avoid injury.

Levi really felt how terrible the Sunstone was.

The energy contained in it is indeed rare in the world.

At present, there is no substance comparable to the Sunstone.

But why has no one in the world discovered it before?

the reason is simple.

The Sunstone is buried deep underground, especially deep.

Most countries cannot dig into this depth.

Technology does not support.

It is also wrapped in a thick material, and most of the energy is absorbed by the center of the earth, so as to achieve a balance, and the energy cannot be dissipated.

That’s why no one has ever noticed it.

Only the Lab of the Gods can find it out.


Levi was once again shocked by the technology of the Gods Laboratory.

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