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Chapter 165

Melvin glanced at Carla who was standing by the window before saying, “We have a common enemy.”


Ramiro felt more interesting, bent over, and approached Melvin, “Let’s listen.”

Ryan, who used Carla’s hand as a toy, still lowered his head, but when Melvin said that he and Carla had a common enemy, his eyelashes trembled slightly.

The thumb rubbed the back of her hand once and again.

It’s not just complicated to say it, it’s also complicated to say it’s complicated, and it’s not clear in two sentences.

Melvin thought for a while, “Let’s start from the beginning. The first time I met with Miss Lane, it was me who was doing business. She seemed to know me when she saw me, but I didn’t know her…”

Melvin told him about the process of meeting Carla, “My brother died six years ago. Before he died, he bought a truck and he deliberately ran into someone. After the collision, he pretended it to be an accident. “Speaking of this, he lifted up and looked at Carla, “Miss Lane was the one who was hit at the time. The taxi driver died and she was seriously injured.”

Carla’s fingers curled slightly, and a layer of cold sweat oozed from the palm of her hand. Melvin’s words tore apart the pain she had endured back then.

There were fragments embedded in her back, and the position was in the tail vertebrae. If there was no operation, it might compress the nerves and make her paralyzed and unable to walk. However, the operation required anesthesia. As a pregnant woman, she couldn’t be anesthetized.

It would affect the child in the stomach.

She wanted to keep the baby, and she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

Besides, she couldn’t be paralyzed. If she gave birth to a child, who knows how to take care of it?

Who would take care of Lucia when she was old?

She also cannot be paralyzed.

She couldn’t do it without having children. She was reluctant to bear it, but even more reluctant when she knew it was a pair of twins.

When they rooted and sprouted’ in her belly, they were connected to flesh and blood.

She is there, they are hers.

It is impossible to give up.

Finally, the only choice is no anesthesia surgery.

The pain of cutting the flesh, now that she thinks about it, she will still feel numb, as if she is experiencing that heart-piercing pain that cannot be described.

She fainted with pain for a while, but the pregnant woman should not faint, and she must stay awake, otherwise it will be detrimental to the child.

Anyone who has given birth to a child through a Caesarean section knows that anesthesia is also half-body anesthesia, and the mind is clear.

There is a reason to stay awake with her.

She didn’t want to think about it, if she wanted to forget, but the pain was hidden in her memory and could not be erased at all.

Once someone mentioned it, she would remember it clearly.

Just like at this moment, it has obviously passed, and six years have passed, but the heart-wrenching pain will continue to come in waves, like the tide of the River rushing towards her, wave after wave.

She suddenly clenched her hands.

Ryan clearly felt her abnormality. He raised his eyes and saw the hair on her ear temples, soaked in sweat, she was nervous and scared.

Like being entangled in some terrible memory, falling into fear.

He stretched out his hand to hug her into his arms and stroked her back with his generous palm, “Don’t be afraid.”

Carla closed her eyes and buried her face in his chest.

His breathing and his strong chest seemed to soothe people’s hearts, Carla slowly calmed down.

For the first time, she showed such a weak side in front of him.

Ryan’s thoughts moved slightly, and he hugged her tighter, his lips pressed against the hair on top of her head.

Chapter 166

“Because my brother and the person who bought my brother and hit Miss Lane are the same people, we have enemies in common. Today, when we reached a cooperation, it is naturally a cooperative relationship.”

“Miss Lane and I have met three times This time, she needs to buy a car. She just came back to the country And is unfamiliar, so let me take her to check the market. That’s it.”

Ramiro touched his nose and glanced at Ryan secretly.

At this moment, he was comforting Carla and didn’t even look at him.

He quietly breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “Do you know who that person is?”

Melvin nodded honestly, “I know, it’s a woman, from the Gill family, with some identity background, it’s not easy for us to reverse the case.”

Gill family?

Ramiro licked his lips, “Is it the young daughter?”

Melvin nodded, “Diane.”

When Carla said that it was that family, Melvin almost knew who it was.

The Gill family has two sons, and it was a sensation when the missing daughter was retrieved a few years ago.

The room suddenly became quiet.

There is only light breathing.

Melvin secretly aimed at Ryan and asked in a low voice, “Why did he hit me?”

Ramiro, “…”

It was because of him, not because he wanted to see Ryan’s jokes. If he didn’t figure it out, just send him a photo and Melvin would not be beaten.

Is this Melvin a fool?

He can’t see it yet, because he is jealous.

Can’t see that other man close to Carla.

Looking at Ramiro’s expression, Melvin seemed to understand.

But he was so wronged that he took Carla to see the car and was punched in vain.

Feeling aggrieved, he whispered, “Can you bully people if you have money?”

Ryan seems to be laid back, it’s nothing to do with him, but he can hear everything Melvin says.


“What kind of compensation do you want?” Ryan said lightly.

He is not bullying others, but he doesn’t like men being too close to Carla.

Carla realized that she didn’t know when she was leaning in Ryan’s arms, her face turned red, and she quickly withdrew from his arms.

She glanced at her watch pretendingly, “It’s getting late, I should go back.”

Melvin also stood up, “Or, pay me some money?”

After all, he was beaten, and compensation should be made.

Besides, Ryan is not short of money.

He can’t get away with anything, right?

Ryan hugged Carla’s shoulders, “I will send you.”

She wanted to refuse, Ryan buckled her shoulders tighter, “You borrowed my chest from me, why, want to cross the river to tear down the bridge?”

Carla realized that she had never beaten him, sighed, and let him put his arms around him.

When the man passed by Melvin, Ryan did not squint, but the warning was full, “She is a married woman, stay away from her. Tell Ramiro how much it costs.”

After speaking, he hugged Carla and left.

Sitting in the car, Ryan buckled her seat belt.

Carla lowered her eyes and looked at him, “Don’t you think you have affected my life?”

“I don’t think.” He said righteously, and didn’t think he was wrong.

“I am not your private property, I have my life circle, it is very bad for you to be like this,” Carla said that she didn’t want this to happen again.

“We are a husband and wife, aren’t you my personal belonging?”

“We are not husband and wife.”



Carla said suddenly.

It was because she didn’t go to apply for the certificate, now it is his handle, to use this to affect her life.

“You talked to Ramiro, and get the certificate…”

She didn’t finish her words, she was suddenly held back of her head and pressed her l!ps tyrannically-

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