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Chapter 986

“Then…Let’s set off!”

Fortunately, Brandon responded quickly, and almost called Levi the wrong identity.

“Okay, then let’s go!”

The Porter family’s motorcade returned to Norterjen mightily.

This time, he showed the highest etiquette.

As a result, he owed too much to Ollie.

Secondly, because of Levi’s identity.

Along the way, Ollie was extremely excited.

If the Garrison family gave up their grievances, she would be able to raise her head to live in the future without worrying about it every day.

As soon as the convoy set off, Mr. Yuri on the other side got the news.

“Okay, let’s go too! Give Levi a big gift!”

Yuri smiled.

Soon, Porter’s motorcade arrived in Norterjen.

Drive to the Porter family ancestral house in the outskirts.

Ollie has fallen asleep.

Looking at his mother, Levi said in his heart: “Mother, your dream, your son is here to guard! The Garrison family will never embarrass us!”

Brandon is already immersed in future plans.

With Ollie, Levi wouldn’t be able to deny him as grandpa.

In the future, the Porter family must have a place.


At this moment, the car suddenly braked to a halt.

“What’s wrong? What’s the matter?”

Brandon immediately shouted.

He saw men in black appearing from both sides of the highway, with a murderous aura.

After Brandon got out of the car, he saw several familiar faces–Yuri Garrison, that is, Mr. Yuri.

“Yuri…what are you doing here?”

Brandon was puzzled.

“Hahaha, because there is the God of War in that place, it was difficult for us to start. As long as Levi and Ollie, the mother and son are brought out, we will have a chance to start!”

Mr. Yuri laughed.

Brandon realized that he had been deceived.

At first, he was curious as to why the Garrison Family suddenly let go of their hatred.

Even let Ollie restore the Porter family status.

It turned out to be a conspiracy.

They just wanted to lead Levi and the others out and kill them.

At this time, Ollie also got out of the car.

Seeing Mr. Yuri, she trembled all over.

She can’t forget this person.

After all, it was Lawrence’s great servant.

“Miss Porter is almost thirty years old, we meet again!”

Yuri smiled first, and then changed the conversation: “It’s a pity, I will say goodbye as soon as we meet.”

Ollie smiled miserably: “Are you still going to not let us mother and child go?”

“Hahaha, it’s impossible! You and this wild species are not worthy of living in this world. It’s almost 30 years. Don’t you understand this truth?”

Yuri laughed loudly.

“Where is Lawrence, ​​is he really willing to kill me? How willing to kill his own flesh and blood?”

Ollie asked.

Yuri sneered: “Flesh and blood? This wild breed? Young Lord Lawrence has only one biological flesh-that is Xavion! He also has only one wife- Mona!”

“Who are you? Do you know Young Lord Lawrence? Don’t be a b!tch! Still, want to marry into the Garrison Clan? Impossible!!!”

Yuri’s words seemed to pierce Ollie’s heart with one knife after another.

Her heart was bleeding.

“After today, you and the wild species you gave birth have completely disappeared! Lord Lawrence won’t have any troubles any more!”

Yuri laughed loudly.

“You mean we will die?”

Levi asked suddenly.

“Are you that ba5tard?”

Yuri asked angrily.

Levi said coldly: “If it weren’t for my mother by my side, you would have died just after you said this!”

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