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Chapter 2021

After Rex got the news, he contacted Richard as soon as possible.

One hundred billion more is a small amount for Blackwater.

The right of use has changed from permanent to five years, which is a bit difficult to accept.

So he has to ask Richard.

“Five years? Add 100 billion? Haha, this is in line with the style of the people here, such money fans! If this thing goes too smoothly, I suspect fraud. If there are more conditions, then it is true!”

“Although five years are not long, our experts have assessed that as long as our machines are in place, we will definitely be able to mine all the Sunstones within two years! Five years are more than we need!”

Richard laughed.

“This condition is acceptable, let someone do it right away!”

“In addition, once you get the right to use these six pieces of land, send all the instruments and technicians to enter and mine immediately, the sooner the better. Now you can arrange it.

Rex nodded: “Understood!”

Richard laughed and said, “Velador ah Velador, for the sake of a mere 100 billion, you are fooled to give this to me? You really don’t know how big the loss is! Hahaha…you will regret it at that time!”

After receiving the promise of Rex and a subsidy of 100 billion, the four young Lords immediately signed an agreement with related personnel and the Wen family.

The Wen family is also dumbfounded.

They didn’t know what was going on. Suddenly the deadline was changed to five years, with 100 billion more.

It seems that some experts who talked about cooperation helped them win it.

But why not do it?

So many benefits.

The four young Lords brought the agreement and brought them back like crazy.

Looking at the agreement, everyone at Rex was overjoyed.

It was the first time to send the news back to the Gods Laboratory.

Subsequently, Rex signed a cooperation agreement with the Big Four on behalf of the Blackwater Company.

The Four Young Lords will become the spokesperson of Blackwater Company in Velador in the future.

To put it bluntly, it is a puppet!

The Four Great Young Lords and everyone understands it in their hearts.

But countless people wanted to be this puppet, but there was no chance.

The Four Great Young Lords completely became famous in the circle, attracting the envy of countless people.

Rex was not idle.

All kinds of machinery and equipment and technicians were transported from the other side of the ocean for the first time.

The Four Great Young Lords also provide everything possible.

In less than eighteen hours, the personnel of the mining facilities in the six production areas were all ready.

Mined directly.

Speed ​​and efficiency shocked the world!

Richard’s philosophy is to mine all the Sunstones in the shortest time.

Richard used video and cloud to supervise the mining site.

Rex, Jimson, and others directly supervised the scene. After all, it was the first time to mine, and there must be no mistakes.

“Mr. Richard, three days later, our first batch of mining is over! It is estimated that all the quantities in the six major producing areas will be more than what you sneaked into Velador with someone before!”

Rex laughed.

Richard also smiled.

“Yes, at that time, we took advantage of our busy schedule for most of the day, and we were not as good as the one round of mining now! It will be fine in the future, and we will mine as much as we want!”

“By the way, I have sent the transport team! You will bring the Sunstone back to me safely by then!”

Richard ordered.

“Don’t worry, it’s okay. Not to mention that no one is reacting now, even if reacting, it can’t do anything, they can only watch us shipping out!”

The corners of Rex’s mouth were full of mocking smiles.

Richard nodded: “That’s true! So far, Velador will not know what kind of mistakes they made!”

At the moment, Rex and Jimson are in the Scrubland region, one of the six major producing areas.

Sunstone mining is proceeding in an orderly manner.

Jimson looked around, he felt cold, and an inexplicable fear was spreading.

It seems that there are eyes looking at him in secret…

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