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Chapter 987

He didn’t want to show the murderous violent side in front of his mother.

Otherwise, Yuri would have died just after saying these words.

Ollie took a deep look at Levi.

At this moment, she seemed to feel a kind of fear.

It was the violence that flashed past Levi…

However, Yuri and the others were taken aback by Levi’s words.

“What a mad tone? Want to kill Mr. Yuri? It’s ridiculous!”

“A wild species dared to show off its power? Purely looking for death!”

Everyone angered.

Yuri didn’t get angry and laughed instead: “This is the difference between the wild species and the young Lord Xavion! Young Lord Xavion will use his strength to prove himself! And the wild species will only be quick with words! The heavenly dragon and the ground reptile are not comparable!

Brandon said coldly at this time: “Yuri Garrison put your mouth clean! For an old and disrespectful fellow!”

Brandon’s voice made Yuri and the others feel more and more incredible.

“What? Brandon, how dare you say it? Are you brave!”

For a long time, a servant Irving was able to suppress the Porter family’s head, and Brandon didn’t even dare to let go.

Today, he dared to yell at him.

Is this not going against heaven?

Where did they know that Brandon was not afraid at all now?

With Levi here, what is he afraid of?

“Well, Brandon? You are so courageous! Believe it or not, I will destroy the Porter family?”

Yuri said angrily.

Brandon’s heart trembled.

Not to mention that Yuri is old, even the previous Irving has this ability.

They are too strong, it is too simple to destroy the Porter family.

“I don’t believe it! Your Garrison family is so arrogant in the capital, and you run wild! I really think no one can rule you!”

Brandon argued.

“Brandon, do you mean that you are going to fight the Garrison Family to the end? Are you on the side of this wild breed mother and son?”

Yuri’s eyes shot out cold light.

“Yes, it’s a confrontation, so what? Are we afraid that we will not succeed?”

Regina said.

She is the head of the Porter family.

“Yes, with me today, no one can touch my daughter and grandson! I not only want to keep them, but also restore their reputation. These are my blood and flesh of the Porter family!”

Brandon roared.

Yuri was very angry. For a long time, no matter where he went, anyone treated the Jinvale Garrison Clan with respect and dared not disobey.

The Porter family is the first!

This bumped the Garrison Family’s majesty.

According to the regulations of the Garrison Clan in Capital, the Porter family will definitely be annihilated!

“Well, well, your Porter family is crazy! Even a little girl is going to fight against the Garrison family in Capital! You are guilty of being ambitious!”

Yuri roared.

“Want to keep the mother and son? Brandon, what is your ability to keep them? Relying on your Porter family? It’s ridiculous!”

Yuri waved.

Immediately, dozens of masters appeared.

These were all top Lords he brought from the Garrison family, and each one was comparable to Irving.

In front of such a battle, the Porter family had only a dead end.

“So what? I will try my best to keep it!”

Brandon was free.

For the truth.

Also, see his attitude toward Levi.

“Your Porter family can’t keep it!”

Mr. Yuri is cold and ruthless.

“What about us?”

Suddenly there was a voice.


The next moment, they saw a dense group of people appearing in the forests on both sides of the highway.

There are hundreds of people on the left, and the same on the right.

There were also dense crowds before and after…

For a time, thousands of people surrounded this place…

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