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Chapter 167

She didn’t finish her words, and she was suddenly caught in the back of her head, tyrannically against her l!ps without leaving a gap, her l!ps changed shape under his force, and his flexible and powerful t0ngue drove straight in, giving her no room for relaxation. , Hooked her backing tongue, and swall0wed all of her inch by inch.

Desires grow wild, with overwhelming invasiveness.

As if to eat her into the stomach.


Carla’s heart hit his ribs, beating uncontrollably, beating strongly because of this man.

The only remaining reason, tell her what he is doing.

Knowing that it is impossible, why bother?

He only used ten or twenty percent of the strength to restrain her from moving.

Carla felt a pain in her mouth, and bit his messy t0ngue forcefully.

Ryan’s movements stopped, thinking she was flirting with him, and bit her lower lip.

Carla took advantage of the neutral position and pushed hard to push him away.

She doesn’t like this.

“Knowing that you and me are impossible, why can’t you hurry up?” A thin layer of mist flashed in her eyes, and her voice changed. “Don’t do this again, it’s not good for anyone.”

She turned her head and wiped the corner of her eye.

Ryan still kept the posture of being pushed away by her, did not move, looked at her quietly, and after a few seconds, he sat back to his position and leaned back.

He lowered the car window, and the fresh air rushing in diminished the ambiguity just now.

He put his arm on the car window and stared at a sycamore tree on the side of the road, the leaves swaying gently with the wind.

He narrowed his eyes. He was an adult and knew why he cared so much about Carla.

“I can’t accept your child. I’m not that generous, and I’m not so broad-minded. Go and raise the children born to you and other men. Watching them sway in front of my eyes all day, I’m afraid I’ll force myself to go Crazy.”

He took a bottle of light spring water on the center console, unscrewed it open, and took a sip. He tilted his head up, his neck stretched out a slender curve, and even his s3xy Adam’s apple bulged. It’s hard to tell. Resolute and arrogant.

“But, I don’t want to let you go and watch you with other men.”

Carla wiped her face vigorously, feeling desperate.

Ryan pulled her, holding her face, and let her look at him, the eyes met, Carla saw her embarrassed self in his eyes.

However, what Ryan saw in her eyes was crazy, crazy like never before.

He wants this woman.

“We are a well-known husband and wife, your child, I will pay for someone to take care of.”

“Impossible!” Carla refused quickly.

There is no room for negotiation.

“We can also have a child that belongs to us—”

“Absurd!” Carla broke away from him, “You have never been a parent. You don’t know the importance of children to a mother. To me, they are my life. You want me to give up my life. Ridiculous?”

There was a wave in Ryan’s eyes, “They are so important to you?”

“Yes, they are.”

Carla did not hesitate.

He tugged at the neckline, laughed wickedly, and arrogantly, “You are right, I have never been a father, you give me one, let me be a father, let me feel what it feels like.”

Carla no longer knew what words to use to describe him, pulled off the safety belt, and pushed the car door down.

With this person, she couldn’t communicate at all. She got out of the car and walked a few steps. Suddenly, she was stopped and carried on her shoulders. She yelled in shock and slapped him on the back, “What are you doing, let me go quickly.”

Ryan opened the rear door, put her down, then bullied her b0dy down, fixed her restless hand on top of her head, and pinched her chin with the other hand, “You don’t want to, but have you thought about it?”, What if I hide all your children and not let you see? Do you know if I have this ability?”

“You are shameless!” Carla stared at him fiercely.

Ryan was not angry, but smiled, “I don’t mind being more shameless.”

As he said, he held her chin’s with his hand, stroked it down her chin, skipped her neck, stroked h3r delicate collarbone, and fumbled it along h3r neckline—

Chapter 168

Carla shook her head, “Don’t—”

Little by little, his fingers wrapped her roundness and held it in his big palm. Have to say that it feels great.

“How to maintain it, eh?” He lowered his head on h3r lips, b!t gently, and said gently.

The blush spread from Carla’s face to the roots of her ears, she was ashamed.

She was shaking all over.

With anger.

“Do you think clearly?” He attached, and k!ssed her neck with his l!ps, and said in her ear.

“Your car accident was caused by Diane. If I don’t want her to go to jail, you can’t do it.” He b!t her ear and continued to bewilder, “As long as you promise, I will help you, how about it?”

Carla closed her eyes in despair, tears sliding down from the corner of her eyes, hidden in her temples.

“I can promise to be with you and not talk about divorce, but I must be with my children, and, if you let me have children for you, I am afraid that you will be disappointed. I hurt my body. I can’t get pregnant anymore, if you promise, I will promise you, you don’t promise—”

“No, how can that be?” Ryan’s eyes were covered with scarlet, she couldn’t give birth anymore?

His fingers pressed hard.

Carla frowned painfully, but pressed her lips tightly without making a sound.

“The world is so big, I don’t believe it, there is no place for me. If I can’t escape your palm, what if I give up this life?”

Ryan looked at her for two seconds and was finally relieved.

He didn’t dare to push her too tightly. All he wanted was this woman. He really forced her to death. Where would he go to find Carla?

He gathered her clothes and said, “You are not allowed to get too close to other men in the future. I want to see you. You must appear in my sight.”


“I’ll take you back.” He got up and tidied up his messy clothes.

Carla said nothing.

He started the car and left.

The outside scenery receded quickly.

“Will you really help me?” Carla asked, fearing that he would not know what he said, and added, “Help me reverse the case.”

After all, he and Diane have such a period.

Carla said that she was not sure.

“Yes.” There is no redundant explanation.

He said he would, he would.

Carla leaned against the car window, so be it.

This man is too strong, she can’t resist him.

Now he promised to help her without being separated from the children, there is nothing wrong with it.

It is good for her to have his blessing in the country.

Ryan held the steering wheel in one hand, and freed one hand to hold her hand, wrapped in his palm.

“Your hands are so soft.” He curled his lips.

Her fingers are slender, weak and boneless, and as soft as her body. When held in her arms, she will have the impulse that a man should have.

Carla pretended not to hear.

After a while, the car drove to the community.

On the roadside, Lucia took two children and was being stopped by someone. The man was talking to her.

Lucia was very reluctant to tell him.

But he is very persistent.

When the man’s face turned toward him, Carla could see his appearance clearly.


Why is he here?

Carla pushed the car door quickly, and seemed to think of something when he got out of the car, and looked back at Ryan, “Go back, I’m afraid my mother will be unhappy to see you.”

Ryan also saw the person in front of him. He had filed for a divorce before. Lucia didn’t like him and it was excusable.

Besides, Shawn is also at the moment, it shouldn’t be appropriate for him to appear.

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