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Chapter 2023

Mining sunstone!

It will definitely cause the loss of Sunstone and the loss of energy.

If the technology is immature, this loss is extremely large.

What’s more, the emission of energy may cause disaster.

However, the instruments in the Lab of the Gods actually achieved almost zero loss.

This is also terrible.

Finally, the instrument installed with the Sunstone is the most terrifying, completely retaining the energy of the Sunstone.

The Lab of the Gods is terrifying!!!

After one night, Levi had understood everything about mining.

Including the storage and transportation of Sunstone.

Next, we will wait for the transportation in three days…

With Sarah’s crazy efforts these days, her strength has been improved again.

She can even draw inferences from one another to unlock the potential of her body more and more.

“The Blackwater Company has signed a contract with the four major young players. It seems that they have some conspiracy in coming to Velador. All the leaders are here! Among them, the young owner Jimson is here!”

“I remember that Jimson passed the news about his brother on Golden Harbor Island to the Lab of the Gods, and he was also one of the murderers of his brother!”

“It’s him! He is indeed a murderer!”

Wenia and Regina are discussing about the Blackwater Company.

Sarah, who had just left the customs, heard all this.

“The murderer who k!lled Levi came to Velador?”

Sarah asked.

Wenia nodded: “You can say so! Blackwater has an unshirkable responsibility! They are the ones!”

After speaking, Wenia immediately realized something.

“Sarah, calm down, don’t think about k!lling them! This is not the time!”

Wenia immediately persuaded.

Sarah nodded: “Don’t worry, I have a sense of measure.”

Her measure is not just as simple as the Blackwater Company, she wants to uproot the Lab of the Gods.

The past few days have been tough for everyone.

Especially for Richard and the others.

He would not be at ease if he did not see the Sunstone.

So in the past two days, he put down everything and kept an eye on the mining situation.

In the past two days, the various forces in Velador have been vigilant and began to inquire about what the Blackwater Company is doing.

Including Colin and Tiance Mansion and so on.

The Four Great Young Lords and their families have already understood that the Blackwater Company is here for the new energy sources in these production areas.

They are already mining frantically.

It’s not like what they said before, start cooperating with them.

Not at all.

This is basically deceiving them.

But they have no complaints.

Whatever Blackwater Company wants to do, it’s up to them.

They are already in a cooperative relationship anyway.

The name of the Blackwater Company is enough.

They responded quickly in Tiance Mansion.

It has gradually become known that the Blackwater Company is mining materials on these six plots.

Don’t know what it is, but it will be exposed soon.

But it’s useless to know it.

You can’t get the Blackwater company out, right?

Soon the time of three days came.

In these three days, people like Richard and Rex basically didn’t even blink their eyelids.

The first sunstones mined finally recovered.

Jimson and the Big Four also stared at one place.

They are also overworked.

“Mr. Jimson, when the goods are shipped out, let’s go and celebrate!”

Bates Hall suggested.

Jimson readily agreed.

This time I came to Velador with fear and rushed on this all day long.

There is no time for leisure and entertainment.

You must relax this time.

Soon, the transport team sent by Richard has reached the six major areas.

After installing the Sunstones, the transportation team will unify the six lines to everything, and then transport them back to the War Eagle country by ship.

Everything’s ready.

The transportation team also appeared from six areas and converged to a port…

The careful Richard sent an escort!

Of course, in his opinion, no one in Velador dared to move at all…

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